March 26, 2010

fixation friday: lemons

Wow... what. a. day! I've been so busy at work and I nearly forgot about Fixation Friday. Without further delay, here's this Friday's Fixation...

I love lemons.

I love the way they look.

via etsy • dearcolleen

Note: I'd really love something like this that read... 
"When life gives you lemons, just say F*CK the lemons and bail!"

via google

I even love THIS Lemon...
As in, SERIOUSLY, love this Lemon. 
She's one of my fave women, ever!
via google • Tina Fey as Liz Lemon • 30 Rock

I love the way they smell. And how much flavor they add to my favorite dishes.
via google • Lemon, Shrimp, Garlic - YES PLEASE!!!!

We already know I love lemon with my sweet tea, and my sweet tea vodka. We established this last friday, but I also love THIS...
via google • aka COME TO MOMMA!

Lemons are delicious, delightful and inspiring - at least to me. (Note: I love all citrus fruit equally, and feel the same way but lemons truly win every time for style). I mean how many of you love yellow as an accent color in a room? Hands down it's one of my favorites! Next to turquoise of course. I want to start using more lemon yellow in my home, very badly. 

How can you not love this....
via google • Lamp Love

via google • I LOVE THE FLOOR TILE!

And lastly... this kitchen that makes my heart sing.
All it's missing is a farm house sink, IMO
via google

Plain and simple...

via google

I hope all of you have wonderful weekends planned. M and I are taking it easy and trying to save some money. I hope the weather will smile on us tomorrow. We'd love to take our dog June to the creek to play, and possibly window shop for plants for our garden around town. M and I had discussed a ride out to the country but I think we'd rather wait for warmer weather for that. We'll probably get into some "mild trouble" with our friends Saturday night and ride out the rain all day Sunday on the couch. Afterthought: I just realized that this weekend is Wrestlemania, which means I will have a home full of dudes watching this monstrosity masterpiece. OK I can't lie. I do watch it with M from time to time but usually we have a lot more people coming over for this event. We make a party out of it but this year I think it's going to be mostly guys that M went to high school with and always discussed wrestling with. Fun for him, not so much for me. Maybe I'll make it a movie night.  Although the one movie I really want to see this weekend he wants to see as well sooooo I will have to wait for Hot Tub Time Machine until he's able to go. BOOO!

Have a great weekend!!! 

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March 19, 2010

fixation friday: sweet tea vodka

I had a really hard time trying to decide what I wanted to write about for Fixation Friday this week. Truth be told I laid awake in bed until 12 midnight last night with different ideas swirling around. I will also say the reason I was up so late was because I was full of excitement for my buddy Surferwife and her Chelsea encounter of the BEST kind. It's always fun to see someone you know on tv (even if I only know her via the internet). I also get to watch a certain someone that I went to school with from K-12th grade each week on the tv show Southland. Maybe you've heard of him? Shawn Hatosy. That is another story for another time though... right now it's Fixation Friday.

After tossing and turning I narrowed my post down to a few different things. I figured I ran my trap enough about turquoise in my last post and that I should move on from that (did you notice the color update? the turquoise definitely got the most votes). After I nixed that idea my mind turned to the warmer weather and thoughts of BBQ's and then to the fact that in the morning it would be FRIDAY and I still hadn't thought of which drink I wanted to consume this weekend at a friend's party. For months now I've been harboring a mini bar in my freezer (where we keep all our liquor). I have lots of left overs, or 2 or 3 shots worth of different liquor up there. I've been nursing a bottle of Captain Morgan 100 Proof since Christmas. Not for lack of liking it or being able to handled it but because honestly, I don't know the next time I'll ever buy that for myself. M's been fixated on mixing his drinks with water lately. He figures it's better for his waistline, however not so much for my snore drama on the nights when he passes out before me on the weekends. He loves mixing whiskey and water, a trick he may have learned from my father when he purchased M a large bottle of George Dickle Whiskey. It's very smooth, and goes down well with just a hint of water. This is what he tells me - I only do shots of whiskey and they usually burn going down for me. I'm not a seasoned professional in the ways of whiskey though. M used to drink his whiskey on the rocks, straight, no added filler when I met him. On a wild night he will still do this. I myself can't bare to drink any liquor with just straight water, it has to be shot, or mixed with something for me to drink it. Maybe some club soda, or tonic water with a twist of lemon or lime but not straight tap water... until recently. This leads me to my Fixation Friday - are you still with me?

