December 23, 2010

seasons greetings

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Holli said...

Kelly...I have been meaning to write you (in stalkerish blogger ways) how much I LOVE your blog. It's one I always, always read and love and I wish we lived a little closer because I think we'd have a ball...Have a Merry merry one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you too :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! Merry Christmas!

Also, I just now noticed what it says when I leave a comment. Testies? Uhhh, testies? 1...2...3? Ahahahahahahahahahaha! I remember that.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Holli - I ADORE your blog as well! Thank you for voicing your love! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

Hotpants I can't ever leave out my love for bevis and butthead it's like adam it never dies!

Thank you Katie! ox

abigail said...

Merry Christmas!
hope yours was wonderful.

Sara said...

I like this snowman because he's cute, but he also reminds me of Mr. Hanky.

You know, the Christmas Poo.

Candice said...


Happy New Year to you :)

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