June 29, 2012

It never fails...

The day before vacation at my office is always a doozy. Today was no exception. I am so, so happy that in 1 hour I will be work free for an entire week. I am setting my sails, and turning off my alarm clock. Totally winging the next week. Don't worry, I will have clean underwear and by winging it I don't mean I'll stop brushing my teeth either. Dental hygiene is very important to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th! Celebrate your independence and party safely. Rockets can literally be a pain in the ass. Trust me, I've seen one shoot up my father's best friends shorts leg at the beach before, it wasn't pretty!

I will be stopping by and sharing my adventures as I please! Enjoy yourselves and take it easy.

Every little thing... is gonna be alright.

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June 28, 2012

the days go so slow.

If I can make it through two more work days, I won't be chained to this desk for an entire week. The days go so slow.... Find me also over at From the Sidelines today!!!

my desk • via my instagram feed
Note: This is the desk of a semi-ocd designer. I'm only this organized in public.
  • Yes I like rainbow colors, clearly.
  • No I didn't straighten my desk for the picture, it's like this the chaos is on my left hand side. This image is on my right. I straighten my desk each time I finish a job. I might do 15 design jobs a day, and I will straighten up my space each time I'm finished. I attribute this to my years of being a manicurist and cleaning up between each client.
  • Yes I have energy chews at my desk, I know they are for working out and true athletes but, I wanted to see if they'd give me a boost in the afternoon since I've been working lots of over time.
  • Yes, that's a Hines Ward figure. Yes, he's retired now, but he'll always be waiting for that pass on my desk.
  • The beanie bear was a gift from one of my favorite clients. No, I'm not a strange beanie collector.
  • That image is from mine and Mike's engagement session. I love it.
  • I wish Ron Swanson was running for president. I'd totally back him.
  • I like cats, salad, blythe dolls, and AC/DC.
  • No that stapler isn't a Swingline, but I will get upset if you take it and don't return it.
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June 25, 2012

The "Italian" Burgers

The other day I had talked about how I was attempting to try a new burger recipe this past weekend, and I did. The experiment turned out great. I decided to totally wing this burger. I thought it was an original idea, that is until I started google searching for an image that looked like my burgers. I'm a horrible photographer, I'm trying to get better about this, however our guests came late and it was dark before we finally sat down to eat so nice photos wouldn't have happened. I did find a great google image though so stay tuned [I'm a cheater, I know].

My concept was to make an Italian burger, but I guess more correctly a Caprese Burger. Mike and I love Caprese everything. Salads, pasta, whatever. I think it's part of my fixation with fresh mozzarella and basil. We usually add Chicken to anything we make concerning the combination of fresh moz, basil and tomatoes, but this time I wanted to try good ole' fashioned beef.

The burgers were a hit and I wanted to share the recipe with you, my readers. Special note: I had completely forgotten that when I started first making burger recipes that I would dice up fresh basil, just for the hell of it and shove it into the burger mixture. It was always a crowd pleaser. It took making this burger to remind me of that and I'm glad it did. I can't wait to make my classic burgers with basil soon! Special Tip: With this burger, or any burger on the grill, I would suggest not getting super low fat meat. You don't want a hockey puck when you're finished. Trust me, most of the fat will drip down into the flames. We usually go for an even ratio of fat and lean, and sometimes if we are feeling sinful we get some ground chuck. Moderation people.


The "Italian" Burger


  • 1 Package Hamburger Meat, your choice
  • 1 tomato slice per burger - sliced thin (approx 1 large tomato)
  • 1 ball fresh mozzarella cheese - sliced thin
  • Leaves of fresh Basil (about 2-3 per burger) - topping and chopped into burger
  • Pesto sauce (optional)
  • Buns - We would have loved to have Ciabatta rolls but the bakery was out.
  • Garlic (1-2 cloves, to rub toasted buns)
  • Seasonings: Basic Italian Seasoning OR Oregano/Basil/Thyme/Salt/Pepper/Garlic Powder {tsp. each more if desired} Gage it on how much meat you have. I literally eyeball all of this.
  • 2-3 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce {or more, I love this stuff}
  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil (to prevent sticking on grill)
  • 1 wedge (about a quarter) of a red/purple onion - grated into mixture. Slice the rest for topping if desired.


  1. In a large bowl dump the hamburger meat, some shredded basil if desired, your seasonings, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil. 
  2. Grate onion quarter over the hamburger (this will help seal in flavor and moisture on the grill).
  3. Mix together ingredients with your hands but be careful not to over mix.
  4. Make 4-6 patties on a plate.
  5. Cut up toppings and vegetables as well as mozzarella into slices. The moz is a bit difficult to cut into even slices, I find it's helpful to toss it in the freezer for a couple minutes to toughen it up before slicing.
  6. Grill burgers.***
  7. Toast buns in either the oven under the broiler or straight on the grill. Once buns are toasted to desired color pull them out of oven/grill and rub with clove of garlic. The garlic will melt into the bun and give you the most fantastic garlic bread flavored rolls ever!
****I don't grill - so you may need to consult google for how long to grill these or have your grill master handy. Next time I will write these type of posts WITH Mike, since he does all the grilling at our house. Once the burgers have been grilled you can assemble them. Feel free to melt the mozzarella on the burgers, on the grill. We didn't do this but I bet it would be amazing!


  •  As I said the pesto is optional since you already have basil. We used this as our ketchup substitute. Spread pesto on bun, add burger, bit of mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and red onion if desired. Top with the other half of the toasted bun and enjoy! Next time I might try to make this with Chicken/Turkey Burgers in the skillet!
We added french fries and pasta salad with the burger but trust me the burger alone was a meal in itself. If you have any questions let me know. I'd love to give insight. I'm not the best recipe writer, but this ones an idea I pulled out of my own head and created for dinner for friends, Mike and myself. Enjoy!
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June 22, 2012

it's so hot... milk was a bad idea!

Well folks, it's Friday - let's get Random with Shana and Confess about our week with Leslie!
Head to these lovely ladies' blogs and link-up!

Shot below taken today while delivering a proof to a client. It's a picture of one of my favorite buildings in our small downtown. Oh how I'd love to live there, but the space would never suit me, Mike & our fur babies. It sure would be nice to stumble home from the bar vs. calling a cab, and I imagine that center window, the apartment under where it reads South Hall is probably totally tits!

downtown with a beer filter (per Mike) via my instagram
Mikes mom said the word "TITS" in front of me the other day when we were discussing if their puppy might be in heat. Talk about awkward! It's odd to hear your M.I.L. say "tits" especially when you've never heard her say a cuss word.


I confess //
Whenever I say "Damn it's hot outside." I'm reminded of an old Dave Matthew's song, Wasting Time. I hear the lyrics "It's so hot outside, you could fry an egg." echo in my brain. I'm not really a huge DMB fan. I used to be, but that was beers ago. Yes I said beers, it was college, what are you gonna do? But honestly it's hot out. The summer solstice brought on the Southern heat like no one's business and I for one and am not happy it's here.

