September 04, 2012

end of summer (summer bucket list update)

While it isn't officially Fall, to me Labor Day weekend always signifies the end of summer. The days will still be hot here in Alabama, but I can already tell the sun has started to set sooner, the evenings are a bit cooler and I couldn't be more happy. Since summer is coming to an end I thought it was time to update you on my Summer Bucket List and how far I got with knocking items off it. So here goes - my final Summer Bucket List Update!


Previously Achieved List Items from June

No. 2 : See Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters this summer.
Tickets have been purchased for Pearl Jam for their September show in ATL. I am over the moon excited. We nixed going to the two day event - I am disappointed I won't get to see the Foo Fighters but we discovered that The Who will be coming close by and we are going to see that show as a birthday gift to each other. The Foo Fighters will tour again, but The Who is a limited engagement so we want to jump on it while we can. I am not saying that The Who will never tour again after this time around, but the odds are not in my favor that it will happen so we gotta get them in while the getting is good! I am truly dying to see Pearl Jam. I never have, so I'm really happy to get to see band that I have been listening too for as long as I have!

No. 3: Visit Friends and Father back home
July 4th week we spent an entire week in my home state, Maryland. It was awesome. It was way too hot but the good times, good friends and good eats and time with my father made it all worth it. (Worth every sweaty, dehydrating minute!)

No. 5: Get all you can eat steamed crabs
No trip to Maryland is right without this. It's a bit depressing in the winter to visit and KNOW that you can't have these delicious buggers! Thankfully I got my fill of seafood when I was home. We also got to dish on the most amazing crab bombs - HUGE lump crab meat, no filler. They are crab cakes the way the good Lord intended them to be eaten. I'm ruined for life!

No. 13 See Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Prometheus, Batman Rises.
We didn't go see Abe Lincoln, we heard many horrible reviews. I might watch it on pay-per-view but honestly I hear it really wasn't great and I don't want to have another book ruined by a movie (Still on the fence about Hunger Games - please don't give me crap for it, I loved the book and only felt meh about the movie. Visuals were stunning, but the story, felt too rushed and if you hadn't read the book, you'd be TOTALLY lost IMO. Well, maybe the 2nd one will make me feel better). Prometheus, saw it, really liked it. Batman Rises - I die. Words can't describe it... I laughed, I cried, I wanted to watch it again IMMEDIATELY after the credits were over. I can't wait for this to be on DVD!  We also went to a few other movies this summer and invested in a $17.00 popcorn bucket that yields $5.00 refills after you do the initial purchase. It's an investment... too bad we haven't been back to the movies to get good use of it yet!

No. 15 Achieve not getting a single sunburn this summer.
Totally botched this one - I ended up getting a burn on my shoulder and my scalp while in Orange Beach, AL. My chest got a bit pink too. I blame sweating, and I also blame my beach bag rubbing off the block on my shoulder. Next year I will bring 50+ for day one, then cut down to 30 for day two. I hate getting burned. It totally sucks, and I am really fearful of skin cancer, more so than wrinkles. At least wrinkles tell a story, and I know I will have them one day - if I can combat both, it's a win/win for me!

No. 17 Do a bar crawl
This is a half achievement - Mike, myself and my pals went out for an evening of fun in my home stomping grounds Frederick, MD with the full intention to hop bars. When we arrived at the first bar, we met up with old HS friends we hadn't planned on seeing, the DJ played all kinds of music that we loved in our years forming our friendships and decided that it was fate that we were there that night. We stayed, danced to old school rap music and enjoyed our night... well most of it. Half way through the evening the bar got a bit hostile. Fights started to break out, dirty looks were thrown and we all decided we were getting too old for this shizz and left. I thank Mike for being my DD that night - usually when we are home I am the prime driver since I know how to get from point A to B the best, but he really came through helping my besties to our cars and driving us home safely. It's ok to play young sometimes, but being an adult and responsible is truly where it's at these days.

No. 18 Find a new workout routine
I was getting sick of Turbo Fire - it's fun but repeats a lot. At the end of the summer I decided to take on P90X again. It isn't "new" but it's been a while since I've done the workouts. I like to think I'm "recycling" or "renewing" my workout. I've started to sub in some Turbo Fire workouts for cardio. I'm not a huge fan of Plyometrics, it kills my  knees and I can only do Yoga X so many times. Kempo I love, but the other two I have subbed in Turbo Fire workouts that are similar in length. The first week kicked my butt, bad. I was SO sore but so happy to feel the "good pain". I am sure next week, and the week following will be just as hard when I start up again after my work hours return to normal.

