May 09, 2012

a little help in the skincare department.

I was originally going to blog about this product in my FRIDAY FAVORITES, but it got long winded and I figured another time might be better suited. I found a new product that I really love and wanted to sing it's praises.

It's not very often that I feel like a product makes a big splash in my life. I am what you would call make-up and skin care challenged.  Since I was 14 I've been using Oil of Olay moisturizer, and I didn't start wearing make-up until I was probably 19, maybe 20 something and eyeliner had been a mystery to me until I watched Titanic for the first time and fell in love with Rose's liquid eyeliner look. After that I got some courage, went to the drug store and purchased some cheap liquid eyeliner from Cover Girl and tried over and over until I perfected the look. That being said don't expect me to rock the "cat liner" I can't do that to save my life. I'm still at a loss for make-up that flatters my skin tone and I need to take a page from Shana's book of smarts and go get a makeover for fun. My wedding day wasn't enough for me - I didn't ask what colors, or products were used and I should have.

I will be the first to admit, I hate foundation. I don't wear it, I don't like it and I refuse to waste money on a product I know I will leave sitting and rarely touch. I don't like the tight feeling it gives my skin. On my wedding day while my coverage was minimal I wanted to scratch my face off. That being said my make-up didn't fade one bit so I give props to my make-up artist, she rocked it, as did I.... all day, and the next morning other than a bit of a smudge here and there it was still intact! Since foundation is something I don't care for, and I could never seem to find just the right tinted moisturizer, I was floored when I discovered...


via google
While they aren't the first on the market to make this cream (it originated over seas in Korea and Europe if I'm not mistaken, don't quote me on that I didn't fact check this is just what I remember hearing and seeing on blogs and youtube). BB stands for Beauty Balm or Belmish Balm. Don't let the name fool you, it doesn't help with zits. Well at least this brand doesn't I can't speak for them all. Garnier's version only comes in two different shades, some others come in many shades AND offer different amounts of SPF protection. Garnier offers SPF 15.  I had wanted to try this product and figured that this brand was my cheapest option. If I hated it I could pass it on to a friend that's just as obsessed with BB cream as I've become (she's probably more obsessed), so I figured at $15.99 regular price it was a steal.

The first time I used this stuff, I hated it. It felt heavy, and strange. I applied it over my usual moisturizer as instructed by my friend and it just felt like too much. I've had issues with Garnier creams feeling too heavy to me in the past so I almost wrote this product off. After discussing it with my friend and later watching every YouTube video I could about application I tried my hand at using it again. I can use it with a lighter daily moisturizer, and it's fine. It's also a product you can use sparingly. When I say a pea sized amount is almost too much. I mean it.

THE VERDICT: This stuff is awesome, it evens out my skin tone, and covers up MOST of my under eye circles and helps cover up any zits or imperfections I might have. I still have to use cover-up on my eye circles and zits but no where near the amount I used before. I usually finish off the lotion (after it dries completely) with a light powder/bronzer and it's perfect. It's not tight, it's no where near as heavy as tinted moisturizer always felt to me and it's a great base for the rest of my make-up.

Another added bonus is that I've noticed that my skin is starting to even out. I used to have issues with breakouts around my chin and forehead. I'm not sure if it's just the added moisture I'm getting from the BB Cream that's helping, or what it is. Whatever the reason I'm pleased with it, and my combination skin feels much more even.

My only gripe about this product currently is that I picked the Light/Medium shade. I really think I need to go with the darker choice. I use bronzer to give myself color and when I tried the darker version sample, it blended great with my skin and gave me the sun kissed glow I wanted.

If you haven't tried this stuff, I highly recommend it, especially for summer since it gets hot, and no one loves wearing a TON of foundation when you already feel like you're melting!

Like I said I'm not usually one to go on and on about products or items I use but I feel like I can't stop singing this products praises - I'm anxious to try a different brand once this supply runs out. Which given that I only use a small bit each day, might not be until next year. Please note I wasn't paid to give this description of this product I just did it out of the kindness of my heart and wanting to pass on the word about a great product!

So tell me, is there a new product you're dying to tell everyone about?
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Kelly said...

Thanks for writing about this!! I have seen a lot of great things about Garnier's BB cream but have been on the look out for it without any success :-( Target? Walmart? Ulta? I'm not a big fan of foundation either; I normally wear primer cream and then dust on mineral powder. I must try it!!

Anonymous said...

I might give this a try. I've sworn off expensive foundations and only use tinted moisturizers now. My current fave is Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer.

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