June 08, 2012

Friday: favorites, random musings and confessions

I was really hoping this week would have flown by, but alas it didn't. I found myself slightly wishing my life away. I'm SO happy it's Friday and I can't wait for 5:00! I don't have huge plans for the weekend but Mike and I will be front porchin' it tonight, and definitely going to the movies on Sunday to see Prometheus.  I have never watched any of the Alien movies, and frankly the concept of life forms on other planets gives me chills. I've already informed my dear husband that if I get freaked out, he's totally holding my hand and walking me to the bathroom when I have to pee in the middle of the night. True story... Signs messed me up for weeks. I ran to the bathroom in the dark every time! I may or may not have also peeked behind the shower curtain before sitting down. Although nothing compares to the first time I saw Fire in the Sky, when I was 16. I didn't sleep for two months. Just finding that on IMDB made me almost crap twinkies when I saw the cover. SO many bad nightmares from that damn movie. To be fair, ET freaked me out as a small child. I also took a leap of faith and watched The Fourth Kind, and needless to say, I survived and didn't need a bathroom buddy after seeing it. Which is odd because that movie made my skin crawl and it was, well... freaky! So there you have it, random fact about me #22, I am seriously mess up in the head when it comes to alien stuff. Can I just tell you I never watched X Files for fear it would be a UFO episode! Seriously, freaks me right the F out!

Anycray... It's Friday so it's time to discuss favorites, random musings and confessions. Let's get to it!

I cannot wait until June 22nd. That is the day that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter hits theaters!
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Last summer Mike encouraged me to read the book of the same title. I didn't hesitate. I've always been interested in vampire folklore, stories and movies. The first rated R movie I ever saw was Lost Boys, and its still my all time favorite vampire movie, to this day.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was amazing. I had a very hard time putting it down. From the tales of Ab's family's past to the moments where he befriends and runs into other famous figures in history, there is NEVER a dull moment. I really loved how the author wove the tails of Ab's sorted past with the blood suckers into actual historical events. I am really excited to see this brought to life on the big screen. And, I'm also really happy they chose a new actor to play Abe. Sometimes huge name stars tend to take me out of a movie. It's like I can't see past them to see the character or historical figures they are playing.

Has anyone else read this book? If you love Vampire stories and history, it's a must read. I have been debating on reading Pride, Prejudice and Zombies but to be honest I've never read the original, and I feel like the fun of it would be lost on me. I've heard rumors that they are creating a Little Women and Werewolves, that book I would be all about.

If you haven't taken time to read this book, please do so. Like I said if you like Vampire stuff, you'll love this. It's no True Blood or Twilight but in my opinion that is what makes this SO amazing. Blending truth with fiction, or is it?

Random Musings time, 

First off this picture, originally posted by Jeep on their facebook page for a "caption this" stint, cracked me up yesterday. It also made me long to go to the beach, which I won't be doing this summer. The image was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC, but the same, or a similar beach shop also resides in Topsail Island/Sneeds Ferry, NC where I vacationed for ages. What a great front entrance, right? I think in Sneeds Ferry the store is amply named Shark Attack. Fun stuff like this, makes me giggle. Swim for your life dude!

Totes jealous of his jeep and his muscles!
  • We have had a huge fruit fly infestation at work and it's driving me insane. Did you know that those little bugs are not even phased by Lysol. It's all I had to try to spray on them in my office in order to kill them. EPIC FAIL! I made a huge cloud of it and they just laughed at me. I have read lots of great "traps" to make to catch them but most involve wine. I think that my boss might frown upon that but I hear it works WONDERS. If they are still there on Monday I might go out of my mind. All the garbage was taken out and no food remains but yet they are still flying around. Bastards.
  • I curled my hair for the first time today using the flat iron method. It was surprisingly effective and much quicker than trying to roll my hair around my curling iron for fun waves. That being said, the curls aren't as consistent, but I think that is part of the fun. It's more beach wavy vs. perfect curls/waves. It's definitely something I will test out again, maybe when my hair is less dirty.
  • Speaking of dirty hair, I finally took some time to also test out Dry Shampoo. Since getting my hair cut, I've noticed that it feels like I can't go as long between shampoos. My scalp is much more oily, or else the layers are just shorter and my bangs are falling flatter due to the normal oil. Or it might just be that is summer. Either way you chop it, Dry Shampoo was a must. I really love the way it soaks up the oil, without over drying my hair/scalp like washing and blow drying again would do. I will state that you have to use a light hand - I over did it the first time and my hair was SO gross. Second try was magic. It not only soaked up the oily roots but it also gave my hair a bit of lift which made for a great pulled back look.
  • Biggest Issue: With Dry shampoo... it seems like it's catered toward blondes not brunettes. If you over spray, be warned you might look like a grandma, instead of a hottie if your hair is dark. I've heard I could try Coco Powder but I'm sure that would work wonders on my diet craving!
  • I've become lap top obsessed. I might need a 12 step program. Having one is so freeing, being able to sit anywhere in the house. I also feel like I've become a slave to it. I might have to start unplugging at night.

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I confess... I didn't workout again this week. Mother nature hit me up for the week and I was all like... WAHHH I feel gross, I don't want to sweat. My cramps hurt. I'm horrible to be around, WAH! So I skipped it.

I confess... I called myself a fat ass at least 3 times this week, because of this.

I confess... I may or may not have directly shoved pounds of fried squash and zucchini in my face last night. And topped it off with a baked pork chop. The hubby was feeling down and out and I wanted to make him smile. Fried foods are rare around here so I did what I do best. Fried like a Southern Northern Girl and made him happy. There is a reason they call this poison comfort food, ya'll.

I confess... I will try to fix this next week but can't make any promises.

I confess... I need something to kick me into gear.

I confess... I haven't washed my hair since Sunday. Thanks dry shampoo.

I confess... I don't have oily hair, it takes 4 days before it starts to bother me in the least. And I know most of you are thinking either GROSS, or lucky bitch.

I confess... I haven't watched the new True Blood yet - if you even so much as mention a spoiler I will hunt you down and stab you. OK I probably won't but still I'll be very pissed. GOTTA WATCH IT!

I confess... I might wear Depends to watch Prometheus this weekend. Truth be told I will either piss or crap myself if I get too scared. Not really but poop jokes make me laugh and I'm sure the visual clearly made your day! Cheers!

I confess... I am ready for 5:00 PM. Right, meow!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Any fun plans? Be sure to link up with the ladies above if you want to join in the fun!

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Shana said...

I'm a huge fan of dry shampoo...but it can give your hair that powdery look if you aren't careful.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Lora said...

I don't wash my hair often either. The more I wash the oilier it is so I just don't wash. It's that simple.

I do condition most days though. It helps get a comb through. I like to take showers each morning, and I like when showers make my head wet.

Anonymous said...

I remember a few scenes from Signs scaring the crap out of me, but I loved it.

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