October 15, 2010

fixation friday: skinny jeans

It's Fixation Friday! I meant to post all this on Monday, or Tuesday, or even Thursday but my week has slipped away from me and now it's been dubbed my Fixation of the week... I'm talking about Skinny Jeans. Here's my quest to get a bit more fashionable... one item of clothing and it's mate at a time... Enjoy!

So here I am... one last recovery week to go of P90X. It's been a long road, one that I've had one too many pit stops on and bumps along the way but I do see the light at the end of the toll road tunnel. The price I've had to pay has been minimal considering all the gains I've reaped from the program. I will get into all of that with my final P90X wrap up here soon, in the meantime I figured I'd talk about some rewards.

When I started this journey I hadn't thought about rewarding myself with anything - truth be told getting in better shape was the only thing I could think would benefit me or make me happy at the time. Add to that a smaller jean size and a renewed confidence to sport shirts without sleeves in public and I figured I was rewarded enough. Cue last weekend...

Mike and I went out for some window shopping. I had seen a few items I was lusting over and decided to go ahead and purchase while we were out and about. First on the list was a pair of boots. The last pair of boots I purchased were for Halloween many moons ago and not only are they uncomfortable, but I doubt they'd look cute over or even under jeans at this point. They are SO last season circa 2000n'late! That being said the only other boots I've splurged on in the past few years were a pair of F-Uggs, which is what I like to call Faux Uggs. They are a brand name (Simple) but I sort of feel cheesy announcing that. I couldn't afford Uggs at the time and now wish I would have saved my pennies. These boots work great, they have kept their shape and are still in one piece - even after sporting them to many camping trips, outdoor fun and walking just about everywhere. My main issue for not purchasing cute boots was this - I don't wear skirts, ever. In addition to this face, I only wear boot cut jeans, boots are rarely seen when you're sporting this style. This is something I want to change but without the right footwear why bother. With my growing love for skinny jeans, boots were the logical first step. To be fair I could have purchased the skinny jeans without boots, since they look so cute with ballet flats, but I'll be honest the of all the flats I own, all but 2 pairs KILL my feet. My feet are trained to wear two types of shoes without crying in agony. 1 - Flip flops and 2 - Sneakers or Boots w/ Socks. Yes I wear heels, and often times I love them, but usually they are sandals in the summer with wedges or I wear them in the winter and regret every. single. step.  Ok, holy crap where was I? Oh yes! The boots I was coveting I knew I couldn't pass up. Every time I see a pair of boots or item that I love, if I don't purchase the item right then and there, they are gone the next time I search for them. Sure there might be a few left but they are always size 6 or smaller. Sorry folks I have man feet. I can wear 9.5's but I swear by a good solid 10 to prevent pain. While in Target a few weeks ago I found the greatest pair of "any occasion but black tie event" boots. They are just the right shade of almost pale brown and almost gray.  I'm a very picky and frugal person I hate to buy items I can't see myself wearing everyday. I do like a great splurge every now and then but when you're trying to save money, and pay off debt something so versatile goes a long way. When we arrived at Target I was sure that the boots I was longing to purchase, in my size, would be gone - not only were they still there (total sign from the shopping gods of course) but there were 2 pairs in size 10. So not only was I in luck,  but I could be picky and make sure mine didn't have spots or imperfections. This NEVER happens (sure sign #2). Happy as a lark I grabbed the boots and tried them on again and was still in love. Mike wasn't sure he sort of gave me a strange look, but since when do we listen to boys when we make shoe choices? Ok that's a lie, Mike has great taste and often times he will suggest something and I'll be all "EW are you insane?" an then I try it on and it's "PERFECT" and I have to listen to the "I told you so." a few times. To say I was over the moon for these boots is an understatement. I didn't bat an eye lash at the thought of purchasing them, they were my splurge for the season and I have a feeling with the low heel and ability to go with everything I own they will not only get worn out for a night on the town but also for work and anything else I can think of.

Just the right shade to go with everything! • via target.com

Once I grabbed the boots I knew in my heart it was time. Time for what you ask? The time had come to brave the fitting room and to prepare myself to hate skinny jeans. (Yes, I am often a glass half empty personality when it comes to fashion, my body and how they work together). I figured the only reason I would try them would be so I could shove them down into my boots. If I never wore them another way I wouldn't care. The jeans were all on sale and I even snagged a few pairs on clearance to try on. After the slow ass sweet old woman at the dressing room check out counter let me into changing area I gave myself a pep talk... "Remember Kelly, these may not work, there's no shame in that - just try them on with an open mind." To be fair I wasn't just prepping myself to try on the skinny jeans, but also for the fact that since I started P90X I haven't tried on any new bottoms or clothing other than shorts and tank tops early in the summer when I was still in bigger sizes. With a deep breath I tried on the first pair... low rise... FAIL! Dumb ass you should have known better than to try to pull on the low rise... NEXT! I don't know what it is with my personally but I have a real, save the best, or the ones you want the most, for last kind of mentality with almost everything (seriously it's horrible, with food I eat the whole plate just to get the good bite last... I should just get it over with like ripping off a band-aid and eat the best bite quickly and first, right?)... Pair of Jeans #2:  mid-rise boot cuts, sure they weren't part of the mission but I am in the market for some new jeans in all types at this point. Pulling them up was a breeze... I paused.... I blinked... I almost crapped my pants... these fit? Scratch that, they fit great! And they are a size smaller than what I was when I started P90X... not only that, they're loose... they hug but they don't cling... they fit but they don't pinch. HOLY SHIT! That's all I could think. I took off the boot cuts and put them in the 'maybe' pile.

