July 30, 2010

fixation friday: fitness and arms

Today's fixation is all about the fitness. Well at least my current obsession with life changing and fitness and arms. I know you're shocked - Kelly? Fitness? Really? What about the cocktails, the oreos, and the fun stuff? Trust me I'm still fixated on those damn oreos (sorry Shana, promise me you won't buy anymore and I'll promise you the same girl!), but I haven't been craving them like I used to. So instead of my usual banter about yummies for yo tummies I'm going to talk about my current fixation that's been a long standing issue for me since I gained a lot of weight. My arms.

Looking back on older pictures of me, I've never truly had muscular arms. They've always been ok, not tight but not too flabby - I never worried about them. Wearing a tank top never hurt my feelings or my ego and when sporting a swimsuit, my arms were the least of my worries - helloooo, I had a belly.

Case 1: Not so bad but no muscle tone - Mid 20's
Me and 2 of my Besties K & A Ocean City, MD 
I think I may have cut my arm out of this picture on purpose but really they are not that big at all! I will also have you note that I have a huge head, I'm well aware of this!

Case #2: Not so bad, but no muscle tone, again Mid 20's
I think I was actually thinner here than the image above.
Oh how I miss that jaw line - it's slowly returning.
Yes everyone, that is me and Salt circa 2004-ish?
Aren't we adorbs?

Since I've started my P90X voyage (sounds so much more fun than a journey to me), my favorite workouts have been the arm workouts. Maybe it's because I know those are the muscles I want to work on the most. Sure my thighs need help, but I've always had strong legs. Being a dancer for most of younger years, I had great muscle tone in my legs, calves and thighs - sure some of that has fallen by the wayside but since I started Xing it that has come back quicker than I thought. My arms are still a work in progress. They are still ready for bingo, although the jiggling is starting to be less and less.

I've always been inspired by strong arms. Seeing them in magazines and movies or on television - I'm always drawn to them. Now when I say strong arms I don't mean I want to get all Chyna on you.

via google • "That's a huge bitch!"

I know you're saying, Kelly that's isn't Chyna aka Joanie Laurer, but I assure you... It is. This is Chyna before plastic surgery. She wanted to give herself a more feminine look and went under the knife. The image above is when she first got on the WWF (now WWE) circut. Trust me, I read her book. I know these things. Seriously, she's scares me and I want to know how many horse elephant steroids homegirl was given to get that huge!
via google

The picture above makes this one a bit more viewable, does it not? But seriously STILL way too much muscle for me. Sorry Chyna, I respect what you do but I do NOT want to look like you! P.S. I hope you went to rehab, after watching the hot mess that you were on VH1's Surreal Life I worried about you. Correct me if I'm wrong wasn't she on like 2 episodes of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab?

That being said about Chyna the same can be said for Carrot Top. But he's a man you say... please, the jury is still out on that one! 'Dude' wears more eyeliner than I do. *officially skeeved*

via google • One Scurry Roided Ginger

All jokes aside these two probably work really hard to get where they are today, but still this is SO not what I mean when I say I want buff arms. What I want is lean, muscular, GIRLIE arms.

Seriously if I had to pick a person I wish was my body double it would hands down be Jessica Biel. When I first saw her in Blade Trinity, I was floored. She was pretty buff but it wasn't completely over the top.
via google • "You got tickets?!?!"

Maybe it's the angle, maybe she just did a ton of push-ups before this shot but she's cut! I have to wonder this because see the next image, still great arms not as cut. I don't think I'd want to be THIS buff, but continue below and we'll finish this discussion. 

via google
I'll be honest I just wanted a good reason to post a picture of Ryan Reynolds on here. *drool* Sure Jessica's arms look great but really Ryan is in the picture, so who's honestly looking at her arms, right?

So the first might still be a little too buff for me how about a happy medium?
Perfectly toned, not too manly sleek arms. AKA MY GOAL!

via google

via google

Those are much better and way more my speed!
Other seriously awesome armed women in Hollywood are...

Jennifer Aniston (love her, forever Team Aniston over here)
via google • perfect arms and great legs - jealous? yes I am!

via google
This is totally off topic but it's by far my favorite stretch of all time
Cobbler Pose done by Miss Aniston - thank you very much!