Last year while at a friends bar I was introduce to the sweetest nectar the liquor gods had ever bestowed on the human race. R, one of the owners of our favorite local bar was chatting with us outside before went in. He told me I had to tell the bartender to make me a Firefly. I had no idea what it was but he told me to trust him. R knows his business so I did. I ordered the Firefly and I have never been happier trying a new cocktail.

Three words, Sweet Tea Vodka. ZOMG this stuff is amazing. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before but my spring fever is acting up and I just had to talk about it again. And I will probably discuss it about 20 more times before the summer is over, so there.

Imagine the best glass of sweet tea you've ever tasted. Now imagine that tea infused with vodka. Still with me? Good! Do you like lemon in your tea? I do, I think it's a Yankee thing, but seeing as I was born and raised in Maryland - you know, Yankee parts. Well at least according to most Southerner's I've met, I'm a Yankee. Seriously, I won't go into the whole below the Mason Dixon line thing, they just stare at me like I'm from another planet when I do, so I won't bore you. Anyunion, do you like lemon in your tea? Do you enjoy a Tom Collins Arnold Palmer from time to time? You know, Lemonade mixed with sweet tea. It's only like my favorite non-alcoholic drink ever. And it goes great with grilled foods and BBQ! Well let me introduce you to what I like to call a Tipsy Tom Collins.

(Thank you EL for the correction - I knew that didn't sound right !!!
Hey at least this time I wasn't calling a celeb baby by the wrong name again, right?)
It's simple really, add ice to a glass, 
pour yourself a little bit of lemonade
mix it with a little bit of this sweet tea vodka deliciousness 
and you're done!

You may need to mess with the chemistry of this. I like my drink to taste a bit more like tea which gives me more vodka but to each his own. I have to say my favorite brand is the one pictured below. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Many more have come out on the market since last year. 

via google • I'm partial to Firefly, we're summer BFF's.
via google • Burnette's, Sweet Carolina & Firefly

Also available is
via google • Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea

I have yet to try the Sweet Carolina and I have never seen the Burnett's where I've shopped previously. After researching it's probably a good thing. I don't do well with cheap liquor, especially vodka and I think Burnett may be bottom shelf goods. I've sampled the Jeremiah Weed, and it's tasty but the name turns me off. I used to go to school with a boy named Jeremiah, he got really sick of me singing the song about the bullfrog to him in middle school and started to act sort of bitchy to me. Since then we've made up, and been cool with each other - we're even facebook pals now. However that being said, it IS tasty and seems a bit stronger in flavor than the Firefly.

I am thinking about sampling the Sweet Carolina this weekend. I like that it comes in different sweet tea variety flavors as well (minus the mint, that sort of grosses me out) - also to be noted Sweet Carolina has started marketing a Lemonade flavored vodka. This may taste great with water. Which is what started this post in the first place, right?  M usually takes a few hits off the bottle of Firefly when I purchase it. He mixes his with water. If you don't make the drink too strong you hardly notice the vodka burn and enjoy the sweet tea flavor. I don't know the science about how this stuff is made, all I know is that it's good and I will obsess about it all summer long.

Spring is here, and this is my message to you. If you're looking for a new drink to sip on at cook-outs or hanging out with friends and you truly love Sweet Tea but don't want your teeth to fall out of your face, you might trip sipping a little of this be it with water, lemonade or your own made up drink recipe. If you make one up and it's really good, you better share it with me!

So there you have it peeps, my Friday Fixation. I'm SO happy it's Friday! I'm really looking forward to hitting up the local ABC Store to snag myself a bottle of this yummy, yummy stuff and to having sunshine and 68+ degree weather most of the weekend. This will make up for the possible thunderstorms they are calling for on Sunday. Sunday is my lazy day anyway, I ain't worried one bit!

CHEERS YA'LL! (Southern for You All). *wink*

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March 18, 2010

my spring accessory.