I confess //
I haven't washed my hair since Sunday.

I confess //
I'm finally getting my first pedicure of the season tomorrow. I'm really excited. I haven't had one since my wedding last October. Don't freak out, I do my own. It's just nice sometimes to be pampered. Mike gave me a gift certificate for a salon here downtown so I am excited to FINALLY use it. Now I just have to figure out a color. I'm thinking aqua.

I confess //
I'm addicted to instagram. Less about taking pictures (so far) and more about viewing everyone else's.

I confess //
I'm going to try a new burger recipe tonight. If it's a smash I will share it. {Along with the Key Lime Cheesecake}.

I confess //
I get a bit territorial with recipes. It's like, if it's magic I want to keep it for myself. A lot of people ask me for my Mac n' Cheese recipe and I almost feel bad for not wanting to give it to them. BUT... I do anyway because I'm not a total bitch. Most people are shocked how simple it is when they realize it's not magic just good old fashioned know how.

I confess //
I'm over the moon that it's Friday. This week has been long as hell. I wait for 5 o'clock. I'm totally purchasing a big ass bottle of Pinot G and sipping it in the heat.

Well I don't think my confessions or randoms where that interesting this week but there they are for you. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Do you have any fun plans?
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June 20, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Update 6/2012

So here we are, second to last week of June. Life is busy for me at work. As in, I get to work at 6:30 am each morning that I can, busy. I'm usually exhausted when I get home, but instead of just sitting around I've been trying to keep busy. Fitting in a workout, walking the dog etc. In the meantime I've knocked off some items from my list and as pledged I figured I'd write about them.

#SIX - Get a new smart phone.
Done. I decided to get the Samsung Stratosphere. I wasn't worried about getting an iPhone. Yes they are pretty but they don't have 4G yet, and frankly I didn't want to pay for a phone. I also received my phone completely free with a $40 credit. Done! So far I love it, sort of. I'm not used to being SO connected to everything in my life. It's a bit strange and something I guess I'll have to get used to. For the past three days at work I shut it off. The constant alerts to stuff happening all over the web that I'm being alerted too is really distracting. Especially when your stressed out.

#THIRTEEN - See Prometheus
I've already talked about this and while at first I wasn't that into it. The more Mike talks about it, or discusses findings about the movie online, I start to like it more and more, and I sort of want to see it again. In other movie news, he had me watch Alien the other night and I wasn't as into it. I think I should have seen it first and THEN saw Prometheus. Anyhoodle, this weekend is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter... SOOOO excited.

#TWENTY - Make Key Lime Cheesecake
I rocked this for father's day. I will share the recipe with you next week. It was simple and delicious. Definitely a crowd pleaser there were only 2 pieces left when it was all said and done.

#TWENTY SEVEN - Walk three nights a week with June
I am pleased to say that so far we have stuck to this, even with the heat. I went into work early this week a few days so I wasn't feeling getting up early BUT so far we haven't skipped a day. Even if I have to wait for the sun to go down a bit, I'm game for helping her and myself get our fitness on. Last night Mike and I walked her together, after the sun went down. It was great - but the pancakes in my stomach said otherwise. Whew!

#THIRTY EIGHT - Join Instagram.
Done, follow me if you'd like!I sense a new addiction coming on. Can't wait to utilize it during my vacation!

#FOURTY FOUR - Lose 10 lbs.
I'm down two, not a bad start!

#FOURTY FIVE - Blog about each item crossed off the list
Here's the start.

I'm off to a good start. I hope to knock out a lot of these on my vacation. The vacation can't come soon enough!!!

Have any of you started a Summer Bucket List? If you decide to feel free to snag the button above and link back to my original post. Please comment and let me know you did. I'd love to read what you are going to be up to this summer!

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June 19, 2012

folky little white boys.

Before washing the dishes this evening (check my instagram feed for the horrible, horrible truth about my life), I decided to put on some good tunes and turn up the tv fairly loud to hear it from the kitchen. Yes, I have a smart phone, yes I have an ipod and an amazingly well rigged sound system set up by my husband in the kitchen but, I wanted to listen to something I didn't own, and since Metal Mania isn't on mid week. I settled for the next best thing, Palladia (love that channel).

I was pleased to discover the Civil Wars Unplugged special. Being a now, Alabama resident I shouldn't admit this but, I'm all about being honest. I have never listened to the Civil Wars. *GASP* I know! I can truthfully tell you the only song I've heard of theirs includes Taylor Swift and it was from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

It took me all of 4 seconds to fall head over heels for this duo. They are for a lack of a better work, amazing! Joy's voice is heavenly, and John Paul's personality and harmony and skills are just, brilliant. Word on the street here locally is that he's the coolest and nicest dude you'll ever meet. I guess since he's a local boy to where I live currently, people will say that right? I'm pretty sure if he had an ill bone in his body, I'd hear about it here. The town is small and word spreads fast here in The Shoals.

Let's just say I ran to do the dishes, and then would run back in when they started a song, and I probably rewound the show about 6 times during the course of the 25 minutes I was able to catch. I'm officially hooked. Kudos to John Paul White for working Megadeath into the set twice... not music mind you, but by stating their names. Apparently he's a big metal fan. Score!

You may be wondering what the deal is with the title of this blog. Well, there is another folksy white boy that I've always had a crush on, and that is Jack White from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. He's done SO many other side projects too. He's quite frankly the cats pajamas in my book.

So here I am telling Jack White the truth, while he will always rock in my book, there's another folky little white boy taking my musical heart. It's a battle of the White Boys, but I guess there is no need to fight so long as they both keep making music that makes my heart want to dance and my mind wander.

Hurray for new music - next stop, I need to get my ass to the record store and purchase the Alabama Shakes CD. I put it back in order to purchase a Dio CD and while I have no regrets I can't get the AL Shakes out of my head.

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June 18, 2012

weekend wrap-up.

This weekend even while being relaxing felt super busy! Here's the rundown. I'm still not 100% awake and it's already 12:10 pm on a Monday.

