March 26, 2013

you can't keep a good woman down.

Hey there folks! It's me, Kelly, back from the nearly dead.

OK maybe that's being a tad over dramatic, but I literally have been out of commission for what feels like forever {read 1 week}. I have lots to catch up on, blog topics to discuss but the funk just wouldn't let me bother with opening my laptop and getting shizz done.

The weekend before last was AMAZING here in North Alabama. The weather couldn't have been nicer. I'm talking 74 degrees. I'm talking total spring fever. Eating outside on the patio at Sonic (yes, we're just THAT classy). I'm sorry when a Cherry Limeade calls your name, sometimes you just have to listen, especially when it's lovely outside. I'm also talking, spring cleaning.

I woke up 2 Saturday's ago, in a cleaning fire. I got up, straightened the piles of dirty laundry and the piles on a chair of clean laundry. Truth be told when we have people over I usually don't clean up our bedroom, no one sees it. Now that a few of our friends have children though, I realize how "non-child friendly" our home truly is. As in there aren't many places to change a kid if they mess their bottoms. Realizing this I straightened up the bedroom - cleaned off the bed and moved on. Dusting happened, cleaning out cabinets happened, the fridge, freezer and pantry was cleaned. We literally had soup in the back of the pantry from 2008. I'm pretty sure we moved it with us from our old house and I never looked at the "use by date" - SICK!

Laundry was rocking, the house was getting cleaned I was on a roll. I even scrubbed the patio furniture with Mike's help. NO clue what got into me. Weeks before that you couldn't pay me to get off the couch.

We had plans for friends to come by and hang out. Have some drinks, it was after all St. Paddy's weekend. I wanted the house to look nice, but I wanted to deep clean it too. I even scrubbed the bathroom floor on all fours, took down the old shower curtain, and washed it and the liner, and put up a new vibrant curtain we received for our wedding, almost 2 years ago... EEP!

After shopping, making Mexican Dip (what? You don't eat Mexican dip on St. Paddy's Day?) and then chilling, we waited for friends to stop by. A few did, and we enjoyed the cool, but not freezing temperatures on the front porch. It was great. Sitting out there in a button down shirt, and flats, not a care in the world. Admiring our Bradford Pear tree, and it's lovely (but stank ass) blooms.

I had a bit of a tickle in my throat but chocked it up to allergies. After all the hills were alive with the sounds of buds blooming and pollen swaying in the breeze all day long, right? So I went to bed, after just drinking a few beers (not feeling it that night), which again should have been a red flag. And I slept until about I'd say at least 8 am.

That's when I felt like a hot mess. Throat was hurting, sneezing, headache, sniffling. I took some allergy meds, no dice. I was in denial all day that I was sick. Or that it was anything serious.

Thankfully our Sunday plans involved one thing - Watching The Boondock Saints to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It was perfect! [Fact, I like Norman Reedus before The Walking Dead was even a blip on the radar.] Watching this movie got me all fired up to want to visit Boston, again.

via // The Macmanus Brothers // The Boondock Saints

Monday came - I went to work, and went home 1/2 day. I was miserable. I had taken some DayQuil and one minute it helped, 20 minutes later I was hating life. SO much for the buzz it's supposed to give you.

I tried to sleep the afternoon away but between every siren in our area going off at once (accident?) and a thunderstorm rolling in, I couldn't sleep. I passed out for maybe 20 mins while Mike was home for lunch and the rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and doing laundry (for some reason I can't just SIT at home, even when sick). BLESS YOU NETFLIX! My pets took care of me and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. Bouts of feeling better, going to work, then worse, then medicating again, and on and on.

Somewhere around Wednesday, the funk hit Mike. I feel like it may have hit him harder than me. We went grocery shopping that night (yes we go together, I'm a lucky lady right? I'm sure when we have kids this might change but for now I'm enjoying it while I can). He was miserable at the stores, I told him to stay in the car but he insisted it wasn't fair to me because I was sick too - misery loves company.

Thursday he wasn't any better, Friday it was all he could do to stay at work all day.

The weekend hit and we were both down for the count. I got a bit stir crazy on Saturday. I had no energy to do jack shit and hated wasting the weekend, but I knew I wasn't going anywhere. Needless to say Neflix documentaries, and tv shows and Hulu entertainment was our BFF's. That and some meds again.

Monday Mike called in sick. His first time in the 7 years he's been at this job, can you believe it? Between all our coughing, sneezing, blowing our noses and churning lung butter (yeah, I said it)... he was spent. Not wanting to miss another Monday, I went to work. I mean hell it's been a week right? WTF?

While at work I started to feel like I couldn't focus - nothing was making sense. Simple tasks seemed really hard. I always hear you're supposed to feed a cold and starve a fever, I don't think I ate enough over the weekend, or anything quality for that matter. And then I started to worry that since this cough was hanging on I better get checked out.

At lunch I dropped by the Express Med here in town and got looked over. Thankfully there was no true virus, no strep, etc. Whew. They sent me on my way, gave me hell about my blood pressure (going to the doctor ASAP for tests on this) and told me to stop taking Mucinex DM because it was messing with said blood pressure, and to get some rest. I got my Z-Pac and an Rx for cough medicine and headed to CVS.

Once at the pharmacy I found out my insurance doesn't cover the cough medicine. GREAT! I ask how much it is... and the tech tells me $35.00. Even the look on her face is like "That shit is bananas!" I smiled and said.... No thanks, I'll survive without it. I had my antibiotics w/ a refill if needed. I can handled a mild sore throat without the sizzurp, thanks.

So I went home to rest the rest of the day.

Last night was rough. I couldn't sleep. I am happy I didn't have to get a steroid shot, otherwise I would have been bouncing off the walls all night, but my guess is my brain was still racing from worry about my blood pressure. They think it was the medicine doing it but I want to be sure.

I finally zonked out at 2 am I think? Mike had a restless night too he slept on the couch. Bottom line I'm ready for this funk to get the hell out of our home. I wish the weather would warm up (it maybe 65 on Thursday) I want to open the windows, douce everything in Lysol and crank up the exhaust fan we have in our home that sucks air out of the house (to cool the home) and get the germs OUT OF THERE.

So here's to surviving the 1st seasonal cold we have contracted. I'm still not sure HOW I got sick. No one in my office has been ill. A random sinus infection here or there, but not what we've had. Mike has had some co-workers coughing up lungs all month, but it's odd I got ill before him. I might have contracted it while stopping by there for lunch a while back? And I will say my immune system has been low, but still. It's odd. I was even taking Vitamin C, which I never do regularly unless it comes in my daily women's vitamin.

I am looking forward to allergies after all this. Yeah I just said that. I will live to regret it I'm sure.

So I'm back - living, trying to thrive.

Hope all has been well around here with everyone else!!!!
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Carolyn said...

UGH! That's the worst! Hopefully you feel better soon! :( And $35 for cough medicine? They're crazy!

While on the subject of Walking Dead... how caught up are you?

Misty said...

This cleaning fire? Where can I get one?

McGriddle Pants said...

I too loved Norman before walking dead. I remember seeing him thinking, WHERE DO I KNOW HIM FROM?!

And he was Judas in the Lady GaGa video!

I love your St. Paddy day celebration. I think I'll incorporate that into my traditions! With a pint of guinness and a shot of Jamesons ;)

Christina said...

I totally feel you, which is why I'm catching up on week's worth of blog reading. I actually wasn't sick, but everyone in my house was and if they don't feel good, I don't get anything done. I hope you're better now!

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