June 30, 2010

gifts from the kitchen are gifts from the heart.

I've always been a firm believer that if you feed someone's belly you also feed their soul. My mother always filled me up with the most delicious food growing up. From her great Charlie Brown Cookies to her savory Chicken and Waffles {made with gravy, not syrup, the Pennsylvania Dutch way}, I was always filled to the brim with love and good food. I miss my mother's cooking, almost as much as I miss her.

When I first moved here to Alabama and started working for my current job/company. I befriended one of our customers quickly. She is an amazing woman who currently runs a therapy center for children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It's an amazing concept and charity. Children helping other children cope with the loss of someone dear to their heart. Even before losing my mother I'd get a bit misty eyed putting together their brochures or print projects. My heart ached for these young children, I couldn't imagine what they were going through. Equally as amazing they also hold sessions at the center for teens and adults coping with the same issues. Usually the classes are for parents/ of the legal guardians of the children coping with death, but they also have help sessions for older family members that need a way to vent. I always thought this would be particularly important for a parent who was left alone as a single parent.

After the passing of my mother I often thought about going to this center and volunteering my time. I thought for sure this would be the way to help me work through my own issues with loss, but I also feared it might make things worse. Not for me personally, but for the children. I worried that me not giving 100% of my heart into this because it was still broken would hinder the children I worked with and their progress. This feeling lasted for two years. This is how long it's been since my mother passed away. I still have bad days, I'm sure I always will but for the first time, in a long time I can speak of my mother with a smile and not get too choked up and start to cry. I've also finally crossed over to being able to listen to Jimmy Buffett (her favorite), and Ozzy Osborne's "Momma I'm Coming Home" without breaking down.  My mother was a wonderful woman and deserves ever ounce of praise she receives. I always beam when Mike speaks of her and his initial meeting with her as well as other meetings they had while she was still with us. He recalls her fondly and it feels so good knowing others that share my thoughts on my mom. Now that I feel better I often contemplate going to help out not only these children but also the wonderful woman, K who runs the center.

K is the most special and most kind and giving, as well as selfless person I've ever met. She's always smiling and telling jokes and making your heart feel whole and warm. I've never experienced such a consistently thankful soul. I've never had an interaction with her that didn't involve a big hug.

Today much like other days K came bearing hugs, jokes and a gift. She often times brings me a little something just to say she is thankful for all my help with her center (I design a lot of items and we print a lot for her). Usually it's a small bag of chocolate, or often times a few fun sized candy bars. Other times it's a small little stuffed animal. I currently keep a cute little tie-dyed beanie bear on my desk complete with a rainbow peace sign that she gave me shortly before my mom passed. It reminds me that even in your lowest hour there is good out there and it makes me smile.  Today's gift was awesome, K brought me some of her husbands homemade pickles. I love homemade gifts. I often dream of my grandmother's sweet pickles, they were amazing and for years her pickles the ONLY type of pickle I would eat. Dills be damned it was all about Gram's sweet pickles!  Word on the street here is that K's husbands pickles are amazing so I can't wait to get home and try them.

I also received some fresh cucumbers from a co-worker who's garden is blooming in full force and Mike also received a huge zucchini from his office manager. We started our own garden this spring so we could feel better about all the produce we hoped to purchase and eat, we wanted to go green, buy local and eat better. But getting bounty from others is such a heart warming treat, and a great way to continue this trend we started.

I hope to one day learn to make my own pickles, jams, relish, or other goods but for now I'll enjoy eating the fruits of someone else's labor and smiling at my fully belly and completely happy heart.

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June 29, 2010

tickled tuesday: fonts

If you aren't a graphic designer you may not enjoy today's Tickled Tuesday, Font Edition as much as I did. Mike passed this on to me last Friday and I laughed my butt off. Yes it's all about fonts and typography. The awesomesauce that is cracked.com has put together this great entry all about my beloved fonts. I have a strong passion for typography so this was right up my alley. That being said yes, I do hate Comic Sans, with a passion as well as many of the other fonts they've listed. So here goes, sit back and enjoy FONTS CRACKED.COM STYLE

If fonts aren't your style I'm sorry. I'll try harder in two weeks to come up with something more universal for us all. Why two weeks? I'm going on vacation this Friday for an entire week and I can't wait. Sorry to leave you all dangling but with the bounty of awesome blogs I know you won't be bored at all.
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June 25, 2010

fixation friday: unconventional crushes

I bet you're thinking "Holy crap she's blogging!" to which I would reply to you, "I KNOW!" Sorry it's been so long lovelies!

Today's fixation is just like the title reads, Unconventional Crushes. What I mean by this is that often times I have crushes on celebrities or in the past on men I actually knew who didn't really fit the standard set by society to be "crush worthy". Not to be confused with sponge worthy. We all have this happen right? NO? Are you saying you only lust after hotties? Well I can honestly say with all my heart that I to only lust over hotties, or at least what I think is hot. It's a matter of opinion clearly. 

