June 18, 2012

weekend wrap-up.

This weekend even while being relaxing felt super busy! Here's the rundown. I'm still not 100% awake and it's already 12:10 pm on a Monday.

Friday //

  • Got home from work, walked June and we jogged for an entire street. #progress
  • Had a great night. Mike and I celebrated his raise over tacos and beers at the local Mexican place by our house.
  • We enjoyed night air with some old friends on a patio at a friends place. Listened to guitar playing and chatted about music and life. And laughed, a lot! 
  • Drank way too much beer, gorged myself on left over chicken tacos at midnight that were in our fridge.
  • Ate too many tacos in one day... is that possible?
  • Passed out, fell asleep blissfully.
  • Woke at 5 am with a splitting headache. Took shower, medicine and went back to sleep.
Saturday //
  • Woke up semi early and tried to face the day with a smile.
  • Not feeling so hot, got over myself and spent the day with Mike and his grandmother who was in town on a surprise visit.
  • Had a horrible meal at a local "seafood" place for lunch. We will not be going back there for lunch, or to purchase anything, ever. I still believe in going local, buying local but I won't be purchasing fish from them ever again. #pissypants
  • Also got a new phone - hellloooooo modernization!
  • Still don't know how to work the phone completely.
  • Got new shiny apps, no clue how to use them.
  • Tweeted from my phone, but still no pictures.
  • Mike is amazing with technology. He can pick up a phone and know everything about it in a few moments. I purchased the same phone as him, mostly because it's a great phone and he could teach me how to use the damn thing!
  • Called my dad from said phone when I figured it out. Wished him an early Happy Father's Day.
  • Missed a friend's wedding, due to Grandma time. Feel horrible but hope he understands.
  • Relaxing evening, quite at home.
Sunday //
  • Father's Day and Lazy Sunday all wrapped into one.
  • Had a great meal at Mike's parent's house for Father's Day.
  • Watched Mike assist his youngest brother with a flat tire. Not ideal for him, but they got it fixed. #mantime
  • Made Key Lime Cheesecake and other than my "soupy cool whip topping" it was perfect. Everyone raved. Another plus mark in the Cheesecake book.
  • Cool Whip was purchased to cover the slight burn mark on the top. 
  • Did you know that cool whip is only sold in the freezer section and it takes 4 hours in the fridge to thaw. Frankly, that's bullshit! When I was a kid I swear it was sold thawed and cool in the dairy section. Not anymore. Yes, that's how long it's been since I've purchased Cool Whip.
  • Can't think of anyone but Stewie from Family Guy when I say "Cool Whip".
  • There wasn't JACK on tv when we got home from Mike's parent's house so I watched Tangled. It was adorable.
Monday //
  • Back at work - still feeling run down.
  • Received a package from a blog contest I won (more on that later). I'm excited to try the goodies inside.
  • Is it lunch time yet? I'm starving!
  • How is your Monday thus far?
In short, I ate too much, drank too much and slept too much this weekend. I feel like I need a do over! Less food, maybe just a tad less booze and more time throwing down for fun! And more walks. June and I should have walked on the weekend. Friday was our last day. We'll walk tonight, for sure!

Workout: Walking/Jogging with June tonight
Possibly Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire Workout, not sure.

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Lora said...

I like to eat one million tacos in one sitting.

And I call Bullshit on frozen cool whip. They got me there too a couple years ago. Such crap.

Allyson said...

Now that you say that, I DO remember cool whip being in the refrigerator..which is probably why I STILL look for it there first and am always befuddled to find it in the freezer section.

I believe in eating as many tacos as possible during a night of drinking because it supports my theory that if you flush everything out as quickly as possible the next day, your body can't absorb any of the calories.

ANDDDD....I can't say "wheat thins" without thinking of Stewie...which is unfortunate because it is Neal's favorite snack food.

It sounds like the weekend was a relaxing success. Am now craving key lime pie. Thanks for that.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love Tangled! I think it is such a cute movie.


Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Besides the hangover, your Friday sounds perfectly awesome in my book. No, no you can never have too many tacos! The lime cheesecake sounds delicious. Go you!

Liv Kit said...

Wow what a weekend. I love to eat! and Tangled is really cute!

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