Kelly Ripa - Super adorable! And so damn fit!
via google • seriously she must workout non-stop!

via google • I want to feel comfortable wearing this going to market

(wow that was really Southern of me.. "Going to market, ya'll! Let me get my buggy!"
It's just funny when I say such southern things!)

Last but NEVER least my super mega ultra girl crush
Olivia Munn
via google • she makes me laugh, a lot!

The one thing most of these women have in common is that they work hard to look this good. I'm not sure about Olivia's workout routine but I'm pretty sure that Jessica, Kelly and Jennifer all bust their butts to look as great as they do. And I'm pretty sure that routine requires butt busting every. single. day! 

I know I personally won't be able to slack if I want my arms or body to look like these women. In all honesty I KNOW I will never look like Kelly Ripa, I am just not built to look like her. Petite is not a word I use to describe myself, ever! That being said, if I could get my body close to say Kim Kardashian's (minus the ass) then I'd be excited! - so long as my arms resemble Jessica Biel's I'll be stoked.
via bing • I'll gladly take her curves w/ Jessica's Arms, thank you!

What is the one problem area you obsess about?

That being said -  I want no negativity here people. I will not tolerate you beating yourself up because you don't look like these women - I refuse to do this to myself or let you do it to yourself. Sure my arms are flabby, and I hated them for years, and still slightly do but I'm working to make that a thing of the past. And I'm working on a mind set that allows me to do that! Seriously, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt today, I haven't worn stuff like this in years! (Minus my last vacation a few weeks ago) I owe it all to my workouts and the ability to know I'm making progress. I'm not where I want to be yet,  but I'm well on my way. 

I want you to take this fixation and turn it into something you want to realistically work on bettering, not crying about every day. Ladies, Gents - I've been there. Do you know how many nights I've seriously contemplated canceling plans because I hated my outfit and how it clung to my gut? I can't even remember, I've lost count. It doesn't happen over night but here I am 1 month and 3 weeks into my P90X program - and I'm sporting a shirt with no sleeves, I'm wearing a swim suit to go kayaking again - under clothing of course, but it's a start. I'm making progress and you can to.

Remember for every one thing you dislike about yourself there are always a million more things to love about you. And what we don't like in ourselves isn't always something that our friends, family or loved ones even notice about us, they focus on what makes them love us, and we really need to do the same.

Don't let your own hang ups effect how you live your life, the only effect they should have is one to make you want to grow and change those to be the best version of yourself always. This goes for physical beauty and inner beauty! 

That my friends is my fixation and public service announcement for the day! Be kind to each other and love youself!!! oxox

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July 29, 2010

end of summer cleaning.

In an effort to straighten this place up a bit I've tried to declutter my blog. A wise girl once told me my blog was a bit too busy and I took that to heart. Lately I've been so enamored by blog buttons, club buttons, awards and even facebook page badges that I seem to have made my page into a bit of a sensory overload for some of you. Most of you will probably say you feel like the page was fine, for that I thank you. Those of you reading this in google reader probably have no idea what I'm talking about, so carry on.

As a designer I'm obsessed with the whole 'less is more' thing - obsessed with making free space in designs and as a designer I'm also told over and over to fill the page with as much information in very small type as I can. It's a never ending battle one I often lose to a client. But, I figured that since this was my space, my little corner of the blog universe I should do as I felt necessary. So I did.

To be sure nothing you liked or loved was left out I've created a link bar at the top of my blog - I'm still not 100% on this because I cant' seem to figure out how to center it, and the off center thing is really getting under my skin. Think hives, itchy hives - that's how much it's bothering me right now {anyone that has a clue how to solve this please, please pass it on!} A little extra time and total fixation on this and I figured it out! SCORE!!! Rest assured I will keep this link bar in either the top tab form or as a list of page links on the side bar of this blog, just incase you lurve it, or will miss it. Under each heading you'll find information and things that used to be displayed front and to the left or right on my blog.

I switched to the three column blog format to help with clutter and it truly just ended up giving me more space to add stuff. Sounds familiar - same reason we all get larger homes right?

