June 25, 2010

fixation friday: unconventional crushes

I bet you're thinking "Holy crap she's blogging!" to which I would reply to you, "I KNOW!" Sorry it's been so long lovelies!

Today's fixation is just like the title reads, Unconventional Crushes. What I mean by this is that often times I have crushes on celebrities or in the past on men I actually knew who didn't really fit the standard set by society to be "crush worthy". Not to be confused with sponge worthy. We all have this happen right? NO? Are you saying you only lust after hotties? Well I can honestly say with all my heart that I to only lust over hotties, or at least what I think is hot. It's a matter of opinion clearly. 

I personally call these my unconventional crushes because I'm pretty sure most of you won't agree with me on all of them, or any of them for that matter. Some of you will probably think - "WTF? Kelly what is wrong with you?" Others will say "Right on sister!" - to those that agree I'm glad to know you do. Those who don't to each his own, these are my dreams don't crush 'em! Ya heard?

We can all mostly agree that men like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, VINCE "OH HOW I LOVE YOU" VAUGHN, Ben Afleck, Matt Damon, my personal favorite Ryan Reynolds (yummmm) and Paul Rudd (ADORE HIM) are all pretty darn attractive right? However I'll be the first to say I like Brad Pitt a la 12 Monkeys vs. Meet Joe Black. I love when Brad is twisted or crazy like when he portrayed Tyler in Fight Club vs. being all pretty and swoon worthy in say the movie with the river when his hair is long - I can't remember the title because frankly I never sat through it. I'm strange like that. Then again you all knew that considering I lust over men like Johnny Knoxville and don't get me started on Burt Reynolds circa 1970-80 something ME-OW!

Unconventional Crush #1: Johnny Knoxville
via bing • I like him better sipping whiskey

Oh how I love Johnny! Yes, he's older now, he's still scrawny and yes he's got a bit of a Peter Pan Complex going on but I can't help but dig that about him. I too have a Peter Pan Complex. I want to live happily ever after and never grow up. I even stated that as my future under my senior picture in my 1994 yearbook - so far, so good!

Unconventional Crush #2: Burt Freaking Reynolds Circa 1970 something
via bing • Why do you wear that hat?

Ahh Burt Reynolds. My crush started early. While most girls were busy dreaming of being horse trainers or doctors I only wanted to be one thing - Bandit's side kick in the blocker Trans-Am (Lucky ass Sally Fields - she dated him too!) or a Truck Driver hauling 400 cases of illegal brew across statelines. I was smitten with his smile and that 'stache. I still am. When my mom found out my dreams of being a bootlegger and or a truck driver or a side car floozy she forbid me to watch any more Smokey and the Bandit until I was older. I never forgot old Burt. After many years I decided to start watching his old movies again and I still love them. Hooper, The Longest Yard and I even braved watching Deliverance. I must warn you if you haven't seen this movie in it's entirety you may want to stay in your happy place and never watch it. I literally felt physically ill after watching it. If it wasn't for Burt, even though he was sans mustache, I wouldn't have made it through. I'll never laugh at "Let me hear you squeal like a pig boy!" the same way again. *shudder*

Unconventional Crush #3: Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
via bing • So young and so amazing!

Now granted this is an older image - he's still just as handsome to me. Anthony changed my perception of men with long hair. Up until discovering the Chili Peppers in high school I had always turned up my nose to men with long hair. I just didn't like it. I blame that on NKOTB and their squeaky clean image. One listen to Mothers Milk and I was hooked on the RHCP. Anthony's hair was so fabulous I was actually jealous of him. I also blame him and the band for my wonder lust of tattoos and skin art. After purchasing Blood, Sugar, Sex Majik years ago I began obsessing about my first tattoo and eventually got it at age 18. His hair, his style, his voice all things I love. Most of all his child sports a name I thought was absolutely adorable Everly Bear - makes me melt. And you know me and my celebrity baby stalking. Anthony is the reason I watched Point Break as well - he and his band mate Flea make cameos in the film as surfer dudes. I will admit to you that when he chopped off his beautiful hair I cried inside. He still looked amazing but it just killed me - much like when Metallica cut their hair. Only Anthony didn't lose his balls when he cut his locks, unlike Metallica.


