February 03, 2012

random musings friday: 02.03.12

HOLY COW it's Friday already! Yes... I just said Holy Cow! The week hasn't exactly flown by but at the same time I've been so busy with work and at home, trying to blog has really fallen by the wayside. One day I'll get my wedding written about... I swear!  Instead of racking my brain for a fun post today, I'm going to link up with Shana and discuss my Random Musings for the week because I really do enjoy doing this at the end of each week... here goes!

  1. I started back "workin' on my fitness" this week. I decided to take on Turbo Fire again for the second time. The first round I had was great, I started to see results but as quickly as I started I also stopped working out. Between the last minute prep for my wedding and our honeymoon and then the holidays that quickly followed it made it hard for me to get back on a schedule and to get motivated. With the cold weather and cozy food it was just easier to crash on the couch after work each night. Now that life is back to normal, we don't have any trips or holidays to gorge our faces on [minus Easter], I think it's time I get reacquainted with fitness, eating right and doing right by myself. I've decided to start Turbo Fire from the very beginning, meaning I am starting with the 9 week prep course that they have made for people that are out of shape, and also for those just beginning on the fitness journey. Yes, I've done P90X and yes I've already done Turbo Fire but I really thought should start over, only because it's been over three months since I've worked out and I really, truly want to get the most from this program this time around. I also know myself, when I complete a program, I always "take a break" well the breaks should only last about 2 weeks to give your body time to rest, and get geared up for the next program or fitness direction you decide to go. Yeah, my "breaks" usually last 2+ months. Not this time. I'm trying my best to make a change in my lifestyle not just my jean size. If I do the 9 week program and then graduate on to the 3 month regular TurboFire program that will give me a workout schedule to follow until right around the time have vacation time in the first week of July. No clue what vacation will be this year we haven't planned so far, but I know I will be able to take that week off with confidence and come back home and figure out my next line of working out. Be it joining a gym, taking up running, or anything else [maybe take a stab at P90X again]. Either way I hope I can make this stick, I WILL MAKE THIS STICK! I will do my best to blog about the program, my thoughts, my weaknesses, strengths etc. I don't know that I will post pictures like I did with P90X it made me really uncomfortable to do that but we will see. I will keep you posted. I'm only on day 4 and it's been kicking my ass, bottom line even the prep course is tough especially when you've been sitting on your ass for 3 months. But... even with all the grunting, and sore muscles I do feel better and great about myself!
  2. New Blog Changes: I've been racking my brain since I discussed making changes here a few Friday's ago. I was SO sure if a new name but now I keep second guessing myself. I had thought about prepping for an unveiling of the new blog, name etc this weekend, but now I'm not sure if I'm 100% in love with it. I still want to switch I just have to figure out a name I love. Maybe by next weekend I'll get my brainstorming and sleepless nights under control. Yes, it's been keeping me up at night. #loser [I've decided not to change my twitter handle or pinterest handle either, I like what they are and figure it doesn't all have to reflect my blog. I'm such a rebel].
  3. You know how I've been talking and talking about Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It's a new favorite of mine well so is Portlandia. Have you seen this show? Never have I ever wanted to go to Portland more than I do now*. The place looks amazing and the show itself cracks me up! It comes on IFC and it's SO fun. *OK so maybe seeing Adam Richman and Anthony Bourdain going there to VooDoo Donuts made me want to go there too...
  4. Mike introduced me to google's music app recently and while I don't have a smart phone I do like the idea of having a cloud that houses all my music from my itunes library to actually use anywhere I am. At work my damn computer's operating system is so old I can't update my internet browser to use pandora properly and it bites. Sometimes music keeps me going during the day and I was at a loss. Now with google music there are no worries. I also discovered janga.com for music which was pretty cool, minus all the strange independent artists they kept playing on my Foo Fighters Station.
  5. Speaking of the Fighters of Foo, We are contemplating a possible trip to New Orleans for Jazzfest this Spring but we aren't sure if I will have the extra money for it. It's tempting to go though with artists such as Eddie Vedder, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, THE BOSS!!! [I die!], Foo Fighters and too many more to list because I might explode! Seriously? Po Boys and Vedder, sign me up! [Or at least get me a jar so I can save my change to afford it].
  6. Operation: Stick it to The Man aka Stop Shopping at Wally World has been a success so far. I've found myself taking time to ONLY purchase what we need now that we are going to a smaller grocery store and I've also decided that I'm only going to pay cash for our groceries, unless there is something we NEED and don't have the cash at that second to pay for it. In the past I always over purchased, and used credit cards to cover the bill and I want to get away from that. With this whole thing in my mind of being active to only purchase items I NEED not ones I simply WANT. I'm hoping this will save us money, as well as help dwindle our debt. Not only is the small grocery store helping with our pockets but our sanity too. Have you ever shopped at Walmart? It's INSANE! I thought we were saving a ton of money there but in reality most local grocery stores aren't that far off price wise. And to be honest I'll pay the extra $1-$2 if it means I don't feel the need to kill people in my path while shopping.  I will still purchase my paper goods, cleaning supplies and items like that at Walmart, Sams or Target, because they are cheaper, but everything else is priced similar. Shopping at the local store has been a breeze. There are no screaming children, no zombie like people blocking the isle with their carts and no stress. It's like a yoga instructor wrapped his/her arms around the store and said "be at peace." Seriously I know it sounds silly but if you could see a BEFORE and AFTER of Mike and I after along day at work, walking into Walmart you'd see why we are loving this new change we've made. It's the little things.
  7. I am dying to see Wanderlust with Jennifer and Paul [double crush]. Have you seen the previews for this? It looks like it's going to be a riot!
  8. I'm curious to try a new wine I saw at the store called "The Dreaming Tree". It's a wine that was made by a vineyard with Dave Matthews. It's been years since I've been a true Dave Fan - anything after Crash didn't do it for me.... anyhippie, I am super curious about this wine, and if it's any good. Mostly because well.. I judge wine by it's cover first, if I love the design I have to try it. It's as simple as that. Sometimes it ends horribly for me, but other times it's a win/win. I'll let you know if I take the plunge to try it.
That is all I have for today - I hope you all have a great weekend! Go catch up with Shana and what she's up to and visit the new links added to her post to see what everyone else is up to as well!

And good luck to the Giant and Patriot fans! 
{But more so the Giant fans! Sorry Pats, I can't stand Brady!}

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Meaghan @ Bambino Mom said...

Changing your blog is big! But as a newcomer (been visiting for a few weeks now), I think it may be a neat change! I first saw your blog handle in a comment at MODG. And I didn't click until I kept seeing it. Then I was like, let's see what this is all about. Low and behold, it's not all about domestication. So good luck with the name change, and finding something you love. I know it's hard to do in the beginning so I'm sure it's even more challenging after you've been blogging a while. I'll be waiting to see what you choose. :) Have a good weekend!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Hey Meaghan - thank you for stopping by! When I first started I did a lot of posts about cooking and organization and stuff like that... now that I am in the swing of things I don't find myself blogging about much in the domestic realm and figured it's time to write about every day stuff :) Lord help me when I'm ready for babies... I'm trying to keep that in mind that this blog will evolve and the name needs to be a reflection of who I am not just what it's about on a day to day basis :)

Anonymous said...

Try not to think about it. Then, BAM, a name will come to you. :)


Kathryn said...

Okay, I have never seen "It's Always Sunny" or "Portlandia" and I feel like I'm so behind the times! The only non-reality show that I watch is "Parks and Recreation" (which is the greatest show on earth, by the way) You should totally go to Jazzfest! I did it last year and it was a blast!

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