March 31, 2010

wet my whistle.

You know the whole thing about getting in your full 8 glasses of water a day, well I try to live by that rule. I drink so much water that when I don't have at least 8 full 8 oz. glasses or more of water a day I feel dehydrated. Maybe I'm over doing it but I really do love water. With the whole movement to be more green I've tried to make myself break away from the horrible practice of using plastic water bottles. M and I still purchase them but before you tar me, cover me in feathers and drag me by horse through the town for all to see, know this - we reuse these plastic bottles at least 3 times, filling with tap water, before getting rid of them. Sure it's still filling landfills, I get that, but it's not happening as quickly. Ok I'm totally lying to myself here and it must stop but if I tell you my next thing you're going to think I'm an extremely lazy, non-environment loving person but I'll admit it.... so here goes. I'm lazy. Seriously, when it comes to water - grabbing a glass from the cabinet, digging out ice cubes and filling the glass with tap water just takes too long. Told you, lazy. In this day and age of instant gratification I've taken to thinking making a glass of ice water is too time consuming. I'd much rather just grab a bottle from the fridge and be on with my life. See? So sad right? Well I need to change that. Starting now.

In an effort to be more green, and less wasteful, and to stop filling up our city dump - I purchased 2 aluminum bottles from Old Navy a few months ago and I have at least started incorporating them into my daily schedule of water drinking at work. These puppies hold up to 25 oz of water and stay nice and chilled for way longer than my old plastic water bottles used to. Score! I love ice cold water - I can't stand room temperature water. Seriously the only time that is something you should drink is when you're in serious need of water. Life or death situations people! Or maybe if you have sensitive teeth.

My issue with these aluminum cans isn't that they make the water taste like metal - I don't get that feeling or taste at all. I love the way the water tastes coming from a metal can. I've even had water in 12 oz. aluminum cans and I really think more places should offer this - it rocks!!! My issue is that the damn cans cost an arm and a leg and if they aren't dishwasher safe (which most are not because you lose the lovely design on the sides) they are a bitch to clean!!! Case in point below...

via google
See - seriously cute but a super bitch to clean with that small opening if it can't ride in your dishwasher!!!

Seriously, while window shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods the other day - they had some really "fly" water bottles. I love when they have cool designs on them and an extra wide mouth at the top makes washing them a cinch. After falling for about 4 different designs I turned them over and each read $15, $25, $10 - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I had this same experience at the Alabama Outdoors Store. REALLY? I mean come on!!! You know Eco-Peeps there would be more of us willing to be green, eco-friendly, etc. if it didn't cost us so much to do so. (Don't get me started on light bulbs people). I know in my heart if they were priced at $5 a pop or hell even $8.00 I would have snagged up at least 4 of them. That would give me a set of 6 at home - that's plenty of bottles to reuse on the daily. I've even seen really cute ones in magazines recently, that are glass and come with a sleeve that is rubber/plastic to protect your bottle from shattering.

In all fairness, I've gone to Target, and Walmart to look for these bottles and I have found a few that I'm willing to purchase, (read: settle for) in the above mentioned price range, but I just wish they looked cool. Sure it's about being green and saving the environment - not about being or looking cool, Kelly. Well why the hell can't it be both?!?!

via wally world dot com • not too horrible but still a bit too "Ed RETA-Hardy" flashy for me,
then again - this set of 4 is $16, which sort of rocks, if I didn't hate wally world so much.

I mean my girl, Salt gets to look ├╝bber awesome in her new ride, Maxine! She gets to not only be totes awesome, but she's also saving the planet one mile at a time!!! Why can't my water bottles do that?!?! Be earth friendly AND look nice?

So if you peeps have any great sources for hot aluminum water bottles, on the cheap, with wide mouths that can hold at least 10 - 25 oz. of water for me and my lazy ass - hook a sister up with the info would you?

*End of rant about silly things like water bottles.

Seriously - go check out Salt's new car, it's so freaking sweet!

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March 30, 2010

rockstar: mark wahlberg style

You know, I'm just a regular guy who grew up with the posters of these guys on my wall... and now I'm one of them! That's right, I'm standing here, living proof that if you work hard enough, and you want it bad enough... dreams do come true. 
So follow your dreams...

Rock Star M.W. as Chris aka Izzy via google

If you don't get this reference, you're dead to me. OK not really, that was mean. But seriously if you haven't seen the movie Rock Star, you need to watch it. Sure it's cheesy, but it's a story that I think any rock n' roll fan could relate to, at least I do. Besides, the music is amazing - yes I own the soundtrack and I belt out the songs all. the. time. (All songs were written and performed by the lead singer of Steelheart). If you haven't already figured out I have a huge thing for 80's rock, and cheesy stuff from that era. So what if Mark wears a wig, can you see his abs, HELLOOOO! (Sorry Hotpants, Salt and my other Twi-hard pals - Taylor ain't got jack on Mark Wahlberg, IMO). Trust me, I've been riding this crush since before he dropped his drawers back in the mid 90's talking about good vibrations and showing off his Calvins (He is Donnie's little bro, all it took was one picture in a Bop magazine with Donnie and this chick was toast). Any3rdnipple - this long winded rockstar intro leads me to my reason for this post... so here goes!

The awesome HotPants over at Handbags and Handguns gave me a freaking great award! She made it herself *kudos girlie*! Thank you SO much HotPants! ox

There's only one rule to sharing this award.  
What makes you a rockstar?

I've been called a rockstar many times by my friends. Usually it's when I party like one, or I'm able to handled my liquor well. Nice right? I feel that when it comes to my friends, and loved ones, I rock at advice, at friendship, at love and at being there for those who matter the most to me. When the going gets tough, I get tougher.