I personally call these my unconventional crushes because I'm pretty sure most of you won't agree with me on all of them, or any of them for that matter. Some of you will probably think - "WTF? Kelly what is wrong with you?" Others will say "Right on sister!" - to those that agree I'm glad to know you do. Those who don't to each his own, these are my dreams don't crush 'em! Ya heard?

We can all mostly agree that men like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, VINCE "OH HOW I LOVE YOU" VAUGHN, Ben Afleck, Matt Damon, my personal favorite Ryan Reynolds (yummmm) and Paul Rudd (ADORE HIM) are all pretty darn attractive right? However I'll be the first to say I like Brad Pitt a la 12 Monkeys vs. Meet Joe Black. I love when Brad is twisted or crazy like when he portrayed Tyler in Fight Club vs. being all pretty and swoon worthy in say the movie with the river when his hair is long - I can't remember the title because frankly I never sat through it. I'm strange like that. Then again you all knew that considering I lust over men like Johnny Knoxville and don't get me started on Burt Reynolds circa 1970-80 something ME-OW!

Unconventional Crush #1: Johnny Knoxville
via bing • I like him better sipping whiskey

Oh how I love Johnny! Yes, he's older now, he's still scrawny and yes he's got a bit of a Peter Pan Complex going on but I can't help but dig that about him. I too have a Peter Pan Complex. I want to live happily ever after and never grow up. I even stated that as my future under my senior picture in my 1994 yearbook - so far, so good!

Unconventional Crush #2: Burt Freaking Reynolds Circa 1970 something
via bing • Why do you wear that hat?

Ahh Burt Reynolds. My crush started early. While most girls were busy dreaming of being horse trainers or doctors I only wanted to be one thing - Bandit's side kick in the blocker Trans-Am (Lucky ass Sally Fields - she dated him too!) or a Truck Driver hauling 400 cases of illegal brew across statelines. I was smitten with his smile and that 'stache. I still am. When my mom found out my dreams of being a bootlegger and or a truck driver or a side car floozy she forbid me to watch any more Smokey and the Bandit until I was older. I never forgot old Burt. After many years I decided to start watching his old movies again and I still love them. Hooper, The Longest Yard and I even braved watching Deliverance. I must warn you if you haven't seen this movie in it's entirety you may want to stay in your happy place and never watch it. I literally felt physically ill after watching it. If it wasn't for Burt, even though he was sans mustache, I wouldn't have made it through. I'll never laugh at "Let me hear you squeal like a pig boy!" the same way again. *shudder*

Unconventional Crush #3: Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
via bing • So young and so amazing!

Now granted this is an older image - he's still just as handsome to me. Anthony changed my perception of men with long hair. Up until discovering the Chili Peppers in high school I had always turned up my nose to men with long hair. I just didn't like it. I blame that on NKOTB and their squeaky clean image. One listen to Mothers Milk and I was hooked on the RHCP. Anthony's hair was so fabulous I was actually jealous of him. I also blame him and the band for my wonder lust of tattoos and skin art. After purchasing Blood, Sugar, Sex Majik years ago I began obsessing about my first tattoo and eventually got it at age 18. His hair, his style, his voice all things I love. Most of all his child sports a name I thought was absolutely adorable Everly Bear - makes me melt. And you know me and my celebrity baby stalking. Anthony is the reason I watched Point Break as well - he and his band mate Flea make cameos in the film as surfer dudes. I will admit to you that when he chopped off his beautiful hair I cried inside. He still looked amazing but it just killed me - much like when Metallica cut their hair. Only Anthony didn't lose his balls when he cut his locks, unlike Metallica.


Unconventional Crush #4: Eddie Vedder
via bing • I just love this man

This is one huge thing that Mike and I have in common. Besides both loving Burt Reynolds we both adore Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Mike was a huge fan for years and in a way idolized Eddie. I can't think of a better idol personally. This man is amazingly talented and good looking and gives back to the world in so many ways. Anthony's long hair and music opened the door for me to discover Grunge music and men with long grungy hair. While I can't recall if I opened the door to Nirvana or Pearl Jam first I do know that Pearl Jam's Ten was in very, very heavy rotation in my car in HS. I burned through 2 different tapes of Ten before finally purchasing it on CD when I got a newer car with a CD player. His voice and his personality are golden and like I said he's one hell of a talent. I have to say to this day "Oceans" is still my all time favorite Pearl Jam song. They are still going strong and kicking and I love that! Eddie has had a few side projects of his own and I will admit to being head over heels for the movie Singles set in the mid 90's amidst the height of the grunge movement. Eddie and the guys from the band make an appearance as Matt Dillion's friends and band members of Citizen Dick. I still wish I could get a hold of a tshirt that said that. I've added one more image of Eddie for good measure. I'm amazed at how well he's aging. He surfs, he cares about the environment and he loves wine - maybe I need to start digging on some new hobbies. Maybe Surferwife will let me come to summer camp so she and her hubby can teach me how to ride the waves!
via bing • like a fine wine he only gets better with age.