I've been trying to infuse my wardrobe with vibrant colors lately. When organizing my closet many weeks ago I discovered that not only do I really love navy blue and kelly green as well as black and brown but that I'm way too fixated on blending in when I get dressed rather than standing out.  That's not to say that I don't own a few brightly color outfits - I did purchase two super cute tops last summer one was bright yellow and the other was bright kelly green (again). I do have a few tanks that fall into the bright color category, but for the most party I sport them under cardigans or jackets. I'm not sure where this lack of color comes from - my guess is in the matter of me gaining weight in the past few years. I've tried to hide myself in darker clothing - I don't care WHAT fashion people say, it IS slimming. Lately people keep saying on shows that bright colors will flatter any shape - I don't buy it. That being said, I do want to break out of that rut. Not just the rut of wearing dark clothing but also the rut of feeling horrible about my style, my self and my body - it's a vicious, vicious cycle. (Note: I've purchased the 30 Day Shred, and I've been kicking my elliptical trainer's ass - or it's been kicking mine, for the past week, and I've been trying to make a serious effort to eat better, baby steps people). If all this works out well - I give you my vow to not bitch about this again and if not I'm totally buying P90X!

While I work on my inside transformation to help my outside transformation, I realized I need to get a grip on my wardrobe. I can't live in my favorite black cardigan once the weather gets warmer. We have about a week of Spring and then Summer hits and it's a hot, sticky, horrible thing - cardigans are pointless and will cause heat stroke if worn in the Alabama heat.

I kept trying to think of a way to infuse more color into my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I figured a few bright signature things would help. Shoes are always my first thought - but shoes are expensive. Purses are another fun accessory - one I have a TON of and yet again... expensive. I was running out of options, until yesterday.

In true "Wanna Be Irish" tradition I got decked out in my favorite green things. I sported my worn and faded Smoky and the Bandit T-Shirt (it's kelly green, see a trend? and I don't have to dress up for work), and my favorite black cardigan, some jeans and I decided to really go for it yesterday and put on my silky, different shades of green headband. Truth be told I purchased it last year the day before St. Patty's Day and didn't wear it - some how it went perfectly with the outfit I had on so I was pleased. Sporting the headband also helped me make my rumbled hair style look polished and pulled together. Two things of which I rarely look like when I got to work each day.

You should know that I have a drawer full of hair accessories. Yes, I said drawer. Most I've never worn. Again, yes, I said most I have NEVER worn. I always tend to go with the same tried and true, simple black hair tie, or simple clip to pull my hair up, anything else always seems over kill to me. I'm not a girlie girl by any means, but I'm trying to change that - and I also don't like to look like I've tried TOO hard. That whole, less is more thing is truly how I feel most of the time. How sad is that right? I also tend to be strange about attention. I love to be told I look good, especially when I try to look good, but I also don't like to get too much attention if that makes sense. I usually worry about this more when I'm at work, vs. a night out on the town. I just don't want to be too fussy when surrounded by guys at a print shop. That being said I was a big nervous about wearing my new-ish headband yesterday. Upon getting the work day started, I got three compliments on looking cute yesterday. It made me feel good. I had truly just thrown the outfit together but I think it was the headband that gave me the extra zing to my gear.

At the end of the day I returned home, took off my cardigan and started to cook dinner. While making BBQ Chicken stuffed Baked Potatoes (ok so maybe my meals aren't THAT healthy)... M looked at me and said.. "I really like you in a headband - you should wear them more often."  Really? Me? A headband girl? I really had never thought I could pull it off. Usually I just use my sunglasses for a headband - truth be told I can't leave the house without a pair of sunglasses in my bag and a hair tie on my wrist if my hair is down. I'm THAT girl. Creature of habit and one that has odd needs to feel complete. Often times while out for a night my good friend A tends to bitch at me when she sees my hair clip attached to my purse - she gives me the "OH HELLL NO" face, rips it off my bag and shoves it inside. She doesn't get that it will be CRUSHED in there with all my other times. But she doesn't care, apparently it's a fashion foo-pah to do that. By the way yes I know its faux pas, but I like saying FOO-PAH just as it's spelled. Anyfoo, she also likes to snap the hair ties on my wrist to inflict pain for this same reason, fashion foo-pah. Did I mention she's a really great friend? You can totally tell that from the abuse right? Most of the time when she does this she also is forcing vodka shots down my throat so she probably DOES love me, she just has a strange way of showing it.

After M's compliment, his always mean so much, I started to think about all the headbands I own. I've purchased them for special occasions, to go with certain shirts, or shoes and just. never. wore them. Upon looking at my collection I realized they were about as exciting as my closet. Only a few bands had a bright color, orange here, yellow there, baby yellow, and the rest were black, brown and white. Only the green one I wore yesterday was even remotely exciting.

Then it hit me - the perfect Spring accessory that won't cost me an arm and a leg that will brighten up my look as well as my face and hair would be HEADBANDS!!! Sure I'm slow and they are probably on the way out but for now, they are in and I want to see where this takes me.