I'd also like to think I'm a bit of a rockstar, in the truest sense, because I love to sing live with bands. I am, by nature, a huge karokee freak, but there's nothing that tops the thrill of singing a song with a live band. My artist of choice? AC/DC. Yes, I like to sing their music, as loud as I can and for as long as my vocal chords will let me. There is one thing though, I will only sing AC/DC circa the Bon Scott years (1974-1980). Mostly because I can't rock Brian Johnson's voice (I leave Brian's songs to M, he sings a mean "You Shook Me All Night Long"). My songs of preference are as follows: "Highway to Hell", "T.N.T.", "Long Way to the Top", "Rock n' Roll Singer", "The Jack (1976 version)" and lastly but never least "Dirty Deeds" (and probably about any other one I can learn the cues too, but those listed are the best for me). What can I say, I love me some AC/DC, especially Angus Young (we named our cat after him) and Bon Scott, rest his soul. Have I ever mentioned that I cried like a baby when they took the state in Atlanta last year? Seriously you would have thought I was watching the Beatles back in the day I was all welled up. They're heroes of mine, I discovered Back in Black when I was in high school - it was our fight song, and I never looked back. SO yeah... rock stars make me cry but don't tell anyone it will ruin my rep, I'm going for Joan Jett status here people, or Deborah Harry!

So that I guess is what makes me a rockstar - my strong love for life and those that mean the most to me, and my passion for rock music. And the fact that I like to keep my life turned up to 11.


some old favorites and new favorites that have been keeping me on my toes lately!
(flash) pasteurized (because I know she loves The Ga!)
& all the ladies @ the wife diaries

So head on over and check these blogs out! Tell them hello for me! ox
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March 26, 2010

fixation friday: lemons

Wow... what. a. day! I've been so busy at work and I nearly forgot about Fixation Friday. Without further delay, here's this Friday's Fixation...

I love lemons.

I love the way they look.

via etsy • dearcolleen

Note: I'd really love something like this that read... 
"When life gives you lemons, just say F*CK the lemons and bail!"

via google

I even love THIS Lemon...
As in, SERIOUSLY, love this Lemon. 
She's one of my fave women, ever!
via google • Tina Fey as Liz Lemon • 30 Rock

I love the way they smell. And how much flavor they add to my favorite dishes.
via google • Lemon, Shrimp, Garlic - YES PLEASE!!!!

We already know I love lemon with my sweet tea, and my sweet tea vodka. We established this last friday, but I also love THIS...
via google • aka COME TO MOMMA!

Lemons are delicious, delightful and inspiring - at least to me. (Note: I love all citrus fruit equally, and feel the same way but lemons truly win every time for style). I mean how many of you love yellow as an accent color in a room? Hands down it's one of my favorites! Next to turquoise of course. I want to start using more lemon yellow in my home, very badly. 

How can you not love this....
via google • Lamp Love

via google • I LOVE THE FLOOR TILE!

And lastly... this kitchen that makes my heart sing.
All it's missing is a farm house sink, IMO
via google

Plain and simple...

via google

I hope all of you have wonderful weekends planned. M and I are taking it easy and trying to save some money. I hope the weather will smile on us tomorrow. We'd love to take our dog June to the creek to play, and possibly window shop for plants for our garden around town. M and I had discussed a ride out to the country but I think we'd rather wait for warmer weather for that. We'll probably get into some "mild trouble" with our friends Saturday night and ride out the rain all day Sunday on the couch. Afterthought: I just realized that this weekend is Wrestlemania, which means I will have a home full of dudes watching this monstrosity masterpiece. OK I can't lie. I do watch it with M from time to time but usually we have a lot more people coming over for this event. We make a party out of it but this year I think it's going to be mostly guys that M went to high school with and always discussed wrestling with. Fun for him, not so much for me. Maybe I'll make it a movie night.  Although the one movie I really want to see this weekend he wants to see as well sooooo I will have to wait for Hot Tub Time Machine until he's able to go. BOOO!

Have a great weekend!!! 

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March 24, 2010

please support our troops

I received and email from my cousin R the other day. She and I don't get to talk as often as I'd like. I think I've mentioned before that I only saw my father's side of the family on holidays. Usually Easter and Christmas and sometimes I would go spend 2 weeks in the summer with my Grandmother and my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin R. Those two weeks were always a lot of fun, minus having to watch Little House on the Prairie vs. Dukes of Hazzard.  R has an older brother, L. L is much older than both of us. R and I are only 8 days apart in age, she is older. I used to hate that, now I enjoy it. R basically grew up as an only child, like me, since L was so much older by the time she was almost in middle school he had gone away to college.

L has always been full of personality and did great in school. He received a full scholarship to play football for Penn State University. I'm sure it was a difficult choice on his part but he declined and instead enrolled in West Point Military Academy. From what I know he's always wanted to be in the military. By the time he graduated he was ready for anything the military had to throw his way. I really admired him for this, I still do. I don't think I could ever be that brave. L has seen the world and has lots of fun toys to prove it. How many people can say they purchased a BMW in Germany? I believe he bought his Harley overseas as well which always made me chuckle, considering it would have been so much cheaper here in the states. All Lance's glory hasn't been without hardships. Like most of us living our lives we've had to deal with pain and loss as well. I'm sure he's lost friends through the military and L's first wife M and he weren't married for long before she was taken tragically in a car accident one cold morning after hitting a sheet of ice. She was a beautiful woman - I only met her one time. L was almost due for retirement from the Army, but once this happened he chose to go back. It's all he's known for most of his adult life, and I'm sure that comforted him. I'm not sure how soon it was after returning that he met E, his current wife. Seeing them together for the first time sealed it for me - they were happy and in love. The last time I saw Lance was the day I met E. We were have a birthday/going away/surprise party for L. This was June 2005. Lance was making his first tour of Iraq. I was so happy to get to see him after so many years as well as the rest of my father's family. It was moving and exciting. My cousin R had one child at the time, she now has 3, and I just love talking to her husband, S - he's a smart ass, something that my father and I love. It was nice to see us all back together. As I stated before visits were always strange for me as a kid, I never knew who's side to take. Mom vs. Dad, my mom always seemed uncomfortable around my dad's family - I'm not sure why. They are great people. But maybe there is a past there that I knew nothing about. I've always felt as a child, issues between my parents were none of my business. My dad is my dad, my mom is my mom, they are both my friends. I take this stand on many things, especially fights between friends. I've always been a mediator of sorts. But I digress, this isn't about my parents, it's about L.

