March 09, 2012

random musings 3.9.2012

@Fumbling Towards Normalcy - It's Random Musings Friday!

  • This week has tested my patience in many ways. The biggest way has been dealing with my work computer. It's a fabulous looking mac but it's out dated, slow and when I work on a huge file [let's say this is about 90% of the time] it runs like a turtle. I have my fingers crossed that I will eventually get a new machine to design on. Note: The darn thing is so outdated it won't run the new operating system or programs for mac, thus it won't update my internet browser to the newest versions of anything. This then means I can't listen to the updated pandora music stream while working. #firstworldproblems
  • Brand Name vs. Generic products. Since Mike and I have started doing the whole "Local Shopping" thing I find myself picking up and purchasing more and more generic food and house hold product items. This made me wonder why so many people insist on buying the brand name products they sell at the grocery store. To be fair there are certain brand names that I will not stop purchasing. Certain foods, drinks, etc. Have you ever had generic cola, ick! Not that I've been drinking soda mind you but for the record if I want a cola, I'm purchasing a Coca Cola not a "Sam's Cola".  The biggest thing that sticks out to me is toilet paper and paper towels. Mike and I regularly purchased Sparkle Paper towels and Angel Soft toilet tissue when we shopped at Walmart. They were the cheapest of the brand name items and we liked the both. However, since we've stopped going there, we noticed how expensive these brand name paper products can be and we switched to generic. Oddly enough the faux products work just as well as the name brand. This makes me wonder why on earth people will pay twice as much for toilet paper just because it has a bear or it, or a baby or a little puppy dog and a brand name. I'm a huge label reader so I do make sure before I purchase canned goods, and other off brand food products I'm not just getting a huge container of corn syrup or sodium. I just don't get paying high dollar for paper you wipe your ass with, am I alone in this?
  • Have you been following KONY? I'm still floored how much social media has changed our world, our lives and how we get the message out to people.
  • I'm back on the workout wagon. I know, I know I already said this a month ago right? Well I slacked, and slacking turned into not doing it at all and here I am again. Back to the drawing board. So much so that all the hard work I put in before the wedding is gone. I'm back to my starting weight staring down the summer as it quickly approaches. It sucks. I am trying really hard to break this vicious cycle I'm on. I blame the wedding, the honeymoon, the holidays and most of all MYSELF for not sticking to stuff. I'm back on TurboFire and decided to do the introduction schedule before going in full throttle. I messed up the first month so bad but instead of starting over I'm just picking up on month 2 so as not to mess up my schedule. I want to be finished with the program by the first week of July. That is when my vacation happens. That way I can start a new program or join the gym before I leave for vacation.
  • St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and Mike is so excited. This holiday being on a Saturday to him is like Christmas. We have plans to head out that evening to our favorite watering hole and have a blast. Cabs will be called, I'm sure shots will be poured and hopefully if there is any LUCK in my life I won't be so hungover I want to die the next day. No promises though. For not being Irish I have to say I really and truly love St. Patrick's Day. Thankfully my husband is Irish so I can claim I'm part Irish by association... or that I've had Irish in me *wink*.
I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I'm looking forward to some downtime since this week kicked my ass! Enjoy yourselves!

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Anonymous said...

St. Patrick's Day is just another day to me. I don't celebrate it. Ever. Ha!

Kathryn said...

I just saw the Kony thing for the first time a couple of days ago and it is was so well done- it is seriously crazy what social media can do! (I think it would be kind of hilarious, though, if there was no Joseph Kony and this was all an elaborate prank...not that it would ever happen.)

As for St. Paddy's Day, I think I'm skipping the festivities this year. I may sit at home with some Baileys and Guinnesses, though!

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