Unconventional Crush #4: Eddie Vedder
via bing • I just love this man

This is one huge thing that Mike and I have in common. Besides both loving Burt Reynolds we both adore Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Mike was a huge fan for years and in a way idolized Eddie. I can't think of a better idol personally. This man is amazingly talented and good looking and gives back to the world in so many ways. Anthony's long hair and music opened the door for me to discover Grunge music and men with long grungy hair. While I can't recall if I opened the door to Nirvana or Pearl Jam first I do know that Pearl Jam's Ten was in very, very heavy rotation in my car in HS. I burned through 2 different tapes of Ten before finally purchasing it on CD when I got a newer car with a CD player. His voice and his personality are golden and like I said he's one hell of a talent. I have to say to this day "Oceans" is still my all time favorite Pearl Jam song. They are still going strong and kicking and I love that! Eddie has had a few side projects of his own and I will admit to being head over heels for the movie Singles set in the mid 90's amidst the height of the grunge movement. Eddie and the guys from the band make an appearance as Matt Dillion's friends and band members of Citizen Dick. I still wish I could get a hold of a tshirt that said that. I've added one more image of Eddie for good measure. I'm amazed at how well he's aging. He surfs, he cares about the environment and he loves wine - maybe I need to start digging on some new hobbies. Maybe Surferwife will let me come to summer camp so she and her hubby can teach me how to ride the waves!
via bing • like a fine wine he only gets better with age.

Unconventional Crush #5: Dave Grohl

Sigh... ahhh Dave. Truth be told I never noticed him or cared for him in Nirvana. I thought he was an amazing drummer but I was blinded by Kurt's blue eyes and pain and I couldn't get past the drum set and the flailing hair to give Dave his dues. This man is mad talented, funny and enjoyable to watch perform. I adore the Foo Fighters and I'm digging his new projects as well. Between him and Eddie I'm not sure who I like better with shorter hair - it's a toss up.

Unconventional Crush #6: (should be #1) Zach Galifianakis
via bing • Obsessed is not the right word but it's the first that comes to mind.

I can't even being to explain how much I love this man. He's adorable, he's funny and I've been smitten since the moment I watched him in the movie Out Cold. If you only know him from The Hangover you haven't even begun to scratch the surface that is his comedic talent. I highly suggest renting his Comedy Central special if you can - HI-LARIOUS! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!

Unconventional Crush #7: Jack Black
via bing • I might have to fight his wife AND Rachel Ray for him

Not to be outdone by Zach, Mr. Black is a close close running mate contender for my unconventional crush o' meter. I love a man that can make me laugh and can make me feel comfortable with myself. I'm so happy Mike falls into this category. Jack Black cracks me up. I can rarely keep a straight face watching him! Him and Zach are tops in my book!

Note: I noticed that most of these men are scruffy and/or have facial hair - maybe there is some type of a trend? Mike has facial hair, but he has great hair on his head, he's totally into rock music, he's extremely artistic and creative and he's one of the funniest people I know, he treats me like a princess and makes me feel great about me and us all. the. time. Yep, there's a trend. Oddly enough in my opinion Mike is HOT in a very CONVENTIONAL type of way. That's the only difference. Oh yeah and HE'S MINE! Mega points for that.

This list is longer than expected so I 
will end with a few honorable mentions: 
Unconventional Crush 
via bing • You know I couldn't have NOT mentioned him

Adam Sandler (loveee), Jason Lee (He had me from the day I saw him playing in Mallrats), Jack White, I am a sucker for him I just love his music and his creativity. Also Seann William Scott (I hated him as Stiffler, ok I lie, I really loved his a-hole ways). I like the odd man out, it's just my style. I have a huge crush on Michael Cera, he's legal right? And I adore Justine JASON Bateman (I don't have a crush on Justine although I loved her in Family Ties). And last but never least... 

Unconventional Crush #8: Sarah Silverman
{unconventional, mostly because I'm not a lesbian}
via bing • get it girl!

This is unconventional because I'm straight and so is she but, I wanted to mention it anyway. Although for Sarah, Sandra Bullock or Tina Fey I'd totally think about batting for the other team. All three are awesome but most people think that Sarah is too brazen or over the top. I personally wish she lived next door because I want to be BFF's with her! Sarah I hate that they canceled your show on Comedy Central I miss you long time!

So who is your unconventional crush?
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Shana said...

Oh I have quite a few of these myself. The first one that always comes to mind is Kid Rock. I know he looks like a dirty heroin addict, but there is something about him. I also like Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects. The guy seriously needs to eat a sandwich or too, but his voice is so amazing and his eyes are great too. I'm with you on Adam Sandler and Jack Black. I love guys who can make me laugh...lucky for J.

Oh and girl crushes...I have a huge one on Sandra Bullock.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Ahhhh I dig Mr. Sandler and Mr. Black (Helluuuuu "The Holiday")
Mine? I have a few but I adore Kevin James (Hitch, Mall Cop, The King of Queens) I am, after all a chubby chaser :)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Oh, let me add Sandra Bullock to the girl crush.