Like I said before, I received an email from R the other day. It was a mass email but I'm so happy she sent it to me as well. We have always had a hard time keeping in touch. I hated snail mail as a kid, and I'm still horrible about it (my Aunt asked for a picture of M and I back in December, I still haven't mailed it to her). Shame on me, I'm a horrible niece.

Email From R: My notes are in blue

Dear Family and Friends,
I just wanted to let everyone know that L left this morning for Iraq for one year!!:o( Please keep L and all of the troops in your prayers. Also, please keep E,(wife) M, and M (daughters) in your prayers as well. It's going to be a tough time while L is gone especially for the girls. I can't imagine trying to explain why daddy is gone and for so long. If anyone wants to send care packages and/or items to L and the troops, I will keep in touch. As soon as I have a mailing address for L, I will pass it on for those who are interested. If anyone wants to mail cards and/or things to E, M, and M to help pass the time and let them know you're thinking of them, I can also mail out that address if you don't already have it.

God Bless,
E, Little M, Big Sis M and L • Christmas 2010

It's hard to believe L is heading back to Iraq. This will be, I believe, his third duty there since the war started. It could have been his 4th but during the last tour he stayed behind to care for the families of the soldiers sent over to Iraq. L has worked hard all his years in the military and this will be his last tour with a chance to retire after this trip. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I think he is finally ready to retire, to spend time with his wife and growing daughters. And to live out the rest of his days on his time, and by his rules. I haven't had a chance to meet these little girls yet,  but I hope to be able to take time possibly when he returns to visit Colorado where they live. My boyfriend, M's sister, another M lives there with her family not far from where L & E are so I figured why not make it a big get together. I think L's little girls would have a ball with M's nephews, he has 2 similar in age to my cousin's daughters.

I hope you all take time as often as you can to not only think of our troops but to support them, to thank them and to let them know how much what they do means to you. Also, don't for get the wives. (I'm looking at you Allyson, love you girl!) These women take on a lot when their men are gone, as well as the husbands of military women. I can only imagine how hard the job may be sometimes to support a soldier, mentally, physically and emotionally. Give thoughts, give prayers and send gifts if possible. Let them know how much they mean to you. Above all extend a thank you. Allyson has coached me in this and assures me that soldiers are taught how to accept your gratitude, as well as your tears if you lose it telling them - trust me I would. I can't make it through the National Anthem with out welling up, true story. So don't be shy. I once saw a soldier on my last trip back from Maryland. I thought he might be flying home to see his family for the holidays. While exiting the plane, I heard him tell someone he was actually heading to Iraq. I stopped in my place and thought about turning around to thank him, but I didn't and honestly I still kick myself for it. So unknown solider, please know I'm sorry and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. I tend to be a bit shy and really should have gotten over that to tell him how much he meant to me. He was a stranger but look at all he does for strangers, everyday of his active life.

On a side note, the other night while at dinner E, L's wife, was with a few other military wives having a social support dinner since all their husbands had been away on duty. When the waitress realized they were all military wives (maybe some tears gave it away or stories she overheard) she bought their meals for them. The wives protested, a lot, but in the end the waitress won. There wasn't a dry eye at the table or in the wait staff when they left - that touched my heart. Kindness isn't dead. It lives in our hearts.

I think tonight I'll be going to the store to purchase some yellow ribbon. I don't have an old oak tree, but we do have a tree in our front yard. I will tie it around our tree until L returns, one year away and counting. I'll also tie it for all the other men and women giving it all each day in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world. To support and thank them for service.

Thank you for reading and keep my cousin and all the other soldiers in your prayers, hope for a safe return by all and as soon as possible. My thoughts and prayers will be with L his family and my family through this time.

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March 23, 2010

tickled tuesday - banana style

I should be ashamed. It's been forever since I've had a Tickled Tuesday post. I've been a bit stressed at work and it just seems like I let this fall by the wayside. I know that isn't an excuse, I'm sure there have been plenty of things to make me laugh since my last Tickled Tuesday but bottom line probably was that I was too damn lazy to blog about them. LAME-SAUCE, I know!  BUT NO MORE - Everyone needs a little laughter in their lives right?

Todays Tickled Tuesday comes to us from the lovely Mayra over at life is bananas. If you haven't checked out her blog - seriously, get your ass over there and do it! She always keeps me entertained and today's entry is nothing short of a laughing fest!  ENJOY!  Some Days I Sit And Wish I Was A Kid Again. (Note: Mayra, I love that song!)

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March 22, 2010

gettin' down on the farm with miley.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. How was mine you ask? It was pretty darn good. I wish we would have had more time to enjoy the lovely weather on Saturday, but all in all it was a great weekend.

I'm getting a head of myself. Friday was a very, very long day for both M and myself. We made our usual run to the store (read: crazy town aka wally world) to get food for the weekend and he needed some beer. Yes it's a NEED.  While there M informed me he was going to go look in the guys clothing department for some cheap jeans. He has completely killed his last 2 pairs of jeans from normal wear and tear. While he was browsing the men's department I went ahead and walked around the girls department.  Yes I said girls. Ok, not GIRLS but the Junior's department. Seriously? I won't go anywhere near the women's department in most stores. Mom jeans much? Well maybe in Target I will venture over to the women's, and sadly, I always end up in the maternity by accident, and then I become disappointed when I find the cutest empire waist shirt and realize the tag says maternity somewhere between the shoes and the toy section. If you're ever in my area and you find a maternity shirt dropped off in the cat food isle, chances are, it was me. Anylazy, back to my story about wally world's junior department. For every completely adorable bit of clothing there are 4 more less adorable and horrible looking outfits as well. I'd be lying if I said I hated the Taylor Swift L.E.I. collection,  I can't, because it's really cute. I could see myself rocking some of the cute sun dresses with cowboy boots - that is of course if I was built like Taylor Swift. Let's just say my chest is more Pamela A. and less Taylor. I've been keeping an eye on the juniors section for a while for tank tops. Truth be told I purchase quite a few tank tops from stores that sell them for cheap because I go through them so quickly. I usually wear them under v-neck t's, or sweaters and often times if they are free flowing I will wear them canoeing. Point is, they aren't a star attraction in my wardrobe and mostly just an accent OR in the case of canoeing and yard work something that will most likely get destroyed by mother nature, or my own clumsy ways. I have a lot of tanks with rips and holes in them. I call them the cleaning collection now. Or sometimes I'll sleep in them. While walking around I sort of gave up on my search for anything and traveled back to find M again. He always has luck with shopping, always! My dude had already picked out a pair of jeans from Op (note: he had just purchased some other slacks from the same line on Wednesday when we stopped there, nice enough for work but comfortable enough for weekends and they were only $5.00!!!! I think he found a dress shirt w/ short sleeves at that time too). So he had jeans, a nice button down plaid shirt AND a polo shirt for work AND socks. He was hooked up. Nothing in the cart was over $10.00!!! WHAT?!?!?! Lucky! After we finished shopping we hit up the ABC store and I snagged my Sweet Tea Vodka and we rushed home.

