September 07, 2012

high five for friday! 9.7.2012

How excited are you that it's Friday? I actually went to work with a smile on my face knowing I could totally own today!  I am linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for her weekly High Five for Friday ritual. So here goes... my top 5 from the week!

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ONE //
I was really excited when my small bag of goodies from American Eagle arrived today. Truth be told I really wanted it to arrive yesterday so I'd have a fun new "college color day" gear to wear. I purchased a little something for me, and a little something for Mike and I to share. {both via}

TWO //
This week marks the official start of NLF football's regular season. I'm so excited to see how my Steelers stack up agains the Broncos and Mr Manning! As you can tell it's pretty much football all across the board here, right now.

My work is getting back to regular hours and while I will miss the overtime, I won't miss the exhaustion I've been feeling. Maybe next week I can finally get back to working out on the regular.

While it's still hot as hell here in the South, the anticipation of Fall is in the air. I'm so looking forward to cool nights, grilling out and not sweating, relaxing on the front porch with a blanket or hoodie on and hopefully lots of camping trips. No bugs, and cold weather is great for camping!

Tonight is First Fridays here in my small town and it's a big night for the locals. Lots of artists will sell their art, jewelry and wares and I can't wait to walk around and take part in it all. Word on the street is my office downtown will have it's doors open and I'm looking forward to seeing all they have on sale. {My office is in a different location - with the printing plant, so sometimes it's fun to see how the other half of my company lives and works). I also love that buying local is made very easy the first friday of EVER month here in small town Alabama.

I am so ready for the weekend - I hope you have a wonderful one planned for yourselves! I'm ready to relax, scream for my teams and enjoy some time with my husband. It's been long over due with all the hours I've been putting in for work.

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Anonymous said...

Ready for college football and fall!

KatiePerk said...

Awesome First Friday plan! I hope you find something awesome. Cute new shirts too!

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