January 06, 2015

resolutions for 2015

Resolutions, everyone has them, even if they don't admit it. Be honest, you know in your mind you've at least thought of one resolution for 2015, you just haven't spoken it out loud, or it would become a commitment. Am I right?

I have a few I haven't really talked about (other than to my husband) the normal: eat better, try to be more healthy, drop some LB's but I feel like I say that EVERY year, and it happens for a while, then I go back to my old ways, and end the year feeling defeated, heavier, and less healthy than I started. I aim to stop that but it isn't my ultimate goal for 2015.

A year or so ago I was resolving to "Do Less With More" and I still love that thought. Appreciate what you have, stop mindless spending, etc. And I feel like I did alright with that for the most part. Last year I did a bit of over spending, but we purchased a house, and with a new house comes new items you have to purchase. So you see, EVERY resolution has it's fine print.

This year I want to keep it simple. Yes I will eat better, yes I will try to will lose weight, but I won't let that drive me, or be my only resolution for 2015.

Instead I want to slow down. I want to relax more, take my time to do projects at work and at home. I want to slow down in life in general. I constantly feel like I have to be in 10 different places at once, mentally and physically - it's draining. Not to mention my parents were totally right when they said, the older you get the quicker time flies. Seriously, wasn't it JUST 2014???

Slowing down means more time for my husband, family, friends, and just as important, myself. Slowing down also means trying to put down my phone while watching TV, during a meal or any other time I pick that damn thing up and miss out on something else that is right in front of me. Stop trying to do 10 things at once and maybe just narrow it down to 5. My line of work (graphic design) I often multi task and while it's really efficient, it also trickles down into my life outside of work. Basically in all aspects of my life I want to slow my roll. Slow and steady wins the race.
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So tell me, what is your New Years Resolution?  

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked by both of those games. I'm routing for Dallas now. They are def the most trash talked team and I'd like to see them stick it to everyone :-).

Karen M. Peterson said...

Slowing down sounds like a great plan!

I feel like in some areas I need to do that and in others I need to speed up. I really need to work on balance, I guess.

Christina said...

I haven't really made any resolutions, but slowing down and simplifying are up there on my priorities list. I also want to pad our savings account, which means a lot less spending! And of course, lose weight, work out, eat better, all that crap. Haha!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

That's a great one. I always have resolutions but I have decided to make them my January resolutions since it's easy to lose steam after that. I like yours, it's a good one indeed. I feel like life just flies by with me none the wiser, nice to sit and reflect on so many things.

Besides getting back in shape post the holidays, my NYR is to figure out a joint saving plan with my husband. We haven't done the 'joint' aspect (vs indiviual) since wedding so I think it's due time!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I plan to be more organized in every facet of life. More to come on the blog... Ha!

Devon said...

I haven't heard this resolution from anyone yet and I think it's a good one. So many times when the New Year begins we feel the urge to put more on our plates. I like the less is more approach.

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