August 17, 2012

friday confessional

Well here we are folks, it's Friday again! I'm very, very excited about this. It's been a long week, but let's not waist anymore time! I'm linking up with the lovely Leslie today @A Blonde Ambition blog for her Confessional Fridays. I've got to let it out!

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

Here goes...

I CONFESS ... That I had no idea how much support I would have gotten from Tuesday's post. You gals and guys are the bees knees. Thank you so much for your comments, your emails and your Facebook messages. You really know how to make a girl who feels down on herself feel better.

I CONFESS... after getting all that support I felt less depressed about my 200 lbs confession, and more empowered. Thanks blog buddies!

I CONFESS ... Wednesday I had a horrible, horrible meal for lunch. Instead of the sushi I had planned to eat (small portion, healthy salad, water) I instead ended up at a Meat n' Three joint because we had not time to go anywhere else. It was that or fast food. Looking back I should have picked fast food (smaller portions, better healthy choices) because chicken ain't on my diet plan unless it's grilled and this was the COMPLETE opposite of that.

I CONFESS ... I've taken to drinking a ton of water every day and it's making me feel amazing. I've always been a big water drinker but now I'm a bit more focused about it. Mike and I have been loading up jugs with ice for our water every morning together. He hasn't said it but I've noticed him taking to some healthier habits lately. Not sure if he's just trying to be more healthy or softening the blow for me with all the changes we're making.

I CONFESS ... I missed my workout on Wednesday. After eating that horrible meal the last thing I needed was to sit on my ass, but honestly it's all I felt I could do. That meal made me miserable. Bad food is hitting me harder these days. I try to eat relatively well, and when I have one bad, fried, fatty meal, all I want to do is sleep. I'm happy I've noticed this trend. I don't like it and don't want to continue doing it.

I CONFESS... I'm excited to go see Expendables II. Most of you ladies that read this might have no idea what I'm talking about. In a nutshell, all the bad ass dudes from all the bad ass action flicks over the years are in one movie, together and it's a sequel to the first movie that was the same concept. The kicker - this one has Chuck Norris AND Bruce Willis. Color me stoked.

I CONFESS ... I enjoyed watching the Campaign this past weekend. It was so hilarious in the first part. I was literally crying and couldn't hold in my loud laugh. But I was disappointed toward the end. It went from zero to 60 to get you into the movie and it was like they hit a switch and said "Oh yeah, we're supposed to tell a story, not just tell dick and fart jokes the whole time. I'm all for story but keep me laughing during the story please.

I CONFESS ... I'm so ready for SEC football to start I could bust. I'm ready to see what my team is made of this year!!! (ROLL TIDE!)

I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be getting off work, heading home, jumping right into my workout and hopefully enjoying some front porch happy hour time with Mike before the sun goes down!

Happy weekend!!!

WOTD: Turbo 30 - (Since I missed a workout on Wednesday, I moved it to last night, I don't want to double up strength training in two days so I will sub today's P90X workout, tomorrow and tomorrows Cardio today - makes perfect sense right?)
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Anonymous said...

Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and hello, Mr. Statham. Rawr!

Carolyn said...

Keep it up friend!! :) And don't feel too bad about the meal on Wednesday... it happens!

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