Unconventional Crush #5: Dave Grohl

Sigh... ahhh Dave. Truth be told I never noticed him or cared for him in Nirvana. I thought he was an amazing drummer but I was blinded by Kurt's blue eyes and pain and I couldn't get past the drum set and the flailing hair to give Dave his dues. This man is mad talented, funny and enjoyable to watch perform. I adore the Foo Fighters and I'm digging his new projects as well. Between him and Eddie I'm not sure who I like better with shorter hair - it's a toss up.

Unconventional Crush #6: (should be #1) Zach Galifianakis
via bing • Obsessed is not the right word but it's the first that comes to mind.

I can't even being to explain how much I love this man. He's adorable, he's funny and I've been smitten since the moment I watched him in the movie Out Cold. If you only know him from The Hangover you haven't even begun to scratch the surface that is his comedic talent. I highly suggest renting his Comedy Central special if you can - HI-LARIOUS! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!

Unconventional Crush #7: Jack Black
via bing • I might have to fight his wife AND Rachel Ray for him

Not to be outdone by Zach, Mr. Black is a close close running mate contender for my unconventional crush o' meter. I love a man that can make me laugh and can make me feel comfortable with myself. I'm so happy Mike falls into this category. Jack Black cracks me up. I can rarely keep a straight face watching him! Him and Zach are tops in my book!

Note: I noticed that most of these men are scruffy and/or have facial hair - maybe there is some type of a trend? Mike has facial hair, but he has great hair on his head, he's totally into rock music, he's extremely artistic and creative and he's one of the funniest people I know, he treats me like a princess and makes me feel great about me and us all. the. time. Yep, there's a trend. Oddly enough in my opinion Mike is HOT in a very CONVENTIONAL type of way. That's the only difference. Oh yeah and HE'S MINE! Mega points for that.

This list is longer than expected so I 
will end with a few honorable mentions: 
Unconventional Crush 
via bing • You know I couldn't have NOT mentioned him

Adam Sandler (loveee), Jason Lee (He had me from the day I saw him playing in Mallrats), Jack White, I am a sucker for him I just love his music and his creativity. Also Seann William Scott (I hated him as Stiffler, ok I lie, I really loved his a-hole ways). I like the odd man out, it's just my style. I have a huge crush on Michael Cera, he's legal right? And I adore Justine JASON Bateman (I don't have a crush on Justine although I loved her in Family Ties). And last but never least... 

Unconventional Crush #8: Sarah Silverman
{unconventional, mostly because I'm not a lesbian}
via bing • get it girl!

This is unconventional because I'm straight and so is she but, I wanted to mention it anyway. Although for Sarah, Sandra Bullock or Tina Fey I'd totally think about batting for the other team. All three are awesome but most people think that Sarah is too brazen or over the top. I personally wish she lived next door because I want to be BFF's with her! Sarah I hate that they canceled your show on Comedy Central I miss you long time!

So who is your unconventional crush?
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June 21, 2010

summertime and the livin' is easy...

It's hard to believe today is the first day of summer. I was reminded of this when reading lovely Salt's tweet this morning. I guess it makes sense that the thermometer in my Jeep is currently reading 101, since it is in fact the first day of hell here in the South. My Jeeps thermometer isn't really very accurate - often times it will read 84 when it feels like 104 in the car and outside the car. I have black leather interior as well so I'm sure you all know how that feels on a HOT summer day. No me gusta!

All this bitching aside I really do enjoy the summer. It means grilling out,  longer days, long floats down the creek in our new kayaks and lots of fun with friends outdoors, when the weather permits.

Sadly this weather also means a lot of health concerns and worries. Neither Mike or myself have ever truly been affected by the weather here. We usually stay inside if it is hot or you know get dressed up, sweat a ton and bitch about the heat. Neither of us was very happy when his brother decided to get married in the dead heat of summer, outdoors two year ago. We survived but we were not pleased. All in all it was a great ceremony but way too hot for that shizz.

Currently we try to use the AC in the Jeep as little as possible. (Mostly because my Jeep is already a gas hog, it's a 4x4 with all time 4 wheel drive people, it sucks down some gas, add AC to that and it's just a mess). That being said days like today riding without air isn't an option. We leave it off during our morning commute. This morning it was a perfect 80 degrees while riding through downtown and not too humid. That didn't last at all.

I bring up health concerns because yesterday Mike suffered his first bout of heat exhaustion. I felt so horrible - I've never felt so helpless or seen him so helpless in all of our years together (going on 6 years this Fall). I finally got him feeling better after many doses of Gatorade and a cool shower but it freaked me out and it really freaked him out. When your boyfriend tells you to call his mother to ask her what to do, you know he's worried. He was mowing the lawn when it hit him. He's done the lawn a million times but I guess the heat was just too much yesterday. I urge any of you that like to run, or workout or be in the sun all day outdoors to do your best to hydrate yourself and try to take shade cover when you can.

