March 26, 2013

you can't keep a good woman down.

Hey there folks! It's me, Kelly, back from the nearly dead.

OK maybe that's being a tad over dramatic, but I literally have been out of commission for what feels like forever {read 1 week}. I have lots to catch up on, blog topics to discuss but the funk just wouldn't let me bother with opening my laptop and getting shizz done.

The weekend before last was AMAZING here in North Alabama. The weather couldn't have been nicer. I'm talking 74 degrees. I'm talking total spring fever. Eating outside on the patio at Sonic (yes, we're just THAT classy). I'm sorry when a Cherry Limeade calls your name, sometimes you just have to listen, especially when it's lovely outside. I'm also talking, spring cleaning.

I woke up 2 Saturday's ago, in a cleaning fire. I got up, straightened the piles of dirty laundry and the piles on a chair of clean laundry. Truth be told when we have people over I usually don't clean up our bedroom, no one sees it. Now that a few of our friends have children though, I realize how "non-child friendly" our home truly is. As in there aren't many places to change a kid if they mess their bottoms. Realizing this I straightened up the bedroom - cleaned off the bed and moved on. Dusting happened, cleaning out cabinets happened, the fridge, freezer and pantry was cleaned. We literally had soup in the back of the pantry from 2008. I'm pretty sure we moved it with us from our old house and I never looked at the "use by date" - SICK!

Laundry was rocking, the house was getting cleaned I was on a roll. I even scrubbed the patio furniture with Mike's help. NO clue what got into me. Weeks before that you couldn't pay me to get off the couch.

We had plans for friends to come by and hang out. Have some drinks, it was after all St. Paddy's weekend. I wanted the house to look nice, but I wanted to deep clean it too. I even scrubbed the bathroom floor on all fours, took down the old shower curtain, and washed it and the liner, and put up a new vibrant curtain we received for our wedding, almost 2 years ago... EEP!

After shopping, making Mexican Dip (what? You don't eat Mexican dip on St. Paddy's Day?) and then chilling, we waited for friends to stop by. A few did, and we enjoyed the cool, but not freezing temperatures on the front porch. It was great. Sitting out there in a button down shirt, and flats, not a care in the world. Admiring our Bradford Pear tree, and it's lovely (but stank ass) blooms.

I had a bit of a tickle in my throat but chocked it up to allergies. After all the hills were alive with the sounds of buds blooming and pollen swaying in the breeze all day long, right? So I went to bed, after just drinking a few beers (not feeling it that night), which again should have been a red flag. And I slept until about I'd say at least 8 am.

That's when I felt like a hot mess. Throat was hurting, sneezing, headache, sniffling. I took some allergy meds, no dice. I was in denial all day that I was sick. Or that it was anything serious.

Thankfully our Sunday plans involved one thing - Watching The Boondock Saints to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It was perfect! [Fact, I like Norman Reedus before The Walking Dead was even a blip on the radar.] Watching this movie got me all fired up to want to visit Boston, again.

via // The Macmanus Brothers // The Boondock Saints

Monday came - I went to work, and went home 1/2 day. I was miserable. I had taken some DayQuil and one minute it helped, 20 minutes later I was hating life. SO much for the buzz it's supposed to give you.

I tried to sleep the afternoon away but between every siren in our area going off at once (accident?) and a thunderstorm rolling in, I couldn't sleep. I passed out for maybe 20 mins while Mike was home for lunch and the rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and doing laundry (for some reason I can't just SIT at home, even when sick). BLESS YOU NETFLIX! My pets took care of me and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. Bouts of feeling better, going to work, then worse, then medicating again, and on and on.

Somewhere around Wednesday, the funk hit Mike. I feel like it may have hit him harder than me. We went grocery shopping that night (yes we go together, I'm a lucky lady right? I'm sure when we have kids this might change but for now I'm enjoying it while I can). He was miserable at the stores, I told him to stay in the car but he insisted it wasn't fair to me because I was sick too - misery loves company.