Friday evening was spent in our 'comfy pants' - anything with a draw string or an elastic waistband is considered comfy pants in our house. We got the animals and relaxed out on our front porch with buckets of ice and beer and relaxed, chatted, and listened to music until the sun went down. This is the first time we've been able to do this so far this year and it was so nice to be sitting out there without shoes and feel comfortable, not freezing. Once dinner was finished and consumed we kicked back on the couch and watched Wayne's World. Seriously the movie NEVER gets old.

M spent most of Saturday morning and early afternoon helping his parent's move items from their old house, to the new house and I spend the morning doing laundry and cleaning up the house a bit. After all that was said and done, and we took a much deserved nap (we were up at 6:00 am on a Saturday, he was actually up at 4 am) we headed to Walmart and a few other places to get things in order for our evening-o-fun. While at Wally World M had to exchange his jeans for a better size. Something you should know about M - he hates paying a lot for clothing. I've only ever seen him pay top dollar for something if we were on vacation or some place he knew he'd never be again or in time to purchase the item he really loved. Hence why he was willing to shop at the W in the first place. While M was shopping in the guy's department I figured I'd go back over to the juniors depart one last time. We were going to be attending a party after all and while I didn't really have to buy anything new, sometimes it's just nice to have a bit of new clothing to make you feel great. I never have luck in most stores but I figured what the hell. He had so much luck with the Op line, maybe they'll have a cute flannel like shirt or something for me to wear. No luck with Op, however I ventured into strange territory.... they had lots of clearance racks full of Miley Cyrus' collection (she worked with Max Azria for her clothing line, if you've seen any of his work,  you know, it's pretty). I started to browse through some tacky stretch pants and some cute t-shirts, a few too many shirts w/ zippers and items I'd never let my young girl be caught dead in, let alone go out of the house in... and then I saw them... some super soft, cute flowing tanks, with a front pocket complete with animal print. Honestly, I don't like animal print that much on me personally, but these were cute. Pink, purple, gray, black, yellow - all different colors, different prints from tiger to zebra to leopard. I was immediately drawn to the pale gray tank ... go figure right? I looked at the tag... $8.00. NICE! (Same as the tank below only gray).

"It's Miley!!!" via • walmart dot com
Note: I bought the gray print, not purple - question what animal is this???

Part of me felt a bit foolish. I'm not teen anymore... it's been a LONG time,  hell I'm not even a 20 something, OR a fan of Miley Cyrus - she actually really annoys me. But this shirt was cute so I grabbed it. Just then a rack of boyfriend cardigans with thin knit material and nice lines beckoned me. In shades of gray, black and blue it was hard to resist - we all know my love for these colors. Originally I picked up the blue but then later realized the gray would be a better idea. It was light and would go with brighter colors for summer. Yes it's a cardigan but it's thin - perfect for days spent getting too much sun and chilly nights at the beach or on the lake while camping. Or at least that's how I justified my $14.00 purchase. YES $14.00!! I wish I had a picture of how cute it was but I can't find it online any where.  $22.00 later I had a cute top and a warm sweater to wear to the party! Thank you Max and Miley!
via google "Max, just make me look good n' junk!" - Miley

So as the title of this entry suggests M and I were getting ready for a night of gettin' down on the farm. If you're familiar with the Tim McGraw song, I'm sure you just sang the tune in your head when you read the words. If you're not, you're missing out. Ok maybe not totally but I really like that song and the man knows how to fill out some wranglers - if you're into that sort of thing.  Anycowpoke - M and I got ready. I did my hair but I have ON idea why, after a few minutes out in the breeze my curls went flat, but my outfit still looked cute nonetheless.  M sported his new Op gear and looked really handsome. We both were happy that we could look nice on such a cheap budget.  This is the first time we've splurged in forever. If you can call $20 each a splurge. Basically it's been a while since we've gone shopping for anything other than groceries. We've been on a tight budget.

Our friend J and his band were throwing a "shindig" at his parent's home. J's father is a farmer, as is J. They work together tending the fields of cotton, soy and other various cash crops and live out in I guess what some city folk may call "the sticks". It's actually not that far from where M and I live, but it's past the city limits and off a country road, soooo I guess "semi sticks".  I hope you are enjoying all my country talk, I'm trying my best to get as authentic as possible. *wink* J's parents own an adorable home, it's part rustic cabin home and part what feels like a patio home. With a lovely front patio where the band set up and a side sun patio where the grill and fire pit were warming up and the stage was set for a good time. Inside, J's wife, A and I got some food together and got the meat prepared for M to grill. My man IS a grill master. So much so he was asked to cook the meat that night. I think at first he wasn't thrilled about it, but once behind the grill you can tell he's in his element and enjoying himself. Thankfully the party was outside so he didn't miss a beat.

It was a great night - I ate way too much, so much that I couldn't enjoy my Sweet Tea Vodka. I originally figured I'd have a beer or two to start the night, but after a few beers and all that food I was STUFFED - no room for vodka. Seriously I can't help that the banana pudding forced me to eat it, or that the yummy pork tenderloin was grilled to perfection and hard to resist. Don't get me started on the hash  brown casserole or my mac n' cheese.  Thankfully I ate a lot of veggies before I stuffed my face with the carb overload!!! 