I've had my share of times that I thought might have had heat exhaustion. Once when living in Ft. Lauderdale I took a day trip to the beach on my own and stayed out too long in the sun - while walking back to my Jeep {different jeep, yes, I'm a jeep girl} I started to feel faint - thankfully I made it to the vehicle but my vision was blurred and I felt sick. After sitting in the AC for 20 minutes I finally felt better and went home but I was wiped out for the rest of the day. Mike was extremely ill yesterday and just truly should have stayed in bed but we had to do Father's Day things with his family. He was a trooper but the look on his face read, please take me home the entire time.

All I can say is the summer heat is no joke. And I hope that he will get to feeling better soon. I've offered to finish the yard for him and when we go floating down the creek this weekend (if we go, depending on how he feels) it will be with water and gatorade only, no beer this time kids!

I hope you all had a great weekend and gave your father's lots of love and to those of you that are fathers I hope you enjoyed the day with your family and friends!!!


Side note: Miss I LOVE SPF over here ended up getting a sun burn on her legs while out on the creek this weekend - trust me no one is more disappointed than I am. SHAME ON ME FOR NOT REAPPLYING!

In other news I won my first giveaway and I'm SO floored and excited!!! I never win anything!

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June 16, 2010

working on my fitness: P90X update

Before I even start yes the whole !#@% means to add your favorite cuss word there. It's fun isn't it? Yep, I'm still at that point, maybe toward the end I can make it into a smiley face or maybe even I :big puffy heart: Tony. For now my favorite !#@% word will have to do. Said as P90FUDGINGX. As of this moment, I don't have a ton of progress to report about P90X but I promised that I would do periodic updates, so here goes. When and if you get sick of these updates just let me know.

It was officially two weeks yesterday that I started the program. I feel great. The first week was rough. I was sore, I was tired and I just wasn't sure if I could do this. They always say in the videos "Do your best and forget the rest". This really does make you feel better when you have little confidence in your fitness abilities. Fast forward to last week the workouts have not gotten any easier but I feel like I'm finally getting my sea legs up to speed. I still get lost with certain moves and I still have a few issues finishing all the reps, especially in the lunge department but the bottom line is, I'm seeing improvements in my hand eye coordination throughout the day as well as improvement in my posture. Could it really be that my chubby neck was all due to me hunching over? I hope that wasn't all of it. I hope that the few pounds I have lost so far are also a result of that. I'm standing taller and feeling better about me so that's a win/win in my opinion.

My jeans are already fitting differently which a few of you warned me would happen quickly. To most of my friends back home that haven't seen me in a while they might not notice but Mike has already commented that he noticed my jeans aren't fitting as well as they used to. {They aren't as tight in the butt or thighs}. I couldn't be more over the moon about this. I'm also excited to noticed that my lovely back fat seems to be slipping a way. Oh it's still hanging out, but there is much less of it - can we say HELL YES!

A few people have told me the diet was hard but I'm actually enjoying it. I'm shocked how much I get to eat. I feel like I'm eating more now than I ever did in the past and maybe that was part of my weight loss hang up. Ok that and cheeseburgers and fries, and sweets. I snuck in a piece of candy today (lifesaver) and after I ate it I felt gross. It's only been 2 weeks can my body actually be making a change now from only 2 weeks of good, healthy eating? I'm also happy that the most sinful thing I've actually been craving is fruit. I'm only allowed one serving of fruit a day. That is usually sucked up by the first meal of the day (protein shake with banana). There are worse things I could be dying to eat and I really think that the protein shakes and bars have curbed that desire for chocolate. I survived my first battle with PMS and passed with flying colors, but I think the bars had some serious play in that battle vs. my actual willpower.

This literally makes me almost pants every time I see it!!
Oh Chris how I miss you so. 
No worries Adam you're still my all time favorite!
"Lay off me I'm starving!!!!"

I am going on vacation for the July 4th week. I'm looking forward to my week at home with family and friends. It will be an off week for me from P90X. I hated to do this right before the start of my 2nd phase of P90X but I feel like I will be active enough during that week to not do serious damage to my progress. Mike and I plan to site see, do a lot of walking with June and not be stationary for long while we are there. I won't be doing the P90X workout at my father's house where we will be staying, but I plan to do my best eating and only indulging a few times while I'm there. Oddly enough the stuff I'm craving the most is actually on my p90x diet. Seafood is huge on the top of my list of must haves when I get home as well as a huge juicy prime rib from my favorite place to dine. Other than that I'm not craving anything other than good times with my friends. I thought for sure when I started this diet I'd die without pasta. I tried to do South Beach years ago and failed miserably. I did a total Linda Blair at least twice a week and I didn't even make it through the whole first 2 weeks. I miss my noodles but not as much as I thought I would. *Fingers crossed* I can stick with it.

