April 30, 2012

happier with less.

via pinterest

I pinned this today on my Pinterest board and it really hit home. I've been trying to remind myself every moment of everyday of this truth. There are many, with much less than I have who are extremely happy. They aren't missing the latest iPhone, they might covet the latest pair of shoes by their favorite designer but it doesn't ruin their day. The most important things in life, aren't things. I am more blessed with loved ones, friends and important people {and animals} around me than most can hope for. In my quest to kick my debt in it's ass end, as well as learn to live and be happy with all I have, not all I don't have... small reminders like this help me remember I don't need the latest fashion trend and I certainly can do without that expensive kitchen appliance... I burn more calories mixing by hand anyway, right?

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow I think I am finally going to bite the bullet thus changing the blog URL and name!!!! EEE! Excitement!
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