January 18, 2012

take action!

Wedding Wednesday is on hold this week - I will double up next week and bring you the Rehearsal Dinner and Getting ready all together [possibly even first look images].

Instead I thought it was more important to pass this on in hopes that many of you will sign this petition. There isn't much to say - fellow blog pals if you don't like the idea of being censored or told how to run your blog or website please take time to sign this petition. Censorship sucks, Freedom of Speech Rocks! Tell Congress: Don't Censor the Web!

SIGN HERE: https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/
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marie said...

I'll look it over, it's crazy how some of our rights seem to be getting chipped away at every day.

Mama Bird said...

signed and shared.

Kathryn said...

Of course I found out about this AFTER I already blogged for the day. But I definitely signed!

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