I've noticed small leaps in my muscle definition and I'm already starting to feel better in my current wardrobe. Not 100% awesome but much better than I did before. Seeing results starting to happen so quickly is what is rewarding. I'm not starving, I'm working out and becoming stronger and it feels great.

I doubt I will ever learn to love the Ab Ripper X workout that thing kills me everyday that I have to do it but when the results become more evident I'll be over the moon. The Yoga workout is still my favorite a long with the arm, back and shoulder workouts. I always thought I had really wimpy arms and no strength this has shown me otherwise.

So there you have it. Tuesday was the beginning of Week 3 for me, I can't believe it's gone by this fast already. I've noticed that the biggest health benefit I gained immediately was a great nights rest. I haven't slept this great in a long time. All my stress from the day melts away the minute I put in the DVD to workout. By the time I get to bed I know that I have everything figured out for the next day, my food, my clothes, etc. I'm able to lay my head down and sleep like a baby and I love it! {I'm also exhausted sometimes so yeah after a good workout that helps too}.

My first goal that I had set for myself in starting this program was to feel confident in a tank top by the end of the summer {I hate my upper arms}, if all goes well I will make that goal no problem. My other goal was to start pulling out old jeans from storage bins in my closet to wear. I have never been one to hold on to old clothing but most of these jeans are from my mid 20's, most are still in perfect if not new with tag on condition and I plan to rock them all. I also plan to reward myself with a job well done with new shirts and other treats but for now the reward of loving my arms in a tank top is #1 for me. And yes coughmeredithcough, soon I will think about a swimsuit and officially treat myself to a new one when I get to that point!

If you're still with me - thank you for reading. I will try not to let this become a P90X blah-fest but since most of you asked, I thought I would keep you posted.

Thanks for the support! And lots and lots of love to Shandal aka my coach. Thank you for your patience and for helping me in this journey girl!

Sidenote: Last night Mike and I had dinner with his younger brother {JO} and girlfriend {B} (Mike is one of 4 boys and 2 girls in his family) and B said she could already tell I was losing weight. This made me feel amazing! It's only been two full weeks and 1 day into week three, so that's saying something.

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June 14, 2010

where my hoes at?

I mean no disrespect I am simply wanting to find out where my hoes at. As in my hoe cake. Any of you have any idea what I'm talking about? If you do, I'm floored. Because until a few weeks ago I would have thought you were talking about a hoochie girls hoo-ha.

I had never heard of hoe cake. It's hard for me to describe or compare this delicious treat to anything I've eaten before but if you can imagine a light and fluffy cake with a crispy, crusty bottom that's a bit like a biscuit (or cornbread if you use cornmeal), then you can imagine the flavor and texture of a hoe cake. The image above is actually the bottom of the cake, flipped to be the top because let's face it the crispy party is the best. Check out the Southern Plate's recipe here her's is very close to the one I've tasted.

I was introduced to this marvel the day before I started my P90X journey. Memorial Day morning our friend AK called and invited us to breakfast. She was cooking hoe cakes and chocolate gravy. Those of you that are from the South probably had chocolate gravy as a staple in your weekend breakfast routine, I myself had never had it until this past year. Yes I've lived here for over 5 years, and I've never had chocolate gravy until this year, it's so sad. It's basically like hot chocolate pudding and it's pretty freaking amazing. Add it to a hoe cake and it's a bit of alright! AK makes hers in a cast iron skillet (I so want one of these) and it is magical. She also used buttermilk which I think gave it a nice extra zing. Needless to say this type of food and all the goodies available here in the South are the main reason I need P90X in the first place. Trust me if you've had good down home Southern cooking you'd totally understand.

Now I know that this kind of food is not on my diet but I couldn't help but talk about it. I was also curious to see how in the dark I am and how many of you may have enjoyed a hoe cake before. If you have never tried it and get a bit grossed out by the whole aspect of shortening and how much is used, I urge you to indulge just once to say you did. The name alone sold me. Apparently years ago settlers made these cakes over the fire on the back of a garden hoe, hence the name hoe cake. Or at least that is what AK told me and she knows her shizz so I believed her.

I promise this will not be a regular thing that I eat, I'd die I'm sure. But I figured the healthiest way to obsess about bad food right now would be to write about it, not eat it. Right? Trust me, like Southern Plate says, if you love biscuits, you'll love this cake!

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June 11, 2010

fixation friday: it's not all about me

Today's fixation friday reflects me in a way, but more so it reflects you, my readers. I've started to notice in my blog history a certain trend. I love getting comments they give me the warm fuzzies all over and I've realized that the posts that cause the most conversations are the ones about bodily functions, female sanitary itemsgood old stoner tendencies or when I go celebrity baby stalking.