Thursday he wasn't any better, Friday it was all he could do to stay at work all day.

The weekend hit and we were both down for the count. I got a bit stir crazy on Saturday. I had no energy to do jack shit and hated wasting the weekend, but I knew I wasn't going anywhere. Needless to say Neflix documentaries, and tv shows and Hulu entertainment was our BFF's. That and some meds again.

Monday Mike called in sick. His first time in the 7 years he's been at this job, can you believe it? Between all our coughing, sneezing, blowing our noses and churning lung butter (yeah, I said it)... he was spent. Not wanting to miss another Monday, I went to work. I mean hell it's been a week right? WTF?

While at work I started to feel like I couldn't focus - nothing was making sense. Simple tasks seemed really hard. I always hear you're supposed to feed a cold and starve a fever, I don't think I ate enough over the weekend, or anything quality for that matter. And then I started to worry that since this cough was hanging on I better get checked out.

At lunch I dropped by the Express Med here in town and got looked over. Thankfully there was no true virus, no strep, etc. Whew. They sent me on my way, gave me hell about my blood pressure (going to the doctor ASAP for tests on this) and told me to stop taking Mucinex DM because it was messing with said blood pressure, and to get some rest. I got my Z-Pac and an Rx for cough medicine and headed to CVS.

Once at the pharmacy I found out my insurance doesn't cover the cough medicine. GREAT! I ask how much it is... and the tech tells me $35.00. Even the look on her face is like "That shit is bananas!" I smiled and said.... No thanks, I'll survive without it. I had my antibiotics w/ a refill if needed. I can handled a mild sore throat without the sizzurp, thanks.

So I went home to rest the rest of the day.

Last night was rough. I couldn't sleep. I am happy I didn't have to get a steroid shot, otherwise I would have been bouncing off the walls all night, but my guess is my brain was still racing from worry about my blood pressure. They think it was the medicine doing it but I want to be sure.

I finally zonked out at 2 am I think? Mike had a restless night too he slept on the couch. Bottom line I'm ready for this funk to get the hell out of our home. I wish the weather would warm up (it maybe 65 on Thursday) I want to open the windows, douce everything in Lysol and crank up the exhaust fan we have in our home that sucks air out of the house (to cool the home) and get the germs OUT OF THERE.

So here's to surviving the 1st seasonal cold we have contracted. I'm still not sure HOW I got sick. No one in my office has been ill. A random sinus infection here or there, but not what we've had. Mike has had some co-workers coughing up lungs all month, but it's odd I got ill before him. I might have contracted it while stopping by there for lunch a while back? And I will say my immune system has been low, but still. It's odd. I was even taking Vitamin C, which I never do regularly unless it comes in my daily women's vitamin.

I am looking forward to allergies after all this. Yeah I just said that. I will live to regret it I'm sure.

So I'm back - living, trying to thrive.

Hope all has been well around here with everyone else!!!!
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March 15, 2013

serious spring fever!

I officially have Spring Fever!

I also officially have the "pollen is everywhere and I am in misery" sore throat thing happening, but I can't let that get me down.

The weather today is AMAZING! Mid 70's. I'm talking, riding in my Jeep and blasting the Rolling Stones on my lunch break, with the windows down. Spring has sprung. I just hope it lasts and this weekend isn't a tease.

Needless to say I'm sporting a bright teal light weight cardigan, and a tshirt with bright colors. If only I could be wearing flip flops, but this homegirl needs to get her pedicure on.

In honor of this glorious day, I thought I'd share my favorite Spring Time song by the awesome Biz Markie! Push play and turn it up - It's Spring Again!

It's St. Patrick's Weekend and I can't wait to celebrate.

I just realized that the awesome Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work is having a Link-up Party today. And since I already posted the JAM that's getting me going on this lovely Spring day. I wanted to link-up with her! Click below and join the fun!

