May 21, 2012

views from the weekend.

This past weekend was really laid back for Mike and myself. We took on the task of watching his youngest brother while his family was out of town for a wedding. Mike's youngest brother is 16 years old, so it's not exactly like we had to watch him like a hawk, but more like we had a pal to spend the entire weekend with. After a long week it was nice to relax on our front porch and spend time with him and his girlfriend and chat, grill out and enjoy the sunset. We had a great meal, and I guess the week had taken a toll on all of us because Mike, myself and his brother all turned in before 11 PM.

The next AM his brother had his own morning plans and Mike and I headed downtown for our town's annual Arts Alive Festival. I love this event because all our local artists are out in full force selling their creations to the public. I also enjoy the sites and sounds this time of year brings.  I believe that Mike took a few pictures during the event but the only one he posted on facebook was the one of our favorite little fountain downtown.

Views from the weekend, according to Mike's camera phone and tumblr
(feel free to follow and catch up with Mike on his blog and tumblr)
He and I also have a creative project up our sleeves for the future, we'll share more when it unfolds!
via jamofpearls tumblr

After running the roads for supplies Mike, his brother and myself drove out to the middle of nowhere to set up camp for the evening. When you get to the spot where we've camped you feel like you're at the end of the earth. Especially after all the people with really nice boats and 4 wheelers leave for the day. It was peaceful, quiet, warm and enjoyable. 

via jamofpearls tumblr
I would share with you exactly where this is, but then I would be forced to kill you. Teasing of course, but seriously this island in the image is one where Mike has announced we will flee to during the Zombie invasion. Yes, we've discussed, and planned this. So you see, I can't be going and telling everyone where salvation is, now can I?

The entire night was great. Good conversations, stories were told, laughs were shared and the only noise we could hear were crickets and frogs, that is until some local kids showed up at probably around 1 AM to party all night. I think I finally passed out at 3 AM once they left... only to be woken by the sounds of a wild creature rummaging through the camp site. We never keep food outside the tent but this little critter was on the look for something. The next morning when the sun came up his brother whispered to us to see if we were awake and if we could see the GIANT white armadillo outside our tent. GREAT... so that is what has been sniffing around all night (I was too paranoid to check).

Up and at 'em by 7:00 AM on a Sunday isn't usually my style but when you've slept on the floor of a tent, well barely slept, you're about to pee yourself, your stomach is rumbling, and your husband has left you in the tent without warmth you gather your self and you go sit by the newly stoked fire, and wait for breakfast.

Title: Man Food, a Feast for Ron Swanson • photo and meal via jamofpearls tumblr
Mike fixed his brother and I a feast consisting of left over brats from the night before, ALL of the bacon and biscuits over the fire.  If you are a vegetarian, I apologize for the site you just witnessed but I gotta say, when your tired, cold, and possibly a bit hung over from the beers by the fire the night before, this is just the ticket you need.

Mike, his brother and I packed up the camp and rolled back to town. Tired, dirty, and ready for a couch we all spent the rest of that day napping, watching movies (I love you Almost Famous), and later had Japanese Carry-Out for dinner. Mike and I passed out at 9:30 PM. I have to say it was a great weekend.

How was your weekend?
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Michael Henderson said...

Great weekend, indeed. We'll have to get a large group out there sometime.

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