March 11, 2011

fixation friday: japan and beyond

The earthquake in Japan and tsunami waves hitting Hawaii as well as the West Coast of the US is truly the only thing I can think about, much less concentrate on today. I wanted to keep the mood light today but it's difficult. I do want you all to know my heart is broken for the families in these areas and my thoughts and prayers have been non-stop on these events all day long.

I started my morning waking up refreshed and alive - after my ChaLean workout kicked my butt last night I retired to the bed at 9PM not to watch tv but to sleep hardcore. I even missed Chelsea Lately, this is NOT like me. I got out of bed and Mike asked me to come into the living room to tell me what had been happening while I slept peacefully this morning. The footage of Japan literally brought me to my knees. I sat down on the floor and each flash of footage led to more and more tears falling from my eyes. The uncertainty of what would happen next, was it over? Would there be more? How many people were hurt, how many killed? It all ran through my head. Natural disasters are horrible and my gut was wrenching for these people. Quickly the panic turned to Hawaii and it was all that I could do to get up and go shower and go about my day. I said a prayer for all involved as well as the looming doom that might come to Hawaii, Alaska, and the rest of our West Coast. Let's just say getting ready today and driving down the street it's all I've thought about. The sun is shining here in Alabama the birds are chirping and most people down town seem oblivious to the happenings around the world today. I felt blessed and thankful to have the small town that I live in untouched by such things, but at the same time felt a bit selfish. Every day truly is a blessing to us all. One more day to live is one more day to make things right in the world. I hope that you will take that message today when you hug your loved ones or kiss your children goodnight. When you bust your butts at the gym or workout at home, be thankful you have that to do today. Then also think of everyone around the world who are less fortunate than you are and say a prayer for them, or whatever you may believe in, simply send good vibes their way.
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In other news that I'm fixated on, my cousin arrived home safe and sound this week from Iraq and I couldn't be happier. It's been quite a ride having him gone but seeing him back in his families arms is what makes me heart sing more than I could tell you. Thank you again to all our troops for all they do!

In the weight of everything at hand, try to remember your blessings and that it's Friday!
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PBJdreamer said...


I am thinking similarly.

Hope your cousin arrives safely.

Hope you can have a good weekend.

that is all

Anonymous said...

I'm having similar thoughts today. I also posted on the earthquake. It's just crazy and I can't really keep it light right now either.

Have a good weekend.

Kori said...

This is so true. Unfortunately sometimes it takes the tragedies to remind us how lucky we are. I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate Spring. If you haven't already entered, please swing by! Kori xoxo

Day Old News said...

A really nice post. Hope you have a happier weekend.

Anonymous said...

It makes me think about how lucky I am. My heart goes out to those people!

400 Wakeups said...

This is a great fixation friday, Kel. I don't have cable anymore so that means I have to make a concerted effort to get online and play video clips on before continuing on my day....instead of it mindlessly playing on the TV in the background. And my heart just hurts and breaks for days when disaster strikes, so I think that not being constantly barraged has actually been good for my mood. But I've seen enough to know that this a catastrophe and truly heartbreaking. It makes me think that if I'm ever given the chance, I want to be on one of those emergency response I can feel less helpless to do something..which is all I feel now as I watch the coverage. Completely helpless. Except when I text in my $10.

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