Friday //

  • Got home from work, walked June and we jogged for an entire street. #progress
  • Had a great night. Mike and I celebrated his raise over tacos and beers at the local Mexican place by our house.
  • We enjoyed night air with some old friends on a patio at a friends place. Listened to guitar playing and chatted about music and life. And laughed, a lot! 
  • Drank way too much beer, gorged myself on left over chicken tacos at midnight that were in our fridge.
  • Ate too many tacos in one day... is that possible?
  • Passed out, fell asleep blissfully.
  • Woke at 5 am with a splitting headache. Took shower, medicine and went back to sleep.
Saturday //
  • Woke up semi early and tried to face the day with a smile.
  • Not feeling so hot, got over myself and spent the day with Mike and his grandmother who was in town on a surprise visit.
  • Had a horrible meal at a local "seafood" place for lunch. We will not be going back there for lunch, or to purchase anything, ever. I still believe in going local, buying local but I won't be purchasing fish from them ever again. #pissypants
  • Also got a new phone - hellloooooo modernization!
  • Still don't know how to work the phone completely.
  • Got new shiny apps, no clue how to use them.
  • Tweeted from my phone, but still no pictures.
  • Mike is amazing with technology. He can pick up a phone and know everything about it in a few moments. I purchased the same phone as him, mostly because it's a great phone and he could teach me how to use the damn thing!
  • Called my dad from said phone when I figured it out. Wished him an early Happy Father's Day.
  • Missed a friend's wedding, due to Grandma time. Feel horrible but hope he understands.
  • Relaxing evening, quite at home.
Sunday //
  • Father's Day and Lazy Sunday all wrapped into one.
  • Had a great meal at Mike's parent's house for Father's Day.
  • Watched Mike assist his youngest brother with a flat tire. Not ideal for him, but they got it fixed. #mantime
  • Made Key Lime Cheesecake and other than my "soupy cool whip topping" it was perfect. Everyone raved. Another plus mark in the Cheesecake book.
  • Cool Whip was purchased to cover the slight burn mark on the top. 
  • Did you know that cool whip is only sold in the freezer section and it takes 4 hours in the fridge to thaw. Frankly, that's bullshit! When I was a kid I swear it was sold thawed and cool in the dairy section. Not anymore. Yes, that's how long it's been since I've purchased Cool Whip.
  • Can't think of anyone but Stewie from Family Guy when I say "Cool Whip".
  • There wasn't JACK on tv when we got home from Mike's parent's house so I watched Tangled. It was adorable.
Monday //
  • Back at work - still feeling run down.
  • Received a package from a blog contest I won (more on that later). I'm excited to try the goodies inside.
  • Is it lunch time yet? I'm starving!
  • How is your Monday thus far?
In short, I ate too much, drank too much and slept too much this weekend. I feel like I need a do over! Less food, maybe just a tad less booze and more time throwing down for fun! And more walks. June and I should have walked on the weekend. Friday was our last day. We'll walk tonight, for sure!

Workout: Walking/Jogging with June tonight
Possibly Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire Workout, not sure.

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June 15, 2012

randomly musing my confessions

Hellooooo Friday! I'm so happy you're here. It's time to muse randomly with Shana and blurt out all my confessions with Leslie.

But first, a funny just for the hell of it. (see below) This is how I felt EVERY DAMN TIME I went to Wally World and a kid was screaming. And this is one of the many reason we no longer shop at Wally World. Please note that on Wednesday when I went grocery shopping and had to hit up Target for odds n' ends this little nugget of funny was how I was feeling 100%. Who knew that shopping for cat litter would cause me to want to bleed out of my eyes. I know all children get unruly and I'm not a parent so I can't say I've been there. However, as a shopper I have to say, if your child is screaming BLOODY MURDER... I mean SCREAMINNNNGGGG in the toy isle, maybe it's time to take your kid away from the damn toy isle? Not a sermon, just a thought. See below... I thought about this the whole time I was there. If only I had a Rx for birth control! [No hate mail please, I know being a parent is the hardest job ever, this is why I'm not a parent yet.]

via pinterest

  • On Wednesday after dropping Mike off at work (we carpool at lunch each day) I was waiting to make a right hand turn on to the main street in our downtown. A crew of guys, probably in their teens were taking forever to walk diagonal across the street to their cars. This annoys me to no end. Not the semi-jay walking, I KNOW you have the right of way, but can you pick-up the pace a bit. I guess what really got on my nerves is that they were doing this "slow strut" on purpose. No one is that impressed with you boys, is what I thought to myself and then I saw him... One of the guys had shoulder length hair, the top was long but the sides and back were completely shaved. Sort of like a long mohawk. Sort of like guys wore when I was their age. He had it pulled back in a ponytail and he was sporting a Red Hot Chili Peppers T-Shirt. It made my heart sing a little bit. I love the 90's and I really like seeing the style coming back in fashion, especially with the younger generation. I assume this little crew of misfits had just come from the park downtown. The ring leader, or one in the front of the pack was carrying a guitar case. My guess is they were enjoying the Wednesday Music in the Park summer event series we hold here locally. So after all that, I was pissed and then fine... road rage is not cute.
  • I really love our downtown... for reasons above and it's had a huge blossoming this past year. Even with the bad economy people are opening boutiques all over and I am fully in support of this. I'd rather hit up a small boutique and pay a bit more for a different, quality item then go to the mall and get the same crap that EVERYONE else is wearing. #shoplocal! {Leslie I'm totally with you on this, girl!}
  • Speaking of the youth and fashion, (damn I just sounded old), what's the deal with dudes wearing stocking caps that are CLEARLY made for the winter right now in the Spring? Hey asshat it's over 80 degrees outside, I don't think your ears are going to be cold. As far as looking cool... it so doesn't. You aren't Colin Farrell, Zac Effron, Johnny Depp or whoever else in Hollywood wears this, give it up. No lie I googled Collin Farrell and this is the 2nd image that came up, I'm claiming he started it. Damn you Collin.
  • Colin Farrell, pulling it off but not in 80+ degree weather dude • via google
  • While we are on the topic of men's fashion. You know what else I don't like,  extremely deep v-neck t-shirts on dudes. I just don't like it. I also hate when men wear pink. I just... I can't.
  • I'm counting down the days until vacation. They aren't coming fast enough.
  • While watching TV the other night and playing on the lap top something caught my attention in a PetSmart commercial... the name Bret Michaels. Apparently he's got his own line of dog toys. WTF? From bimbos to Fido? Really?
I confess //
I love breakfast for dinner. And I love bacon. I love it so much we are having it twice this week [BLT's earlier in the week for dinner, pancakes and bacon tonight.. possibly]. This is bad for my waistline but I've deemed it good for my soul. It will probably be months before I have it again. #moderationpeople

I confess //
I have a horrible habit of purchasing stuff online and then returning it to the store. Especially American Eagle. They make it really easy and I'm very thankful they accept online returns in the store, most places don't do that. I am however starting to think they might be on to me and I get a bit embarrassed when I go in to return/exchange things. It's not my fault the selection at the store where I live is so limited. Needless to say I'll be going back in with a haul this weekend. A shirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of earrings and a necklace. All of which I swore I needed... and it was truly just that I wanted them. I do however NEED a pair of shorts that fit properly that don't look like I've had them for 5+ years. 

