March 28, 2012

wedding wednesday: photobooth

Here we are another Wedding Wednesday post. We're almost through talking about this special event in mine and Mike's lives. I will probably post one more entry about the big day and talk about issues we had, changes we may have made, and road blocks we encountered. I thought a post like that might be beneficial to some of you planning weddings yourself. Our day was amazing, but far from perfect, but in the end it made our day unique and the important things that needed happen did, and the others in the end just didn't matter as much as I thought they would.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite addition to our wedding reception. Originally I had wanted to rent sit in photobooth but I wasn't having much luck finding one to rent, affordably. A few years prior to me planning my wedding an old co-worker and her hubby got married and ended up having a photobooth set up at the reception and manned by one of the photographers. I had asked my photographer if she offered this service and she said she had never done one before. After some discussion she was more than willing to test run this service at my wedding and thankfully only charged me the cost to pay the third shooter. She's anxious to offer this to her future brides and I'm glad I could help her make that happen. If you couldn't tell already, I loved my photographer, and her assistants were just as amazing on our big day.

I purchased all my own props. This was easy considering Halloween was right around the corner and I got a ton of hats and sunglasses for a steal at Target. I would have liked to do more work, and more crafts to make this a little more special but time was running thin at that point. I had contemplated a back drop but opted not to. In the end I walked away with only two props, because guests I guess in the  swirl of the evening slowly started walking off with glasses and hats, probably stumbling to their respective rooms for the evening.

Originally I thought we would have more room in the reception area to set up the photobooth, but once they set up the room complete with buffet tables we realized that there was very little room. Thankfully there was a little nook outside of the door where people could run out and enjoy the fun. Sadly our DJ only made one announcement about the booth and other than word of mouth from guests and myself and Mike I think some people didn't realize the booth was out there, which makes me sad, more on that next time.

The guests who knew about the photobooth had a ball. As you can see from the pictures there were plenty of repeat offenders and these aren't even ALL of the pictures. I am SO happy we did this for our wedding day to catch everyone. In the end it seemed more affordable than getting disposable cameras to place on the tables. My only regret is not getting more pictures with my bridesmaids - they took theirs while I was busy thanking people for coming.

 A Shot of our AWESOME Photographers!

 One of my FAVORITE candid shots of the night!
This by far was my favorite addition to the reception. We had a blast!

What was your favorite addition to your wedding or reception?
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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is really nice that you got the ball rolling for your photographer! I think every event should have a photo booth, and I set up my backdrop, lights, and camera with tripod (and remote) at every party now - people love it! You just can't get photos like that without one.

Anonymous said...

I love photobooths! Such a fun idea for everyone.

Kathryn said...

How fun! It's always cool when you go to a wedding and there's a little something extra special like that. For my nonexistent wedding, I totally want to get a retro photobooth that does those black and white photo strips.

Michael Henderson said...

Def was a fun idea.

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