April 16, 2010

fixation friday: the troops

Today's Fixation Friday is brought to you by Facebook. Today's fixation is a bit less fun and more serious. This morning I was greeted with a great message on facebook from my cousin. As you know he is in the military and is serving our country over seas. He has arrived to his base camp destination and is safe and sound and that makes me extremely happy. He seems to be in good spirits and turned all his focus to me and how I was doing, and what I was up to in his email. He even took time to ask me my opinions about the whole 'Big Ben' scandal.  Don't get me started on that... I'm still a bit disappointed in him and angry about the whole thing. Ben if you're reading this, get your ass out of the club and back to the gym and work off that extra weight - get your head in the game. We don't pay you to pick up chicks in bars and what not! {Salt, thank you for not ribbing me on this, seriously, thank you!} Both of my cousins as well as my aunt, uncle and my cousin's husband are all Steelers fans, this is where I get my Steeler Fever from, the Pennsylvania part of my blood. Oddly my father was born and raised in P.A. and yet he's a Redskins fan. I wasn't into football growing up so the Redskin burgundy and gold never transfered to me, much to my dad's displeasure I'm sure. I didn't get into football until I was probably a sophomore in high school. Funny side note: my cousin R and her husband (mentioned above) like the Steelers so much their cat's names are Pittsburgh and Steeler. Not what I'd choose for my cats but still, die hard. Anyfooseballdebil, Back to the topic at hand, it's too early for Football fixation.

I happily emailed my cousin, L back thanking him for all his services and for taking time to contact me to see how I was doing. I reminded him that I'm praying for him daily and that he's always on my mind. I thought of him last night while watching the SNL 2000's special on NBC. I cried during the 9/11 coverage. I'm so sad it happened but I'm glad that after all this time I'm still passionate about what happened, what people did to help and my heart aches for all the men and women lost in those tragic events and their families. I then started thinking about L, and how selfless he is. A father with two young daughters who are growing everyday. A husband with a wife left to forge ahead on her own in this time when he's away. Surrounded by friends and family she takes comfort in his messages and his phone calls and prays for him to return home safely to her, his girls, his family, his friends and his community. Not a day goes by that I don't fixate on his well being. I can only do as his wife and my family does and pray, and hope, and keep the faith that he will be home soon again, safely and sound.

I asked him in my replay message if he could tell a difference since the last times he had been where he is now (sorry for the lack of info, it's a safety issue, you understand right?) . I look forward to his reply. I'm interested to see how he feel things have changed from his point of view. I won't get into the politics of all of this, with the war etc., that would take ages. All I can do is hope that soon, my cousin can come home and all of our troops can do the same.

His wife recently gave me the mailing address to send him and his crew items and care packages. I was so happy so many of you expressed interest in being able to show you care. If you are still interested please email me at the address listed below my contact information and I'll send you that information. Please note that if I do not know you or talk to you on a regular basis I may not forward this information back to you. It's nothing personal but this is the troops' safety I'm concerned about.

Take some time today to reflect and think about our men and women in service. Not just the troops but the other's who help us everyday - Firefighters, Police Officers, Soldiers and all the other men and women that risk their lives everyday to make the world a little better for us. And while you're at it, say a little prayer for L and his family and for his safe return.

And when you're finished all that - remember it's FRIDAY! And you are blessed with the freedom to celebrate that. And when you raise your glass tonight at happy hour - stop for a moment, reflect again and toast to the men and women in the armed forces, their family support systems and your country and relish the delicious sip of your cocktail in their honor. *CHEERS*

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Happy Friday Everyone!!! 
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Allyson said...

AMEN, sister!!! I was just at MWU (Military Wives Unite) meetings last night and we were talking about how our friends get it...but they don't GET it. When our husbands are deployed, we don't want to hear you complain about how your's snores all night. There are so many things that civilians take for granted. And then, as Army wives, we complain about things when our husbands are deployed, but we aren't the ones walking 200 yards just to pee or digging sand out of our buttcrack all the time. We have it pretty good, even if it is worse than everyone else. It's all perspective. Thank you again for reminding your readers of the sacrifices the military and their families go through. We don't expect to be thanked...but golly it sure is nice when we are! Champagne Friday toast to my boys and girls in the uniform!!

Cathy said...

Great post Kelly!!! Give your cousin a big THANKS from me. I have two uncles and an aunt who are retired Air Force. Thankfully they are still with us but I don't think I've ever given them thanks for what they've done for our country. You've inspired me to sit down and write them a little letter this weekend.

Thinking of all our troops and hoping they come home soon!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

More thanks going to your cousin and his family! He's the best!!

Now, Ben Rothlisfatburger. I'm not going to say much becuase I don't want you to hate me, but I HATE that guy. Loathe him more than anyone in the NFL, which in turn makes me muy anti Steelers.

In an interview he ripped on 'Surfer Guys from Southern California' and I lost my shit.

When he hits the headlines, I tend to feel smug.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I'm In! Although you don't know me, my better half referred to as Captain John on my blog, that featured your blog last Friday incidentally; is a Marine Recon-Sniper. I would be more than happy to aide in your gathering of goods, that's what we refer to this as in the Corps. An idea would be to provide a non descriptive address for these troops such as the Operation Troops APO box, that even "someone that you don't know" could mail packages to, and that way no one is left out. You never know whose out there, that may go above and beyond for this cause, that may read your blog, that you haven't had the chance to get to know. ;) I commend you for your efforts to keep the awareness that we still have troops fighting for our freedom everyday. They have been pratically forgotten.
Semper Fi,

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

That's a great idea Bumpkin - I actually emailed L's wife to ask for a general address for everyone to send stuff too as soon as I have that info I will pass it on :)

Thank Captain John for all he's done for me!!! :)

Allyson - you're welcome girl! *BIG HUGS* Thank Mr. Neal for me too! xo

Monique - he's seriously testing my patients you have NO idea.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

That's a great idea Bumpkin - I actually emailed L's wife to ask for a general address for everyone to send stuff too as soon as I have that info I will pass it on :)

Thank Captain John for all he's done for me!!! :)

Allyson - you're welcome girl! *BIG HUGS* Thank Mr. Neal for me too! xo

Monique - he's seriously testing my patients you have NO idea.

Salt said...

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to your cousin for bravely defending all of us! I'm glad he is safe and sound and that you got to 'talk' with him. He is a true hero!!

And trust...the thought crossed my mind about a little Big Ben torture, but then I remembered how much I hated it when people gave me crap for Ray. Soooo...yeah. Did you know that he actually is using Ray's attorney though!? I do think that is hilarious.

And those drinks look delish and OMG Baby G in your sidebar!! Loves it. Happy weekending to you!

Amanda said...

AMEN!! These are the real heroes in this world!! I admire the troops so much for what they sacrifice and do for us....it hasn't been lost on this US citizen. You know what else? I am so proud to be American. Really I am. there are so many amazing things about this country, this just being one of them. And dont' get me started on all the wives, children, mothers and fathers of the troops who hold it down back home!!

Anastasia said...

I will add him and your family into my good thoughts list. I know how hard it is to not see your family and kids so I hope he gets to come home soon!

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