I confess //
The above statement doesn't really go with my "NOT SPENDING EXTRA MONEY ON WANTS" thing I'm trying to accomplish. I realize this now, why do you think I'm returning the stuff. Not just because of fitting issues because honestly it all looks great, but I KNOW I don't NEED these things. And even if I did want to keep it, I wasn't 100% in love with it, even though it did fit. 

I confess //
I've been trying to work my way into running. I wasn't going to say anything incase I failed miserably at it, but I'm actually liking the Couch to 5K routine. So far I'm only up to 2 minutes of jogging (along with 5 min walking warm-up and 5 mins walking cool down) but it's a start. This started with the realization that our dog is overweight, and I felt horrible. We are doing this together. Wish me luck.

I confess //
I love and hate Nike. I love their shoes they look amazing and for general everyday wear they are OK. But let's be honest I don't wear sneakers on the regular. I wear them to workout. I made the mistake of purchasing a pair of Nike's for my Turbo Fire workouts. I should have gone cross trainer and probably stuck with New Balance since they have never let me down. But the sales guy at Dick's (real place not a clever name) said that if I could wear them running they'd be fine for cardio training. WRONG.. so wrong. I knew better... I've had issues with Nike's in the past. They mess up my arches in my feet and now I'm dealing with some bad heel pain. I've started my walking/jog routine with these shoes since they are specific for running but I still get the pain. I'm sort of pissed about it. The shoes have too many "miles" on them from Turbo Fire to return and it's been months. They look brand new because until NOW I haven't had them outside, ever! So.... I guess I'll be in the process of looking for better running shoes. I'm contemplating hitting up the Running store back home when I go to for vacation. They watch you walk/run on a treadmill and give you the right shoe for your feet. I think it's the only way my size 10's are going to be happy. Yes... I confess... I wear a size 10!

I confess //
I finally took Shana and Allyson's advice and took notes this week as well as started this post and kept coming back to it. I finally listened and it's paid off. Thanks ladies!

I confess //
I'm thinking about moving to wordpress. I love blogger but I'm curious about WP. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments from the peanut gallery are greatly appreciated.

I confess //
I'm so excited I could shit twinkies that I get a new phone on Saturday!!! Smartphone addiction here I come.

I confess //
We watched Alien last night and I wasn't as impressed as I probably should have been. After watching Prometheus it seemed a bit like the writers just revamped the original story and told it again. I should have watched them in order... oh well. I've never been a huge Sci-Fi person. There are certain movies I like, but... while it was good it didn't shock me like I thought it would.

Well folks there you have it. I feel good that I wrote almost every day this week. I'm trying to get back into the blogging thing again. I hope you all have a great weekend and give your fathers lots of love! I'm looking forward to relaxing, and baking a Key Lime Cheesecake for the first time.

Workout: Chalean/TurboFire Hybrid Program: Core 20 + Stretch 10
Walking June 15-20 minutes, 1 mile
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June 14, 2012

From the Sidelines: Guilty as Charged

I'm over at From the Sidelines today talking about the amazing things guilt will help you accomplish if you just let it get to you... which I do. Join me over there and see what my pup June and I have planned for the summer. [Clue: It's helping knock an item off My Summer Bucket List.] While you're there check out the other great entries from all the ladies responsible for making From the Sidelines a great hit! I'll be back tomorrow to discuss fun Friday stuff!

hint, hint • via pinterest
Workout: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 1
[what a workout!]
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June 13, 2012

mid week pick me up!

Here we are ladies n' gents, the mid week. I thought I'd put a little pep in your step or some chump to your slump. Yeah, I have no idea what that second one means, it's a good thing I chose to be a graphic designer and not a rapper.  I figured I'd share a gem I found last night while reading some of my blogs in my google reader. When I discovered this find, and then started to like her all over facebook, twitter and youtube I noticed some of my favorite bloggers had already "liked" her and never shared the information with me. For shame ya'll! So here it is...

Ladies n' Gents - Your Mid Week Pick Me Up
My Drunk Kitchen - Harto and Co.

Here's one of my favorite videos. I'm officially hooked on this girl's webcasts and I'm sure you will be too! Please be warned she uses "adult" language, but personally I think that's what makes it so funny! I also think the way she edits her videos and goes from semi tipsy to drunk, is hilarious! This is one of my favorites that I watched last night, and I'm still working my way through her videos. She's comedic gold. Melding together two things I really love, cooking and drinking. Don't try this at home, just sit back and enjoy her while you soak up your booze eating your Taco Bell with another cold beer.

Warning: If your anything like me, and you love this video, you're going to go home and watch as many as you can. If it wasn't for Workaholics coming on last night I would have been watching her all. night. long! Lastly, Harto and Co. if you're reading this, I wanna party and cook with you, and Frederick!

[here is the link just incase: My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 6: Brunch? ]

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June 12, 2012

Just a little welcome!

Since I recently changed my blog name, AND have acquired a few more followers I thought it might be a good time to say welcome and maybe tell you a little bit about myself. I thought a quick list of things about  me might be the best way.

25 Things About The Chick Behind
Turned Up To Eleven!
My husband and I like to party WITH rockstars. (Even Faux Ones)

ONE //
I am an only child. And I come from a very small family.

TWO //
I used to be a manicurist. When I graduated high school I was nervous about college and wasn't sure if I would excel in school. So my first 6 weeks of summer vacation after graduation were spent going to school to learn how to do nails. After passing the state board test, I enrolled in community college and worked as many hours as I could doing nails. It was awesome. Lots of tips meant never having to touch my paycheck for fun money. Which was a good thing because my entire haul of graduation money went toward helping pay for my first semester at Community College. My father didn't want me to go to a CC, but instead directly to a 4 year school. I express my fear of not doing well at school and finally talked him into letting me at least go to CC for a semester-year to get my feet wet. 4 Years later I got my degree. Many more years after that I got my 2nd degree. "What? A lot of people go to school for 8 years!"

I have 2 college degrees. An AA in Early Childhood Development and a BA in Graphic Arts. Why the 2 totally different fields? By the time I was due to graduate with my Early Childhood degree they sent me to student teaching trials and I realized my entire life would be nothing but listening to women bitching about their husbands, complaining about themselves and most were rarely giving the children any attention. I couldn't deal with that. It was probably a really bad facility but it was enough to force me to chase my dreams to do art for a living. 

I want to go back eventually and get my masters in Psychology and possibly do something with Art Therapy, however I'm a bit worried I won't be able to leave my work at the office and the thought of children drawing painful memories in front of me, sort of hurts my heart.

I love drinking milk on the rocks. If the milk isn't ice cold, it sort of grosses me out.

