May 30, 2014

A Night With Pearl Jam


I'm not trying to brag, but I'm going to go ahead and brag. My husband rocks. The week before our 3rd Wedding Anniversary he and I will be heading to Memphis for the evening to see Pearl Jam!!! I'm so stoked. Mike is a Ten Club member, and put his name in the running for either Pit General Admission, or Reserved Seating lotteries. After a few long days of watching our chances, we finally got the information that we had indeed won PIT AREA TICKETS!!!! I'm over the moon excited. This will be our second anniversary spent with the dudes of Pearl Jam - which is fitting since we indeed share the same anniversary as they do, as a band.

I hope we can worm our way close enough to snag a swig of Eddie's wine that he so often shares with the crowd. And/or maybe snag a drum stick, or even a guitar pic, but the most important thing is that I will be there with my husband, who's the biggest Pearl Jam fan I know, and swaying to the music of one of my all time favorite bands, ever. Bonus, Mike's Aunt and Uncle are going to try to snag tickets and come hang with us all the way from Cali for the show! SCORE!

The only other show I'd rather be at, vs. this one, would be their 10/22 Anniversary show in Denver, Colorado. As I said, that is our anniversary too and that would have been epic! However, seeing as how we just purchased a new home (more on that later), and have to be responsible adults, we opted for going to a date closer to home. Our other idea was Austin City Limits where PJ will headline both weekends, BUT... again, being responsible and lucky, having PJ come to the South is really a treat, they don't get down this way often.

SO I'm anxious for October but I'm going to try not to rush the summer!!! I'm still waiting to hear about Music Midtown this year, and ComicCon line-ups. Yes ladies n' gents I'm a big ole' music and pop culture geek!
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May 15, 2014


I tried to post this on my tumblr account, because it seemed more fitting than posting it here but tumblr is being fickle right now so here goes...

I'm obsessed with two CW network TV shows. Two of many TV shows that I watch on the regular but I really feel like the CW is knocking it out of the park with Supernatural and even more recently with Arrow. And with the announcement that they picked up The Flash for this Fall I have a feeling CW is going to see a whole lot of obsessing from this girl right here.

This little photo made my day - it's cast members from both shows, along with Vampire Diaries cast members tossed in, Add in John Barrowman (who's instagram feed this is from, He plays Malcolm Merlin on Arrow and formerly Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who and Torchwood fame) and you have a huge nerded out grin on my face! Sorry Ellen D. I like this group selfie better, it may not crash twitter but it's awesome, to me.


That is all! Happy Thursday!
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