September 21, 2012

Fixation Friday: Pearl Jam

Fixation Friday: Pearl Jam Edition

Why am I fixated on Pearl Jam today more than ever? I'll tell you. Tomorrow morning Mike and I will be waking up early, getting showered, dressed and hauling our cookies to Atlanta, Georgia to see Pearl Jam live in concert. I'm so over the moon excited about this. I might explode.

You see I've been a Pearl Jam fan since I was in 10th grade. Yes, you read that right my younger readers, I was a teen in the 90's. From the first time hearing Eddie's sweet voice I was hooked. Add to that a teen crush on Eddie and Jeff and you have one obsessed teen. (Note, they're still crush worthy) Oddly enough, being a fan for this long, I've never seen them live in concert. I know, tragedy right?

I'll be honest, PJ hasn't always been in the forefront of my mind when it comes to music. I loved them in high school, and in college, but somewhere along the way after Vitalogy was released, PJ fell off my radar. I blame lack of radio play, and also my ever changing and evolving music taste.

When I was younger I went to one concert in my life, Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth tour. I was probably in middle school at this point. It was either 5th or 6th grade. My friends mother took us and she was the coolest mom ever. Years after that I begged to go to shows NKOTB, Janet Jackson, and on and on, but my mother was never game to go to these shows (can't understand why my mom didn't want to go see RH*CP or Public Enemy) and even more against me going on my own. I was after all only 12 - 15 years old, I can't blame her. In my sadness I missed out on some great shows.

Once in high school - I don't recall trying to go see Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, RHCP or any of my favorite rock acts live. I was also obsessed with rap at this point and I knew my parents would not permit me to go to a rock show alone or a rap show. So I figured asking was pointless.

Fast forward to my years when I could drive, and what I guess you might call a responsible young adult. None of my friends were truly into Pearl Jam, or much alternative rock. Some liked it, but I don't recall a single friend saying "We've gotta go see them live!" Many were still into rap, or at that point country - remember when I said I was experimenting with new music? I really enjoyed most of the country in the late 90's early 2000's you know before it became a bit too Honky Tonk Badonkadonk?  Anybanjo - I went to a ton of live Country shows with my then boyfriend. Too many to count. Then we broke up, and I moved on. Moved away to college, and opened my music horizons more.

After country came the huge surge of Dave Matthews concerts that later turned into Weezer shows. I have been to tons of live shows, but never once have I seen Pearl Jam.

Since we started dating Mike and I have witnessed Velvet Revolver (At least I got to see some of GNR and Scott from Stone Temple Pilots live!), Motley Crüe, and the mecca for me, AC/DC. The chance to see PJ never presented itself until now.

Mike has seen the band 3 times in his life - he was a huge fan for years and never once dropped his loyalty. I'm not saying I wasn't loyal, just not as informed as he was. I feel off the wagon for quite a few years but I have since caught myself up on all that was happening with them while I was away. It was like visiting old friends really. Have you seen PJ20? If you are even remotely a PJ fan, you  MUST see it.

Mike and I were married last year. When we set our date we had no clue that PJ's anniversary of their first show as a band was the date 10.22 - Twenty one years prior to our wedding date. We were shocked, thrilled and floored that we picked that date. Being such big fans it really it home. PJ was also a big part of our day. Mike's gifts from me were PJ related. He and his guys came down the isle to "Man of the Hour" by PJ and he danced the Son and Mother dance with his mom to "Off He Goes" by PJ.  Happily when our wedding video was put together, our videographer knew of our love for the band and used one of Eddie Vedder's solo songs as a backdrop for our "clip video".  It was perfect and had the song been released before our wedding, it would have been our first dance song for sure.

Tomorrow is a bit early for our anniversary, however this is our Anniversary gift to each other. The first anniversary's traditional gift is paper, so our tickets are our gifts to each other, PAPER.  I couldn't be more excited. Since he purchased the tickets I guess I better get him one sweet ass swag bag at the concert complete with tshirts and stickers to repay him.

On our actual anniversary we will celebrate with dinner as traditionally done, but for this weekend we will celebrate like the rockstars we believe we are.


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