What does that say about me? What does that say about YOU? I will say ladies, because with the exception of a few of my readers most of you are ladies (Big UPs to the mens who read, I'm happy you're here and still hanging after all the rag talk). Seriously, What's up with us? Is it just that I'm THAT brazen to discuss such things that you feel open to share your own opinions and stories, or is it really that we are a dick and fart joke type generation. I like to think it's both. I'm never above a great joke about dookie, let's face it I've always got sh#t on my mind.

via google • I used to love this CD
"Don't Stop Get it, Get it"
Yes I know it's inappropriate, but that's why you like me right?

And let's be real, girl issues or anything like that tends to be pure comedy gold. I try my best to take the high road but seeing as the trend is that you gals like to chat more when I take the low road, I'm not so sure I want to stop.

via google
Because quitting is not an option I will be ignoring this sign

Trust me I'm not downing you, my loyal readers in this post. Not one bit. I'm actually really happy to see I'm not the only girl that can be a lady when it's needed and let loose when it's not. So cheers to all you women and men that enjoy a good poop joke from time to time and or a great story about tampon wonders. I salute you and your metaphorical balls or your real ones.

via google
Yep and I'm full of it... PASSION that is!

It's FRIDAYYYYYY everyone. It's time to party. I hope you all have great weekend plans. I am laying low this weekend P90Xing my heart out and cleaning the darn house - seriously the pile of laundry is taking on it's own identity... I shall call him Milen.

Enjoy the weekend lovelies and thanks for sticking with me through the thick and thin and even the times when you need boots because the shizz gets so deep! ox

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June 10, 2010

help me obi, help, help me obi!

"Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!"
Star Wars Famiy Guy Style • via Insanity540's Blog

Oh if I could only call on Obi Wan to help me out, then I might be able to be in 10 different places at once! I have been so swamped at work and at home that I haven't had time to blog. Yes this is the second installment of Kelly makes excuses for not being active here at D2BD. Add to that trying to keep up with my workouts, keep the house looking OK and trying to catch up on all the finales of my favorite tv shows {Glee made me cry like a baby} - I've been a bit covered up. 

I'm hoping with the next coming weeks that will all change and things will even out. That I will get used to my schedule or at least learn to get up earlier and make more hours in each day. I am so thankful to have a helpful boyfriend. Mike has been great about cleaning up the kitchen and cooking meals, doing odds and ends around the house and his usual house work. I know he gets a bit impatient waiting for me to finish my workouts before I can make dinner so it's nice that he's been taking over in the department a bit. He's never expected me to cook everything I just sort of became the kitchen queen wanting to cook each night once I realized I had a talent for it. Preparing meals and cooking relaxes me and calms me. It's also an activity that allows me to focus on one thing at a time, ok maybe two if I'm boiling noodles - and that puts me in a zen state. All day long at work I multi-task and my brain never stops going. I can't even sit for long and watch one show, I have to channel surf, it's horrible. A few times in the past two weeks he's asked if I've wanted him to start cooking and I've pouted NO, that I wanted to do it. I miss cooking each night but truth be told no one wants to eat after 8:00 p.m., am I right? So I've surrendered and in the end I win because all the meals he's prepared since I started my working out have been amazing!

The house is a series of clean rooms and hell holes. Laundry is piling up, but it does that all the time. However it seems worse now due to my use of workout clothing. Getting healthy really is an over all commitment. Not only do I have to eat better with P90X (and a lot!), I have to be sure that I have workout gear, clean socks, I have to make sure that I have time to do that etc. Meanwhile I leave all you lovelies hanging (I'm sure you've been beside yourselves haven't you?). I often feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.

All that being said I have a few things each day that I won't change, things I don't want to miss out on doing each day. I enjoy having a few moments in the AM to talk to my pets. They always greet me with happy tail wags or a few rubs on my shin. It's a great way to wake up. I won't stop giving Mike morning kisses or morning hugs. I refuse to rush through my routine of getting ready, so I've stopped getting online in the morning. I used to waste a lot of time each AM reading email or browsing websites and then realized I'd have so much more time for breakfast, shower, hair, make-up, personal time with the "kids" and Mike if I would just walk away from the damn computer. So far, so good. At night I won't give up having a good meal, and now it's an even healthier meal. I won't let go of working out obviously, or showering, or having time with Mike before we fall asleep. Our front porch happy hours have been put on hold after work on Fridays due to my P90X Yoga nights. And I do miss them - I hope to have them back soon, or at least when my work-out sessions switch up. Our Happy Hour has turned into relaxing hour, if it's not too hot, after I finish yoga on the front porch. {Say that three times fast}. I also refuse to stop getting in bed every night at 10:00 p.m. I don't usually fall asleep that early, but I have to make it in bed to unwind and watch Chelsea!