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March 14, 2013

I don't ask for much.


Is it really that hard to say "Thank you. Have a nice day", when you're paid to do so as a checker at a retail store?

Is it really that hard to ask your co-worker who's on the phone asking about the schedule changes, to hold so you can finish ringing me up, and hopefully say the first thing to me, upon completing my transaction above?

Is it really that hard to flip your blinker to tell me what direction you plan on going thought the intersection.

Hey, non-blinker using a-hole, is it that hard to put the damn blinker on when you pull into a parking space after I follow you through the intersection?

Is it really that freaking hard for you to say THANK YOU when I, or my husband hold the door for you to walk through?

Is your cell phone conversation REALLY so important that you can't ask someone to hold on while you pay for something at the counter?

Is it so wrong of me to expect you to wait to light up your cigarette until the entire table has finished eating?

Do you really need to check your phone during a meal at a restaurant?
[Note: I'm totally guilty of this when we go out sometimes, and I feel like a jerk for it. I will be trying to change this. I blame smart phones.]

Do you really have to leave your GD cart in the middle of the isle while you lean across the isle at the grocery store to get an item?  Even worse do you have to leave your cart on one side, blocking the entire isle while you stand in front of it to "contemplate a choice" in said isle? MOVE yo' SHIT!

I am all about teaching kids the ins and outs of consumerism. How to make a debt card purchase, how to give the nice lady at the counter money and get change, but do you REALLY need to do this when the line is 5 people deep at Target on a Saturday. Do that during the day when it's a dead zone!

Do you really need to bring your loud ass kid to the movie theater? It's fine, I get it, it's Oz The Great and Powerful. It's technically a kids movie but your damn son won't sit still and he's distracting me with his loud whispering. There are 15 or more other kids in this theater and none of them are making a peep unless it's an appropriate time to laugh, or they quietly ask their parent's a question. MOST of which are younger than your child. Tell him to simmer down, maybe tell him to keep it down while others enjoy the movie. Sorry I'm not sorry that I shot you and your kid a dirty look. If your kid can't sit still or be quiet, don't take him to the movies. Or take him to something like Monsters Inc, or Wreck It Ralph, I can totally understand the crazy kids there. [Parents, I am fully aware I will have kids one day and they will misbehave at the theater, I know this. But if my 9 year old Sister-in-law can watch a movie quietly then other kids can too. She's been going to the movies since she was 3. She's great at them.]

*** OZ the Great and Powerful was awesome! Aside from the brat next to me! ***

Is it that hard to make a new pot of coffee OR turn the machine off when you take the last cup? I hate having to resort to making a passive aggressive note to tape next to the machine.

I just would like a little common courtesy once in a while.

3.14.13 WOD: TurboFire HIIT 15
3.13.13 WOD: P90X Shoulders & Arms / Ab Ripper  Not Completed

*** Last night, after a long day at work, grocery shopping and having extremely sore muscles I decided not to work out. Not my finest hour but I'll be back at it this evening. I did get the dishes completed, dinner made and the kitchen cleaned up before sitting on my ass though - so there is that!

*** Wednesdays may have to change to a semi-rest day for me. Wednesdays and Sundays. I plan to start walking with Mike and June now that the weather is better and unless I can workout in the mornings this might fit better into my crazy schedule on Wednesdays. P90X and TurboFire are very demanding and I don't want to set myself up for failing, but instead set realistic goals I will stick with. If that means 2 rest days and taking a bit longer to get to my goal, I'm OK with that. I want to change my lifestyle not just my body.

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March 13, 2013

mad women and feeling sore

One thing you remember quickly when you get back on the workout wagon is how bitter sweet being sore is. Last night after my workout most of the muscles in my body were aching. I drank my after workout protein shake, got in the shower, and then made dinner. Feeling great, until I sat down to watch some television. Once you stop moving, it's all over.

