January 04, 2012

wedding wednesday: engagement portraits

With this Wedding Recap I wanted to start from the beginning and work my way to the final days. I realized in all the hustle and bustle of planning my wedding that I never shared with you some of our engagement shots. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the engagement pictures. I wasn't where I wanted to be with my weight loss and figured that since we were getting married so soon after our engagement that it might be a waste of time. The more I sat and pondered about this I realized I was being silly - this is a special time in my life and it's something important I'd like to have documented. I was and currently still am struggling with wanting my picture to be taken so this was a big leap for me. I also realized this was the perfect time for Mike and I not only to get used to having the camera focused on us for an extended amount of time but to also get to know our photographer on a more personal level.

Originally I wanted to go with a local couple that own a photo studio downtown. When I contacted them they sadly informed me that they would be busy the weekend of our big day doing a wedding in Mississippi. As I stated in a previous wedding post if you are passionate about a certain vendor such as musicians, chefs or photographers it's best to check with them for their availability before committing to a date or a location for your event. I was a bit up in the air about who to go with and a customer of mine suggested our photographer Breanna Fogg, of Breanna Fogg Photography. Her work blew me away from the moment I saw her website. It was fun, fresh and timeless. Originally I wanted to go with a bit of an old fashioned feel to the images. I loved the soft tones I had been seeing all over the blog-iverse of brides and grooms and engaged couples in the mid afternoon sun. Then the more I thought about it I remembered, hey girl, you're a graphic designer - you can make your images look however you want. It then dawned on me - bottom line is we want great shots! Not just romantic shots. Mike and I agreed 100% that we wanted to go with Breanna and we hired her quickly.

Our first engagement session was scheduled to be at the end of July. I figured it would have been the best time to get some fun shots of us at the creek, and we'd be fully tanned and looking great after our vacation over the first week of July. After returning from our vacation I was thankful that our session ended up having to be rescheduled due to weather [it was a mess that weekend]. The best thing about it was A) I didn't have to melt in the heat and B) My legs were peeling SO bad. I didn't have to have that as a lasting image of myself. I had gotten a wicked sunburn on the back of my body the second to last day of vacation thanks to not reapplying my sunblock!!!

Mike and I decided to reschedule our photoshoot for September. The air would be cooler and that suited both of us really well. We wouldn't get the fun shots we originally anticipated getting at the creek where we kayak, but in the end jeans and light shirts were way more comfortable than a sweat covered face and rings on our shirts, right?

At this point Breanna and I had been chatting via email for a few months and she was always warm, friendly and such a breeze to work with. This was only amplified in meeting her in person. She was a dream.  Breanna met us the day of our shoot - at our favorite watering hole downtown. I was starting to get nervous - the only "photoshoots" I've ever had in my life were uncomfortable class portraits and school pictures - all of which I hated. After a glass of liquid courage we were off to our first location, the railroad bridge where Mike proposed to me.

Sadly at the time of day we got there the lighting was not right so we only got a few pictures on the actual bridge - but the surrounding area made for the best pictures! It was wooded, and the shade helped since I was wearing darker colors and the setting sun was still a little warm, even in September. I do live in Alabama afterall.

Bottom line we had a blast - taking Breanna from place to place around our small town and joking and talking with her. I think she got some amazing shots and I finally felt comfortable in front of the camera. If you're a soon to be bride I truly think getting engagement shots done are worth the money and effort. Especially if you don't know the photographer and want to get comfortable in front of the camera. By my wedding day I was no longer nervous about what I was going to look like, or how I should stand [they will tell you what to do, and if you're lucky like I was, your photographer will fix your hair for you too!]. And I was able to relax and not feel like a Kardashian with a hound of photogs in my face.

So without further delay... here are a few of our favorite shots taken that day, in September before we were Mr. and Mrs.

Breanna - if you are reading thank you again! Working with you made it easy and awesome. You're the best!

All photos taken by Breanna Fogg of Breanna Fogg Photography

This is the bridge where Mike proposed to me... at the verrrrryyyyyy end of the bridge!

our favorite pictures are ones of us laughing together.

Mike thought of using the original printing type for these images I'm so glad he thought of it because it was a great touch! Being graphic designers in the print industry this worked out well to showcase our careers.

Downtown... love this place!

I wish I could remember what he was saying to make me laugh so hard!

Everyone has a "Cheers" in their lives, this is ours!

I hope you enjoyed it! Next up... Wedding Weekend Kick Off - our Meet n' Greet Night before the wedding!
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Natalie said...

LOVE those pictures... I have very few regrets from my wedding, but the ones I do have center around pictures. We never got a family pic of us & the boys. And we didn't do engagement pics.

Also? I never realized how tall you are! Or maybe you just look tall b/c I'm near midget size at only 5'2"

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh... these are so good! I love them! :) My favorites of Jake and I are the laughing ones too.

As for the outfits... those boots are SO CUTE! Love them! :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Those are such cute pics! We did our 'engagement' pics after the wedding because I was too lazy to schedule them before. We call them our 'newlywed shots'! ha

Kathryn said...

These are SOOOOO adorable! Love the one with you guys surrounded by vines and also love the one with your initials. What a cool idea! AHHH it makes me want to get engaged! :)

sarah said...

These turned out sooo good! Love them!!!

Kallay said...

I absolutely loved your engagement shots on FB. I think I told you this already but the one of your ring with those letters is just AWESOME! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I love the one of you laughing when he's kissing your cheek. I also really love the one of you both holding hands and looking over your shoulders. These are all so great. I'm glad you found a wonderful photographer!

Anonymous said...

PS - Natalie isn't kidding. She is a midget. Hahaha!

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