The music was great - J's band was a ton of fun to listen to and the company of friends was what I had been needing after a stressful work week. I even got to sing some AC/DC with the band. What made my evening was all the guests of J's parent's who got up and danced as I belted out "Highway to Hell". It was too cute. After some great compliments from the "audience" on my "performance" I felt pretty darn good about myself.

It was a late night partying on the farm but I had a blast - I hope they will want to do it again sometime soon! 

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. Full of laundry, naps, lots of rain outside and comfort food for dinner. And thankfully, NO HANGOVER!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I'm trying to stay positive since the weather here is only about 40 degrees max outside today. Tomorrow it's supposed to be back to the 60's - fingers crossed!

How did you spend your weekend?

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March 19, 2010

fixation friday: sweet tea vodka

I had a really hard time trying to decide what I wanted to write about for Fixation Friday this week. Truth be told I laid awake in bed until 12 midnight last night with different ideas swirling around. I will also say the reason I was up so late was because I was full of excitement for my buddy Surferwife and her Chelsea encounter of the BEST kind. It's always fun to see someone you know on tv (even if I only know her via the internet). I also get to watch a certain someone that I went to school with from K-12th grade each week on the tv show Southland. Maybe you've heard of him? Shawn Hatosy. That is another story for another time though... right now it's Fixation Friday.

After tossing and turning I narrowed my post down to a few different things. I figured I ran my trap enough about turquoise in my last post and that I should move on from that (did you notice the color update? the turquoise definitely got the most votes). After I nixed that idea my mind turned to the warmer weather and thoughts of BBQ's and then to the fact that in the morning it would be FRIDAY and I still hadn't thought of which drink I wanted to consume this weekend at a friend's party. For months now I've been harboring a mini bar in my freezer (where we keep all our liquor). I have lots of left overs, or 2 or 3 shots worth of different liquor up there. I've been nursing a bottle of Captain Morgan 100 Proof since Christmas. Not for lack of liking it or being able to handled it but because honestly, I don't know the next time I'll ever buy that for myself. M's been fixated on mixing his drinks with water lately. He figures it's better for his waistline, however not so much for my snore drama on the nights when he passes out before me on the weekends. He loves mixing whiskey and water, a trick he may have learned from my father when he purchased M a large bottle of George Dickle Whiskey. It's very smooth, and goes down well with just a hint of water. This is what he tells me - I only do shots of whiskey and they usually burn going down for me. I'm not a seasoned professional in the ways of whiskey though. M used to drink his whiskey on the rocks, straight, no added filler when I met him. On a wild night he will still do this. I myself can't bare to drink any liquor with just straight water, it has to be shot, or mixed with something for me to drink it. Maybe some club soda, or tonic water with a twist of lemon or lime but not straight tap water... until recently. This leads me to my Fixation Friday - are you still with me?

Last year while at a friends bar I was introduce to the sweetest nectar the liquor gods had ever bestowed on the human race. R, one of the owners of our favorite local bar was chatting with us outside before went in. He told me I had to tell the bartender to make me a Firefly. I had no idea what it was but he told me to trust him. R knows his business so I did. I ordered the Firefly and I have never been happier trying a new cocktail.

Three words, Sweet Tea Vodka. ZOMG this stuff is amazing. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before but my spring fever is acting up and I just had to talk about it again. And I will probably discuss it about 20 more times before the summer is over, so there.

Imagine the best glass of sweet tea you've ever tasted. Now imagine that tea infused with vodka. Still with me? Good! Do you like lemon in your tea? I do, I think it's a Yankee thing, but seeing as I was born and raised in Maryland - you know, Yankee parts. Well at least according to most Southerner's I've met, I'm a Yankee. Seriously, I won't go into the whole below the Mason Dixon line thing, they just stare at me like I'm from another planet when I do, so I won't bore you. Anyunion, do you like lemon in your tea? Do you enjoy a Tom Collins Arnold Palmer from time to time? You know, Lemonade mixed with sweet tea. It's only like my favorite non-alcoholic drink ever. And it goes great with grilled foods and BBQ! Well let me introduce you to what I like to call a Tipsy Tom Collins.

(Thank you EL for the correction - I knew that didn't sound right !!!
Hey at least this time I wasn't calling a celeb baby by the wrong name again, right?)
It's simple really, add ice to a glass, 
pour yourself a little bit of lemonade
mix it with a little bit of this sweet tea vodka deliciousness 
and you're done!

You may need to mess with the chemistry of this. I like my drink to taste a bit more like tea which gives me more vodka but to each his own. I have to say my favorite brand is the one pictured below. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Many more have come out on the market since last year. 

via google • I'm partial to Firefly, we're summer BFF's.
via google • Burnette's, Sweet Carolina & Firefly

Also available is
via google • Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea

I have yet to try the Sweet Carolina and I have never seen the Burnett's where I've shopped previously. After researching it's probably a good thing. I don't do well with cheap liquor, especially vodka and I think Burnett may be bottom shelf goods. I've sampled the Jeremiah Weed, and it's tasty but the name turns me off. I used to go to school with a boy named Jeremiah, he got really sick of me singing the song about the bullfrog to him in middle school and started to act sort of bitchy to me. Since then we've made up, and been cool with each other - we're even facebook pals now. However that being said, it IS tasty and seems a bit stronger in flavor than the Firefly.

I am thinking about sampling the Sweet Carolina this weekend. I like that it comes in different sweet tea variety flavors as well (minus the mint, that sort of grosses me out) - also to be noted Sweet Carolina has started marketing a Lemonade flavored vodka. This may taste great with water. Which is what started this post in the first place, right?  M usually takes a few hits off the bottle of Firefly when I purchase it. He mixes his with water. If you don't make the drink too strong you hardly notice the vodka burn and enjoy the sweet tea flavor. I don't know the science about how this stuff is made, all I know is that it's good and I will obsess about it all summer long.