Working my courage up to try on the mid rise skinnies, I tried on a pair of legging type pants first. I can't call them jeggings because they were not denim, they were cotton and so adorable. I don't know how comfortable I would have been in these but I did like the fit and the fact that they still had pockets even though I doubt much more than a credit card would be flattering to anyone in these if it was shoved in the back pocket. However, under a sweater or coat, totes cute. Certainly on my list of "things I'd like to purchase for the winter" list.

There it was the moment of truth... as I unfolded the mid rise skinny jeans I saw studs on them... not just one or two mind you but I think that Billy Idol bedazzled the crap out of these pants... I shrugged and thought, "OK I'll try them on, and if they are OK I'll search for a less blinged up pair". Once I could get them situated properly over my calf muscles (benefit of P90X-getting my dance legs back)... it was all smooth sailing... I couldn't believe how much I like how they looked. I was still a bit skeptical of the hip to ankle ratio but I liked what I saw - minus the damn studs.

Upon leaving the dressing room I smiled to Mike, which he knew was a good sign, and told him I needed to find a less blinged out pair, he agreed. Thankfully I did. They are a very dark wash which I like, and much more flattering than the faded pair I tried on. It was set. I found my first pair of trial skinnies, and I was SO excited.
Not to big, not too small but jussssst right! • via target.com

I was worried about how long they were and the scrunching at the bottom but once I saw this image online I knew I was A-OK! I have worn them twice so far - once out for an evening and once again to work and while they do seem to slouch mid day I am still loving them and will contemplate buying a more expensive and nice pair for myself may be for my birthday in December. (Again I'm on a budget and buying a ton of clothing is not on it). Add to my cute jeans the pair of boots that are both cute and practical and I'm so excited about cooler weather.  I still would like to purchase some boots with heels but again, I may have to wait for birthday money to pull that off.

So tell me - I know I'm behind the times with this but are there any of you that still can't embrace the skinny jean trend??

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Vic said...

I love them! I look like a fatty in them but who cares. They've grown on me:) and i soooo need a pair of boots! when you have kids with you...it's nearly imposs to dig in and get what your looking for...:) have a nice weekend!

Wonderland Papers said...

I'm behind on the times too. I haven't fully embraced the skinny jeans until recently. And if I had the same experience that you had, getting into a smaller size comfortably, I would be all about it too.

By the way, I love your Halloween header. I'm all about the Halloween decorating so I really dig it.

Shana said...

I haven't embraced the skinny jeans. I'm terrified to even put them on. My fat ass is not ready for that and the damage I would do could never be undone. So no skinny for me. However, I am in the market for new jeans and I'm going jeans shopping tomorrow. I'm going to be sticking with boot cuts though.

Speaking of boots...those are adorable. I might have to stop by Target while I'm out tomorrow.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Shana may the force be with you - this is the first positive jean experience I have had in well.. a long ass time. I feel you 100%. I HOPE YOU FIND THE PERFECT BOOT CUT PAIR!!! oxox

Wonderland Papers - thank you girl! I wanted to be festive and my old headers colors totally didn't go with the background I chose for the holiday... besides, it was really fun to make!

Vic - I don't know how mother's do it... there were 2 women in the dressing room with me and both had kids and I could hear them saying NO about a million times. It's truly an art to be a mother and go into dressing rooms or bathrooms! Have a great weekend too girlie, thanks for stopping by! ox

Hutch said...

I'm trying some on tomorrow!! I'm a little scared since I've gone back up a size since finishing P90x (feel ok since I lost 2 sizes, but still) and if I lose it with TurboFire will I have waisted my money? That being said there may not be any that fit. I have 0 ass, nothing in the rear. You would think that would be good with jean but when combined with no hips I'm pretty much limited to Citizens and Lucky...Yup the expensive ones.

I'm glad they worked out for you though!! It gives me hope.

Also, as a freakishly small footed one I have the hardest time finding 5.5 or 6 size shoes. It always seems like there's 6.5 or 7 but never an smaller!

Sole Matters said...

those are CUTE! i have 2 pair from Express that i LOVE. 1 is dark denim and the other is a lighter wash with the torn look. :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some skinny jeans!! It took me a while to jump on board, but once I did... I was hooked!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt think skinny jeans would work with my body shape, but I have a pair that I love now. And theyre a necessity if you want to be able to tuck boots in, thats the whole reason I bought them!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I cant bring myself to like them... which is odd because once I bought tall boots I found myself rolling up the legs of my jeans and making them look like they were in fact skinny jeans. I guess it just made me feel better.

Sara said...

I can't do it.

My ass is oddly shaped and is, in no way, in proportion with the rest of my lower half.

My legs are short and my hips? Well, while they don't lie, they are wide for birthing the babies.

HOWEVER, I long to wear skinny jeans with cute boots. That is my dearest wish and I'm happy for you that you've been able to make that dream come true for yourself.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I can't rock the skinny jeans. My legs are just too short and too big but more power to you if you can rock them! I love those boots!

Brooke said...

I still have no desire to even try them on. My thighs are big (I have to buy jeans to fit my thighs, and they're invariably big in the waist). They just wouldn't look right.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair, but I haven't found a brand and fit that I just love love.

Allyson said...

Look at YOU in your skinny jeans and boots!!! It's so hard for me to remember (when I'm in the midst of self-induced sweat and pain) that someday it will pay off. Someday. And it's totally paying off for you!! So, do we get a fashion show? I want pictures...and not from a website. :D

I, too, saw those boots at Target a few weeks ago. They are absolutely fabulous and it's not a splurge if you get your money's worth out of them. THEN it's a necessity. Feel free to use this explanation with Mike.

Lora said...

I'm into them. I hated them for years, and then the Gap made those ones with a higher waist and I was sold.

I just bought a pair of jeggings (puke to that word) Friday and I LOVE them.

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