April 20, 2012

blazin' friday. 4.20.2012

It's Friday already! And it's not just any Friday, it's 420 DUDEEE! While I'm not one to partake in the festivities I always get a little bit of a chuckle on days like today... so I figured I'd share my random thoughts and musings and link up with Shana over at Fumbling Towards Normalcy. Then I thought I'd relink you to a few of my 420 Favorites for this Friday via my own vault posts.

  • Shana talked about Angie and Brad getting engaged in her Random Musings today and as I was replying to her post I started to think about the two of them and all they try to do for the world. They are notorious for giving and giving and giving. And while I think every woman on this earth deserves the ring of her dreams, and if your man has the money to spoil you with said ring go for it, buttttttt, I sort of feel like Brad and Angie are a bit hypocritical in their ways. Brad designed this ring {and I agree with Shana, it's ugly} and he spent TONS of money on. I'm sure Angie deserves it but how can two people that care so much for the welfare of the world sleep at night knowing that the ring he gave her could probably feed 20 small countries for a year. If I was an ambassador such as the two of them are, I think I'd rather get myself a reasonably priced ring, designed by my hubby-to-be and take the rest of that money and feed those starving children - better yet how about feeding some of the starving kids here Angie and Brad? OK, I'll get off my soap box. Peace, Love, and Diamonds, ya'll.
  • This week has been insane at work, but I made it through I'm so ready for 5:00 today! I have no idea what our plans are but I'm ready to relax. It will be too cold to kayak on the creek and possibly too raining to camp so we'll have to make our own fun. I'm having a mean guacamole craving so maybe we'll have a fiesta at the casa.
  • It's flea season - joy to the world, not! Yes, I totally just did the 90's "NOT". Mike and I will spending a small fortune today in order to get our pets all up to date with their flea meds. I will also be looking into updating June's Rabies shot since she is no longer allowed to go to Pet Smart to get her nails trimmed until it's handled. All this bitching about pets costing money, and people wonder why Mike and I haven't had children yet. Kids be expensive, son!
  • This weekend I will be doing my best to get my blog up and running under it's new name. I'm really excited and think I have finally decided on a name that's suitable for me now, as well as one I can grow into for a long time. I will make one final post to make the announcement and get you geared up if you have to do anything special to follow me. I hope it will be a seamless transition but, as we all know that rarely happens!
  • Lastly - I wanted to leave you with a funny for the weekend. This past week a local Alabama paper ran an ad for Foodland, a grocery store here in Alabama {and possibly surrounding areas}. The flyer usually shows all the specials for the week... this week had a GREAT special for all those horn dogs that needed some beans to go with their weenies. THIS IS REAL, it was printed and I hope you enjoy it!
via facebook and the Foodland Flyer
Cue the Barry White, awww yeah!

In Honor of 420 I wanted to send you back in time to one of my favorite blog posts about this topic. I've gotten a lot of "hits" on it, and I wanted to keep the "rotation" going.
So here goes...
So Crank some Marley and have a Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

via BING • My favorite Stoners of all time Slater and Wooderson

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the new blog name. I'm working on re-design at my place. This time I'm doing it all by myself. I suck at it! Ha!

I have to agree about the ring being ugly. It's certainly not what I would want. I think they can splurge when they want though because they have SO MUCH MONEY and already give back so much. They do/give ten times the amount of other celebs. And yes, I'm on Team Brangelina, obviously. ;)

Shana said...

Maybe the people working at the newspaper were celebrating 4/20 a little early this year. That's absolutely hilarious.

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