Here's what you can find under each page link if you so desire:

About Me:
It's under construction but DUH, it's about me.

Contact: Where to get at a girl when you wanna chat! Or find me on other sites

Awards: Shiny Happy Things you all have given me - THANK YOU!

Blog Badges: A place for me to display my blog love and all your awesome badges!!!! If you have a badge you'd love for me to rock in this space email me and let me know! Most of you have them and I just haven't gotten over to your fine blogs to show my support by snagging one!

Daily Inspiration: Inspirational quotes, images and things of that nature. I hope to add to this page as often as possible so feel free to check back. I currently have one quote on my main page and I hope to switch those from time to time. Everyone needs a little inspiration right? If you need some warm fuzzies this will be the place to stop.

I hope this makes viewing the blog more enjoyable for you and I hope that in the end it makes it easier on me if I decide to go with a new design. In the meantime thank you for hanging in there and always coming back! ox
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July 28, 2010

gettin' fresh: strawberries

As promised I'm going to post some more garden fresh (or at least farmer's market/grocery store fresh produce) recipes for you all. I thought about making this a fixation friday post because honestly I'm totally obsessed with this recipe right now. So much so in fact I've eaten this side for lunch for two weeks straight, every day that we are home (and/or have the ingredients).

This obsession started last year while at a local Cafe eating lunch. They have their signature Red, White and Blue salad. It's amazing. At first I thought I was just obsessed with the dressing - it's a sticky, sweet, poppy seed mixture and goes so well with the salad, and to be honest when soaked up with what's left of your BBQ sandwich (or any Cafe sandwich) is equally as tasty!

Fairly Realistic Photo of the Salad in Question
via google

The cafe's salad is similar to this one here, minus the red onions although I like that idea, a lot. I'm newly in love with raw red onions, which is shocking it's taken me over 30 years to be into onions at all.  After my cafe salad obsession escalated, I started to make my own variation of this at home, a) to save money and b) to make it more P90X diet friendly. So here goes...

"D2BD's Paired Down Version of 
the Red, White and Blue Salad"
via google • looks more like mine but with spinach 
and not "forest floor greens"


  • Ripe Strawberries (approx. 3-4 large/salad serving)
  • Ripe Blueberries (approx. 1-2 handfuls/salad serving)
  • 1-2 cups of your favorite salad greens (recipe will work well with mixed greens or even just simple romaine lettuce, spinach or whatever the darker the better
  • OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: Chopped walnuts or almonds, crumbled bleu or feta cheeses, red onions and honestly even bacon would taste dreamy on this salad. I don't add these at home but the salad at the cafe has walnuts (ok by me) and bleu cheese crumbles (which I try to request not be added because frankly, bleu cheese makes me gag!).
  • DRESSING: Vinaigrette of choice. The one I've found that works amazing is pictured below. I wish I knew the recipe for the sweet poppy seed dressing but honestly I know it's not good for me so the less I know the better off I am.
  1. Chop up strawberries to desired size, place salad greens on plate, sprinkle on the strawberries and handful(s) of blueberries - add desired toppings and dressing.
  2. ENJOY!
{note: when I am preparing this for my p90x diet I measure everything, the notes above are more relaxed and casual for anyone making it at home. I can only have one serving of fruit a day and I choose to have it at lunch currently because I'm OBSESSED with this salad - and I always, always measure the dressing and take the calories into consideration. See I told you diet talk was boring!}

Brianna's Home Style Blush Wine Dressing • via google

This stuff is AMAZING! It's a Blush Wine Vinaigrette and is SO SO good on the strawberries. This is the first dressing I've tried from this line but I really want to try more. According to the website they make all of the varieties in small batches in order not to compromise taste and quality. Word of caution, use this dressing sparingly. Two tablespoons is the serving size which is more than enough for your salad but it's delicious and would be easy to get carried away with it. Yes, it IS a vinaigrette and low in fat but it does have a 120 calorie count per serving so if you're counting calories you might want to stick with a lighter choice. I've been thinking about trying a Raspberry Vinaigrette with this salad since I've seen a few more lighter options in the market.


