May 11, 2012

friday favorites and random musings

YAY! It's Friday! Rejoice, sing, dance and most of all get ready for the weekend! This week sort of flew by for me, which is awesome. Even thought it stresses me out, I really love when I'm busy at work. I like those days when I am so into what I'm working on that when I look up at my clock on my computer screen and realize it's 20 minutes from 5 o'clock, that I'm actually shocked! I've been a busy bee working on a menu for the local Japanese restaurant that I said we did a photoshoot for last week. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, now I just have to sit and wait to find out what the customers think about it. My boss, and the photographer from the shoot dropped it off to them yesterday and he said although he couldn't understand half of what they were saying in their native language there were a lot of smiles and happy expressions. YES! And to top if off he came back with my new favorite roll that they prepared for me. It's a Shrimp, mango and spicy mayo roll and it's AMAZING! Getting thanked with free sushi? SCORE!

Without further ado, I'll get into my favorites and musings for the week! Enjoy!

FIRST OFF: Saw the AVENGERS this weekend and it blew my freaking mind! It was so freaking awesome I can't even begin to put it into words. Once it was over I wanted to watch it again, and again, and again. Dear Captain America, you are my favorite. Love, Kelly {and by that I mean the character, I'm really not smitten with the actor that plays him in the movie, he's great but just saying that's not were the crush on the Captain lies}. I was also extremely anxious to see this movie because one of my favorite men of all time not only directed it, but Joss Whedon also wrote the screenplay and had a hand in writing it. I laughed a lot during this movie and I think it's because he had a hand in it. Joss has great comedic writing abilities! {read: BUFFY OBSESSED}.
I love you Ron Swanson! P.S. I made this!

Last night was our night for favorite TV shows. I rushed home from work, got into my workout gear and got busy Turbo Firing for a full hour. After that I prepared the rest of our crockpot dinner {a new thing I'm trying to do every Thursday to cut down on dinner stress after my workouts}. After chopping up the veggies for the chicken tacos and making corn Mike and I settled in for our favorite shows of the evening on NBC. Confession: Yes, I sat down to eat before showering, not my finest hour but I'm just being honest. I do this from time to time, and it's REALLY bad.

The Thursday night line-up is as follows Community {best damn comedy on TV in my opinion}, 30 Rock {love it!}, The Office {sort of over it but still supporting the show}, and lastly Parks n' Rec. I know I've talked about these shows before but I "literally" look forward to Thursday night TV all week long. Those of you familiar with Parks n' Rec must know of Ron Swanson, those of you who aren't, you're missing out. His one liners are usually the highlight of the show. He's cut and dry, and man's man and doesn't apologize for his opinions or behavior and I love him. A turf and turf kind of man who doesn't have time for fish or salad. The above quote was one he let rip last night, when one of the characters ordered a Gin and Tonic at the bar. I laughed loudly when he said it. Thankfully Mike and I have DVR, so we can rewind any jokes we miss, due to our laughter. So this week, that quote above is my favorite, so much so it inspired me to design the above graphic to illustrate it.

Now that I have that off my chest, let's link up with Shana over at Fumbling Towards Normalcy and her awesome Random Musing Fridays!