Before I forget, I have to ask, how many of you wear what I call the "bra strap" headbands? You know what I mean, the rubber band like headbands most athletic girls  and sometimes guys wear. Often you see stars sporting them with big poofy hair. I love the LOOK but I can never get those damn things to stay on my head they always pull back and fall into my bun/ponytail and leave a huge dent where they were previously sitting. I've purchased plain ones, ones with rubber on the bottom - none will stay put. It's like the back of my head is too flat and it won't grip the back side of my head. In order to have them remotely work my hair has to be A) Dirty B) nappy or C) I have to wear the damn thing so close to my forehead I might as well not wear it at all - any tips/suggestions are very much appreciated.

But for now... here are some seriously inspiring headband finds I found while searching on etsy!

Seriously how cute is this crocheted headband? Almost as cute as that kiddo!
I have a big ass head, hopefully they make these in different sizes!

I really love these flowers that are popping up all over the place in fashion.

Feathers and Buttons - Yes Please!

And last but never least - I've been swooning over Taza's creations available at her Love, Taza store, almost as much as I've been drooling over her fur baby bulldog,  Kingsley for the past many weeks!!! (Miss M aka Banana - girl you MUST check this website out if you haven't, your babies and her baby need to have a face off for most adorable bullies ever!) If you haven't read Taza's blog you should check her out at The Rockstar Diaries - She currently lives in D.C. and every time I read I feel inspired by her words and images but it also makes me miss home, but in a good way. 

The following is my favorite of all her items for sale - which was hard to choose because they are all amazing!!! Note: She models all her creations - how cute is she? Best. Bangs. EVER!

via Love, Taza - Item is currently SOLD OUT

If you're a headband girl - where do you find your favorites? If you're not - tell me what's your must have bright colored "make me feel like Spring" accessory this year?
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March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

via google

First off - I'm not Irish. But I love St. Patrick's Day! (I'm also not Mexican, but I love Cinco De Mayo). That being said, I've had Irish in me - does that count? (No, that joke never gets old).

Obviously today is more than just wearing green, drinking green beer, and eating potatoes (which is what I do, and I'm aware that it's a very narrow minded way to think of a special Irish holiday, but again I'm not Irish, OR Catholic so, there ya go).

Usually M and I would celebrate this holiday by not only going out on the town and drinking lots of green beer but also a few too many shots of Jameson - we did this last year and let me tell you work the next day was ROUGH. This year we are on the "broke" end of the money scale and decided we'd just have some fun at home. This past Saturday we invited friends over not only for an MDA fund raiser, which went well, but also to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early. M and I were the only ones that were in on the whole St. Patty's day thing (wearing our favorite green gear and drinking Whiskey and beer) - however his brother, J did wear green and we all had a merry time together.  The boys watched Boondock Saints (absolutely LOVE that movie) and today, if money allows I have promised my part Irish boyfriend that I would purchase the second installment of this movie for our viewing pleasure tonight.

It will be a low key evening but I will be able to function well at work tomorrow AND I won't have to worry about pooping green turds for the next 4 days. TMI? Too bad you knew in reading my blog I will resort to poo humor, so deal. And yes, I already checked and we don't have any green food coloring in the house at this moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day - That Irish Eyes are smiling on you and that even if you aren't Irish like me you still enjoy a day of celebration. Raise your glasses and toast to St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland - and remember EAT BEFORE DRINKING GREEN BEER, OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER AND YOU WILL FEEL BETTER... But remember I'm not a doctor so you might not want to take that as gospel, because I'm not a preacher either!

How will you be spending this glorious holiday?

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March 05, 2010

fixation friday

I've found myself obsessing over silly things throughout my life. Remember The Muppet Show? Dukes of Hazard? Happy Days? NKOTB? Debbie Gibson? Corey Haim circa the Lost Boys Years? Sky high bangs and pinch rolled jeans? Pearl Jam and Flannel Shirts? Ladies Night at the local club where Ladies drink for $1.00, or better yet, FREE? Football? Stickers, and ponies, and Facebook? Blogger? Yes, I was obsessed with all of these things in my lifetime, plus many more. I thought what better way to get out all the pent up obsessions than to share them with everyone here. Don't worry I won't be boiling a rabbit or making strange dolls out of hair - I out grew that a long time ago. *crazy eyes* Then I thought what could make this even better, hmmm, I know, why not make it a weekly/bi-weekly thing. I don't consider myself a very obsessive person but often times if I come across something I really like or admire, it's hard to get my mind off of it. This happens more often than not with things such as food, or fashion, music or home interior design. Above all, food is the worst! I will think about said food item until I can actually eat some. Seriously - I once had a craving for a really good steak that lasted for 2 weeks until I finally ate steak. SO here goes. My obsessions, fixations and things I can't stop thinking about or get enough of.

