April 10, 2013

First Timers

For lack of feeling up for coming up with a brilliant blog post I thought I'd follow the lovely Carolyn over at Life, Love and Puppy Prints' lead by answering this survey of FIRSTS! [Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn!]


FIRST thing I do in the morning //
I hit snooze, and or request that my cat get off my hip so I can get out of bed.

FIRST thing I do when I get home from work //
Nine times out of ten, it's strip off my work clothing and put on either workout gear (it's been too long) or yoga pants with a tshirt.

FIRST kiss //
It's a shame that BOTH of my first kisses were so terrible. Yes, I said BOTH. I consider a small peck during a game of spin the bottle to be my first kiss. I was in middle school. I consider my second first kiss (french kiss) to be absolutely horrible. The dude that kissed me sort of forced himself on me, and it was as though he was trying to swallow my soul out of my throat. Awful, just awful.

FIRST home //
I'm going with most memorable. My parents and I lived in a haunted house when I was first born but as a newborn I have no memory of this house.

Our second home was what I considered my home. We lived there from me being the age of 3 until I was 19. Big home, lots of wooded land surrounding it that I played in regularly, and a pool. It was heaven. A small slice of the good life. When my parents divorced they split the home. I was pretty upset to leave, I truly wanted to be able to bring my kids there to play where I played for so many years. A former high school friend's mom purchased the home. She's made a ton of changes to it, most of which neither my father (the designer and builder of the home) and myself don't agree with. I can't bring myself to even go down the 1000 foot driveway to view it.

FIRST car //
1986 Mercury Topaz. I named him "Merky" after one of the villains from Rainbow Brite. And because well Mercury could be shortened to "Merky" At the time my boyfriend's name was Mark and everyone called him Markie, so I guess that works too. I loved the shit out of that car. It was like a tank. It was probably the BEST first car ever. My friends weren't too pleased about it. I often got told they would drive when we'd go down to the local drive spot. They would rather been seen in their brand new 1994 Escorts (my dream car at the time), than my Mercury beater. Whatever, I didn't care, I loved that car. Non-factory sunroof and all.

FIRST accident traffic violation //
Speeding tickets. Loads of them. I was probably 18 when I got my first one. I was racing home after spending the night at my boyfriend's home. I got pulled over by a state trooper that was totally rude to me. Asking me if my parents knew where I had been etc. I got many more tickets after that but that one was the most memorable.

FIRST drink of choice //
Depends, what time is it? What are we doing? Where are we going? What am I eating?
Bottom line - if I'm thirsty, water. If it's hot and I'm on a patio chilling, beer of some form.
Favorit liquor, Spiced Rum. Most often Captain Morgan but I've been known to step out a time or two with Sailor Jerry.

FIRST dessert of choice //
Hands down, cheesecake.

FIRST choice restaurant //
The Flamming Pit in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I've been going there since I was a wee kiddo. I used to request hamburgers when I got there, much to the disappointment of my parents. Now I get the same two things every time. It's always a toss up between their Crab cakes, or their trademark Prime Rib. Always medium rare, emphasis on the rare. And trust me, if you have the chance to go there, you should try the cream of crab soup if it's available. Trust me. Heaven. Also, anywhere that serves Steamed Crabs. And trust me, only get crab cakes in Maryland. Ya heard?

As far as locally here the biggest choice place I like to go for a good meal is hands down our friends bar, On the Rocks. Best Burgers in the area.

FIRST song that comes to mind //
Currently I can't get the Weeds theme song out of my head. "Little boxes, on the hill side. Little boxes made of tickie tacky." I've been singing it for weeks now that we're obsessed with the show. I'm sad the theme song stops after like season 3.

FIRST major purchase //
I will say it was my second car. It was a 1996 Eclipse. All the bells a whistles a girl could ask for. Silver, sunroof. Power windows, fog lights. I thought I was the shit. I loved that car. His name was Duke. And yes, all my cars are male. [After Duke was Beastie Jeepie my 1989 Grand Cherokee Jeep, after him was Whitey - my BMW 325i, I love him too and now Snowman my 2003? Grand Jeep Cherokee) All men.

FIRST job // 
Sales associate at Afterthoughts jewelry. It was such a BS job but it paid for fun items and clothing. I was 15 years old. My second job was at Lerner, now New York and Company. Then Express, then Bath and Body Works. Then odd jobs Tanning salons / etc.

FIRST time I flew //
I was ten years old. My mother and I flew to Florida to visit Disney World. Funny story, it was also the same week I became a woman. There's literally nothing more magical than your mother telling you to slap on a pad, we're going to visit Mickey. Oh, youth.

FIRST "big girl" job //
I guess you could say when I became a manicurist. Any job that requires you to take a state board exam in my book is a "big girl job".

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Carolyn said...

YAY! :) Thanks for doing this! I love these kinds of posts. HAHA!

And beer and captain morgan? A girl after my own heart!!

Christina said...

I think everyone should have an old first car. I had an 85 Honda Civic hatchback that leaked when it rained. I live in Washington. So yeah, none of my friends wanted to ride with me either and that was fine by me! Plus I drove that car into the ground and into poles and other cars. Haha! I would have really messed up a new car.

I love the Weeds theme song too and picks back up in season 8! There's even one by Silas, which/who I loooove! It's pretty creepy how much I love him. He's a child!

McGriddle Pants said...

Cheesecake and Rum! Yes!

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