These all look great and I love the "no fail" proof design. The featured fruit or veggie on the label is what the dressing tastes best on or with. I really want to try the poppy dressing that goes well with peaches. I think grilling some stone fruit and drizzling a little of that one it would be DELICIOUS!

I hope if you guys make this salad and enjoy it you'll let me know. Any great salads you have and want to toss my way I would love to hear it. Feel free to contact me via email and let me know! I'm all ears and waiting with a hungry belly!

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July 27, 2010

tickled tuesday: wedinator

Today's Tickled Tuesday comes from a new website 
I was introduced to recently by my boyf, Mike.
 not to be confused with the Terminator.

via bing
"I'll Be Back!"... sure that's what they all say!

Or to be confused with the hotter machine version
Helloooo Sam Worthington!

via bing
Mike was all "This Terminator movie SUCKS!"
And I was all... 
"SHHHH! HAWTT John Connor Bale is talking to 
HAWTT Terminator Worthington!"
Yes, that's H-A-W-T-T wif 2 T'S, Ya'll!

Not sure how Mike found this website, or why he was browsing anything that had the word "WED" in the title but... I will try in the meantime not to get too excited about that. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

If you're a fan of I Can Haz Cheezburger? You probably know all about this brilliant website already. It's been ages since I've visited the cheeze, or Fail Blog or any of the other McAwesomesauce-ness that is their affiliates - so as usual I may be late to the party. Story of my life. I promise you I'll be late to my own funeral so don't worry about getting there in a hurry either.

One look at the wedinator and I was hooked. It's full of gems such as this and so much more... check it out and let me know if you're laughing!

You'll have to go to the blog to read what they said about this specific picture but tell me that isn't a funny shot - HELLOO CREEPER!

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July 26, 2010

what have we been up to?

Happy Monday everyone! Please don't mistake my use of "!" to mean that I'm chipper and ready to rock n' roll. I'm quite the opposite. After an already busy weekend of birthday get togethers, music festival actives and good times, Mike and I kayaked yesterday from 12 noon - 6:00 p.m.  To say we are worn out is a huge understatement. I figured since I've been a little M.I.A. since returning from vacation, I'd show you, what we've been up to...

Creek Floating 7-25-2010

See the spec of a yellow kayak up there - yeah, that's me!
Pictures taking by our friend M.W. - thanks dude!

Don't let the deep water fool you,
the creek was very low yesterday - lots of boot scootin'!
*makes for a great ab workout

We took a few breaks in nice shaded areas like this along the way.
Nothing is nicer than sipping a cold beer, and chilling on the creek
(butt in the water up to your shoulders)
Hot doesn't even begin to describe the weather on Sunday.

Float Break - Yes, that's me again in the bright yellow kayak
aka Lemon - and yes my feet are hanging out.
I was trying to get an even color on my legs. And no, I wasn't successful!

Float Break Continued...
Yes that's me (washing my hands), Mike and our friend S who just moved 
back to Alabama from Colorado - we were discussing AC/DC in concert in this image.

So peaceful - that is Mike in the shadows, S is the red kayak.

Me and our friend D on our way to float under "Ghost Bridge"
You may remember D as the vampire tour guide
 from my New Orleans Halloween Adventure.

We all had an amazing time - only half of our crew that started the float with us decided to go the remaining part of the way. (We took the extra long run). They got out before the weather turned, which was smart for them but made for a nice cool off for us. The long float down the creek, complete with hot, hot heat, sunshine, thunder rolls and sprinkles of rain was worth it - we got a great workout and had a ball with old friends we haven't seen in forever.

Even though Mike and I felt a bit like worn out zombies once we arrived home, we decided to clean ourselves up, eat dinner and head to our favorite bar in town for some drinks and festival music. In our town this week we are celebrating W.C. Handy - the Father of the Blues. 

WC Handy via Google

W.C. was born and raised in our hometown and every year at this time the entire town and surrounding areas put on great shows with jazz music, blues music and other forms of expression. We didn't stay out late since it was a school night and it's a good thing. It took every ounce of energy I had to wake-up this morning!!! I'm still not fully awake even after coffee. We also enjoyed listening to some music on Saturday night from Mike's brother and his girlfriend's apartment downtown. We had a busy but chill weekend and it was awesome.