When I was younger I hated bands with long hair. I thought boys with long hair were gross and that people like Jordan, Donnie and Joey were just dreamy. The fact that I even listened to Rico Suave was pushing my boundaries. I was a total square when it came to my boy crushes. By the time I got to high school I was into pop, R and B, rap music, and some Pop Rock but I had missed out on a lot of music due to not thinking the bands were very cute (long hair blinded me, because um, hellooo there were TONS of hot band dudes back in the day)... then Pearl Jam released their album TEN and it all changed. Grunge took over my soul. Between Pearl Jam, Nirvana and all the other great bands in the 90's I was fully engrossed in the music. When Metallica released their Black Album, that pretty much sealed the deal, I threw caution to the wind and dug back about 15-20 years and started listening to old metal music, and hair bands and I've been hooked every since. Let's just say I'm happy I finally opened my eyes. I don't think I could survive the rest of my life listening to pop music, country or rap music alone.

I really love music! And I do enjoy partying WITH a rockstars too!
Halloween 2010 • I partied with Faux-Axl, aka my husband!
SIX //
I had a total country phase right out of high school. I still love the music... at least the music from that era and before. Most new country is complete crap. Yes, I said it.

The first rap album I ever purchased myself was Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet. I wish I still owned it, since I have a cassette player in my Jeep. 

8, EIGHT - is my favorite/lucky number.

My husband and I collect old vinyl. Until we met I never realized how much I truly loved the sound of vinyl records, now I'm obsessed.

TEN //
I love and miss snowboarding. There aren't very many close outlets for this here in Alabama.

My favorite flowers are daisies and morning glories.

I have three tattoos, and I really don't like any of them. I have plans to cover two of them. The other I can't really see, so I might be OK living with it. I got my last tattoo when I was 21. It's been a long time, but I still have the itch, but I have decided I have to plan it out in advance AND let the idea marinate in my mind for at least 2 months before jumping on it. Fly by the seat of my pants tattoos are the reason I have three that I'm not thrilled with.

My husband is only the second guy I've made a first move on. I'm not one to chase boys. It's probably because I had a huge crush on a guy in middle school and asked him out three times, he rejected me all three times and dated my best friend one of those times. We remained friends through HS. But ever since then making the first move on a guy, wasn't one I wanted to make. Until I met Mike. Sometimes you just know when you can't let something slip away.

Mike and I started dating in 2004, we got married last year. It was a long courtship. One in which we lived together from about 5 months of dating and beyond. We celebrated our first anniversary under the same roof and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm a graphic designer. I don't feel like I flex my creative muscles enough and this is something I'm trying to work on. I like to say I picked graphic design because it was the practical way to be an artist and not starve. 

The strangest thing I've ever eaten is probably Hog Jaw. It was delicious.

I was born and raised in Maryland. I moved to Alabama when Mike and I started dating over 7 years ago.

My accent changes regularly. I don't really feel I have a Northern accent, but often times I pick up the Southern draw, and Mike calls me out on it all the time.  "Book" is my biggest trigger word.

I still have Maryland tags and I really don't ever want to change them.

I love the outdoors, but Southern weather can make enjoying it a real challenge. Thank goodness for Kayaking. If it wasn't for having a fun water sport, I might melt in the summer.

My favorite place to visit is the beach. There is really just something awesome about a place that can make your skin clear up, your allergies disappear, your mood calm and your smile wide every. single. day! 

Learning to Surf is the #1 item on my bucket list. #2 Be a mom. #3 Own a house.

I walked down the isle to "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones. I've never dreamed of walking down the isle to the bridal march and wanted to be sure I didn't have to.

My all time favorite movie is Wizard of Oz. My second favorite is Forrest Gump.

When I was young, I thought that 25 was the ultimate age. Old enough to make your own choices, and still very young.  Since passing that golden age I realize that age is just a number. I vowed in 12th grade in my senior year book under my portrait that my future would be: To live happily ever after, and never grow up. I feel like I'm making that come true every day!

So there are some tidbits about me. I'd love to hear about you. Comment and let me know if you decide to do a random 25 things list!

Today's Workout: Ab Burner and Recharge [Chalene Extreme/Turbo Fire Hybrid]
Possible Walk: If June is up for it.

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June 11, 2012

weekend recap: lazy days

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty great... minus a few speed bumps. Originally Mike's father and brothers were all going to go camping. Mans night in the woods. I was disappointed I might  miss out but then thought I'd be able to sit and watch all the trash TV I wanted and possibly take some time to give myself a pedicure.  The weather had other plans so the guys didn't end up going camping, my toes didn't get painted but we had fun anyway!

Friday Night was low key. We front porched it. Had a few beers and hung out.

Saturday: We took our dog, June to the vet. As with any time you visit the vet we spent a small fortune getting her all hooked up and up to date with her shots. We also found out she's 10 lbs. over weight, possibly 20 lbs. She's a mixed breed so I guess determining what is best for her size is a bit difficult. Either way, I see lots of walking in my future and I'm ok with that because frankly, I'm over weight too.

After the sticker shock at the vet, we ran our errands and decided we'd have a nice lunch at our friend's bar. AKA Our favorite watering hole. We were so excited to see our favorite Saturday bartender was there and she seemed just as happy to see us walk in. We apparently entertain her very well and she enjoys visiting with us. I think it's sweet that here in the south people say "Let's have a visit." instead of simply having a chat, or catching up. It's quaint and I think it's true, you are visiting with someone.

We hung out a lot longer than we had planned but when your bartender says the next round is on her, it's hard to walk away from that. Just as we started to pay our tab, our dear friends (one of the owners and his wife) came in. They were having a date night. They are newly weds like Mike and I and they have a baby, and they had a sitter which meant Momma and Daddy were ready to have a little fun. They bought is a few rounds, and we all talked and caught up. It was great. To say we are well taken care of at this establishment is a HUGE understatement. Thankfully Mike is able to pay them back regularly with graphic design and rush jobs when they need them done. Otherwise I might feel like we were freeloaders.

After our fun night - we went home to hang out. Originally we were contemplating naps when we were at the bar, but that was probably around 2:30 pm. We didn't get home until about 5 something! Yes, it was a non-planned awesome afternoon! I like when things sort of fall together. For dinner we decided to grill some brats and have some fries in the oven.  A few friends decided to stop by and hang, so we had a make shift BBQ. Thankfully we had enough brats for everyone, fries and left over potato salad. CARB OVERLOAD anyone?

It was a great relaxing night. Great conversations, lots of laughs and cool breezes make a front porch evening perfect! It wasn't a night of trash tv and pedicures or "GIRL TIME" as I told June we would be having, but it was more fun!

Sunday our only plan on the agenda was to see Prometheus. We got a phone call early from Mike's dad inviting us for a cookout. After watching TRON (I couldn't walk away from the TV mid movie), we rushed over to his family's home to visit with them, and his Grandmother who was in town. After a chill afternoon at the Hen House we went to see Prometheus.


