October 22, 2012

happy anniversary 10.22.12

Has it really been a full year since we said "I do"? It doesn't seem like it's been that long. I swear only yesterday I was fretting about what shoes to wear - when in the end it truly didn't matter. I would have married him barefoot, in front of a million people - or the way we actually married, in a small ceremony, with family and friends at a resort set in the middle of the woods. It didn't matter, as long as I married him a hurricane could have hit our wedding and I would have remembered what was most important. For the record, the hurricane hit our honeymoon instead.

From the moment I laid eyes on Mike I knew he was the one for me... maybe I need to rephrase that from the moment I laid eyes on him in person, I knew he was the one for me. As I've shared before Mike and I met on myspace.com over 9 years ago. Next month will mark our 9th year together as a couple but today is more special to me, because it marks our first year together as husband and wife.

The night before we made our relationship official - 9 years ago
Mike, I look forward to all that we will do together in our coming years. All our adventures, and even all our evenings laid up on the couch watching movies. The front porch happy hours, the camping trips, the kayak rides and everything in-between. But most of all, our future, and what that has in store for us that we aren't even aware of yet.

When I'm with you, I know that I am home. I'm where I'm meant to be and I wouldn't change that for anything.

Happy Anniversary babe - I love you with all my heart!

Had this song below been released before our wedding, I know for a fact it would have been our first dance song. Sadly it wasn't, but it was released before our videographer put together our preview for our wedding videos. This song set to the events of our special day, on our video always make me smile and remember our special day when it plays through his phone, my Jeep disc changer or my iPod. I thank my videographer, Chris for picking this song. I told him how much Mike loved Pearl Jam and I had discussed a song from the Backspacer album - instead Chris surprised us. I think he knew this song would be 100x more perfect for our special day.

by Eddie Vedder

I'm falling harder than I've
ever fell before
I'm falling fast while hoping
I'll land in your arms
'cause all my time is spent here
longing to belong
to you

I dream of circles perfect
eyes within your face
my heart's an open wound that
only you'd replace
and though the moon is rising
can't put your picture down
love can be frightening when you fall

And when the time is right,
I hope that you'll respond
like when the wind gets tired
the ocean becomes calm
I may be dreaming but I'm
longing to belong
to you

*** Side note: I also find it really funny that for the rest of our years, our anniversary will also be the third weekend of October, which in the South means, Alabama vs. Tennessee. Maybe next year we'll catch the game live.
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Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love your hair piece!

Carolyn said...

Love this!! :) Happy anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

"The night before we made our relationship official"

Does this mean you guys DID IT?!


Candice said...

Nub... Sweet nub.

Happy Anniversary!

sarah said...

Happy anniversary, you guys! You have officially been married longer than Kim Kardashian!

Miss. MP said...

So I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I'm a Maryland girl myself living in Austin Texas. Look forward to reading more. -Kelly

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