June 28, 2012

the days go so slow.

If I can make it through two more work days, I won't be chained to this desk for an entire week. The days go so slow.... Find me also over at From the Sidelines today!!!

my desk • via my instagram feed
Note: This is the desk of a semi-ocd designer. I'm only this organized in public.
  • Yes I like rainbow colors, clearly.
  • No I didn't straighten my desk for the picture, it's like this the chaos is on my left hand side. This image is on my right. I straighten my desk each time I finish a job. I might do 15 design jobs a day, and I will straighten up my space each time I'm finished. I attribute this to my years of being a manicurist and cleaning up between each client.
  • Yes I have energy chews at my desk, I know they are for working out and true athletes but, I wanted to see if they'd give me a boost in the afternoon since I've been working lots of over time.
  • Yes, that's a Hines Ward figure. Yes, he's retired now, but he'll always be waiting for that pass on my desk.
  • The beanie bear was a gift from one of my favorite clients. No, I'm not a strange beanie collector.
  • That image is from mine and Mike's engagement session. I love it.
  • I wish Ron Swanson was running for president. I'd totally back him.
  • I like cats, salad, blythe dolls, and AC/DC.
  • No that stapler isn't a Swingline, but I will get upset if you take it and don't return it.
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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! Your desk is so neat! I wish I could keep mine that clean and clear.

Carolyn said...

I love the new design!! SO CUTE! :)

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Eeeek are you a Steelers fan too?!?! Were we destined to be BFF in another life? I will refrain from compulsively commenting on any more of your posts this afternoon :)

Shelley Selwood said...

Ha! Just randomly looking through your blog for inspiration and spied One of my photos on your pinboard!

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