Right before bed, the aches were intense but, as annoying as they were, I realized I was happy to be feeling that "good pain". It means I pushed myself, and I did something to improve my well being. My chest hurts, my shoulders hurt, my legs and knees are weak but I love it.

This morning thankfully other than the initial feeling stiff while getting out of bed, I'm rocking and rolling and the twinges of soreness that are left are reminders of a bit of excitement I have for tonight's workout. Let's hope this feeling continues.

Mike and I have been watching Mad Men like it's our job. We started the series last month and have finally worked our way up to be ready for the next season. I can't wait for April 7th!

Mike emailed me the link to this promotional poster yesterday and it got me even more excited!!!
When we watched the first episode months and months ago, Mike seemed like he couldn't get into it. I was still willing to give it a chance. How could so many friends be wrong I thought. Then again a lot of my friends like Big Bang Theory and I think that show is just horrible. But, I really wanted to give ole' Don Draper another try.

Our good friend AK told us to stick with it that it doesn't get exciting or interesting until like episode 5. She was right, that was when all the biggest drama started. No worries here folks I won't give away spoilers but it's just a true fact. If you give it until at least episode 5 you'll be sucked in and won't turn back.

I am completely taken by this show. I love the history, the drama, the comedy and the characters. One minute you completely hate someone, then the next you think 'Aw maybe he/she has changed.' Two episodes later you think NO I always knew he/she was an ass. It's a roller coaster but so fun to be a part of.

I think I've said about 20 times per season "I love that lamp." or "Those chairs are awesome." I clearly have a love for all things 1960's inspired. I think it's because while growing up, my home was filled with antiques, not modern or trendy furniture items. Unless you count our television, and my father's easy chair, most, if not all of our furniture in our home, including our beds were antiques. My parent's were avid collectors. I am sure it drove them nuts when I would ask for a tacky 70's or 80's style lamp. Or when we visited my grandmother and I would beg to take home an old lamp she had she was getting rid of, that was reminiscent of something Don would have in his apartment. [See the hanging lamp near the fireplace below - I adore it, and if you can imagine three of those, much smaller and with rainbow colored "faux stained glass/plastic" on a post, you'll get the idea of the lamp I wanted to drag home from my grandmother's home. Eventually I won the battle, I just wish I had held on to that lamp all these years. And the grass cloth wallpaper - don't EVEN get me started. I love it, LOVE IT. It's in every room it seems in most of the early episodes. My father always hated that wallpaper. We had it in our powder room in my home growing up. And it was a huge selling point for our first apartment that Mike and I had together (the huge window, and grass cloth wallpaper in the kitchen). I'm odd, I know.

via // Such a swank pad.
Growing up in the home I had made me appreciate antiques, and history. But I feel like I missed out on some of the modern, and retro styles of the 60's and 70's because of it. Let's be honest though. I'm happy I missed out on the whole 1980's Wester Revival style. And the "cute country" stuff that so many homes were filled with. That was never my parents' style. If we lived on a ranch, yes, that would be fitting, but we didn't. Our home was more, Old Amish maybe, but not quite country. I'm happy they never got into 80's modern. There were some family friends that had condos that looked like a Duran Duran video threw up on them. I never felt comfortable in those homes. They weren't cozy.

I am also smitten with the Civil Rights movement themes in the TV show. As well as Women's Rights. There are two very strong female characters and on some days I can't figure out who I like more. Joan or Peggy. I love them both for different reasons. They are both making it in a man's world, by their own means. It's not always pretty, but it's refreshing to see females making headway in a male dominated industry while still trying to hold on to their femininity. To me that is what Feminisim is all about.

Peggy, Harry, Joan and Ken // via
Again, not a spoiler but they all work for an Ad Agency. As a graphic designer, who's worked for an ad agency, I truly enjoy that part of the show. It's cut throat, and it's a big hit to someone emotionally in the creative field when people don't like your ideas, or worse take their business elsewhere because you failed to WOW them. One of my most favorite products they represented [and the storyline behind it] was UTZ Potato Chips. A northern staple. And one I miss so much!

