April 10, 2013

day drinking.

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The weather is amazing outside right now. All I want to do is leave my office and soak up the rays. Spring Fever is in full effect now. Weeks ago, that was just a teaser. Today the sun is out, it's rocking about 84 degrees and the breeze is gentle. PERFECT day drinking weather.

Give me a patio, and a cold beverage and I'm set. And make sure you give me about 10 lbs. of allergy medication too, because the pollen is so thick in the air, I think I could cut it with a knife.

Day Dreaming Drinking, is where it's at!
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Lora said...

so true. You have no idea the amount of self-restraint I practiced this week to not day drink on company time.

Carolyn said...

Let's rub it in. We're in the middle of a winter storm here and I hate Mother Nature.

Misty said...

It was sunny and nice all week. Now it's storming. BOO! It should be back to sunny and warm on Saturday though.

McGriddle Pants said...

I get these urges SO BAD sometimes.

You nailed it on the head. Day drinking for THE WIN!!

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