March 16, 2012

friday favorites

I felt like starting something new for Fridays. I used to do a lot of Fixation Fridays posts [you can check out my obsessions by clicking that link]. I like to link up with a few of my favorite bloggers doing their Random Musings with Shana and Confessional Friday with Leslie but often times have a few favorites, and odd bits I'd like to share as well. Then I thought, why not mash them all together. So that's how "Friday Favorites" was born. I will share some of my favorites and hopefully if I get some buzz in comments from you about your favorites - maybe even enough to start a link-up of my own. So here goes, trial run, first post. Friday Favorites! {Next will I will also do Musings and Confessions too!}
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I have to say right now my all time favorite show on TV currently is The Walking Dead! It leaves me on the edge of my seat for the entire show only to constantly have me shouting "NOOOOOOO!" when it's over. Part of that is due to the cliff hangers you're left with, other times it's in losing key characters you never thought [or totally thought] might bite the dust. This Sunday is the season finale and while I'm sad to have it over again for the season, after a long drawn out mid season break, I'm also anxious to see what happens. I am completely and totally fixated on this show - so much so it keeps me up at nights sometimes wondering what will happen next.

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I'm also thrilled that NBC's Community is back from it's hiatus. Bottom line if they end up canceling this show I will no longer have faith in NBC. They have been my gold standard for funny television for years. And while I love 30 Rock, Parks & Rec [serious favorite], and The Office [although my interest in this show is seriously lacking lately] - and Up All Night makes me chuckle, nothing tickles my funny bone more than Community. P.S. NBC really pissed me off when they canceled Perfect Couples - I loved that show.

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Always Sunny In Philly: I can't say enough about how obsessed I am with this show. We DVR all old episodes and watch them as often as we can. Every time I watch and episode you hear me say "Charlie is my favorite!" One hour later I'm professing my love for Dee, or Mac. I can't make up my mind they are all that amazingly funny. I will say though Dennis will never be my favorite, homeboy is creepppyyyyy! Bottom line: I LOVE IT!

Honorable Mentions: Southland [always leaves me hanging and I have to support it, after all I grew up and went to school with Shawn Hatosy, who plays Sammy! Yes, I'm totally bragging.] and Hart of Dixie [always keeps me feeling warm and fuzzy and I'm smitten with Rachel Bilson's wardrobe in the show, besides it's based in Alabama, so it's fun for me to watch it. Those that watch the show have you realized that the outside of the Rammer Jammer is actually the same set used for the outside of Merlotte's on True Blood?

Can't wait for TRUE BLOOD to be back on either! YAY SUMMER!

All I can say is thank the technology gods for DVR!!! I'd never see all these shows without it!

NEON: I wasn't really sure about this trend. Part of the issue is that I was alive, kicking and trendy when it first arrived on the scene.... you know in the 80's and early 90's. Yeah, I just claimed my age, what? So while I doubt I'll be on the band wagon for bright t-shirts, neon nails or scrunchies [been there, did that and have the awkward frizzy haired photos to prove it]. I will possibly jump on the trend in a not so over done way by wearing items such as the following:

J. Crew Neon Accented Ballet Flats
I'd totally rock these
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A cute, neon colored skinny belt with neutral colors.
madewell skinny belt • via google

Can't wait to do this in the future • via pinterest
While it's not my all time favorite holiday, it is in the top 5 favorite holidays to celebrate out done only by New Years Eve, Christmas, July 4th and my birthday. Yes, my birthday IS a holiday - not a national one but a holiday nonetheless.  It seems odd for a part German/Dutch/English girl to be so into a holiday that has nothing to do with her personal heritage but in the end it's a holiday I can get behind. Partying with friends, having green beer, wearing a great color and cheering, singing and enjoying the company of those you're with. I'm so ready for it this year. Mike [my part Irish husband] and I will be celebrating by starting early... 

"Ah sweet mornin' drinkin'!" - Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin and his Irish Father • via google
And having a mellow day full of watching The Boondock Saints [Note: Norman Reeds who plays Murphy McManas in this movie, also plays my favorite character from The Walking Dead, score!] then later arriving at our favorite watering hole and partying with pals. My liver will hate me come Sunday morning but that's what Lazy Sundays are for.

So there are some of my favorites. 
What are you coveting currently?
Enjoy your weekend and be sure to wear something green, lest you be PINCHED!
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Kathryn said...

Sooooo I haven't seen a single one of those TV shows. I prefer classier fare, such as "Jersey Shore" and "My Strange Addiction." Only the most sophisticated television for this lady. But I do love me some neon- I mean, you've GOTTA love any kind of 80's comeback! Have an awesome St. Paddy's Day! I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to celebrate.

Carolyn said...

OMG!!!!! Walking Dead!!! Did you watch the finale!??!?!??!?! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. We have to wait HOW LONG for it to come back on?!?!

Pink Julep Abroad said...

Love those cute flats!

Free Coupons said...

Love those flat shoes! They look bright and comfortable.

hotpants™ said...

Hubby just started watching The Walking Dead at the fire station. I think they're on season 2 now. Love Hart of Dixie and Southland! And I cannot wait for True Blood!!!

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