May 01, 2013

the future you.

I'd like to think that each day I try do to a little to make the world a better place. I saw this image and I thought, that is such a right on concept. (Wow, I just sounded a bit hippie-ish saying that, eek!) It's true, we should do something everyday that our future self will thank us for. Below is a list of things, I'm doing today, that I think I will be very happy I did, in the future.

"No regrets, that's my motto... 
that and everyone Wang Chung Tonight!"
 – Luke (Out Cold)


Mike and I have started recycling. I realized in just one short month of starting our recycling mission, just how much waste the two of us produce. Wait, that sounded gross, RECYCLABLE waste. Paper, aluminum, plastic. We were totally doing our fair share of destroying the earth and filling landfills with crap we could easily give to someone else to recycle.

We Mike used to take the trash out at least 2-3 times a week to our larger outdoor can. Now, he only takes it out about 1 time, right before trash day. Unless we have a lot of people over, and have a party, there is not a lot of trash that goes into the can. I love this.  One of our best friends recycles too and she says she often just has to empty her can because it smells, not because it's full. Win/Win! Less trash.

Oddly enough our recycle bin is always overflowing. A lot of it is due to boxes that items are wrapped in. We break them down but they still multiply quickly. Beer cases, pizza boxes, boxes holding cat food, add to that cat food cans, and soda/beer cans, plastic bottles, plastic containers, etc. Our recycle box is always full on Thursday. Thankfully, our pick-up people WILL take other items stacked next to the box if needed, incase we have overflow. I often wish the bin had a lid on it, but that might make it hard to pick-up and toss in the truck. My only issue is that I wish our town recycled glass bottles/jars.

BOTTOM LINE: The future me should be happy we're starting to think about the world's future. Where we will live and our kids will live, and even more important our grandkids will live. Wait, holy shit I haven't even had a kid and I'm talking about grandkids - PUMP THE BREAKS!

Mike and I had a big discussion yesterday about where we are in our lives. We've been getting the usual comments, when are you going to have kids? When are you going to buy a house? When are you going to essentially "grow up". My gut reaction, NEVER. I never want to grow up. I will grow old, yes, but I will never grow up.  Kids? I am sure we will need to get serious about them soon, I'm not getting any younger but I'm also not in a rush. A home, we are looking, but not actively. I'm much more worried about bringing down my debt than I am about creating more of it.

BOTTOM LINE: I will hope my future self will remember me now, and think I was a good person for not compromising who I am, who I want to be and who I enjoy being. I hope that my future self won't look back regretting that I didn't take the corporate route, that I followed my creative heart and that it's a good thing, not a bad thing. I hope that the future me will be happy I didn't grow up, and that my children will be happy that Mom and Dad both have a child side to them, at least until they are 14 and we embarrass the shit out of them on a regular basis.

Currently Mike and I both are trying to bring down our debt. To help plan for the future. It's not a quick fix, we both have bills we need to pay and want to pay down before adding more to the pot. While we'd love to have a house, right this second it's something we're both unsure of. Who knows, next month we might change our minds.

BOTTOM LINE: We'll get there when we get there.

I hope that the future me will enjoy the fact that we took our time to have kids. I know some people love them and have wanted them from day one of marriage or since they were old enough to desire kids. I am not one of those people. I LOVE KIDS, but currently I also love sleep. Eventually I will have to learn to love kids more than sleep. This isn't that moment. I'm still selfish, and I hope that the future me will respect my wishes at this time when she's knee deep in dirty diapers at 2, 3, and 4 am!

I hope that the future me in my 40's, 50's and 60's will look back at my 20 something and 30 something lifestyle and think "I lived, loved and enjoyed myself. I made a shit ton of mistakes but I learned from them all." I hope that she will also think "P.S. Thanks for using eye cream so early in life, I really appreciate that."

I hope that our future selves will be happy we took time to grow as a couple, first. And then a family second. 

BOTTOM LINE: I was happy I spent my 20's partying and making new friends. I'm happy even though I was in serious relationships that I didn't settle down too early. It worked for a lot of my friends, most are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary! That's awesome! I also think they found the one they were meant to be with back then. I didn't. I found Mike later than most of my friends and I'm happy I never settled when people thought I should have, just for the sake of being married, or following the "proposed plan". Mike and I both are thankful we had this time to not only live our lives but find each other when we were both ready. I'm also happy we've taken these years as a couple to really get to know each there, to travel and to enjoy the fun of not having too many responsibilities. We are responsible adults, but currently just responsible for each other.


While I've hopped on and off the wagon of fitness I'm happy I'm still giving it a try. I hope to start making better choices for my health. Working out, eating better and just trying to mentally and physically make myself a better person I believe will pay off when I'm older.

BOTTOM LINE: I hope that when I'm 70 I'm still able to be up and around and have energy like some of these older, healthy folks I've seen. I don't want a rocking chair lifestyle before the age of 80.

I could probably go ON and ON about this, and I'm sure I'll think of about 20 other things once I post this but these were the big ones. I'm still growing as a person even in my mid/late 30's and I still think I have a lot of work to do for myself, this earth and the community. So here's to still growing, and growing old, not up!

So what do you want to do today, that will make your future self proud?
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Kari said...

I loved this post!!! I totally agree--I never want to grow up. I never want to lose my zest for life or my ability to find hilarity in mundane things. Being an "adult" sucks. Too much stress and worry. I try as hard as I can every day to not think about "responsible" issues and instead focus on what TV program I'll be watching that night or going out for a bike ride. I wish I could just live in a tree house and someone would take care of the rest:) I love my sleep too much right now, too. We'll see if that changes in the next few years, because we get that question about kids all the time, too. Hope you're having a great day!

McGriddle Pants said...

I totally loved this!

SO many are true in my life also.

Fletch and myself have been together for over 3 years and people keep asking when we're getting married. I'm like, why does it matter to you!? I can have a big 10 thousand dollar party if you want, but what does a piece of paper matter? Other than getting on his awesome health insurance ;)

And don't get me started on buying a house or having kids.

I AM A KID!! Sheesh people! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the future you is awesome! I get a lot of pressure about marriage and kids and buying house. Do things on YOUR OWN TERMS. Its your life, your decision. Forever young!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the future you is awesome! I get a lot of pressure about marriage and kids and buying house. Do things on YOUR OWN TERMS. Its your life, your decision. Forever young!

Carolyn said...

I love this! :) I think your future self will be very happy with the choices you're making!

Michael Henderson said...

Also, you can't play loud ass records in the morning when a baby is sleeping. So, there's that.

Natalie said...


And speaking as one of those people who had kids from day one of her marriage, I'm looking forward to the day that they're all grown and moved out. I'm kind of excited about the fact that I'll still be young enough to enjoy my husband and life before becoming a grandmother. Ya know? I'll have the money to travel and actually have the energy to do it. At least, that's how I'm rationalizing the fact I had babies as a baby.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

loved the out look in this post! I totally agree with so much of this. I can tell you one thing, I have def been enjoying being married without kids :)

Rebecca Virginia said...

so glad i came across your blog! lovin it, just subbed =]

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