Chelsea & Chuy - How I love them so! • via google

Chelsea and crew always leave me laughing and smiling before I go to bed. I need that each night. Laughing added to my daily workouts has equaled amazing stress relievers! Every day ends with a goodnight kiss from Mike and my dog June taking up too much of the bed and my cat Angus weighing me down as he sleeps on my hip, all. night. LONG! Life is good, I can't complain. Well I could but the only thing I'd ask for is more time.

So I hope you all will understand that I will try my best to keep up with my witty chats and blog posts. I've been trying to keep up with all of yours more than I have been writing my own. I know you are all a buzz about the new Twilight movie and excited about Heather McDonald's new book as well as many of you are starting your summer vacations and doing amazing things. Thank you for keeping me posted on all you're doing and making my down time when I do sit in front of the computer enriching and for making me smile! You ladies and gents are the best and I'm so happy to get time to see into a small window of your lives every day {not in a stalker way sickos!}.

I've officially started my life commitment to get healthy. This commitment started a few months ago, but I only got serious about it 2 weeks ago and I had NO idea how freaking much it would consume me. But I'm loving it. With every sore muscle group I know I'm making progress, with ever little bit the needle drops on the scale I know I'm making progress, with the little tweaks in my clothing, I know I'm making progress so all of this is positive for me. The only down side is losing out on some time doing stuff I used to love. I think I need one of those treadmill desks, then I'd be cooking!
seriously? I think I want this • via google

Thank goodness for DVRs, that's all I'm going to say about that! So who's ready for Next Food Network Star and HGTV'S Next Design Star? I'm SO excited! I already have a favorite for the Next Food Star.

I promise to be back more often AND to write about more than just my fixations (especially the ones I'm having with P90X right now). Girl Scouts Honor!

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves! I will definitely have to get into a post about kayaking ASAP. And I hope to bring back some more recipes I've been slacking on that too - but to be honest we've been cooking the same old shizz for the past few months and nothing new has come up... Until now, maybe I can do some light cooking recipes to share with the gang.

Be Back Soon Loves!

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June 04, 2010

fixation friday: muscles

This Friday's Fixation is all about MUSCLES. As in I want them, I love them and I have them but they are not in tight form yet and are all seriously sore.
{I have a way better rack than this guy does}
via bing

Pretty much every muscle in this diagram from the waist down hurts. Seriously touch my leg and I might kick you, if I could. I can't stand up quickly, I can't walk correctly, it's more of a hobbit hobble, and don't even get me started on trying to use the restroom. Once I'm down on the toilet it's a trial to get back up. I feel like I'm 80, but I promise you I won't discuss my B.M.'s at great length to you, unless you want me to. Why do I always end up talking about bodily functions with you peeps?

The fronts of my legs are killing me. I have yet to discover if I'm doing something totally right with P90X or completely wrong. It's not true pain it's just true aching muscles. Only time will tell. This is only day 4, I hope this gets better. My arms feel great, they are definitely in the "good burn" category or the "good after workout sore" as are my abs, the legs I'm not so sure about.

Tonight is the Yoga X workout for P90X. I've never attempted to do yoga before, but my girl Salt is a seasoned vet when it comes to balance and all that jazz and I trust her taste because helloooo it's awesome. Let's hope I can survive. I know it won't be a walk in the park considering the letter X is attached to it, but I'm hoping it will stretch me out and relax me.

Do you have big weekend plans? Mike and I are planning on hitting up the creek again with our new kayaks, I really hope it happens or I know I will have one grumpy boyfriend on my hands. I hate when he's disappointed. I may or may not hit up the theater for SATC2 but honestly my thoughts are more on Get Him To the Greek. It's a tough toss up.

Happy Weekend Everyone! And if you happen to have a great cure for extremely sore muscles let a sister know. I'm on my way to the health food store to find a recovery drink after work, I hope it helps.

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June 03, 2010

homegirl has been busy, son!

I've been so busy I can't even focus on anything more than tweeting on a daily basis. Work has been crazy, being at home has busy, busy and all around I just haven't gotten time to sit down and blog, let alone breathe {without wincing, more on that later}.
So here goes - a play by play of all the things I got to do on Memorial Day weekend and a list of the things I didn't do.

