March 07, 2012

wedding wednesday: details 2

Here we are - Wedding Wednesday again! As you can see I didn't blow away in the storms, but I will say many families around Alabama and surrounding states were effected by the storms last week. My thoughts, prayers and well wishes go out to them as they rebuild their lives. I'm truly OVER this weather.

Without further rambling I present to you, more of the details from our wedding day!


Cake is always a very big party of wedding days, with that being said I've only ever eaten cake at one friends wedding and that is simply because it was forced down my throat by the groom. Odd, yes but it was a prank the Bride and Groom tried to play on myself and the bestman. I saw the prank coming a mile away and mouthed to the Bestman to "Duck!" he didn't understand and as I ducked and ran he got cake smashed in his face by the bride. The groom then chased me down and around the dance floor finally tackling me and giving me cake. Thankfully he and I are very close friends or I might have been really pissed not only at my bride/bff but at him too. Most weddings I go to I'm too busy dancing, or drinking to care about sweets, so while I was excited about planning my cake for my own wedding - I wasn't really concerned about eating it.

When planning the cake of my dreams I knew two things. I didn't want fondant, I hate that stuff. And I didn't want a cheesy topper.  I clipped tons of images of cakes and every trend was the same, rustic frosting like your grandmother used to make and flowers or fun items placed on the cake. I looked all over Esty for the perfect topper, and only found a few that spoke to me, but not to Mike and I as a couple. We thought about going with wood block letters from our work, but the fact that they were so old, dusty and otherwise not in the best shape to be put on a cake turned us off. One day while pinning a million things on Pinterest I found the perfect topper and kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner.

via pinterest

BABY PUMPKINS!!! How cute are these? I'm obsessed with everything pumpkin and not sure why until seeing this image I had never thought to use them, especially since our wedding was an Autumn wedding.

When Mike and I met with our baker it was a dream. She was excited about our wedding and loved all my ideas. She also worked a lot with our Florist who would provide her with the flowers and items she needed for the cake, and she would supply the pumpkins. I was disappointed we didn't get to do a tasting but before leaving that afternoon and getting our price quote I tried to purchase two cupcakes which she then gave to us for free. SCORE! We picked the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and it was amazing - we knew immediately we would have this option on our cake.

After details were nailed down we made our choices and the cake was executed better than I could have imagined. Details: The cake was a 4 tier cake with 3 different flavors: Top Anniversary Tier was Chocolate with peanut butter filling, the 2nd tier was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling, Tier 3 was Chocolate with Oreo filling and the bottom was Chocolate with peanut butter filling again. The entire cake was then covered in the most amazing buttercream frosting. I think that she did an awesome job with the woodland theme I wanted and incorporating all the flowers used in our arrangements. The pumpkins were sanitized, and cleaned and were the perfect topper for our cake. Everyone raved about it. I was also extremely pleased that they offered up the stumps for cake bases, this was something I wanted really bad.

Since I was younger I've obsessed about getting my husband-to-be a Groom's Cake. This is probably about the ONLY thing I ever thought of when I even considered day dreaming about a wedding day [Note: I didn't have my wedding planned out since I was 5, I ran screaming at the thought of marrying anyone for a long time, until meeting Mike]. My groom's cake obsession is from one thing, and one thing only... Steel Magnolia's. Yes, ever since Shelby's father said "Nothing like a good piece of ass, huh Ouiser?" And chopped off that bloody armadillo's tail end for her I've wanted to be sure my husband got a cake that would reflect him.

I actually took time to brainstorm and think about what I wanted to do for Mike. I wanted the cake to be a surprise so he didn't know anything about it. I sketched up my idea and took it to our baker and she was overjoyed at the idea of making his cake. I had brought two different ideas one that might be less difficult to do, and one that I thought would be the most fun. She chose the most fun option and the cake was born! I gave her the topper to scan and print on fondant - yes I said I hated the stuff but it's the only way we were going to get the illusion of a stack of records!

The story behind the cake is almost as amazing as the actual cake. First off the cake was surrounded by candy bars, his favorite is Snickers, but I couldn't pass up the Reese's simply because he loves chocolate and peanut butter - AND they were covered with Superhero emblems. If his cake had not been AC/DC it would have totally been something superhero oriented.

The Story: Mike and I met many moons ago on a little thing called One night while bored out of my mind I decided to just randomly search through profiles. As I was browsing through tons of pictures I came across Mike's image. His user name at the time was AC/DC. AC/DC has always been one of my favorite bands since I was in HS and discovered them [our HS fight song was Back in Black]. I clicked to enlarge his picture and gasped. He was SO attractive. I thought to myself no way in hell is this guy going to talk to me, but what the hell I'm feeling daring. I messaged him and waited. I can't recall exactly what I said but I know I mentioned that his screenname got my attention because I too loved AC/DC. Within a night or two he messaged me a polite message back and sent me a friend request. There I sat... with the key to his myspace page to make comments, not to seem over anxious to start a conversation I plotted my perfect first comment. I was totally spazzing like a teen girl at this point and freaking out. I've never been like this with a guy, let alone one I never met in person. I finally decided it was close to the weekend so I'd place these lyrics on his wall... with a message about enjoying his weekend.

Stand up and be counted
For what you are about to receive
We are the dealers
We'll give you everything you need
Hail hail to the good times
'Cause rock has got the right of way
We ain't no legend, ain't no cause
We're just livin' for today
For those about to rock, we salute you!

He quickly replied on my page saying that was the best comment he's ever gotten and from that day forward we commented, messaged and eventually started talking on the phone. It took us a good year to get together as a couple but the song will always remind me of one of our first exchanges upon meeting.

The biggest downfall to our wedding and reception is that we cut the cake really late in the evening. I didn't expect anyone to leave as early as they did. Most cut out after dinner and a few drinks. I was so worried about greeting everyone that I sort of forgot about cutting the cake. What disappointed me more was that the DJ had a timeline, but I would figure that in his experience he might try to pull the bride and groom aside and say, "Do you want to cut the cake early since the crowd is dying down?" He didn't, and we didn't think about the cake. I feel bad because a lot of co-workers and friends commented how much they wanted to try it. Lesson learned - again this would have been a great time for a wedding planner, or even someone to say to me "HEY GIRL, CUT THAT CAKE!"

"I Wanna Grow Old With You" - Wedding Singer Soundtrack
We knew we wanted to use this song during the big day but couldn't figure out how to work it in. I am obsessed with Adam Sandler movies, and Mike enjoys him too. We thought about continuing to dance to it after our first dance, but didn't want to be on the dance floor that long. While reading a favorite blog of mine [Finding Silver Linings] she mentioned that she used the song for the cake cutting, and I loved the idea. Sorry Mindy, I totally copied you.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed seeing our cakes. Next week I will do details and fun moments from the reception! Enjoy your week lovies!
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Carolyn said...

Both of these cakes are AMAZING! Seriously! I love love love that first one... STUNNING! And the record one is so cute!!!

Kathryn said...

I love how rustic your whole wedding is, cake included! The little pumpkins are adorable! And OF COURSE I adore the groom's cake. Super awesome. I didn't actualy know people usually picked songs to go with the cake cutting, but I dig your choice. That's such a great movie- one of the few where Adam Sandler is actually very endearing :)

hotpants™ said...

Oh, the cake cutting song is the best ever!!!

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