Spring is here, and this is my message to you. If you're looking for a new drink to sip on at cook-outs or hanging out with friends and you truly love Sweet Tea but don't want your teeth to fall out of your face, you might trip sipping a little of this be it with water, lemonade or your own made up drink recipe. If you make one up and it's really good, you better share it with me!

So there you have it peeps, my Friday Fixation. I'm SO happy it's Friday! I'm really looking forward to hitting up the local ABC Store to snag myself a bottle of this yummy, yummy stuff and to having sunshine and 68+ degree weather most of the weekend. This will make up for the possible thunderstorms they are calling for on Sunday. Sunday is my lazy day anyway, I ain't worried one bit!

CHEERS YA'LL! (Southern for You All). *wink*

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March 18, 2010

d2bd got a face lift.

NO, I didn't go under the knife. I highly doubt I could do that. Well, let's just say I'll never rule it out, I just don't want to end up looking like Herp #1 or Joan Rivers for that matter. Talk to me in 10 years when I really start showing signs of aging - I'm taking the fine lines I currently have in stride it's the rest of me sagging I may have an issue with.

That being said - if you're reading this via my page and not google reader - what do you think? Is the new design too much? I'm still messing with parts of it, and I'm not sure it's quite the right shade of orange for my taste. I was thinking maybe I'd go with a turquoise. After all Pantone did rave that PMS 15-5519 aka the perfect shade of turquoise, was THE color of 2010.

Thoughts? Issues? Suggestions? 
Please be kind - I'm a graphic designer, not a web designer. Bottom line I used a ready made template that had the exact simple style I was going for. All I can take credit for is my header, as well as the organization of the page - blogger makes moving stuff SO simple.

Disclaimer: I've noticed that this page looks SO much better on my mac @ work. Possibly because the Georgia font used works/looks better on my mac vs. my PC - I apologize to those of you who get a lame looking font on your screen. Yes, I'm picky and when I'm at home I'm not fully in love with my page, but when I get to work I'm extremely happy.

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my spring accessory.

I've been trying to infuse my wardrobe with vibrant colors lately. When organizing my closet many weeks ago I discovered that not only do I really love navy blue and kelly green as well as black and brown but that I'm way too fixated on blending in when I get dressed rather than standing out.  That's not to say that I don't own a few brightly color outfits - I did purchase two super cute tops last summer one was bright yellow and the other was bright kelly green (again). I do have a few tanks that fall into the bright color category, but for the most party I sport them under cardigans or jackets. I'm not sure where this lack of color comes from - my guess is in the matter of me gaining weight in the past few years. I've tried to hide myself in darker clothing - I don't care WHAT fashion people say, it IS slimming. Lately people keep saying on shows that bright colors will flatter any shape - I don't buy it. That being said, I do want to break out of that rut. Not just the rut of wearing dark clothing but also the rut of feeling horrible about my style, my self and my body - it's a vicious, vicious cycle. (Note: I've purchased the 30 Day Shred, and I've been kicking my elliptical trainer's ass - or it's been kicking mine, for the past week, and I've been trying to make a serious effort to eat better, baby steps people). If all this works out well - I give you my vow to not bitch about this again and if not I'm totally buying P90X!

While I work on my inside transformation to help my outside transformation, I realized I need to get a grip on my wardrobe. I can't live in my favorite black cardigan once the weather gets warmer. We have about a week of Spring and then Summer hits and it's a hot, sticky, horrible thing - cardigans are pointless and will cause heat stroke if worn in the Alabama heat.

I kept trying to think of a way to infuse more color into my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I figured a few bright signature things would help. Shoes are always my first thought - but shoes are expensive. Purses are another fun accessory - one I have a TON of and yet again... expensive. I was running out of options, until yesterday.

In true "Wanna Be Irish" tradition I got decked out in my favorite green things. I sported my worn and faded Smoky and the Bandit T-Shirt (it's kelly green, see a trend? and I don't have to dress up for work), and my favorite black cardigan, some jeans and I decided to really go for it yesterday and put on my silky, different shades of green headband. Truth be told I purchased it last year the day before St. Patty's Day and didn't wear it - some how it went perfectly with the outfit I had on so I was pleased. Sporting the headband also helped me make my rumbled hair style look polished and pulled together. Two things of which I rarely look like when I got to work each day.

You should know that I have a drawer full of hair accessories. Yes, I said drawer. Most I've never worn. Again, yes, I said most I have NEVER worn. I always tend to go with the same tried and true, simple black hair tie, or simple clip to pull my hair up, anything else always seems over kill to me. I'm not a girlie girl by any means, but I'm trying to change that - and I also don't like to look like I've tried TOO hard. That whole, less is more thing is truly how I feel most of the time. How sad is that right? I also tend to be strange about attention. I love to be told I look good, especially when I try to look good, but I also don't like to get too much attention if that makes sense. I usually worry about this more when I'm at work, vs. a night out on the town. I just don't want to be too fussy when surrounded by guys at a print shop. That being said I was a big nervous about wearing my new-ish headband yesterday. Upon getting the work day started, I got three compliments on looking cute yesterday. It made me feel good. I had truly just thrown the outfit together but I think it was the headband that gave me the extra zing to my gear.

At the end of the day I returned home, took off my cardigan and started to cook dinner. While making BBQ Chicken stuffed Baked Potatoes (ok so maybe my meals aren't THAT healthy)... M looked at me and said.. "I really like you in a headband - you should wear them more often."  Really? Me? A headband girl? I really had never thought I could pull it off. Usually I just use my sunglasses for a headband - truth be told I can't leave the house without a pair of sunglasses in my bag and a hair tie on my wrist if my hair is down. I'm THAT girl. Creature of habit and one that has odd needs to feel complete. Often times while out for a night my good friend A tends to bitch at me when she sees my hair clip attached to my purse - she gives me the "OH HELLL NO" face, rips it off my bag and shoves it inside. She doesn't get that it will be CRUSHED in there with all my other times. But she doesn't care, apparently it's a fashion foo-pah to do that. By the way yes I know its faux pas, but I like saying FOO-PAH just as it's spelled. Anyfoo, she also likes to snap the hair ties on my wrist to inflict pain for this same reason, fashion foo-pah. Did I mention she's a really great friend? You can totally tell that from the abuse right? Most of the time when she does this she also is forcing vodka shots down my throat so she probably DOES love me, she just has a strange way of showing it.