Jimmy and UTZ // via
I love the bits of comedy sprinkled into the show, as well as seeing how much times have changed. Smoking is permitted just about EVERYWHERE and many more that I won't give away, if you haven't watched the show because frankly seeing how much times have changed was half the joy of watching this series.

The show is dramatic, beautiful and the styling is amazing. I just can't get enough of it. And I am dying for April 7th to start watching it again.

Favorite Characters: Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, Don Draper and Peggy Olson
Characters I love to hate: Peter Campbell and Betty Draper (and sometimes Don).
Characters I root for the most: Ken Cosgrove, Joan Harris and Peggy Olson
Character I feel most sorry for: Trudy Campbell and Sally and Bobby Draper

I watch this show like I'm watching Jerry Springer most times... I yell insults at the TV when characters act like idiots. And I think Mike gets a kick out of it. I truly do have a love/hate relationship with Don Draper.

Any readers fan of the show?
I'd love to hear your 2 cents!
3.12.13 - WOD: Turbo Fire 30 / Stretch 10 - COMPLETED [Instead of Plyometrics]
3.13.13 - WOD: P90X Shoulders & Arms / Ab Ripper
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March 12, 2013

you know your'e out of shape when...

Last night, I picked up P90X again (yes, again!) and decided I was going to give it another whirl. This time I thought, it will be different. I will stick with it. And I will finish and graduate.

I started reading over the meal plan and wondered why I ever stopped eating correctly. With my weight class, and activity, I'm currently suggested to eat 2500 calories a day on the program. Two thousand five hundred calories. That's a lot of food. Now granted the carb serving is 1 per day. The protein is 7 servings. But still, 2500 calories a day!!! That's like, feeding the hungry beast and then some. Granted it's not like I can just go double up on #1 Big Mac Meals at McD's - that's not OK. Talk about ruining all your hard work. This totally means you'll never be starving.

I can remember when I first picked up P90X and started eating well, eating better and feeding myself for the workouts. I never felt deprived. Unless you count Mac N' Cheese then yes, I did. I snacked all day, never felt like I wanted to chew off my own arm in order to get a snack. I wasn't cranky (thank you level blood sugar). That being said I'm sure I wasn't 100% happy. There are days when you just need that slice of pizza or mac n' cheese or feel like you'll die if you don't get that slice of chocolate cake (helloooo hormones!), but I kept those cravings in check. Gave myself treat days. Handled it and moved on. I need to do that again.

I started reading through the workout manual that comes with the program. It outlines all my workouts, all the equipment I need and all the time needed for each workout. I slowly started to remember why I gave up on some of this program. It's hard. It's not a cake walk. You have to commit. I also recall having a really hard time with the Plyometric workout, as well as often times not loving it. I decided this time around to take a serious look at switching out the cardio workouts I didn't enjoy in P90X with ones I did enjoy from TurboFire.

TurboFire is another program I loved, but then quickly got tired of. Not because it isn't fun as hell but because during the 2nd month it's a lot of repeat workouts. Half the excitement of working out for me was learning new things. I think that's why just a standard gym membership using machines never worked for me. I'd get tired of the routine, but I would be too fearful to try something new (in public). I liked classes, but didn't want to spend the extra money that I didn't have in order to join them.  That's when I stumbled upon Beachbody and found a lot of new, fun workouts I could do at home. Privately, and in really ratty gym clothes. If you haven't guessed it already, I'm very nervous about gym environments.

Adding together the things I love about both these programs will hopefully be enough for me to stick with it. At least until I complete them. Then my reward will be a NEW program.

I'm out of shape. Completely. All the hard work I did before my wedding, is lost. Covered up with months of over eating, indulging and laying around.

I need to remember....
"Which do you hate more?
That 50 minute workout 
or those 50 extra pounds?"

I had to chuckle last night, straightening up the living room to be my workout area, and I thought of this list in doing so.


