September 25, 2012

I just wanna scream, Hello!

It's been well over 24 hours since my last glimpse of Pearl Jam on stage at the ATL Music Midtown festival and I'm still dancing on the inside! Outside, I'm battered, and sore. If you've never been to Atlanta, Peidmont Park where the concert was held, is HUGE. They blocked off a section for the show and it was a huge lot of grass, hills, concrete and awesomeness!

I woke up, without my alarm at 5:30 AM -  Not sure if I was just excited or ready to roll. We got ready and hit the road at about 7:00 AM. We should have probably left earlier, we didn't take into account the time change between Alabama and Georgia. Not a big deal - we didn't miss anything serious and were able to snag all the swag we wanted.

Two T-shirts, a sticker, and Two great screen printed posters.

Biggest HIGHS:
We caught Adam Ant's set - it was so fun. We also were able to catch Ludacris from far away, and later Florence and the Machine up close and personal. The BEST part was being about 20 ft. from the fence next to the stage for Pearl Jam. We wormed our way as close as we could without being completely rude to others who were there longer trying to do the same.

There was so much amazingly delicious smelling food there. Food trucks, vendors, you name it they probably had it. And yet, I settled for a slice of pepperoni pizza. Simple, I knew it would sit OK on my stomach in the heat and it was awesome! SO tasty! I wish I could remember the name of the place - I'd visit there again in a heartbeat. Mike opted for a BBQ Sandwich - which looked pretty tasty as well.

At concerts, Mike and I aren't big drinkers, and it's a good thing. The 24 oz beers were $10.00 EACH! That was sort of a low, but at the same time we only wanted water so it was a plus.

FREE WATER STATION = NOT GETTING DEHYDRATED! Score! I filled up my 32 oz bottle at least 5 times that day and drank it all.

Seeing Eddie walk on stage for the first time, truly took the wind right out of my lungs. It was a huge HOLY SHIZZ moment! So close to someone I've been enamored by for so many years. Add to that Jeff Ament, forgetaboutit. Mike's lucky I didn't faint!

Biggest LOWS:
I got two blisters - but thankfully I caught them before they popped (sick sorry) - I was able to ward off any further pain with HUGE bandaids I brought with me AND the blister block I purchased before the show. Needless to say my 'dogs were barking, loud' by the end of the day. The pain was minimal compared to the greatness that day!

Second day of a Music Festival means second say port-o-pots. Blech! I was prepared though. I made sure to purchase a pack of tissues, as well as a pack of wet-ones to clean my hands after the use of the port-o-pots.  Answer me this, why do they always set them in direct sunlight? Talk about death in the heat, add to that day old funk, and it's VOM DOT COM!

Missing Garbage's set. I wasn't really disappointed but I sort of wanted to catch them. But to be fair we were taking our posters back to a friend's car so they wouldn't get damaged during the rest of the event. We miss a few other acts but most of which I had never truly heard of so I was OK. I'm sure I missed out a bit from what others say but I'm content with who I saw, what I heard and what I was able to do durning the long day.

Young kids making comments about "All theses old people trying to relive their glory days by going to see Pearl Jam." It took a lot not to cuss out the young "privileged preppy kids" behind me that said that. As Mike stated when I told him they said that... If it wasn't for us buying the records in our youth, those brats wouldn't be here to witness Pearl Jam. Douches!

White folks love to dance, horribly to Ludacris. I got such a kick out of the fans dancing.

Girls will wear any type of footwear to a show and not care how uncomfortable it is. Platforms on grass? Are you serious?

I swear the 90's and 70's were alive at this show. It was like Coachella mixed with Seattle everywhere I looked. [ And I liked it, a lot!]

Pre-teen and Teenaged girls are small, mighty and bitchy: During Florence + The Machine's set we were surrounded by small girls. All belting out every lyric that flew out of Florence's mouth (is her name Florence, I didn't research that). It was an amazing set and I think the did a great job but I was worried about making one little girl angry for fear they might form a VOLTRON-esque TEEN GIRL MONSTER and kill me.

We almost witness a fight before PJ right next to us but it was quickly diffused. A drunk girl was trying to push her way through Mike and another tall guy. She called them both A-holes (classy) and her short, stocky, mouthy brother tried to defend her against the TALL, Marine that told her to back off. I just thought to myself. SO Help me, if I get a black eye because of you ass hats before Eddie takes the stage I will go mental, call my TEEN VOLTRON GIRLS and kick both your asses!

At MIDNIGHT after a long day of only drinking water and eating one slice of pizza, a Big Mac Extra Large Value Meal REALLY hits the spot! Not a healthy spot but I was so happy to eat that!!!


Bottom line I'd do it all again, and again just to see Pearl Jam and I'm already anxiously awaiting their next tour close by... or far... HAVE DESIRE, WILL TRAVEL!

I think what I like, and admire most about Pearl Jam is that they are a group of guys that have been together 20+ years, with little or no drama. It's not about fame or fortune to them. It's not about who's the front man, and who's not. They are in this for the music, the fans and the love of what they do. It's completely evident to see them play and to hear them talk to the crowd. I have to say, this was my all time favorite show I've EVER been to.

The Days Line Up!
O'Brother • Civil Twilight • LP • Garbage • Ludacris
Neon Trees • Florence + The Machine • Girl Talk
via my instagram @turneduptoeleven
I wanted to remember the set list for years to come so I thought I'd post it here for you to see, and for me to have for safe keeping! (Enjoy my notes if you actually read it).