After M's compliment, his always mean so much, I started to think about all the headbands I own. I've purchased them for special occasions, to go with certain shirts, or shoes and just. never. wore them. Upon looking at my collection I realized they were about as exciting as my closet. Only a few bands had a bright color, orange here, yellow there, baby yellow, and the rest were black, brown and white. Only the green one I wore yesterday was even remotely exciting.

Then it hit me - the perfect Spring accessory that won't cost me an arm and a leg that will brighten up my look as well as my face and hair would be HEADBANDS!!! Sure I'm slow and they are probably on the way out but for now, they are in and I want to see where this takes me.

Before I forget, I have to ask, how many of you wear what I call the "bra strap" headbands? You know what I mean, the rubber band like headbands most athletic girls  and sometimes guys wear. Often you see stars sporting them with big poofy hair. I love the LOOK but I can never get those damn things to stay on my head they always pull back and fall into my bun/ponytail and leave a huge dent where they were previously sitting. I've purchased plain ones, ones with rubber on the bottom - none will stay put. It's like the back of my head is too flat and it won't grip the back side of my head. In order to have them remotely work my hair has to be A) Dirty B) nappy or C) I have to wear the damn thing so close to my forehead I might as well not wear it at all - any tips/suggestions are very much appreciated.

But for now... here are some seriously inspiring headband finds I found while searching on etsy!

Seriously how cute is this crocheted headband? Almost as cute as that kiddo!
I have a big ass head, hopefully they make these in different sizes!

I really love these flowers that are popping up all over the place in fashion.

Feathers and Buttons - Yes Please!

And last but never least - I've been swooning over Taza's creations available at her Love, Taza store, almost as much as I've been drooling over her fur baby bulldog,  Kingsley for the past many weeks!!! (Miss M aka Banana - girl you MUST check this website out if you haven't, your babies and her baby need to have a face off for most adorable bullies ever!) If you haven't read Taza's blog you should check her out at The Rockstar Diaries - She currently lives in D.C. and every time I read I feel inspired by her words and images but it also makes me miss home, but in a good way. 

The following is my favorite of all her items for sale - which was hard to choose because they are all amazing!!! Note: She models all her creations - how cute is she? Best. Bangs. EVER!

via Love, Taza - Item is currently SOLD OUT

If you're a headband girl - where do you find your favorites? If you're not - tell me what's your must have bright colored "make me feel like Spring" accessory this year?
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March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

via google

First off - I'm not Irish. But I love St. Patrick's Day! (I'm also not Mexican, but I love Cinco De Mayo). That being said, I've had Irish in me - does that count? (No, that joke never gets old).

Obviously today is more than just wearing green, drinking green beer, and eating potatoes (which is what I do, and I'm aware that it's a very narrow minded way to think of a special Irish holiday, but again I'm not Irish, OR Catholic so, there ya go).

Usually M and I would celebrate this holiday by not only going out on the town and drinking lots of green beer but also a few too many shots of Jameson - we did this last year and let me tell you work the next day was ROUGH. This year we are on the "broke" end of the money scale and decided we'd just have some fun at home. This past Saturday we invited friends over not only for an MDA fund raiser, which went well, but also to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early. M and I were the only ones that were in on the whole St. Patty's day thing (wearing our favorite green gear and drinking Whiskey and beer) - however his brother, J did wear green and we all had a merry time together.  The boys watched Boondock Saints (absolutely LOVE that movie) and today, if money allows I have promised my part Irish boyfriend that I would purchase the second installment of this movie for our viewing pleasure tonight.

It will be a low key evening but I will be able to function well at work tomorrow AND I won't have to worry about pooping green turds for the next 4 days. TMI? Too bad you knew in reading my blog I will resort to poo humor, so deal. And yes, I already checked and we don't have any green food coloring in the house at this moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day - That Irish Eyes are smiling on you and that even if you aren't Irish like me you still enjoy a day of celebration. Raise your glasses and toast to St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland - and remember EAT BEFORE DRINKING GREEN BEER, OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER AND YOU WILL FEEL BETTER... But remember I'm not a doctor so you might not want to take that as gospel, because I'm not a preacher either!

How will you be spending this glorious holiday?

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March 15, 2010

daylight savings...

So the clocks went forward and all I have to say about that is... SUCK IT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! (Note: I'll enjoy the new time after work if the sun is shining this afternoon, but for now I'm moody, tired and this coffee isn't doing jack for me!).

Yay for Mondays.... not. I hope you ladies and gents are having good ones!

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March 10, 2010

R.I.P. Corey Haim

I am so, so sad to hear the news of Corey Haim's passing. Corey was my first, official, Hollywood crush. Sure I adored The Fonz, Bo Duke and I was obsessed with Burt Reynolds as the Bandit (or as anyone else in movies for that matter) but Corey stole my heart. When I was old enough to know what a REAL crush was, he was there. I remember spending hours talking on the phone and just staring at his poster. His crooked smile and his laugh in movies. I must have watched Lost Boys a million times, and it was one of the first movies I purchase on DVD once I wore out my VHS copy. (It was also the first rated R movie I was allowed to watch). Licensed to Drive - I'll never forget it I loved that movie.

I remember watching his recent reality series with Corey Feldman and just thinking, wow, how the mighty have fallen. It made me sad to watch his drug addiction spiraling out of control. If only Dr. Drew could have reached him, then again Corey would have had to be willing to go through rehab, again for what seemed like the millionth time.

via google • The Lost Boys
He still makes me swoon in this picture, and I'm so much older now.

I will remember you fondly Corey as the first Hollywood boy I crushed on. He was too young to die at age 38. Corey, your poster never came down no matter HOW many NKOTB posters started to flood my room. We will miss you, and I will probably watch Lost Boys tonight in your honor. I can't wait to hear you sing in the bath tub - that part always made me crack up.

Rest in Peace Corey.
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March 09, 2010

I'll be reading all summer...