All I can say is, as worried as I was, it was for nothing. I wasn't scared in the least and I am happy to report my husband didn't have to walk me to the bathroom at 4 AM when I had to pee. It was less scary, but more gross than I had expected. Although after watching it I really felt like I needed to watch something more happy and feel good. It was a bit dark. But all in all, a great action/suspense film. And after reading THIS write up Mike sent me this morning about the movie [warning MASSIVE SPOILERS in that article], I sort of want to see it again!

Today it's Monday... back to the daily grind. I'm already hoping for 5:00 pm Friday. Heaven help me

Walked 1 Mile: 15 mins
[I had June in tow as part of her new doggie workout, we took it slow.]
I am looking forward to doing this each morning with her, or at least every other morning.

Stretch 40
[TurboFire / ChaLean Extreme Hybrid Program]

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June 08, 2012

Friday: favorites, random musings and confessions

I was really hoping this week would have flown by, but alas it didn't. I found myself slightly wishing my life away. I'm SO happy it's Friday and I can't wait for 5:00! I don't have huge plans for the weekend but Mike and I will be front porchin' it tonight, and definitely going to the movies on Sunday to see Prometheus.  I have never watched any of the Alien movies, and frankly the concept of life forms on other planets gives me chills. I've already informed my dear husband that if I get freaked out, he's totally holding my hand and walking me to the bathroom when I have to pee in the middle of the night. True story... Signs messed me up for weeks. I ran to the bathroom in the dark every time! I may or may not have also peeked behind the shower curtain before sitting down. Although nothing compares to the first time I saw Fire in the Sky, when I was 16. I didn't sleep for two months. Just finding that on IMDB made me almost crap twinkies when I saw the cover. SO many bad nightmares from that damn movie. To be fair, ET freaked me out as a small child. I also took a leap of faith and watched The Fourth Kind, and needless to say, I survived and didn't need a bathroom buddy after seeing it. Which is odd because that movie made my skin crawl and it was, well... freaky! So there you have it, random fact about me #22, I am seriously mess up in the head when it comes to alien stuff. Can I just tell you I never watched X Files for fear it would be a UFO episode! Seriously, freaks me right the F out!

Anycray... It's Friday so it's time to discuss favorites, random musings and confessions. Let's get to it!

I cannot wait until June 22nd. That is the day that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter hits theaters!
via google (click to be taken to source)

Last summer Mike encouraged me to read the book of the same title. I didn't hesitate. I've always been interested in vampire folklore, stories and movies. The first rated R movie I ever saw was Lost Boys, and its still my all time favorite vampire movie, to this day.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was amazing. I had a very hard time putting it down. From the tales of Ab's family's past to the moments where he befriends and runs into other famous figures in history, there is NEVER a dull moment. I really loved how the author wove the tails of Ab's sorted past with the blood suckers into actual historical events. I am really excited to see this brought to life on the big screen. And, I'm also really happy they chose a new actor to play Abe. Sometimes huge name stars tend to take me out of a movie. It's like I can't see past them to see the character or historical figures they are playing.

Has anyone else read this book? If you love Vampire stories and history, it's a must read. I have been debating on reading Pride, Prejudice and Zombies but to be honest I've never read the original, and I feel like the fun of it would be lost on me. I've heard rumors that they are creating a Little Women and Werewolves, that book I would be all about.

If you haven't taken time to read this book, please do so. Like I said if you like Vampire stuff, you'll love this. It's no True Blood or Twilight but in my opinion that is what makes this SO amazing. Blending truth with fiction, or is it?

Random Musings time, 

First off this picture, originally posted by Jeep on their facebook page for a "caption this" stint, cracked me up yesterday. It also made me long to go to the beach, which I won't be doing this summer. The image was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC, but the same, or a similar beach shop also resides in Topsail Island/Sneeds Ferry, NC where I vacationed for ages. What a great front entrance, right? I think in Sneeds Ferry the store is amply named Shark Attack. Fun stuff like this, makes me giggle. Swim for your life dude!

Totes jealous of his jeep and his muscles!
  • We have had a huge fruit fly infestation at work and it's driving me insane. Did you know that those little bugs are not even phased by Lysol. It's all I had to try to spray on them in my office in order to kill them. EPIC FAIL! I made a huge cloud of it and they just laughed at me. I have read lots of great "traps" to make to catch them but most involve wine. I think that my boss might frown upon that but I hear it works WONDERS. If they are still there on Monday I might go out of my mind. All the garbage was taken out and no food remains but yet they are still flying around. Bastards.
  • I curled my hair for the first time today using the flat iron method. It was surprisingly effective and much quicker than trying to roll my hair around my curling iron for fun waves. That being said, the curls aren't as consistent, but I think that is part of the fun. It's more beach wavy vs. perfect curls/waves. It's definitely something I will test out again, maybe when my hair is less dirty.
  • Speaking of dirty hair, I finally took some time to also test out Dry Shampoo. Since getting my hair cut, I've noticed that it feels like I can't go as long between shampoos. My scalp is much more oily, or else the layers are just shorter and my bangs are falling flatter due to the normal oil. Or it might just be that is summer. Either way you chop it, Dry Shampoo was a must. I really love the way it soaks up the oil, without over drying my hair/scalp like washing and blow drying again would do. I will state that you have to use a light hand - I over did it the first time and my hair was SO gross. Second try was magic. It not only soaked up the oily roots but it also gave my hair a bit of lift which made for a great pulled back look.
  • Biggest Issue: With Dry shampoo... it seems like it's catered toward blondes not brunettes. If you over spray, be warned you might look like a grandma, instead of a hottie if your hair is dark. I've heard I could try Coco Powder but I'm sure that would work wonders on my diet craving!
  • I've become lap top obsessed. I might need a 12 step program. Having one is so freeing, being able to sit anywhere in the house. I also feel like I've become a slave to it. I might have to start unplugging at night.

Linking up with Leslie at Blonde Ambition

I confess... I didn't workout again this week. Mother nature hit me up for the week and I was all like... WAHHH I feel gross, I don't want to sweat. My cramps hurt. I'm horrible to be around, WAH! So I skipped it.

I confess... I called myself a fat ass at least 3 times this week, because of this.

I confess... I may or may not have directly shoved pounds of fried squash and zucchini in my face last night. And topped it off with a baked pork chop. The hubby was feeling down and out and I wanted to make him smile. Fried foods are rare around here so I did what I do best. Fried like a Southern Northern Girl and made him happy. There is a reason they call this poison comfort food, ya'll.

I confess... I will try to fix this next week but can't make any promises.

I confess... I need something to kick me into gear.

I confess... I haven't washed my hair since Sunday. Thanks dry shampoo.

I confess... I don't have oily hair, it takes 4 days before it starts to bother me in the least. And I know most of you are thinking either GROSS, or lucky bitch.