  • Pushing the vacuum is unbelievably hard.  Mike usually vacuums the house. I haven't done it in ages, but last night, while shoving it across the rug I realized HOW out of shape and weak I had become. After my workout I had a hard time lifting the baking sheet into the oven. So I guess that's progress?
  • Moving my weights from the game room to the living room took three trips. My weights aren't that heavy I have 5's / 10's / 15's and Mike had 40's. Trying to move them all together wasn't going to work. Last time I worked out hard core I was using the 15's and not batting an eye.
  • The warm-up felt like a workout. Who would have thought high knees, and jumping jacks would take so much out of me. It's the warm up, this USED to be easy!
  • Taking the dog for a walk causes you to sound like you ran a marathon. On the first nice day of the season Mike and I took June for a walk. I'm pleased to say I'm not AS winded as I used to be in walking her, but still toward the end thought I might need to sit down. It's pretty pathetic considering the hills in our hood aren't that high.
  • Sweatpants are all that truly fit you.  Sure I can squeeze into most of my jeans, but they aren't as comfortable. Don't worry I'm not going to work in sweatpants. Thankfully my "larger" jeans are still too big for me. I'm trying to prevent myself from going any further.
  • You look at the max weight on your pull up bar and it tells you that you're only 50 lbs. away from being too heavy to use it. (major SADS when I read that).
  • Putting on boots in the morning causes you to get winded. Seriously.
  • Your almost 6 pack is now a 12 pack. Beer, you're such an evil mistress.
I could go on and on for comedy's sake but it does make me a little sad that SO much progress was removed from just being lazy since our honeymoon.

Summer is almost around the corner and while I'm not making some crazy goal of feeling 100% awesome in my swimsuit (there isn't enough time to do this correctly to say that), I am setting a goal to feel better about myself. To feel OK in a tank top, and to enjoy getting healthier and making LIFE changes, not just body changes.

I know I've written this blog probably about a dozen times, but I really need to stick to it. Those of you doing the same please let me know. Maybe we can help each other.

My high school bestie and I will be checking in with each other. And I will be privately documenting my progress, sharing here from time to time. I just want to start thinking about the future, being here longer, eventually having kids, feeling better about myself AND living longer.

If you made it this far, thanks again for reading! This is has been REALLY long winded.

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3.12.13 // WOD: Turbo Fire 30
3.11.13 // WOD: P90X Chest & Back / Ab Ripper X // COMPLETED
[WOD - Workout of the Day]

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March 08, 2013

random friday catch-up

Hey lovelies! Is everyone excited that it's Friday? I know I am. I thought I'd just talk about random stuff happening in my life today. Each probably could be an entire blog post but most don't seem as attention getting as others so here goes. Let's get random on a Friday, shall we?

Some of you have asked about how Angus the rock kitty is doing. I'm happy to say he's back to his old self. He's a bit evil, rude to his sister, selfish, lovable, cunning, and cheerful all in one. He's also a bit moody. If there could be a poster child for goth, in the cat community it might be Angus. He's always commenting about wanting to go to his "dark place". What your cat doesn't talk to you?

After what felt like 2 months (probably only 2 week) of a hunger strike from him, over his new wet food, I finally found the KEY to getting him to eat his Rx food. He's always been a dry food cat, so I think the wet food turned him off. Which is odd all my old cats LOVED it. We tried cutting it with chicken broth, wetting it with water, nothing was working. We finally gave in and purchased a few small cans of Purina Urinary Tract food. I mixed some of that in and he still would lick a few bites out and then pass it up. The food was going bad before I could get him to eat it. Expensive food, food you have to purchase by the case. I was about to give up and call the vet, but I knew since he had an appointment for a booster shot about a week away that I'd be patient. After googling and reading a ton of stuff online I kept seeing people mention heating up the cats food. I thought, seriously? I'm going to be the woman that warms her cat's food? Why don't I just adopt 8 more cats and call it a day, be the crazy cat woman. But I figured at this point it was worth a shot. Angus was dropping weight, I could tell. I could feel his hip bones, he seemed lethargic, not moving from the bed, or the couch ALL. DAY. LONG. I don't even if he was using the litter box. It didn't seem like he was. I was willing to try anything at that point. That night after getting home I nuked his dinner. About 15 seconds on 100% power. There were warm pockets, and cold pockets, you know how microwaves do. So I stirred it up and hoped for the best. I placed Angus in front of his bowl and he sniffed it a bit, and then began eating like, well, like he hadn't eaten in two weeks. He cleaned his bowl. I guess the solution was heating up the food.