Todays FRIDAY FIXATION: Maple Glazed Bacon Dipped Donuts.

Yes, you read that correctly. HELLO, NOM! Recently while watching an episode of  The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network I discovered these beauties. This show sits down the channel's culinary celebrities and interviews them about the best food they ever ate, and where they ate it. I am usually left drooling by the time the show is over. This episode in particular was all about bacon. Now truth be told bacon is horrible for me to consume in large amounts, there is a big history of heart issues in my family, but I don't eat it often enough to really cause any serious damage. Seriously, its rare and if I purchase bacon for a recipe it lasts well past the date of freshness, we usually have to throw it out which I HATE doing so I tend to not buy it very often at all. I can't remember who talked about these donuts, and I can't remember where they said they got them (bakery in NYC is all I remember). But they looked amazing. Fresh donuts are dipped in a maple glaze and then dipped again into some fresh cooked, crispy bacon. This is a PMSer's dream. (Note: there is also cooked bacon worked into the batter for the donuts). I would probably die after eating one but the death would be SO sweet. I've found a few recipes on the internet and I'm tempted to try these for a party. Seriously, if I made them for M and I we'd eat them all, probably in one sitting. These same donuts were mentioned again recently by someone else on television so I know they are coming more and more common. I haven't found anywhere around here that sells them. We only have KILL ME KREME available here and to be honest I'm just not a huge fan of the krispies. Although... they are now offering Banana Donuts for a limited time so I might have to get over my issue with them! I'm a sucker for bananas, even though they make my mouth itch.

So there you go, my Friday Fixation. A Homer Simpson worthy obsession. Hopefully I won't think about these for 2 weeks and be upset anytime I try to cure my craving with non-bacon maple donuts.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
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March 02, 2010

courtesy flush.

via google • Toilet Sign from Japan
We need these here too, apparently. Fishing for poo is a no-no.
P.S. I'd pay to see the last one attempted by someone.

I can't for the life of me figure out people sometimes. My first beef with going #2 outside of the home is that people can smell it. I don't want people knowing what my dook smells like. More embarrassing than that to me is that people KNOW I'm the one making that smell, when I'm making it. The past few jobs I've had, there is only one women's bathroom in the whole building, and it's been a single. That being said, every woman in the office uses that bathroom. My previous job was especially difficult because the bathrooms were located right next to the reception desk and there wasn't an exhaust fan in this bathroom. Needless to say I never pooped at work. Thankfully my apartment building was located right behind my office, I usually walked home for lunch, dropped some kids off at the pool and then ate my lunch (after washing my hands of course) and returned to the office. My body has become very good at knowing when and where it can go. That's not saying I haven't had to do my share of #2's away from home. It happens from time to time - and that's where my beef comes in.

If you're going to poo at the office I think there are a few guidelines to live by so as to not make your co-workers uncomfortable, or sick. Number 1: Always use the exhaust fan if available. This morning I had to walk into the women's bathroom to pee and it stunk, I mean dead animal stunk, the fan wasn't on and there was no can of spray present. The fan should have stayed on to suck out that funk because I am not felling 100% today and even if you only let a little air slide out whilst peeing, that mess still stinks and you should have turned the fan on! *stank eye to receptionist, I know she did it*. This leads me to my second guideline, this is for the employers. Please be sure all bathrooms in the office are equipped with poop spray. The last job I had in Maryland was known for SAM'S CLUB SIZED POO SPRAY BOTTLES. I loved this. Needless to say the women's bathroom was right next to a set of printing presses - which sucked. Thankfully the presses run most of the day and they are very loud, if you needed to go #2, or had to fart no one would hear you, however, they would smell it. They would also smell the poo spray. I got teased for this a few times... "You poop?" E would ask me as I exited the bathroom, and walked past his press. I was busted and admitted to him yes, yes I did. He would then thank me for spraying. Eventually the poop spray was labeled "Kelly's Poop Spray" with a sharpie marker - I was embarrassed at first and then figured, screw it, everybody poops but at least I follow guidelines. Exhaust fan on, spray has been sprayed, and exhaust fan is LEFT on for good measure. This also came in handy in my early 20's when hangovers and getting sick happened more than once or twice. Then E would ask me... "You poop?"... I'd reply... "No."... he'd look at my sickly state... smirk and say.. "You puke?"... I'd nod and he'd give me a quick hug and laugh. I enjoyed working with E, we are about the same age and he always made me laugh, even when I wanted to blow chunks. That being said there are a few other guidelines that I think are only common courtesy...

