June 15, 2012

randomly musing my confessions

Hellooooo Friday! I'm so happy you're here. It's time to muse randomly with Shana and blurt out all my confessions with Leslie.

But first, a funny just for the hell of it. (see below) This is how I felt EVERY DAMN TIME I went to Wally World and a kid was screaming. And this is one of the many reason we no longer shop at Wally World. Please note that on Wednesday when I went grocery shopping and had to hit up Target for odds n' ends this little nugget of funny was how I was feeling 100%. Who knew that shopping for cat litter would cause me to want to bleed out of my eyes. I know all children get unruly and I'm not a parent so I can't say I've been there. However, as a shopper I have to say, if your child is screaming BLOODY MURDER... I mean SCREAMINNNNGGGG in the toy isle, maybe it's time to take your kid away from the damn toy isle? Not a sermon, just a thought. See below... I thought about this the whole time I was there. If only I had a Rx for birth control! [No hate mail please, I know being a parent is the hardest job ever, this is why I'm not a parent yet.]

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  • On Wednesday after dropping Mike off at work (we carpool at lunch each day) I was waiting to make a right hand turn on to the main street in our downtown. A crew of guys, probably in their teens were taking forever to walk diagonal across the street to their cars. This annoys me to no end. Not the semi-jay walking, I KNOW you have the right of way, but can you pick-up the pace a bit. I guess what really got on my nerves is that they were doing this "slow strut" on purpose. No one is that impressed with you boys, is what I thought to myself and then I saw him... One of the guys had shoulder length hair, the top was long but the sides and back were completely shaved. Sort of like a long mohawk. Sort of like guys wore when I was their age. He had it pulled back in a ponytail and he was sporting a Red Hot Chili Peppers T-Shirt. It made my heart sing a little bit. I love the 90's and I really like seeing the style coming back in fashion, especially with the younger generation. I assume this little crew of misfits had just come from the park downtown. The ring leader, or one in the front of the pack was carrying a guitar case. My guess is they were enjoying the Wednesday Music in the Park summer event series we hold here locally. So after all that, I was pissed and then fine... road rage is not cute.
  • I really love our downtown... for reasons above and it's had a huge blossoming this past year. Even with the bad economy people are opening boutiques all over and I am fully in support of this. I'd rather hit up a small boutique and pay a bit more for a different, quality item then go to the mall and get the same crap that EVERYONE else is wearing. #shoplocal! {Leslie I'm totally with you on this, girl!}
  • Speaking of the youth and fashion, (damn I just sounded old), what's the deal with dudes wearing stocking caps that are CLEARLY made for the winter right now in the Spring? Hey asshat it's over 80 degrees outside, I don't think your ears are going to be cold. As far as looking cool... it so doesn't. You aren't Colin Farrell, Zac Effron, Johnny Depp or whoever else in Hollywood wears this, give it up. No lie I googled Collin Farrell and this is the 2nd image that came up, I'm claiming he started it. Damn you Collin.
  • Colin Farrell, pulling it off but not in 80+ degree weather dude • via google
  • While we are on the topic of men's fashion. You know what else I don't like,  extremely deep v-neck t-shirts on dudes. I just don't like it. I also hate when men wear pink. I just... I can't.
  • I'm counting down the days until vacation. They aren't coming fast enough.
  • While watching TV the other night and playing on the lap top something caught my attention in a PetSmart commercial... the name Bret Michaels. Apparently he's got his own line of dog toys. WTF? From bimbos to Fido? Really?
I confess //
I love breakfast for dinner. And I love bacon. I love it so much we are having it twice this week [BLT's earlier in the week for dinner, pancakes and bacon tonight.. possibly]. This is bad for my waistline but I've deemed it good for my soul. It will probably be months before I have it again. #moderationpeople

I confess //
I have a horrible habit of purchasing stuff online and then returning it to the store. Especially American Eagle. They make it really easy and I'm very thankful they accept online returns in the store, most places don't do that. I am however starting to think they might be on to me and I get a bit embarrassed when I go in to return/exchange things. It's not my fault the selection at the store where I live is so limited. Needless to say I'll be going back in with a haul this weekend. A shirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of earrings and a necklace. All of which I swore I needed... and it was truly just that I wanted them. I do however NEED a pair of shorts that fit properly that don't look like I've had them for 5+ years. 

I confess //
The above statement doesn't really go with my "NOT SPENDING EXTRA MONEY ON WANTS" thing I'm trying to accomplish. I realize this now, why do you think I'm returning the stuff. Not just because of fitting issues because honestly it all looks great, but I KNOW I don't NEED these things. And even if I did want to keep it, I wasn't 100% in love with it, even though it did fit. 