I've heard cats eat based on smell. I'll be honest I think the food smells horrible and even worse when you heat it, but it does give off more of an odor after warmed.

While at the vet I realized I was right. He had gone from 11 lbs. to 8 lbs. I could tell he was lighter, skin and bones, OK not exactly but I could tell he had dropped a lot of weight. (If only I was that lucky). All his vitals checked out and I let the vet know about our hunger strike issue but it seemed to be solved.

So as of today, he's back to his old self. And is now ANXIOUS, DEMANDING and VOCAL about when he's ready for his food in the morning and at the end of the day. It's nice to have him back to normal, again.

claw files photo catsharpensclaws_zps72015f2f.gif


We are still surviving, make that THRIVING not having anything more than basic cable, Neftflix and Hulu Plus. I'm loving it. We've caught ourselves up with Mad Men (love the show!) and just last night we started Downton Abbey. I can tell already I'm going to like it. Another show to get sucked into. Before long it will be time for Game of Thrones and I won't know what to do with myself.

I'm happy we made this switch. I've also been able to start watching some documentaries I've been wanting to see, as well as other movies and old TV shows. I never knew I would be interested in The Fall Guy - but Mike was watching it the other morning and I'm pretty sure I might enjoy it.

P.S. I don't know if I will be able to watch anymore vegan or vegetarian documentaries. I lost my self in Vegucated on Netflix and cried my eyes out. The slaughter houses were bad enough but it was the connections lost between mother animals and their babies that killed me. Needless to say I haven't gotten it out of my head, but yes, I'm still eating meat. I know, I'm horrible!


In an effort to "do more with less" Mike looked into us getting a recycle bin for our home. It was quick and easy. He literally called the city department, and they told him they would drop off a bin, free of charge to our home on their normal route. I was so excited. Our best pal AK had been recycling for almost a year and kept telling us all the great benefits. The biggest kicker, you end up taking out the trash MUST less. This was a bigger thrill for Mike, but I will admit I feel bad when he's on the couch comfortable and I ask him to take out the trash. To be fair, I can do it, my hands aren't broken, it's just usually I'm in the middle of making dinner when this happens.

Needless to say it's been 2 cycles of letting the bin sit on the curb full of our trash and it's been great. Last week when he took out the trash and our bin, he put in a new trash bag. By the time trash day came around again we had used exactly 1 trash bag. That has never happened. I would guess we did at least 2-3 bags a week from the kitchen trash alone. That is a lot of garbage, that is a lot of junk going into the landfill, and that is a lot of treks out of the garbage can, in the dark, and the cold for Mike.

This past week our recycle bin was FILLED to the brim. Between the cans of beans, the beer cans, the cat food cans, our pizza box, our boxes from cereal or other containers, newspapers, junk mail etc. We realized just how much TRASH that wasn't trash that could be recycled we went though.

It's a great feeling. In the past I re-used a lot of stuff. Old yogurt containers with a good lid, carry out containers, I would wash these and reuse them. They are perfect for left overs. I'm now happy that once they seem like they've been worn out enough, I can toss them in the bin and know they are going somewhere to be reused and NOT stuffed in a landfill.

We may be late to the game, but I always say, better late than never.