  • Friday night: Front Porch Happy Hour w/ Mike and our pets 
  • Friday night: Grilled Steaks they were ah-may-zingggg!
  • Friday night: Watched Valentine's Day after dinner {didn't love it, didn't hate it}
  • Turned in fairly early on Friday night
  • Saturday afternoon: Helped one of our Bffffff's G move in with his girlfriend S. This was the first time I met her, very sweet, very into Twilight {so we had to find other things to talk about thankfully she likes celebrity gossip and we could discuss our boys and why we love them so much *moosh*}
  • Saturday night: G & S treated us to dinner. Originally I wanted Hooters in the worst way, but I had to settle for TGIFriday's because Hooters was packed due to the UFC fight they were airing on pay-per-view. GRRR! Can't a girl get spicy hot wings when she wants them?!
  • Sunday morning: Prepared everything for our canoe/kayak trip
  • Sunday afternoon: WATCHED IT DOWN POUR!!!
  • Sunday afternoon/evening: Commenced to drinking, while watching MTV's Real Life: I'm an Alcoholic (I know it's wrong on SO many levels, what was worse I laughed during the entire episode). While hanging out with everyone who was supposed to go floating down the creek with us that evening, I cleared out what was left of our liquor stash and had a vodka/rum/frozen fruity drink free for all, and we ALL enjoyed them. Had good times and great convos with our buddies. We ate great food {Memorial Day means Grilling!} and enjoyed each others laughs and company until the wee hours of the AM. Or at least they did. {see next item}.
  • Sunday Evening: I  said goodnight to my guests and passed out at 12 midnight. Mike woke me up when he came to bed at 2 AM - apparently he passed out on the porch and AK & A (our friends) couldn't wake him up. Niceeeee! {disclaimer: we are a hot mess yes, but this doesn't happen every weekend, seriously... it doesn't!}
  • Monday Morning: Mike and I went shopping to get food for the grill out we were having that afternoon with his youngest brother and his father.
  • Monday Afternoon: Napped the day away. Seriously 2.5 hour nap. I haven't had one of those in a long time and it felt amazing!
  • Monday Evening: Dinner w/ Mike's family and relaxing evening.
  • ALL WEEKEND LONG: Stuffed my gills like I was a death row convict eating her final meal. Cheesecake, steaks, mac n' cheese, pasta salad, fried green beans, beer, liquor, you name it I tried to eat it. I am after all taking this P90X thing seriously and wanted to get it all out of my system before I started the program. Only thing I didn't get to eat were Hooters wings *pissed*!
  • I DIDN'T GET TO TEST OUT MY NEW KAYAK!!!! Mother nature decided that she wanted to douche all over our parade all damn day on Sunday!!! As soon as we called it a day and decided we'd have drinks and hang out for the afternoon, the skies opened up and the sun began to shine - THANKS MOTHER NATURE!
  • I didn't have to deal with my period this year! This is a positive notion! Every year for the past 3 years I've had to suffer through camping and canoeing on Memorial Day with my lovely Aunt Flo. Finally I get freedom from outdoor potty breaks, so it was a positive but a slap in the face when M.N. decided she wanted it to rain instead! Bitch!
  • I didn't go see SATC2 - I KNOW! I'm pissed too. I just didn't have the time. I should have went to the movies instead of napping but honestly the nap was what my body wanted/needed.
  • I didn't go bargain shopping because all of my money is currently tied up in healthy food and P90X items I've had to purchase for working out, as well as all the kayaking gear we purchased.
  • I didn't get any sun on my skin thanks to all the rain. This is a plus and a negative, I put on sunscreen when I got dressed  for kayaking so I had to feel gross and sticky all day long!!!
FINGERS CROSSED this weekend Mike and I will get to float down the creek on Saturday! Otherwise you might hear me screaming and crying from my small town of Alabama.

Tony currently haunts my dreams he's almost as tough as Chuck Norris
OK maybe not but he kicks my ass every time I put in a DVD!
via bing

P90X UPDATE: {I need a graphic of my own for this I think}

In other news: I started my P90X journey Tuesday night and all I can say is HOLY SH*T! What a work-out. But I'm pumped and stoked so here's to hoping I survive the rest of my 90 days and beyond! I won't be posting the before pictures until I make it to 30 days. They are WAY too embarrassing. But if I have noticed progress I'll feel so much better and not care about you all seeing my "girly man" physique.

The jury is still out on my opinion of Tony. One minute I want to punch his face in the next I want to hug him. I'm claiming that I just can't decide right now. One thing I will say is that his cheek bones freak me out. (The picture above doesn't show them, I think he's had surgery). That being said, he is a great motivator.

I've been following the P90X diet, and I'm so proud and happy that I really haven't been that horrible in my eating habits minus my treats listed above. I don't eat like I did this weekend all the time, I know better but just a few tweaks and close attention being paid to portion size I think I'll be a pro at the diet portion in no time. The hardest part for me is eating all I'm supposed to eat. You certainly don't starve on this system at all.

Now, mastering the workouts, that might take a lot more time! I've been suffering fighting through the work-outs so far. I have a lot of improvement and skill to gather up through this.  It hurts to stand, it hurts to sit, it hurts to reach for a pen, it hurts to do much of anything right now but I know the pain/burn is a good thing. After night 1 I could barely lift my tall glass of ice water to my mouth during dinner. Yes. it's that intense, and/or I'm that out of shape. I amazingly feel that I have ab muscles somewhere below the belly right now... I haven't felt that in forever. If you're doing this program let me know. Misery Happy loves company!

Big ups to Hutch, Kiera and my lovely coach Shandal for surviving through all this! Keep it up ladies, you inspire me! ox

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