I confess //
I've been trying to work my way into running. I wasn't going to say anything incase I failed miserably at it, but I'm actually liking the Couch to 5K routine. So far I'm only up to 2 minutes of jogging (along with 5 min walking warm-up and 5 mins walking cool down) but it's a start. This started with the realization that our dog is overweight, and I felt horrible. We are doing this together. Wish me luck.

I confess //
I love and hate Nike. I love their shoes they look amazing and for general everyday wear they are OK. But let's be honest I don't wear sneakers on the regular. I wear them to workout. I made the mistake of purchasing a pair of Nike's for my Turbo Fire workouts. I should have gone cross trainer and probably stuck with New Balance since they have never let me down. But the sales guy at Dick's (real place not a clever name) said that if I could wear them running they'd be fine for cardio training. WRONG.. so wrong. I knew better... I've had issues with Nike's in the past. They mess up my arches in my feet and now I'm dealing with some bad heel pain. I've started my walking/jog routine with these shoes since they are specific for running but I still get the pain. I'm sort of pissed about it. The shoes have too many "miles" on them from Turbo Fire to return and it's been months. They look brand new because until NOW I haven't had them outside, ever! So.... I guess I'll be in the process of looking for better running shoes. I'm contemplating hitting up the Running store back home when I go to for vacation. They watch you walk/run on a treadmill and give you the right shoe for your feet. I think it's the only way my size 10's are going to be happy. Yes... I confess... I wear a size 10!

I confess //
I finally took Shana and Allyson's advice and took notes this week as well as started this post and kept coming back to it. I finally listened and it's paid off. Thanks ladies!

I confess //
I'm thinking about moving to wordpress. I love blogger but I'm curious about WP. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments from the peanut gallery are greatly appreciated.

I confess //
I'm so excited I could shit twinkies that I get a new phone on Saturday!!! Smartphone addiction here I come.

I confess //
We watched Alien last night and I wasn't as impressed as I probably should have been. After watching Prometheus it seemed a bit like the writers just revamped the original story and told it again. I should have watched them in order... oh well. I've never been a huge Sci-Fi person. There are certain movies I like, but... while it was good it didn't shock me like I thought it would.

Well folks there you have it. I feel good that I wrote almost every day this week. I'm trying to get back into the blogging thing again. I hope you all have a great weekend and give your fathers lots of love! I'm looking forward to relaxing, and baking a Key Lime Cheesecake for the first time.

Workout: Chalean/TurboFire Hybrid Program: Core 20 + Stretch 10
Walking June 15-20 minutes, 1 mile
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Shana said...

The other night we saw a commercial for Bret Michaels dog toys and J was all "Really...he's making dog toys now?" And I was all "No...not possible...it's got to be someone else". But it's him. And to me...that's sort of sad.

{Jessica} said...

Hahaha! This entire post makes me laugh. So with you on the kids thing - some parents are just too afraid to discipline their kids. And then the kids end up ruling the roost. And, wth Bret Michaels? Give it up already old man! Ha! Happy Weekend!

Michael Henderson said...

The last confession.
God. Damn. It.
I'm kidding of course.
I'm afraid to show you Godfather now.

I should tell mom the next time she asks about grandchildren, that "Teacher says whenever a child screams, Michael's semen dries up and dies, because he does not like the sound of children screaming very much."
(You're supposed to read that in Stewie's voice, much funnier that way)

Anonymous said...

Just visiting from Confessional Friday... and now following!

What a gorgeous blog you have! I love the pretty, user-friendly layout so much. Can't wait to come back soon!

And your post totally cracks me up! And breakfast for din din? Umm... yes please!! :)

Hope you'll think about dropping by to say hello!


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

@ Meg Welcome!!!

@Shana - girl I know! What is up with him?

@Jessica it's so sad but true... poor Bret just trying to stay in the limelight. IF he would just get back on the rock of love bus I'd totally back him. And kids who are crazy are the worst.

@my husband - I know, I know I'm horrible. Please let me watch Godfather THAT I will probably love.

Melody said...

I worked my way up to running this week!! I was always very very anti-running (why would I run unless I'm being chased?), but I decided to hop on the treadmill at the gym instead of the elliptical (the tvs weren't working on any of the ones I tried- I workout but I'm still lazy.) I usually watch the 80s pop or metal music station and I would run for one video and walk for another and I didn't hate it! Awesome makes all the difference!!

PS- I haven't seen any of those Alien movies but the Godfather rules!

Lora said...

I hate Walmart kids and especially Walmart moms. It's like that place breeds assholes of all ages.

The 90's comeback makes me feel 16 again. Most of the time I love it.

stocking caps + suntans totally creep me out. Like prepubescent girls in two piece bathing suits.

I hate word press. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Colin is hot, so he can wear whatever hat he likes. V-neck tees on dudes are ugly. They're kind of ugly on women too.

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