October 26, 2012

Confessional Friday: Link Up 10.26.12

I have been a bit MIA here so I thought I'd jump back in the game by confessing and joining up with the lovely Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Fridays! Feel free to link-up and join in.

I had an amazing anniversary. We had a very low key evening. After celebrating while at the Pearl Jam concert last month, I was really ready for a quite night, just the two of us.

We enjoyed a bottle of wine at the house, watched some comedy to unwind after a long Monday at work. We got dolled up and headed to a place in town we had never tried before. We shared a plate of Chef's Choice Sashimi, and both had a Blue Moon. Once that was consumed we moved on to sharing a bottle of Old Vine Zin and we both ordered the Classic Reuben.

Sure, it seems a bit odd to order a "sandwich" on such a special occasion but honestly, Mike and I have been on a mission to find the perfect local Reuben ever since we tried them for the first time. We found one back home in Maryland that knocked our socks off. I'm happy to say, this one here, locally did just the same.

The red wine and corn beef went great together AND the fries were an awesome side.  Yes, I know it sounds less than glamorous, sandwich and fries with wine, but did I mention we were sitting on the top floor of the restaurant, which is open air when the open the large bay door, we practically had the area to ourselves and we had a great view. It may not seem fun to head out on a Monday night to celebrate anything, but it was PERFECT and I'm so happy we did that instead of fighting the crowds on Saturday night.
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It was a great evening. One I'm very happy we were able to enjoy together. We finished the night off with a bottle of Champagne that I had been saving from our wedding day. We sat on the couch in our PJs and watched Pearl Jam Live on DVD until Midnight. Happy Anniversary to us!
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I'm currently obsessed with that Reuben and I've been dreaming of going back to get it again. And again. I think next weekend I will have to do just that.

I've been stir crazy lately, not sure why. I think I need to start getting back on the workout wagon. I like falling into bed feeling like I got my full days worth. Lately I've been coming home, crashing on the couch and by 9:00 PM I start to get that feeling like I haven't done enough with my time. I hate that feeling.

I ate almost an entire bag of Snickers last night. When, oh when will I learn NOT to bring candy into the house.

We have about 6 lbs. of candy that I purchased for Trick or Treaters - most of which I will shovel into my little sister-in-law's pumpkin when she stops by next week. The rest, thankfully is mostly sour candy, things that only Mike truly likes. Chocolate is my weakness. The rest of that stuff will probably last until next Halloween.

I would totally consider handing that out again next year.

I'm usually so amped for Halloween - this year... we've both just been a bit "MEH" about the whole thing. I decorated, and I purchased fall scented candles, but the thought of going out, purchasing items for a costume and then spending money at the bar just isn't appealing to me. Maybe it's because we know we need to save for our Christmas trip to Denver. Or maybe I"m just a Polly Pissy Pants right now?

I'm really excited for the Denver trip but a bit worried I'll fall in love with it there and not want to come home.  Thankfully we're going in the Winter and while I LOVE the winter, I think it will be enough to stop me from wanting to move there right this second.  Bets will probably be off if we go again in the summer. I've seen images and I've heard tails of Denver and Colorado's awesomeness... and it worries me.

It's only 4:08 PM and 5:00 can't come soon enough - everything is getting under my skin today!

If you need me... I'll be on my couch tonight sipping on some wine and making plans to be more active, next week. Wish me luck!

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Carolyn said...

OMG! I love reubens, and it's super hard to find good ones! Glad you did! It sounds like a perfect night! :) :) :)

Ashlyn said...

I could eat an entire bag of a snickers too. They're so delicious.

Devon said...

I like how you said you like to fall asleep feeling like you got your full days worth. So true.

Also, your Denver trip sounds like the ideal winter getaway.

Kallay Carr said...

I have to agree with you on the Reuben, it's definitely in my top three of favorite sandwiches now.

I'm glad you all had a nice anniversary. I love happy couples. You're so cute.

I don't get any trick or treaters down here in the boonies, but I did buy candy. You know, just in case. ;) (And now the temptation is in my freezer.)

Jyndia said...

Cute blog! New follower! I loved this post especially the last line. I feel like I am forever making plans to be more active the following week!

Hope you had a more productive week!!

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