April 06, 2012

random musings friday.

WOW! It's Friday already. I'm not entirely shocked the week has been pretty long but I'm still feeling like it's Thursday - THANK GOODNES IT'S NOT!

I'm linking up this week with Shana over at Fumbling Towards Normalcy for her Random Musings Friday. I didn't prep anything for Friday Favorites, so we're just going random today. Shana, thanks a million for doing this every week and giving me something to blog about! So here goes....

  • Ally took the words out of my mouth when she randomly mused about the Instagram app being offered in the Android market place. I shouldn't be so excited, I don't even own a smart phone, but I am. I'm mostly excited because that's the ONE app I wanted in a smart phone and if it hadn't been offered to the droids by the time I was due for my upgrade {June} I could see it being the factor that made me pick either an iPhone or a Droid phone. DROID FOR THE WIN! Yes... I was totally using one app as my basis for picking a phone, I'm THAT girl. {I am more likely to get an affordable/free phone with Droid vs. the iPhone and really Mike has been having a love affair with his droid since the day he got it and proves to me every day who needs the iPhone when you have a droid.... they are just as fabulous in his opinion. Well.. he doesn't use the word fabulous but you get the idea.
  • Kayaking last week was AWESOME! We did our first run of the season in our small local creek. Thankfully we've had a ton of rain so the water was moving quickly and we didn't have to worry about dragging the bottom of our kayaks through the lower parts. The only downside is that our usual 3.5 hour float only took us about 2.5 hours. The water moving quickly leaves less need to paddle, we floated 80% of the way down. Rapids were a bit more fun... if you could call the small bumps in the water rapids, true kayakers would not. The water also made for less areas to stop and take a break and soak up the sun. All in all though Mike and I had a great time. I can't wait to go again, maybe next weekend.
  • I've done a bit of sprucing up around here on the blog. I hadn't planned to change anything but yesterday as I was trying to mess with the header fonts, I hit something incorrect sending my design back to the classic template. I flipped out... all my hard work down the drain. I will be honest I'm still getting the hang of Bloggers new layout settings and while some items I love, others I can't stand. Help me out here, if I am trying to update the HTML of my page and NOT using the standard templates how do I get to that? I looked and looked yesterday until I finally switched my view back to classic mode and fixed the damage done by one lone click. Once I got to fixing, I went ahead and updated most of the items. I had started a "design text" blog to mess with the new look and feel for D2BD. I'm still contemplating names and didn't want to change anything until I was ready, but this sort of forced my hand to change ahead of time. While I don't know if I will keep with the same color scheme etc I at least have the beginnings of my new design/concept started. Most of you will probably be looking at this in your google reader or email, I read a lot of my blogs that way these days but if you have a moment and don't care to stop by, let me know what you think. I tried to brighten it up for spring.
  • It's Good Friday. I'm at work, and it looks like quite a few people are at work today. And it seems that quite a few others aren't. I always remember getting this day off at my previous jobs back home and I'm shocked living in the Bible Belt that I'm at work today. It's ok though. I have lots to work on to keep me busy until 5:00 pm. Then it's relaxation time.
  • Mike and I will finally get a chance to head to our town's First Friday's today last time it was rained out. I can't wait to see if there are some great crafts for sale and music playing in downtown. I'm also happy the weather has cooled off a bit. Today's high is only set to hit 74 degrees SUCH a welcome break from the already overly warm temps we've been having here in Alabama.
  • I need a hair cut SO freaking bad. I also have to get my Jeep fixed. I've told myself the windows on the Jeep and the air conditioning cutting off every once in a while is more important than my hair... but my heart is telling me otherwise. Thankfully I've finished my taxes and I will handle both birds with one stone, thus keeping the money I have in savings for vacations and adding to it with the rest of the return. For the record, I haven't had a hair cut since before my wedding in October.. it's getting bad ya'll.
  • So I survived the reuben challenge and now I'm trying to set my sights on something new for me to try. I've got a small stock pile of items I still need to talk about that I've tried in the past months since my wedding but I'm always on the look out for a new treat. Any suggestions?
  • I am really bad about starting new books before finishing old ones. I currently have 4 different books I'm in the process of reading, does anyone else do this? Bossypants by Tina Fey, and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain are in the mix - it's not for lack of loving the books, because I do its just that another book comes along peaks my interest and then I am off and running. My quest is to finish these two books, plus the AC/DC book I've been reading AND the fourth book I'm in the middle of too so I can clear the way for more reads. Any suggestions for summer reads is appreciated but don't mention Twilight, I won't read that.
  • I made crock pot chicken and dressing last night and it was SO tasty. I used this recipe that is simple, not a lot of ingredients and ended up being perfect for a Thursday meal. We usually try to eat something simple, and have it prepared before our favorite tv shows start on NBC Thursday's line up. We ended up watching the shows a lot later last night due to my BFF calling me. We haven't talked in a while so it was amazing to catch up... we need to do that more often. Thank goodness for DVR. Mike keeps coming up with theories to save us money on our cable bill but the princess in me is not ready to give up my DVR... 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm ready for the festivities for Sunday, the food, the family and hopefully the relaxation of the weekend. I have told myself I need to attempt to do two things this weekend... clean out the fridge and scrub it, and clean out the linen closet... anyone want to take bets on these things happening?

UPDATE: You know it's been a long day when it takes you until 3:12 PM, and after countless bathroom breaks before you realize you've been wearing your underwear inside out ALL. DAY. LONG! Damn, girl... I need a drink!

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Carolyn said...

I love the new look!!! SO CUTE! :)

Kori Donahue said...

I'm dying to try kayaking. Love the new look! Hope you have a fabulous, blessed Easter.

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... (NIV)

Kori xoxo

400 Wakeups said...

Hahaha. I hate it when that happens. Although, as Neal says, then you just turn it right side out and wear it again tomorrow. Eww.

Sounds like y'all have been busy, busy. I'm with you. High of 70 today and all next week will be a welcome break from last week's 90's. In March. That's ridiculous. Although I hope it's warm enough for you to be on the water. When there's drinking and sun bathing in, you definitely want that kayak run to last as long as possible!!

And I love the new look. I actually read from the list on my left sidebar when I'm hurry like this week, so I saw it yesterday and noticed immediately! I loved your chevron but I'm always open to fresh, spring looks too! ;)

Happy Easter weekend!

Shana said...

I was just stressing out...until I read your underwear comment. That made me crack up and now I'm feeling less stressed! So thanks!

And I love the new look. Very fresh and clean!

Anonymous said...

I had a Droid for 2 years then got an iPhone. I get it now. I'll never own another phone. It's the bestest ever. And Instagram is my fave app.

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