This is our second weekend in a row since we've been home from vacation that we have gone kayaking on Sunday. Our weekends have been jammed packed and it hasn't left me much time to sit down and formulate a great blog about my vacation. I promise I will get to it but it will probably be in small bits and broken up pieces, aka various blog posts.

For now I'm going to work on painting open eyes on my eye lids in order to make it through the rest of my day.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! What did you do?

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July 23, 2010

substance award

The totes awesome Robyn over @ Fojoy bestowed this awesome blog award to me. She thinks I have substance and I like that, I like it a lot. I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm really just a lump of poo and fart jokes but I'm going to roll with this and say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Because getting recognition for doing this blogging thing always makes me feel like I'm 10 ft. tall.

THE RULES: For this award I have to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using 5 words. After I do that, I get to pass the award onto 5 other bloggers of substance.

This ish isn't that easy so I think I might do just what Robyn did and make up a little 5 word sentence with an explanation to go with it for each category! (I never was good at following the rules).

Only writes when she's inpsired.
(contractions make limited words easy)
I only try to write when I'm inspired or moved by something (even if the moving event is what's in my bowels, aka potty humor) - this makes for more meaning full posts, in my opinion. I would love to post everyday but I can never come up with the information, or inspiration that quickly. For those that can, *coughsaltcough* I salute you!!! I also doubt you want to hear me talk about what's been on my mind 24 hours a day lately, P90X gets old after a while. Food rationing gets really old and no one wants to hear about my BM schedule. If you do, um, you may need help.

Readers who listen to me.
With out you all this blog would be pointless - if I didn't have readers who gave me support I would probably just scribble this into a diary and hide it under my mattress like I did when I was in middle and high school. Important tidbit of info, if you are a teen reading this, don't hide your diary under your mattress your mother WILL find it and she WILL figure out you lied about when you lost your virginity - just saying!

Best feeling next to sex!
Fo' reals peeps. I have been totally enthralled with blogging. I don't do it as often as I'd like (that's what she said), and I enjoy it every time I post and get great feed back from my readers. (Feed back in both cases is always good).

Bottom line in all this without you guys I got nothing! So thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for awards, your piece of mind, your support and everything else!

If you aren't reading these blogs yet I suggest you get there ASAP and read them! 

Lora @ Fever - Substance x infinity!
Keelie @ Real Fat - She inspires me with every. single. post!
Aura @ Aura Joon - she makes me laugh, cry and dig deeper into my soul with every post!
Z @ Raising Colorado - she makes me want to be a mom, make that a cool mom, like her.
Allyson @ Magnolias and Mimosas - she's always chatting about important stuff!

You should know, I really would love to give these awards out to all of you - each and every one of the blogs in my reader list make my day when I read them - I try to switch it up and give to different people so trust that if I haven't mentioned you it isn't because I don't think you got what it takes - quite the opposite I think you're the bees knees!!!

To celebrate your buzzing knees and support I am planning on hosting a giveaway as soon as I can get my self together and make it happen! Stay tuned and have a great weekend! I may or may not be back today with a fixation friday for ya - depends on how the day goes!

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July 19, 2010

monday minute

Monday Minute

So I've been reading Ian's blog The Daily Dose of Reality for sometime now and I've always wanted to participate in his weekly Monday Minute. I say always wanted to because until now I couldn't get my act together on a Monday morning to make this shizz happen. That is until today. It's 4:55 pm in the great state of Alabama and I have five minutes left before I rush home and try to get P90X-ified and do other odds n' ends around the house (read: possibly give the dog a bath before dinner/after dinner or sometime before I pass out tonight).

So here goes - my first ever, and hopefully not my last Monday Minute - thank you Ian for doing this every week I always enjoy everyone's answers!

What's your real name?
Kelly, how do you do?

Have you ever fabricated a story or anything on your blog? 
Nope, I'm 100% me. I might get overly dramatic or try to paint a more vivid picture of the actual event but all the stories are true. I might be full of shizz but I'm not going to lie to you to make friends.

