March 12, 2013

you know your'e out of shape when...

Last night, I picked up P90X again (yes, again!) and decided I was going to give it another whirl. This time I thought, it will be different. I will stick with it. And I will finish and graduate.

I started reading over the meal plan and wondered why I ever stopped eating correctly. With my weight class, and activity, I'm currently suggested to eat 2500 calories a day on the program. Two thousand five hundred calories. That's a lot of food. Now granted the carb serving is 1 per day. The protein is 7 servings. But still, 2500 calories a day!!! That's like, feeding the hungry beast and then some. Granted it's not like I can just go double up on #1 Big Mac Meals at McD's - that's not OK. Talk about ruining all your hard work. This totally means you'll never be starving.

I can remember when I first picked up P90X and started eating well, eating better and feeding myself for the workouts. I never felt deprived. Unless you count Mac N' Cheese then yes, I did. I snacked all day, never felt like I wanted to chew off my own arm in order to get a snack. I wasn't cranky (thank you level blood sugar). That being said I'm sure I wasn't 100% happy. There are days when you just need that slice of pizza or mac n' cheese or feel like you'll die if you don't get that slice of chocolate cake (helloooo hormones!), but I kept those cravings in check. Gave myself treat days. Handled it and moved on. I need to do that again.

I started reading through the workout manual that comes with the program. It outlines all my workouts, all the equipment I need and all the time needed for each workout. I slowly started to remember why I gave up on some of this program. It's hard. It's not a cake walk. You have to commit. I also recall having a really hard time with the Plyometric workout, as well as often times not loving it. I decided this time around to take a serious look at switching out the cardio workouts I didn't enjoy in P90X with ones I did enjoy from TurboFire.

TurboFire is another program I loved, but then quickly got tired of. Not because it isn't fun as hell but because during the 2nd month it's a lot of repeat workouts. Half the excitement of working out for me was learning new things. I think that's why just a standard gym membership using machines never worked for me. I'd get tired of the routine, but I would be too fearful to try something new (in public). I liked classes, but didn't want to spend the extra money that I didn't have in order to join them.  That's when I stumbled upon Beachbody and found a lot of new, fun workouts I could do at home. Privately, and in really ratty gym clothes. If you haven't guessed it already, I'm very nervous about gym environments.

Adding together the things I love about both these programs will hopefully be enough for me to stick with it. At least until I complete them. Then my reward will be a NEW program.

I'm out of shape. Completely. All the hard work I did before my wedding, is lost. Covered up with months of over eating, indulging and laying around.

I need to remember....
"Which do you hate more?
That 50 minute workout 
or those 50 extra pounds?"

I had to chuckle last night, straightening up the living room to be my workout area, and I thought of this list in doing so.


  • Pushing the vacuum is unbelievably hard.  Mike usually vacuums the house. I haven't done it in ages, but last night, while shoving it across the rug I realized HOW out of shape and weak I had become. After my workout I had a hard time lifting the baking sheet into the oven. So I guess that's progress?
  • Moving my weights from the game room to the living room took three trips. My weights aren't that heavy I have 5's / 10's / 15's and Mike had 40's. Trying to move them all together wasn't going to work. Last time I worked out hard core I was using the 15's and not batting an eye.
  • The warm-up felt like a workout. Who would have thought high knees, and jumping jacks would take so much out of me. It's the warm up, this USED to be easy!
  • Taking the dog for a walk causes you to sound like you ran a marathon. On the first nice day of the season Mike and I took June for a walk. I'm pleased to say I'm not AS winded as I used to be in walking her, but still toward the end thought I might need to sit down. It's pretty pathetic considering the hills in our hood aren't that high.
  • Sweatpants are all that truly fit you.  Sure I can squeeze into most of my jeans, but they aren't as comfortable. Don't worry I'm not going to work in sweatpants. Thankfully my "larger" jeans are still too big for me. I'm trying to prevent myself from going any further.
  • You look at the max weight on your pull up bar and it tells you that you're only 50 lbs. away from being too heavy to use it. (major SADS when I read that).
  • Putting on boots in the morning causes you to get winded. Seriously.
  • Your almost 6 pack is now a 12 pack. Beer, you're such an evil mistress.
I could go on and on for comedy's sake but it does make me a little sad that SO much progress was removed from just being lazy since our honeymoon.

Summer is almost around the corner and while I'm not making some crazy goal of feeling 100% awesome in my swimsuit (there isn't enough time to do this correctly to say that), I am setting a goal to feel better about myself. To feel OK in a tank top, and to enjoy getting healthier and making LIFE changes, not just body changes.

I know I've written this blog probably about a dozen times, but I really need to stick to it. Those of you doing the same please let me know. Maybe we can help each other.

My high school bestie and I will be checking in with each other. And I will be privately documenting my progress, sharing here from time to time. I just want to start thinking about the future, being here longer, eventually having kids, feeling better about myself AND living longer.

If you made it this far, thanks again for reading! This is has been REALLY long winded.

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3.12.13 // WOD: Turbo Fire 30
3.11.13 // WOD: P90X Chest & Back / Ab Ripper X // COMPLETED
[WOD - Workout of the Day]

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Carolyn said...

You can do it friend!! :) I think mixing up the two is a great idea! When I get this baby out of my belly I plan on getting back on the work out train FOR SURE! :)

Anonymous said...

You can do this. I highly recommend the Loseit! app for realistic calories you should be consuming.

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