I confess... I haven't watched the new True Blood yet - if you even so much as mention a spoiler I will hunt you down and stab you. OK I probably won't but still I'll be very pissed. GOTTA WATCH IT!

I confess... I might wear Depends to watch Prometheus this weekend. Truth be told I will either piss or crap myself if I get too scared. Not really but poop jokes make me laugh and I'm sure the visual clearly made your day! Cheers!

I confess... I am ready for 5:00 PM. Right, meow!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Any fun plans? Be sure to link up with the ladies above if you want to join in the fun!

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June 05, 2012

summer 2012 bucket list.

I have been thinking a lot about things I've wanted to do and achieve this summer. I know this season is usually a time for relaxation, not crossing things off lists but let's be honest I don't think I've had a real, lazy summer since probably high school and ladies n' gents that was decades years ago! Of course with this being the time of year to kick back and relax, enjoy yourself, hopefully a vacation and some downtime I won't be rigid about this list but I hope I will be excited to cross things off. Since I don't have a true vacation (read: beach trip) planned this year, I figured in order to have things to look forward to I would make a list of some fun stuff to get amped about for the coming months. So here goes...
Bucket Button, please snag it, join in and link back to this posts!
[Details below]
  1. Go kayaking at least one time on a new stretch of water.
  2. See Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters this summer!!! [2 chances Atlanta, GA & Pensacola, FL]
  3. Visit friends and my father back home.
  4. Go to Camden Yards and catch an O's game when I'm home.
  5. Get all-you-can-eat steamed crabs and seafood in Maryland.
  6. Get a new smart phone, finally! [Hurry up June 16th!]
  7. Put away at least $25/month, if not more to add to my winter vacation fund.
  8. Visit Nashville, TN.
  9. Take a road trip, somewhere NEW even if only for a day.
  10. Grow some herbs [basil mostly].
  11. Perfect pesto sauce from scratch.
  12. Make 3 friendship bracelets [more if so inclined].
  13. See Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Prometheus, Rise of Batman and any other new summer movie that catches my attention. [Suggestions welcome].
  14. Take my little sister-in-law to see BRAVE in theaters.
  15. Achieve not getting a single sunburn this summer.
  16. Get a spray tan.
  17. Do a bar crawl, at least once.
  18. Find a new workout routine. [Turbo Fire is getting stale]
  19. Grill, a lot.
  20. Make a Key Lime Cheesecake.
  21. Make homemade popsicles.
  22. Find a Summer 2012 Signature Cocktail. [2011 I was obsessed with Tipsy Arnold Palmers]
  23. Go camping, one more time before Fall.
  24. Day trip to Panther Creek for sun and fun.
  25. Perfect wood plank grilling with fish.
  26. Read at least 4 books. I'm still in the middle of Kitchen Confidential but it's almost finished.
  27. Walk at least 3 evenings during the week around the neighborhood with our dog AFTER the sun starts to set.
  28. Embrace my naturally wavy hair.
  29. Find the perfect products to allow me to embrace my naturally wavy hair. [suggestions welcome]
  30. Shop the local farmer's market frequently.
  31. Eat vegetarian meals once a week, maybe twice if we find some we really like.
  32. Make BIG salads on Sunday to eat each day at lunch/dinner.
  33. Host our Supper Club at least once a month.
  34. Hit up the FREE Yoga on the Railroad bridge class given here in town.
  35. Eat more fruit and veggies.
  36. Go to a crawfish boil and eat my weight in crawfish.
  37. Take more pictures, lots of pictures.
  38. Join Instagram once I get a smart phone. [Use it for #36].
  39. Learn a new skill - anything, just learn something new.
  40. Make date night a priority for Mike and I at least once each month this summer.
  41. Go on a picnic somewhere fun around downtown.
  42. Shop locally, but frugally. [I'm paying off debt and purchasing only NEEDS].
  43. Send 3 handwritten letters to 3 different people.
  44. Lose 10 lbs. [not a fun thing mind you, but a realistic goal].
  45. Blog about each item crossed off this list.
  46. Add more items as I see fit....
What are your summer plans? Feeling like making a Summer Bucket List of your own? Go for it, snag the button above and be sure to link back to this blog post! Please leave me a comment to let me know you've done so. I'd love to read your list and get some more inspiration!
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June 04, 2012

weekend recap: take it easy.

So Monday, we meet again. I wish we could stop running into each other like this, but it's going to happen. Every week same bat time, same bat channel.

Dear Thunderstorms that raged all. night. long. I HATE YOU! I was so ready to fall asleep at 9:30 pm last night but I guess you and mother nature had other plans. Instead of a blissful sleep on clean sheets and bedding, I tossed and turned with EVERY clap of thunder and flash of lightening.

Note to Self: Take time and invest in the curtains you've been meaning to purchase for the bedroom since you moved in 2+ years ago.

And on that note... here's my weekend recap! Mike and I had a very calm weekend. As the Eagles like to sing we did nothing but "Take it Easy" from the minute the clock read 5:00 PM on Friday until the sun set on Sunday evening.

Friday Night: Front Porch Happy Hour
aka "Front Porchin' It"
The weather was perfect. A balmy, breezy 68 degrees in the Heart of Dixie. This type of weather is very unusual this time of year in the South. We enjoyed a few brews on the porch, some tunes and chatted about our week. I really love and look forward to Friday evenings on our porch. The weather got chilly quick so we opted to go inside, Mike wanted to check out the Celtics vs. the Heat game (thankfully the Celtics won!), and then we watch a few reruns of Family Guy and Robot Chicken and hit the hay.

Saturday: Day in the Life
Saturdays are usually reserved for AM runs for groceries and items we forgot to get at the store on Wednesday evening. It's also a day to window shop or enjoy the weather. We did our best to get our "chores" out of the way early. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling on our front porch. Yes again. The weather on Sat didn't reach past the mid 80's and our porch is covered in shade all day. Mike fell asleep on the lawn couch, and I took some time to read and catch up on some blogs. Yes, I'm so obsessed with this new lap top situation that I took it outside. *NERD ALERT*

Chillin' with the "fur babies" photos by Mike 
Our pets, Angus the Rock Kitty and June the Wonder Mutt
(both are named after famous musicians, it's how we roll)

Half way through relaxing, Mike was sweet enough to wash my Jeep which so badly needed it. I offered to help many times, he declined. I'm proud to say the Jeep looks fantastic! I'm a lucky girl!

Saturday Night: Shrimp, it's what's for dinner!
I've been dying for some fresh seafood but to be honest living outside of a town that has a TRUE seafood port makes it hard to get the fresh stuff at an affordable price, so I improvised. We actually just purchased some frozen shrimp and had ourselves a Low Country Boil (I need to share this recipe).  It was JUST what my seafood-tooth needed. You'll note in the image not only are we obsessed with Old Bay (Maryland how I miss you so), but we also are using our Wedding Favors (koozies), designed by Mike and myself. The back side says "To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Drink Cold". #shamelessplug

Representing Maryland, Old Bay! • Dinner by Me, photo by my husband.
Add to that my favorite summer beverage, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer, and life is good. It's an amazing blend of beer and lemonade, awesomeee!

via google
After enjoying the great evening weather we retired inside, and watched movies. Clerks II, High Fidelity and Say Anything. Warm fuzzies all around.