When in the car do you listen to the radio/CDs/iPod/etc?
Most of the time whatever CD is in the disc changer in the back. Often times there is a war between Weezer and Pearl Jam. Both are my boyfriend and my own personal favorites (me weezer, him the jam). We both love them but each has a higher scale of wanting to listen to said CD's vs. the other. I do like to channel surf with the radio though I fear it's the only way I'll remain hip - if I leave myself to my ipod and CDs only I'll be stuck in circa 94 or earlier for life.

Describe the 'sexiest' item of clothing that you own
This is tough one but I guess I'll go with any outfit that makes my boyfriend or best friends grab my girls, wilma n' betty aka my boobs.

Would you be willing to breastfeed your friend's three year old child?
Kids have teeth by age three right? Then I'd have to go with NO way!

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July 16, 2010

fixation friday: margarita machines

First I will start off by saying I know that I'm supposed to be doing some type of recap about my vacation, I know this! And I promise I will get to that soon. I've been so busy at work and at home that I haven't had a chance to relax all week, unless you could my 90 minute YogaX session last night. So in the meantime I thought I'd talk about something that would make all this stress a whole lot easier. So sit back and enjoy.

Today's fixation is all about Margarita Machines! I know you've all seen them, usually they are marketed by the mecca that is Margaritaville. Side note, if you have never tried Margaritaville tequila I suggest you buy a bottle and hook yourself up a margarita to die for! I really love that stuff. Hey Cathy, maybe this could be your next taste tester? But I'm not here to talk about booze, well not completely anyway.

via google • I'm a silver tequila kind of girl
This stuff is the cat's pajamas I.M.O.

Back to business. Speaking of business - usually my days are a ton of fun at my job, lots of laughs and fun times, others it takes all I have to make it through 'til 5:00 pm. On those days I am often running a mile a minute and I'm stressed to the point of breaking. Repeatedly I've requested that we set up a fund for an office margarita machine. We have a coffee maker, why not one of these?

I give you exhibit A
The Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker
Yes sir, I'd like three please!

Tell me that my days of creativity wouldn't be enhanced by this machine and all it's delicious frozen delights! I will always tell anyone, I'm way more creative (or think I am) when I've had a few cocktails in me. My creative brain loves rum, simple as that. I'm also a bit more focused, or at least I was that time I polished off a bottle of wine while scrubbing my bathroom grout with a tooth brush and cleaner. I never once complained about the task, it came out beautiful and actually took my time doing it.

I've often joked about getting a machine for the office, often as in at least one a week. I truly believe my co-worker and I that share an office would not only feel less stressed but also feel great about grinding up fresh fruit in the mix and making our own healthy Skinny Margaritas. See I'm all about a healthier lifestyle since I've been working out. I've changed I tell you!!! *wink*

How many of you are with me on this? Ok so you might not agree that having an office margarita machine is a good idea but how about at home?

I give you the mother of all frozen concoction makers... The Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker!

Seriously, if I had this $500.00+ piece of frozen awesomeness at home I'd never go to another bar again! This thing is fracking amazing!!! I would build a pool just to use this next to it. You best bet that when I get married one of these (maybe not this one in particular) will be on my registry. I've always wanted a super awesome frozen drink maker. Come to think of it I bet this would make amazing protein shakes as well. 

What's your favorite frozen drink?
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July 11, 2010

looks like we made it.

In just over 12 hours we have made the trip back from hot and sticky Maryland to hot and sticky Alabama. I have so much to write about and I'd love to start now but it's 9:53 pm central time, but my body and mind are still on Eastern time. Add to that the fact that I'm being covered in love from my cat, Angus and can't really see what I'm typing currently because he's all up in my grill I will have to finish this tomorrow.

Seriously, would you be able to tell this guy no? Dawww I love him! He missed his momma so much.

Angus the Rock Kitty
aka Handsome Pants & Other fine Nicknames
Enjoying one of our many front porch happy hours.**
And yes, I did make those pillows, nifty right?

I hope you all had a great week! I'll be back soon with the recap of the great vacation and all that goes with it!

** Allyson - now you don't have to feel alone here is photographic evidence that we put our cat on a leash and parade him on our front porch for all the neighbors to see.

