February 10, 2012

random musings & confessional friday: 02.10.12

Here we are, another Friday and it seems like it's the only day I can get my shiz together to post. I'm working on making this behavior non-habit forming, trust me. Feel free to join with your own musings and confessions but don't forget to link up with Shana {random musings} and Leslie {confessional}... and frankly if you haven't started reading these ladies blogs on the regular I don't know what I'm going to do with you... seriously they rock. So here goes... random confessions n' all that jazz!

My workouts since beginning Turbo Fire again have been anything but consistent. Between pulling a muscle in my back, to having too much to handle after work around the house I just can't get into the groove like I have wanted to. This is NOT an excuse, I'm actually really disappointed and not pleased with myself in the least. Bottom line, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start getting up earlier in the morning and knocking out my workout. Wish me luck!

Mike had been busting his tail at work for the past few months. Scratch that, since he started working at his current office which I believe has been 5+ years. {This Christmas I discovered I've been at my office for 5 years, wow! He's had his position at his office longer than I have had mine}. Mike is an extremely hard worker and takes on far more things at work than his actual job description entails. He's a master of most trades at his office which rocks. Recently his office purchased another company and they've been busy trying to turn the two into one seamless company, and it hasn't been easy. Between a few disgruntled new employees from the newly purchased company and the merging of responsibilities Mike has been slammed. Add to that the fact that it's now election season and he's been down right chained to his desk. The other day his boss called him into the office and gave him a great pep talk and topped it off with a bonus. I am so excited for him. His boss instructed him to take me out somewhere nice for dinner and Mike intends to do just that. {p.s. I like the way his boss thinks!}

Mike and I decided that instead of trying to go out to eat on Valentine's Day and having to fight the crowds we'd opt to go out this evening. Following his boss's advice we decided to hit up a restaurant here in town that we'd been dying to try. The main reason we haven't bothered is frankly due to the price of most items on the menu. It's a very gourmet place, most items are speciality and basically out of our normal budget. Since this is our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife we figured along with this bonus it would be worth it to splurg a bit. That being said any of the money we have left will be tossed into our savings account. I'm really excited to try this place, his parents and many other locals have given it rave reviews. I'll let you know how it goes. DATE NIGHT HERE I COME! OH CRAP, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?

Mike and I usually don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day. We make a nice meal at home, or sometimes venture out, make a trip to Nashville, but basically boil it down to a really nice card and spending time together. I think this is the first time we've ever done a semi fancy meal, exchanged actual gifts, or made reservations for that matter. I'm excited but have assured him that I won't expect this every year, but that I will expect a sweet gesture from my husband from this year forward. I don't need huge gifts, just to know I'm loved.

Mike and I are sort of over chain restaurants. We ate at Outback last night and to be honest, I was less than pleased with the food. I can't for the life of me understand why people would tromp over to Olive Garden here locally [or anywhere for that matter] and eat that horrible food when we have an amazing Italian Pasta joint, locally owned downtown and it's 100 times better than the crap OG serves. Outback was the same... but I'll be honest I'm never pleased with steaks I get at chain restaurants, so I try not to order them {If it isn't our steaks we make, my father's steaks, or my father-in-law's steaks - it's not worth it. The only place I love to eat out and have prime rib or a good filet is back home in Maryland}. That being said I got a pork chop last night at Outback, bottom line... I feel like I could have made it better myself. Maybe that's my issue. Mike asked me on our honeymoon if we were "foodies" and I said to him that I did indeed feel like I'm a foodie newb, mostly because I spend more on food for cooking every week than I do for my half of the rent. That to me states that I love food, and cooking and that yes, I am a foodie newb. Add to that all the hours I log watching Food Network, Travel Channel and shows about food... I'd say I'm pretty well into it.

Mike and I are on the hunt for a new rental house. Yes, I said rental. We aren't ready to buy yet. I know it seems crazy but honestly we just aren't. I don't feel like our savings account is where it needs to be to make a lofty purchase so we're in the market for a new rental. We viewed a house the other day and while it seemed perfect there were a few CONS that totally outweighed the PROS. The biggest being the kitchen {foodie issues} not only was it small but it didn't have enough cabinets for all our wedding gifts we've acquired. The other huge issue, no dish washer. I'm not planning on going up $100+ in rent to get a nicer home withOUT a dish washer... sorry that isn't how this works. So the search continues. One minute we are trying to downsize, to get more money in the bank, the next we are just trying to house all our belongings and find a home with cheaper utilities. Then in the next breath we are cursing the day we moved out of our downtown apartment to get a bigger home. I miss that place it was so awesome.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to last with the whole "Stickin' It To the Man that is Wally World" is going to workout for me. This is the second week of shopping at the local grocery store where I have been pissed about the chicken selection. Not only is is slim pickings, it's also extremely over priced and with only two options you don't really have a choice. I'm going to hit up a few different local stores this weekend just to price check. Sam's Club {yes I know it's owned by Walmart}, has some decent meat prices but I really don't need 15 chicken breasts. Sure I can freeze them but I honestly hate frozen meat. I want to get this shopping trip thing down to a science. The biggest issue is that I don't have the time or patience to drive to 4 different stores to get the best prices. Yes I will make a weekend trip to Tarjay to get myself paper towels and such but I'm not doing that all on a Wednesday night after a long ass day at work. I really hope the new Publix coming to town gets built soon and that I love it. I don't know if I can survive on Piggly Wiggly or Food World alone.

time for some confessions.....

  • I skipped working out three days this week. As stated, I pulled a back muscle but to be honest my back was fine by Wednesday night. Last night I clearly just skipped to go eat at Outback... I sort of regret that choice, but we had a gift card so at least the food was free. Not fabulous, but free. I realized too why I don't eat Bloomin' Onions anymore... my stomach hated me.
  • I've worn my husband's shirts twice this week. My clothes are clean but due to lack of working out, I'm feeling a bit plump and I seriously feel like Regina George when I say "Sweatpants are all that fits me right now." So instead of wearing my t-shirts under cardigans, I've been rocking his. 
via google • This one is for you D.O.N. {love your gifs gurrrr}
  • I'm still on the green monster wagon and loving it, but I'm not loving the cost of all the fresh fruit and veggies. SERIOUSLY can't they make some type of thing where the good food costs less?
  • I am head over heels in love with Tina Fey, Amy Phoehler, Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig, but I gotta be honest, the more I'm watching them on TV the more I'm noticing they all are starting to pick up each other's ticks, ways of saying jokes and comedic style. Which sort of worries me. Last night on 30 Rock Tina made a face, and it was CLEARLY a Kristen Wiig-ism. I'm wondering if it's a bit of the which came first the chicken or the egg with these ladies. That being said.. still love them all dearly. I just worry they are becoming carbon copies of each other.
favorite ladies of comedy • via google

So there you have it some random musings & confessions! I hope you all have a great weekend. Is any one celebrating V-Day this weekend? I'm just happy the weekend is here.
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Kathryn said...

I am SOO with you on the chain restaurants. I'm not a fan. At all. I'll go to places like Panera and Jimmy John's (the really casual lunchtime places), but Friday's and Outback and Olive Garden...no thanks (although I would kill a man for a basket of those breadsticks!!!) And I totally feel you about the dishwasher. From college until last year, I didn't have one and now that I do, I could never go back. P.S. Amy Poehler is totally my girl crush, but I know what you mean about them all acting alike. Hopefully they'll still maintain their individual identities.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch SNL with Maya last night? Hilarious!

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