  • As I mentioned Community on NBC is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. That being said I was so excited when Mike forwarded me an article this morning stating that it's been picked up for another season! YES! Now all of us fans don't have to revolt against NBC again due to discussions of canceling the series. A word of caution, if you've never watched the show, don't try to pick it up now without going back and watching previous seasons, you'll be lost, you won't get it and much like me trying to watch The Big Bang Theory, will think it's completely stupid. But Community is not stupid, it's comedic genius! {Yes you read that right, Big Bang Theory is CRAP in my opinion}.
  • Mike, myself and a few friends went kayaking last weekend. The weather was PERFECT, and the creek while a bit low was still fun to paddle through. We spent the entire day on the water. I believe we put in at around 1:30 pm and paddled pretty much until 6:00 pm. I recall checking the clock in the Jeep when Mike was strapping the kayaks to the top when we are finished and it read 6:22 pm. After a long day, we headed to the grocery store and got some steaks and baked potatoes to complete our day. We passed out by 10:30 that night and I slept like a rock. I love nights like that, physically exhausted sleep is amazing. When we kayak, usually the first questions Mike and I ask each other is, 'What are we going to grill for dinner?' And we revisit this question all. day. long. And the steak that night, did not disappoint, it was perfect! It's true, I have food fantasies, a lot.
  • Speaking of food fantasies, Mike and I actually also tackled a test of making homemade Ceviche last weekend. We were obsessed with this stuff on our honeymoon but I was always a little worried about trying to make it at home. After watching Anthony Bourdain try it from a bucket in a market overseas and being fine I figured that we could make it A-OK here at home. We made ours with tilapia we had in the freezer and shrimp. I'm sure it would be 100% better with fresh fish but we used what we had on hand. Verdict: We didn't get food poisoning, crap our pants or die - It turned out AWESOME! And I can't wait to make it again!
  • I need a haircut, bad... SO bad. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I look like a redneck trying to pretend she's the Kim Kardashian of the trailer park right now. I haven't had my hair trimmed our touched since my wedding. That was in October. It's been almost 7 months. I called my hairdresser today and I'm waiting for her to call me back. My hair is already a struggle for her since it's so thick, I can't imagine the thoughts running through her mind right now about having to cut it again. Hopefully she'll be happy I'm planning on hacking a lot off.  I bet she's thrilled I don't make her color it too. I do that myself.
  • Mike and I have been sucked into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We are Washington Capitals fans. Well I have been for a long time, he's new to it but seems enthralled with CAPS hockey now. I love it. He's also been keeping up with my Orioles and is anxious to catch a game next time we are home in Maryland for a visit. And to think when we first started dating he never even thought about sports. Once he started watching the Steelers play and then got into College Football with the Crimson Tide he was hooked from then on watching other sports. I've even seen him watching basketball from time to time which floors me.
  • I haven't skipped a single workout this week. I feel very great about that.
  • YES! My hairdresser just sent me a text for my appointment time. Yes, I said she sent me a text, isn't technology crazy?
  • Speaking of technology... I am weeks away from being able to get a new phone... WEEKS! And it's killing me. My current phone does this new trick where it turns itself off and I have no idea until probably hours after it's happened. I'm glad Mike and I are always together minus work for the most part. Heaven forbid if there was an emergency and someone needed me they'd never reach me on my phone. I'm anxious to step into the world of smart phones. Mike's had so much fun with his new one, and taking pictures and posting to different websites etc. I can't wait to be able to do the same. Now I just have to decide what phone I want. I have a feeling my choices for 4G phones are going to be VERY limited with Verizon. {I keep falling for ones I see that are on other plans like Sprint or T-Mobile and I refuse to switch to either of those}.
  • Speaking of smartphones have you all seen that hilarious commercial with the snobby, hipster dude in a scarf is talking about how him having the same phone as everyone helps him express his individuality and then out of no where this nerdy girl comes swooping in and goes "I HAVE THAT PHONE!!! ACKK!" OMG, I laugh my ass off every time I see it! I really love that actress in every commercial I've seen her in. She's fun quirky, not Zooey D. annoying quirky. Every time the commercial where Zooey asks "Is that rain?" to her iPhone I want to scream at her "YOU CAN LOOK OUT THE WINDOW YOU ASSHAT!" {remember, I'm in the 5% of humans that don't care for her}. And frankly, who orders Tomato Soup to be delivered? Just get off your lazy ass and see if there's a can in your pantry, girl.
  • I have PMS... can you tell?
  • And lastly, I can't wait for 5:00! We will most likely try to front porch it a bit tonight and hang with some friends. I'm totally ready for an ice cold beer. Cheers! And Happy Weekend!

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JMJE said...

The way I used to feel about The Office is how I feel about PRec now, which is awesome. I heart Ron Swanson also and pretty much every character on the show. And I can always count on Community to do something crazy that I'm not expecting on a normal comedy show. Glad they got picked up for next year.

Allyson said...

I LOVE Parks & Rec. It probably helps that I used to work for P&R back home. But the trick to that show is to skip the first season entirely. It's crap. After that? Total comedic genius. Neal doesn't appreciate it (in the same way he didn't appreciate the first 4 seasons of The Office...and I've quit watching The Office. They should have stopped after Steve Carrel left). One of my bffy's LOVES Community and she has this whole "6 seasons and a movie" that she puts everywhere. For the sake of her sanity, I hope it works out.

Also, you have me SERIOUSLY craving a steak now. And it's 10 AM. Thanks, Kel. ;)

Dr. Cynicism said...

Love the new diggs and the new name! You got some quote makin skillz too :-) Enjoy your week!

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