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July 09, 2010

fixation friday: cucumbers

Fixation Friday is here - I bet you're all a bit shocked since I hadn't said if I was going to be posting anything while I was away. Well if you're reading this or any of my other posts from this week it's due to the magic of scheduled posting. I didn't think I'd have time to do this before I left town, but I did. Hopefully you've been entertained. If not, get off my back I'm on vacation damn it! *wink* {Let's hope the scheduled posting works or I'll be reposting this later}.

Today's fixation is CUCUMBERS. I love these suckers. Cool, green, yummy, healthy and tasty! Which honesty is an odd statement for me to make. For years as a kid I thought cucumbers were gross, slimy and vile. My mom used to try to slip them into salads and I would always gag. It's odd that a child would eat red cabbage raw by the fist full but not touch cucumbers or tomatoes don't you think? But that was me, lil miss spoiled pants. Honestly, I was spoiled but when it came to food my mother wasn't running a diner, I got what I got and I ate it or I starved - simple as that.

What turned me around and turned me on to cucumbers you ask? Well I'm glad you did, I'll tell you. It was as simple as a Buy 3 Get one Free deal at Victoria's Secret. While there I fell head over heels for a scent called Tranquil Breezes.

via google

I was obsessed with this scent. There is no telling how many bottles of it I went through before Victoria's Secret discontinued it. {BASTARDS!} I was so disappointed. Nothing since has filled the void left from this cucumber melon goodness. Cucumber Melon at Bath and Body Works is more melon, more sweet, The Breeze was more Cucumber and possibly jasmine. Just for the hell of it I did a search for this to see if I could find a smell that might be similar online and found nothing. What I did find were different listings on Ebay for this product for $80.00+!!!! Originally I think this scent was max $20.00 at the store back in the 90's. They are selling lotion for this price as well on ebay. Sure I'm desperate to find this scent again but honestly this stuff they are selling is from the 90's people - lotion has a shelf life, as does body spray or perfume. I'm pretty sure that 20 years is way past the "sell by date".

Anyripoff, through wearing this scent for so long I started to enjoy the smell of cucumbers and eventually in high school decided to give them a try. Oh what a glorious day - the OBSESSION STARTS!

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mmmmmm cucumbers

I love them! I always get excited when I go to Zaxby's for lunch and they actually have cucumbers in their Grilled Chicken House Zalads. Yes that's right Zalads, aren't they clever? Needless to say their Zalads are not really healthy once you add in the fried onion straws, cheese and side of Texas Toast but damn they are tasty. {If I were to eat one now I'd nix the items listed before and just eat the veggies and tasty chicken and CUCUMBERSSSS!}.

Mike doesn't like cucumbers, he doesn't like pickles, me I love them both! Thank goodness cucumbers are on the p90x menu or I'd be sunk!

I wanted to start something new that was actually a suggestion from Allyson @ Magnolias & Mimosas. I think it's a great idea and I will start by saying to her thank you, love! ox

Allyson suggested: As for the veggies, maybe you can post what you end up doing with them? I am in need of some yummy summer recipes that don't include mayonnaise (as much as I love those). AND...can you believe it...right when we move out of our house, we got huge bunches of grapes on our grapevine!! Oh well. Maybe the new owners will love them, too!

The more I thought about this the more I loved the idea! So I thought for my Fixation Friday all about Cucumbers I'd share with you my favorite summer cucumber salad recipe complete with a new graphic.

This recipe is from Martha Stewart. I can't take the credit but I can say this, it's delicious and mixing in some tomatoes would be amazing as well! Martha you are amazing. Enjoy!

Her's looks so much prettier than mine!

1 large red onion, peeled and very thinly sliced
2 large cucumbers, peeled if waxed, cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
3 tablespoons rice-wine vinegar (or more to taste)
1/4 cup loosely packed fresh dill, picked from thick stems, or more to taste

  1. Place sliced onion and cucumbers in a serving bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with rice-wine vinegar. Toss to combine, and transfer to refrigerator to chill, about 30 minutes.
  2. Just before serving, scatter dill over salad and toss well. (I don't do this step but it would be delicious).
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