I've already blogged about being really excited to have Chelsea Handler's third book, Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang coming out very soon - but now I'm twice as stoked. In July my other favorite woman on the planet (besides all the peeps I already know and those I adore here in bloggsville), Olivia Munn is releasing a book. For those of you that don't know Olivia Munn is a host on G4's (video game network) Attack of the Show, as well as an aspiring actress in Hollywood. I'm not sure if she is still dating Chris Pine, the cutie still riding the wave of Star Trek fame, but they have been linked together and I must say they make a cute couple.

Her book will be released July 6th and in her words is a collection of stories from her life. This girl is funny, she always makes me laugh and has great delivery - I hope it translates well into written form. I assume it will be in short story form much like Chelsea's books and another favorite author of mine David Sedaris. If you've never watched Attack of the Show give a whirl. It's not about video games, it's actually more about pop culture, gadgets, fun things happening on the internet and sometimes, it's just a bit kooky. Olivia is a riot and plays off her co-host Kevin Pereira really well - he's also very funny.

I can't wait to hear Olivia tell Wonder Woman to Suck it! Wonder Woman is my favorite comic character - yes my nerd is showing.

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March 08, 2010

still pretty darn stoked... Confessions of a Princess.

Creation by MODG Sent from the Suri Heavens

I have to stay I'm still pretty damn excited that I was awarded the Confession Princess Award from the awesome chickie that runs Martinis or Diaper Genies aka MODG. Sure I had to give a big ole, red face making, confession of my young stupidity,  to earn it, but it was worth it. Not only is MODG's artwork awesome, and Suri adorable but helloooo she has laser eyes! Something I've always wanted - I think that MODG is psychic, fo' sho!

If you haven't been over to Amanda's blog, you really should stop by and check it out. She is so entertaining, IMO. And judging by the fact that my blog gets the most hits when I discuss Celebrity babies and poop, I think you all will be sure to enjoy her posts and be able to handle her humor.  I don't know how many weeks now I've been addicted to MODG's Confession Fridays but I'm glad I found them. Reading everyone's great confessions not only makes me laugh my ass off, but it also helps me get through that last part of the week. You know the rough parts where Happy Hour Thoughts alone won't do.

I wanted to say a formal Thank you to Amanda. Thank you girl - keep up the great work and keep those toilet pictures coming. I seriously wish you didn't live so far away, I'd probably do something even more worthy than my FDS stunt to hang with you even if just for one night. If it was Confession Friday Winning Material it would be worth it.

In other news - I'm not really happy that it's Monday and my allergies are acting up like crazy. That being said I am, however, totally happy that the high today is supposed to be an amazing 69 degrees! Has Spring finally sprung? M and I took Sausage Puppy AKA June for a walk twice this weekend and enjoyed the weather both downtown and around our neighborhood. We also took time to map out our plans for making our backyard not just pretty but party worthy and where we want to plant our garden very soon. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Another shout out - Head on over to Salt's blog - she's having not only a true moment of newlywed bliss (she's changing her name officially today) but it's also her birthday! GO SALTY, IT'S YO BIRFDAY!
via google • If only it were Sparkle Friday Girl it would be perfect!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. Hard to believe it's here already.

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March 05, 2010

fixation friday

I've found myself obsessing over silly things throughout my life. Remember The Muppet Show? Dukes of Hazard? Happy Days? NKOTB? Debbie Gibson? Corey Haim circa the Lost Boys Years? Sky high bangs and pinch rolled jeans? Pearl Jam and Flannel Shirts? Ladies Night at the local club where Ladies drink for $1.00, or better yet, FREE? Football? Stickers, and ponies, and Facebook? Blogger? Yes, I was obsessed with all of these things in my lifetime, plus many more. I thought what better way to get out all the pent up obsessions than to share them with everyone here. Don't worry I won't be boiling a rabbit or making strange dolls out of hair - I out grew that a long time ago. *crazy eyes* Then I thought what could make this even better, hmmm, I know, why not make it a weekly/bi-weekly thing. I don't consider myself a very obsessive person but often times if I come across something I really like or admire, it's hard to get my mind off of it. This happens more often than not with things such as food, or fashion, music or home interior design. Above all, food is the worst! I will think about said food item until I can actually eat some. Seriously - I once had a craving for a really good steak that lasted for 2 weeks until I finally ate steak. SO here goes. My obsessions, fixations and things I can't stop thinking about or get enough of.

Todays FRIDAY FIXATION: Maple Glazed Bacon Dipped Donuts.

Yes, you read that correctly. HELLO, NOM! Recently while watching an episode of  The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network I discovered these beauties. This show sits down the channel's culinary celebrities and interviews them about the best food they ever ate, and where they ate it. I am usually left drooling by the time the show is over. This episode in particular was all about bacon. Now truth be told bacon is horrible for me to consume in large amounts, there is a big history of heart issues in my family, but I don't eat it often enough to really cause any serious damage. Seriously, its rare and if I purchase bacon for a recipe it lasts well past the date of freshness, we usually have to throw it out which I HATE doing so I tend to not buy it very often at all. I can't remember who talked about these donuts, and I can't remember where they said they got them (bakery in NYC is all I remember). But they looked amazing. Fresh donuts are dipped in a maple glaze and then dipped again into some fresh cooked, crispy bacon. This is a PMSer's dream. (Note: there is also cooked bacon worked into the batter for the donuts). I would probably die after eating one but the death would be SO sweet. I've found a few recipes on the internet and I'm tempted to try these for a party. Seriously, if I made them for M and I we'd eat them all, probably in one sitting. These same donuts were mentioned again recently by someone else on television so I know they are coming more and more common. I haven't found anywhere around here that sells them. We only have KILL ME KREME available here and to be honest I'm just not a huge fan of the krispies. Although... they are now offering Banana Donuts for a limited time so I might have to get over my issue with them! I'm a sucker for bananas, even though they make my mouth itch.

So there you go, my Friday Fixation. A Homer Simpson worthy obsession. Hopefully I won't think about these for 2 weeks and be upset anytime I try to cure my craving with non-bacon maple donuts.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
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