The weather here in North Alabama has been SO unpredictable lately. It was snowing last Sunday and then WARM and 60's the next day. WTF? I am so anxious for great weather. I'm not ready for summer but I am ready to go out for a walk with Mike and June and NOT freeze. I'm also ready for kayak season.


My husband is a genius. He researches and he figures stuff out. He's a fixer. About 2-3 weeks ago, our small flat screen in the game room went out. Just stopped working, wouldn't turn on. He said there were warnings about it going bad before this. I was upset. We really didn't have time or money for this to happen. Granted we don't NEED tv. And we could share the living room one but we had worked out a great system since getting his gaming PC that he would play in the game room and I could workout or watch netflix in the living room. Mike started looking into ways to fix the television and at first started hitting a wall to find parts to fix it. After looking all over, he found a place to get the part he needed and low and behold fixed our small HD TV.

I was so excited and proud of him. He spent all of maybe $7.00 and repaired it himself. My man is a savvy and smart guy. The repair he made would have cost us about $200.00 had we taken the TV somewhere. At that point it would be wiser to just purchase a new one right? So thanks babe, for saving us money, and time!


In line with wanting to do stuff outside. Mike and I have been trying to plan a simple weekend get away. Nothing elaborate, nothing too expensive. Just a fun trip. We've been daydreaming of going to New Orleans to eat our way and drink our way through the French Quarter. Or possibly even The Mississippi Delta, to do the same. I'm really happy that my husband likes to travel like I do. It's not just about sights, but about the food and drink. The experience, not about the things you can purchase. Sights and sounds. I hope we will be able to make this happen. And worse case if we can't I'd be happy too with a trip down the Natchez Trace, hiking trials or even just going camping somewhere locally. We have the whole spring and the summer, I want to make the most of it!!!


I'm happy to say that I have officially paid off two of my credit cards. It's an amazing feeling. I have a bit more debt to crack away at, but this small victory is one I will savor to keep me going. It's truly and amazing feeling. This year I feel like I will really make leaps, bounds and dents in it, and keep it that way.


Mike had blogged about wanting to lose weight and I think his one simple comment about that on his blog was what I needed. I've been super lazy, over eating, just flying by the seat of my pants again. I know honestly the ONLY way I'm going to lose weight is if I get my ass moving, and eating better. I hope together he and I can make this happen again. Back when I first did P90X we dropped weight. The better food was a great help. Let's hope we can make this happen again. It's time to get physical.

addicted to work-a-holics! photo workaholicsfitness_zps8fc73140.gif


I tweeted the other day "Once a month I get really worried that I'm seriously depressed. Two days later I get my period." #itsonlyPMS

I swear once a month or every other month I think something is wrong with me. I get emotional, lazy and just feel hopeless and helpless. Then BAM... I wake-up and realize it's only hormones. What a sick trick. It's just annoying. Anyone else get this way? I should know that whenever I crave chocolate uncontrollably, that it's right around the corner. It's like clock work.


For years I have been a light beer drinker. Mich Ultra is my favorite these days. But lately, I've been purchasing 6 packs of different brews just to try them. I'm also smitten with most of the new Ciders on the market. I know none of these are great for my waistline since they are all higher in calories, but I've noticed I drink less of these. My favorites currently are Abita's Strawberry, Magic Hat #9, Crispin Cider (it's pricey and you only get 4 to a pack but its really good), Strongbow Cider (dryer than most, and my favorite) and lastly Shock Tops seasonal Beer/Cider mix. It's made with honey crisp apples and so tasty! I hope that since it's seasonal it lasts through Summer. I'd love to sip that on a hot night.

Peter DONE! photo DONE_zps5e048b93.gif

Well there you have it - everything that's been happening or on my mind. Done and done. I hope you all have a great weekend! The weather here is supposed to warm up. Mike had blogged about possibly putting our porch furniture in the front yard and reading a book - I'm totally game for that. HAPPY WEEKEND!
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