  1. WHY GO - I was excited they opened with this song, love it! {And yes, I cried when they took the stage}.
  2. SAVE YOU - such a powerful song/message.
  3. ANIMAL - This song always makes me think of Mike. He always counts the 1-2-3-4-5 on his fingers when the song starts in the car, so I had to smile when it started, and he started with his fingers counting 1-2-3-4-5.
  4. ... SMALL TOWN - This is the first song, I could really hear the entire crowd of 52,000+ people singing. Talk about chills!
  5. CORDUROY - Not a ton of people like Vitalogy, but I loved it in HS, and still do today.
  6. GOT SOME - Mike was excited that newer material was played a lot in this show. He's seen PJ three times before this show. The last show he was at was in 2003. They haven't been here in the South since then. Mike and I have been talking and then together for 8 years and not once have they made it here until now. Hearing the new stuff was exciting for me, but I think meant more to him.
  7. AMONGST THE WAVES - Before this song Eddie gave a small speech about loving people, family, friends, bandmates. That how after 20 years together they still love what they do, weathered any storm the band might have had, or relationships they had and they were still together stronger than ever. Tell us all that if we have that love it's worth working for. Eddie asked if we had that in our lives and Mike grabbed my hand and held it up high our fingers entwined. This song is extremely moving, and it was that much more moving to share it with my husband.
  8. WISHLIST - I've blogged about this song before. It always, always, always makes me smile. It's such a simple, touching song.  I was also hoping they would play this (song hope 1)
  9. BETTERMAN - I prayed they would play this song. It's a HUGE, HUGE part of my relationship with Mike. When we met we were both dating other people. I hadn't admitted to myself how miserable I was in the relationship I was in. I was losing ground and myself but wouldn't face it. One night, before going to bed I started to set my alarm and this song came on the radio. I laid there an listened to it for the millionth time in my life, but this time really listened to the lyrics... I realized I was the woman in the story. I lied and said I was in love with that guy, because I thought it was the best I could do. I realize I had become all I hated about girls in tragic relationships and the only reason I was still there was my own doing, and it wasn't his fault we weren't meant to be together. Soon after that night of crying myself to sleep, I ended our relationship. If not for Eddie's words I might still be there, stuck in a relationship that didn't fill me up. Thankfully I took it as a sign, and got my crap together so that eventually, almost a year later, I could be free to be with Mike. Emotionally and physically. And if you're wondering, yes, I cried during the song, and yes Mike knows this story, and he held my hand and we smiled - I hope he knows I did find a better man, the best man, Him. (song hope 2)
  10. DO THE EVOLUTION - I love, love, love this damn song and I was SO stoked that they played it. (song hope 3).
  11. EVEN FLOW - Do I even need to say how awesome this was?
  12. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - [CLASH COVER] Before singing this, Eddie talked about the importance of voting. He didn't once tell you which side he was on (although we know this already) - he just stressed the importance of making your voice heard, voting with your head and making a difference.
  13. NOTHINGMAN - Again, letting the crowd sing with him, it was awesome. He made it evident early in the show that he wanted us all to sing as loud as we wanted, to express ourselves fully and I really think he took it all in. As did the rest of the band - they fed off our excitement.
  14. SUPERSONIC - Another newer song, so fun!
  15. JEREMY - the young teen boys behind us were over the moon excited about this. Their comment may have pissed me off but I'm happy seeing a younger generation loving the music I love and grew up on.
  16. PORCH - great song to end the set!
  1. CRAZY MARY - Mike actually loudly yelled 'YES!' when this song started. He was so excited. It's a song that doesn't get played live, often.
  2. GIVEN TO FLY - This was another song I was dying to hear/see live. Epic!
  3. THE FIXER - love this song!
  4. REARVIEWMIRROR - very excited to hear this
  1. UNTOUGHT KNOWN - I was DYING to hear this live. There is an amazing piano solo in this song and one of the best lyrics ever "See the path cut by the moon, for you to walk on." SO over the moon to hear this.
  2. BLACK - One of my favorite songs from the TEN album.
  3. ALIVE - I had recounted all the songs in my head that we had heard and KNEW this one was bound to come up before they left the stage. Knowing what it's about it's moving to see Eddie sing with such conviction every, single, time he sings this song. Hearing the crowd sing back to him gave me chills during the chorus.
  4. ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD - NEIL YOUNG COVER Eddie said to us... we've been told we have 2 minutes left if we play this fast we have time for one more. They launched right into it and the crowd went nuts! Best. Ending. We Could Have Asked For. EVER!
Mike got a much better shot of the band with his phone, than I did with mine!

I couldn't have asked for a better set list. I really wanted to hear State of Love and Trust, and Oceans but in the end I think they did an amazing job blending together 20 years of music for a 2+ hour set!

I couldn't have asked for a better Anniversary gift from Mike. Or a better person to witness this concert with. I look forward to all the years ahead that we can see PJ together, again.

Next Bucket List Concert - We are going to see The Who in Nashville in December for our Birthdays!
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Michael Henderson said...

Correction, last show was in 03. 98 was the first one.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

My bad... I'll try to correct it tonight babe :)

{Jessica} said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time:) Despite crazy teenage girls, lol! Glad to hear that you enjoyed ATL - my home city!!!

Lisa Williams said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I love Pearl Jam!

Melody said...

Wow wow wow- that set list!!! Sounds like an awesome show!!!

Anonymous said...

I love me some Luda.

Holli said...

Girl, I read your post last night and you had me jamming to some old school PJ on the way to work this morning. Thank you for that!

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