June 01, 2012

friday favorites and confessions 6.1.2012

All I can say is "Thank you little baby Jesus, in a tuxedo t-shirt, singing lead for Lynyrd Skynyrd" it's Friday! For being a short week, this week really has drained my desire to bust my butt. I hope you all are ready for the weekend as much as I am. Work has been hectic for me. It's amazing how much catch-up you have to do when only miss one day. It's weeks like this that make me thankful that when I get a week off in the summer that my entire office closes and goes on vacation so we are all in the same boat when we get back. With out further hem-hawin' here are my Friday Favorites and Confessions!

via google • funny thing, this image is titled: I'm with sh#t!
I'm not sure if all of you heard or saw the news about Romney's fun campaign app for your phone. It was a great idea. You download the app, take a picture and his app would place a "I'm with Mitt" banner across the image for your support of him for President. Great in theory, but there was one tiny problem... someone in the Romney marketing group totally misspelled America. So all of the pictures read "AMERCIA". OOPS! How does that get through SO many proof readers misspelled? I am the first to admit I am a horrible speller. If it wasn't for spell check on my computer I'd be a mess. One of my best college friends actually broke me of being so casual with my spelling errors and I need to thank him for that. He would even correct me in IM conversations. Annoying, yes. Beneficial, absolutely! I'm a graphic designer and it's a HUGE deal to be sure all your typography not only looks amazing but also you have to be absolutely sure you've spelled things correctly before hitting print, or publish. What gets to me is surely the person in charge of this app wasn't the only one to proof it right? While I can't blame Romney 100% for this, but I can blame his campaign manager. Romney probably has no idea half the stuff that goes in and out the door in support of him but his manager damn sure better have a hold on it. Bottom line, I'm pretty sure a 5th grader can spell America accurately. If that's the case the fact checkers, and the proof readers need some more coffee and a clue in his little support group. That's all I'm saying.

Enough with the politics... I don't usually like to chat about it but after hearing about this happening I had to post it because it made me laugh out loud while watching the Daily Show.

Let's move on to CONFESSIONS!!!!
I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!

  • I confess...  I'm in a workout drought again. I only worked out once this week. To be fair my heel has been giving me fits. So much so that it hurts to walk some days. After researching online and looking at WebMD I've concluded two things... It might have to be amputated and my Nike shoes that I just purchased recently are horrible for my workouts. I knew I should have purchased cross trainers but like I fool I believe the 20 something sales guy at the sporting goods store that told me if I could run in them, then I could workout in them. LIAR! So I'll be saving my pennies to purchase new kicks after my vacation. Story of my life.
  • I confess...  I did an "easy" workout last night. Well it's not really easy but there was no jumping involved. Instead of sweating like a hog doing Turbo Fire I pulled out my Yoga X DVD from the P90X catalog and rocked out some yoga. It felt great. I will be the first to say that it repeats a lot, but in the end I always feel awesome after doing it. And my wrist monitor read that I burned 1299 calories. SCORE! It was something I needed. Turbo Fire is great but there is a lot of running, jumping and kicking and frankly I don't know if  my heel will handle it if I don't get better shoes. I might have to start walking until I can get new shoes.
  • I confess...  I won't be working out tonight. I can say that without a doubt. It's cool outside, with a chance of rain. This spells perfect front porch weather and after this long/short week I plan to park my booty on the front porch and sip from a cold beer and enjoy my front porch happy hour.
  • I confess... . Our local ABC Liquor store has been closed for a few weeks. They are building a new location and have instructed their customers to go to the other location here locally while they rebuild. That's great and all but it's further away than the original. Oh sure, I could just stop at a local liquor store but the prices are much higher. I could also drive to the ABC store's alternate location but the gas involved in getting there negates the savings on the bottle of magic of my choice. Instead I'll just purchase beer, or wine, and whine about it.
  • I confess...  that last statement makes me sound like I have a problem. I do, my problem is having to wait a few more weeks to purchase some summer rum. Gosh!
  • I confess...  I watched a commercial for the new Popeye's product that looks pretty much like someone sliced n' diced a chicken breast and deep fried it, and I drooled, a lot. I think they are calling them Popeye's Rippers. I call them "GET IN MY BELLY NOW!" I don't crave fried chicken that often, but when I do, I want me some Popeye's if I can't have good ole' fashioned Southern Fried Chicken. This... could be a problem.
  • I confess...  I may already be planning beach vacations for next year. We aren't hitting up the beach this year due to the pending trip to Colorado for the holidays. So in order to keep my sanity knowing I will most likely miss out on putting my toes in the sand this year - I'm starting to brainstorm plans for next year.
  • I confess... We ran out of regular skim milk this week so I decided to take the Almond Milk challenge and eat my cereal with almond milk. Bad idea. I don't know how much they paid those kids in the commercials for Soy Milk or Almond milk but that shizz tasted horrible and totally ruined the flavor of my cereal. I will not be doing that again. Almond Milk is strictly for smoothies in my house! I should have saved this for a "She Tried It And...." segment but it hardly warranted a full blog post.
  • I confess... I'm finally embracing technology. After years of claiming I didn't need or want a smart phone, my plan is finally up on the 16th and I will be stepping into this century. I just have to figure out what phone I want. Add to that I can't imagine surviving without DVR. Oh I could survive but would it be living? Hardly. Lastly, Mike was given a work laptop to do graphic design from home. I've never in my life owned a computer that didn't have to sit on a desk and I claimed that I hated lap tops and I could never function without a mouse. That was soooo two weeks ago. Now I'm smitten with his lap top and can't wait to get one of my own (I will be getting one in July, a gift from my sweet ole' dad!).  If you need me I'll be fast forwarding through commercials, downloading apps on my phone and blogging all at the same time, party. (Lora that one was for you!)
So there you have it. My confessions and my favorite for the week! I hope you all have a great weekend! Let's make it count because you know Monday will show up before we are all ready for it!

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Lora said...


Not all almond milks are created equally! Some are nasty and some are good. I like the blue diamond (I think that's the brand) non flavored unsweetened one.
My sister in law makes her own and it's even better. I have to find out how she does it.

Mindy@FSL said...

It feels good to let it all out! Love the confessions. I really love the new blog design!!! I'm looking to simplify mine. It's a little twitch-tastic for me.

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