Sunday, Lazy Sunday
We really just lounged around. Sometimes I really enjoy having absolutely nothing to do. We took full advantage of it too. Mike planned to grill but since the weather was iffy by dinner time I went ahead and used a Pioneer Woman salad recipe for inspiration to make my own amazingly delicious Chipotle Steak Tacos and guacamole for dinner. I'm drooling thinking about it right now, and will have to share it with you soon! All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend.... minus the thunderstorms last night and my lack of sleep.

How was your weekend?
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June 01, 2012

friday favorites and confessions 6.1.2012

All I can say is "Thank you little baby Jesus, in a tuxedo t-shirt, singing lead for Lynyrd Skynyrd" it's Friday! For being a short week, this week really has drained my desire to bust my butt. I hope you all are ready for the weekend as much as I am. Work has been hectic for me. It's amazing how much catch-up you have to do when only miss one day. It's weeks like this that make me thankful that when I get a week off in the summer that my entire office closes and goes on vacation so we are all in the same boat when we get back. With out further hem-hawin' here are my Friday Favorites and Confessions!

via google • funny thing, this image is titled: I'm with sh#t!
I'm not sure if all of you heard or saw the news about Romney's fun campaign app for your phone. It was a great idea. You download the app, take a picture and his app would place a "I'm with Mitt" banner across the image for your support of him for President. Great in theory, but there was one tiny problem... someone in the Romney marketing group totally misspelled America. So all of the pictures read "AMERCIA". OOPS! How does that get through SO many proof readers misspelled? I am the first to admit I am a horrible speller. If it wasn't for spell check on my computer I'd be a mess. One of my best college friends actually broke me of being so casual with my spelling errors and I need to thank him for that. He would even correct me in IM conversations. Annoying, yes. Beneficial, absolutely! I'm a graphic designer and it's a HUGE deal to be sure all your typography not only looks amazing but also you have to be absolutely sure you've spelled things correctly before hitting print, or publish. What gets to me is surely the person in charge of this app wasn't the only one to proof it right? While I can't blame Romney 100% for this, but I can blame his campaign manager. Romney probably has no idea half the stuff that goes in and out the door in support of him but his manager damn sure better have a hold on it. Bottom line, I'm pretty sure a 5th grader can spell America accurately. If that's the case the fact checkers, and the proof readers need some more coffee and a clue in his little support group. That's all I'm saying.

Enough with the politics... I don't usually like to chat about it but after hearing about this happening I had to post it because it made me laugh out loud while watching the Daily Show.

Let's move on to CONFESSIONS!!!!
I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!

  • I confess...  I'm in a workout drought again. I only worked out once this week. To be fair my heel has been giving me fits. So much so that it hurts to walk some days. After researching online and looking at WebMD I've concluded two things... It might have to be amputated and my Nike shoes that I just purchased recently are horrible for my workouts. I knew I should have purchased cross trainers but like I fool I believe the 20 something sales guy at the sporting goods store that told me if I could run in them, then I could workout in them. LIAR! So I'll be saving my pennies to purchase new kicks after my vacation. Story of my life.
  • I confess...  I did an "easy" workout last night. Well it's not really easy but there was no jumping involved. Instead of sweating like a hog doing Turbo Fire I pulled out my Yoga X DVD from the P90X catalog and rocked out some yoga. It felt great. I will be the first to say that it repeats a lot, but in the end I always feel awesome after doing it. And my wrist monitor read that I burned 1299 calories. SCORE! It was something I needed. Turbo Fire is great but there is a lot of running, jumping and kicking and frankly I don't know if  my heel will handle it if I don't get better shoes. I might have to start walking until I can get new shoes.
  • I confess...  I won't be working out tonight. I can say that without a doubt. It's cool outside, with a chance of rain. This spells perfect front porch weather and after this long/short week I plan to park my booty on the front porch and sip from a cold beer and enjoy my front porch happy hour.
  • I confess... . Our local ABC Liquor store has been closed for a few weeks. They are building a new location and have instructed their customers to go to the other location here locally while they rebuild. That's great and all but it's further away than the original. Oh sure, I could just stop at a local liquor store but the prices are much higher. I could also drive to the ABC store's alternate location but the gas involved in getting there negates the savings on the bottle of magic of my choice. Instead I'll just purchase beer, or wine, and whine about it.
  • I confess...  that last statement makes me sound like I have a problem. I do, my problem is having to wait a few more weeks to purchase some summer rum. Gosh!
  • I confess...  I watched a commercial for the new Popeye's product that looks pretty much like someone sliced n' diced a chicken breast and deep fried it, and I drooled, a lot. I think they are calling them Popeye's Rippers. I call them "GET IN MY BELLY NOW!" I don't crave fried chicken that often, but when I do, I want me some Popeye's if I can't have good ole' fashioned Southern Fried Chicken. This... could be a problem.
  • I confess...  I may already be planning beach vacations for next year. We aren't hitting up the beach this year due to the pending trip to Colorado for the holidays. So in order to keep my sanity knowing I will most likely miss out on putting my toes in the sand this year - I'm starting to brainstorm plans for next year.
  • I confess... We ran out of regular skim milk this week so I decided to take the Almond Milk challenge and eat my cereal with almond milk. Bad idea. I don't know how much they paid those kids in the commercials for Soy Milk or Almond milk but that shizz tasted horrible and totally ruined the flavor of my cereal. I will not be doing that again. Almond Milk is strictly for smoothies in my house! I should have saved this for a "She Tried It And...." segment but it hardly warranted a full blog post.
  • I confess... I'm finally embracing technology. After years of claiming I didn't need or want a smart phone, my plan is finally up on the 16th and I will be stepping into this century. I just have to figure out what phone I want. Add to that I can't imagine surviving without DVR. Oh I could survive but would it be living? Hardly. Lastly, Mike was given a work laptop to do graphic design from home. I've never in my life owned a computer that didn't have to sit on a desk and I claimed that I hated lap tops and I could never function without a mouse. That was soooo two weeks ago. Now I'm smitten with his lap top and can't wait to get one of my own (I will be getting one in July, a gift from my sweet ole' dad!).  If you need me I'll be fast forwarding through commercials, downloading apps on my phone and blogging all at the same time, party. (Lora that one was for you!)
So there you have it. My confessions and my favorite for the week! I hope you all have a great weekend! Let's make it count because you know Monday will show up before we are all ready for it!

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