June 13, 2012

mid week pick me up!

Here we are ladies n' gents, the mid week. I thought I'd put a little pep in your step or some chump to your slump. Yeah, I have no idea what that second one means, it's a good thing I chose to be a graphic designer and not a rapper.  I figured I'd share a gem I found last night while reading some of my blogs in my google reader. When I discovered this find, and then started to like her all over facebook, twitter and youtube I noticed some of my favorite bloggers had already "liked" her and never shared the information with me. For shame ya'll! So here it is...

Ladies n' Gents - Your Mid Week Pick Me Up
My Drunk Kitchen - Harto and Co.

Here's one of my favorite videos. I'm officially hooked on this girl's webcasts and I'm sure you will be too! Please be warned she uses "adult" language, but personally I think that's what makes it so funny! I also think the way she edits her videos and goes from semi tipsy to drunk, is hilarious! This is one of my favorites that I watched last night, and I'm still working my way through her videos. She's comedic gold. Melding together two things I really love, cooking and drinking. Don't try this at home, just sit back and enjoy her while you soak up your booze eating your Taco Bell with another cold beer.

Warning: If your anything like me, and you love this video, you're going to go home and watch as many as you can. If it wasn't for Workaholics coming on last night I would have been watching her all. night. long! Lastly, Harto and Co. if you're reading this, I wanna party and cook with you, and Frederick!

[here is the link just incase: My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 6: Brunch? ]

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jes @ twosmuppies said...

i keep hearing about this series but i haven't had a chance to watch it yet! MUST.

Melody said...

ZOMG this is amazing.

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