Extra Credit: If you poo, and it doesn't go all the way down... please wait to let the toilet stop running and then re-flush. Better yet courtesy flush half way through your epic poo to ensure you get it all down and don't clog the damn thing!  Unless it's really epic then be sure to take a picture of it with your cell phone and send it to a friend that will be impressed. M threatens to do this to me a lot... I really hope he never does, that's too far for love. There's nothing that freaks me out and grosses me out more than seeing doo doo flakes in the bathroom at work - what's even more disturbing is finding them in public bathrooms. Swirls are hard to deal with - no one wants to put their hand in a toilet to clean them up, and I'd never want someone to, but for God's sake just try to flush one more time, sometimes the water flow is enough to make a fresh bowl.  Bottom line - "I like a fresh bowl and remnants upset me."

John "The Biscuit" Cage • Ally McBeal via google

GOLDEN STAR: Lastly - if you sprinkle when you tinkle - please be neat and wipe the seat. How long have you heard this? I'd have to say ALL. MY. LIFE! And don't ever believe for a minute that if it's yellow you can let it mellow - that's bullshiz and absolutely gross. It doesn't conserve water it just makes me want to vomit and waste more water flushing before said punkfest and then again after!

For now that's all I can think of - lets just say I'm tired of smelling other people's shizz here at work. It's been a long time since I've had a public like restroom to use in the office completely with 2 or more stalls. The last time I did, it was when I worked in a mental health office - and it was the worst bathroom ever. There was always at least one stall covered in poo from someone that swore they were DiVinci (it was a public restroom that all patients and staff used). Thing is the patients had a reason to behave this way - everyday people without poo etiquette don't.

So there is my rant of the day about poo monsters and their lack of giving a shizz about the others that have to go after them.

  1. Always use the exhaust fan if available.
  2. Keep said fan going if you poo and there is no spray - keep it going for good measure regardless if you want bonus points.
  3. If you drop a load - for the love of GOD spray!
  4. Double tap the flusher if your brown monster doesn't go down the first time.
  5. Repeat #4 until all fudge babies and possible swirls are gone
  6. Be neat and wipe the seat - I still don't get how WOMEN can splatter piss everywhere. I've seen it one too many times on my trek from Alabama to Maryland *gives Tennessee restrooms the stank eye*
  7. WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE LEAVING - I don't care if you aren't on staff at this Wendy's DO IT!
  8. Smile and know you've made me, K proud.
Join me next time when I bitch about people NOT putting toilet paper back on the holder when they've used it all. (And that I will look past the fact that it's usually replaced UNDER instead of OVER). And then witness my 2nd guideline to that rule when you haven't replaced the missing T.P. and then also haven't restocked the supply in the bathroom so I'm left there sitting and wishing I had checked all this before releasing the water from my bladder. 

Thank you for listening to my public poo service message.

P.S. Don't you hate the way coffee makes your pee smell - I do. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Please consider this my way of doing my own Tickled Tuesday.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I have to note this because I have a feeling M might read this. I try my best to enforce my poop-iquette at all times but I will be the first to admit at home sometimes I forget to be patient enough to double flush. Seriously, the DVR only stays on pause for so long and I often fear M will change the channel or take over the TV with the Xbox. Our toilet at home takes forever and I always mean to go back and double check, but sometimes get side tracked by something shiny or Kardashian like on TV. To which I will always hear M say from the bathroom "EEEWWW You left doo doo flakes in the bowl!" - my face turns red and then I will yell "Like you've never done that - remember to spray when you're done." and he'll say.. 'I'm only going to pee" and then I'll usually say something like "Spray anyway, you're a boy and even your pee smells funny." (the last isn't usually a response but I will have to use that to my advantage next time, even thought it won't be new because he'll have read this). That being said - I will always 2nd flush in public if needed, no matter how slow the toilet is. Thank you all for your support of me painting the town un-brown one bowl at a time.
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