No. 20 Make a Key Lime Cheesecake
I can't recall if I discussed this but I made it and it was EPIC! Everyone loved it and the only thing I'd change is not using cool whip on the top. Since I typed that, I realize that I did talk about this before in my first update post - I remember bitching about cool whip being stored in the frozen section, so stupid. The whip, the whip is stupid, not me.

No. 27 Walk three nights a week with our dog, June
We were on a roll with this before vacation. After vacation it stopped happening, mostly because it was insanely hot here. Like sweat your booty off in the dark hot, redic! Now that the evenings are cooling down, we are going to start up again. Mark my words!

No. 28 Embrace my wavy hair
I did this at the beach. It wasn't really successful but it wasn't a total flop either. I had no time to do a blow out so I tried my best to use a curling iron for touch ups and just go with it on the beach. Buns, braids and frizz serum were my BFFs for the trip.

No. 30 Shop the local farmers market frequently
When I made this one, I didn't really think about the fact that the market doesn't really get hopping until the crops come in. We've been once, but to be fair it's only started really getting packed in the past 4 weeks. We got great okra, which we need to finish off and lots of tomatoes. We also stopped by our local hydroponic farmers market and scored some of the best avocado I've ever had, ever! I will definitely be heading back there soon for more!

No 42 Shop locally but frugally
I haven't done a ton of shopping, in order to conserve money but I did stop by Alabama Outdoors which is a semi local, at least state local store. They had a grand opening while we were at the beach and I was anxious to see the new location. It's beautiful but I feel like it lost a bit of its charm being moved out of an old, broken down house to a nice, clean, shopping downtown location. That being said, you can tell the employees love it, and are so stoked so that made me happy for them. As we browsed the gear the sales associate talked to us, she was super sweet. I decided to purchase myself a 32 oz water bottle to reuse. They had some in thick, good, healthy plastic for $10.99 which is a lot more reasonable than I've seen anywhere else locally (Target's $20 bottles can suck it)... I snagged two free AL Outdoor stickers and as she finished ringing us up, she asked if we wanted tshirts. Uh, yes please! We scored two, nice, AL Outdoor t's they were giving away at the grand opening the weekend before, a great shopping bag that's reusable with North Face on it and walked out with smiles on our faces. THIS is why I love shopping locally and supporting our vendors here in our small town. They are friendly, attentive and give a damn about their customers. Walking in the mall, I can stop in about 8 stores and not once have someone say "How are you?" We've cut off Walmart and probably have only visited once in the past 4 months (I needed make-up and lets be frank it's the cheapest in town for what I needed)... Target I love, Walmart I hate. We've stopped buying our groceries at Walmart and even though we make 3 stops now (Target/Aldi/Local Grocery Stores) we aren't spending more money, we are spending less - Walmart is too much junk under one roof. I have other personal reasons for dropping Walmart - they are building 2 more locations in a less than 20 mile radius in our area, and I hate them for that. This will result in mom and pop business in going under and it totally angers me to no end. Ok I gotta get off this soap box, I'm totally off topic now!

There are quite a few we didn't get to knock off the list - be it due to time, money, effort - but I feel good about all I accomplished in these summer months. I think I'll try to make myself a Fall Bucket list. Being an adult means having a lot of schedules in your life, lots of stuff you have to do. Your life becomes routine and having little to look forward to really makes you a grumpy old woman. I found that having this list gave me goals, and it gave me something to look forward to doing. Events can be small but still be fun, especially when you're crossing off a list. I love lists, I love crossing stuff off them even more!

If you've made it this far, thanks for listening, reading and I hope if you made your own bucket list that you rocked yours out! Stay tuned, I think a Fall Bucket list is right around the corner!

Happy Week everyone!!!
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Carolyn said...

Looks like you did pretty good on your summer bucket list!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll forgive you not loving the HG movie since.. 1. You loved the book. 2. You loved The Dark Knight Rises. OMG, I was engrossed in that movie from start to finish. It was just SO GOOD!

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