Kristen said...

I loved this post. I totally have a werid crush on Johnny Knoxville too, I think he looks a bit like Josh Duhamel only a little rougher.

Nicole said...

I want to marry Jack Black so I totally agree with you on that one. I have a crush on Dominic Monaghan (from LOST and Lord the Rings). I have a strange attraction to Jeff Goldblum. And there is something about Sam Rockwell that I find delicious. I'd also say Neil Patrick Harris because I'm totally not his type. And I loves me some pasty-white Jack White.

Kari said...

JACK BLACK! My long standing internet nickname is Tenacious Peaches. Obviously (or perhaps not), the first half is for the almighty Tenacious D. I want to dip him in gravy and sop him up with a biscuit.

My other crushes? My MO is fat, furry and funny. Jack is a the top of the list. Then there are Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost), Paul Giamatti and the aforementioned Zach Galifiwhatchamacallit. Love, love, love them!

Jessica said...

love love love Johnny Knoxville. I can't watch Jackass because it creeps me out and makes me gag but I just love him. hilarious and absolutely adorbs.


foxy said...

Oh man, I'm glad someone already said Kid Rock cuz he's on my list too. Also Prince... I know, opposite ends of the spectrum. I also like LOTS of yours... Knoxville, Galifianakis, Jack Black. I'm TOTALLY drawn in by the funny. :)

Happy friday - and happy weekend to you chica! Enjoy!

freckleonthenose said...

Tooootally agree with you on Jack Black and Zach G. There is just no underestimating the funny factor. Which is why I have a huge crush on Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, and Stephen Colbert. I was gonna throw in John Stewart, but I think he's more conventionally good-looking.

OH! I just remembered. My favorite is Vince Vaughn. Huge crush on Vince. Especially when he was a little on the pudgy side. Swoon.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I. LOVE. VINCE! But I think he's really a conventional good looks man - at least in my opinion. LOVE HIM!

MeredithDuck said...

I totally understand your love for Jack Black and Johnny Knoxville.

I'm in love with Zach Braff. And I've always had a thing for Brendan Fraser, even though he hasn't made a good movie since With Honors. And was that even good?

And Tina Fey or Sarah Silverman - heck yeah.

Anonymous said...

These are funny! I agree with you on Sandler, I've always had a thing for him!

I also have weirdo crushes on Simon Cowell, Tom Collichio, Bobby Flay, Hugh Laurie and Kevin Connolly. Can't explain any of them!

Burt Reynolds is a total stud though! He lives by my parents and we've actually run into him a few times in local restaurants--super nice guy!

Anonymous said...

PS-I think Vince Vaughn is a tool!!! Do you really like him?

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something regarding him (VV)

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

Love your crushes! :) My unconventional crush is Sean Connery. He is OLD now, but still hot. Love love love! LOL

Cathy said...

I'm in love with Clint Eastwood. Young or old he looks hot. I would probably die if I ever met him.

woman:confused said...

Your list is great! I would likely flirt with ANY of them - even sarah silverman, even though I'm not a lesbian either :D
Also, because I'm a bit, well... "off" i seem to get johnny knoxville and josh duhamel confused. I'm so thankful for google b/c I almost told you johnny was smokin' hot in person.
No, it's Josh. and OH MY GOD... *swoon*
thank you pretentious people for having an event at the Fontainbleau hotel when I was there!

SurferWife said...

Um. You do know why Eddie surfs, right? He is from my little town of Encinitas and went to my husband's high school. (A few years ahead of him).

I drive by the house he grew up in all the time.

Anonymous said...

We're so similar. I love me some rocker boys. A few of my unconventional crushes... Adam (duh!), Kid Rock, Bret Michaels, Ryan Seacrest (not gay!).

Anthony Kiedis and Johnny Knoxville are super sexy. I love Zach too because he's so damn funny. I cannot get on board with Jack Black though.

Meghan said...

Oh I love this post! I like to think that my crushes are all unconventional! I totally crush on James Gandolfini, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven and Hugh Laurie:)

Kate said...

So. Yeah. I love Stifler.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Meghan I love love love James Gandolfini. No one ever got it when I would talk about him during the Sopranos. I used to love Jeremy too but then he got a bit douche but if I watch PCU I swoon all over again!

ZDub said...

I am also oddly attracted to Johnny Knoxville despite the fact his real name is Philip Clapp.

And he looks like he smells like urine and cheese.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Z I think the urine and cheese part is what gets me oddly enough. He probably smells like stale beer too. His real name is like The Rocks really name... Dwayne Johnson it just doesn't fit!

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