October 26, 2010

1 party down: epic fail

I don't think I can ever recall a busier Halloween season for me. It's fair to assume that I wait until the last minute for everything and as I've said before my Halloween costumes are no different. This year however I was ahead of the curve which rocked... then it hit me, after finding out we were invited to not one but two different Halloween events, I'd probably have to wear my gear twice. I wasn't opposed to that at all but then it happened.... Yep, good ole' mother nature reared her annoying ass head and my choice costume was rendered slightly useless. Ok less useless and more along the lines of seriously uncomfortable and unflattering to the millionth power. THANKS AUNT FLO!

Enter brainstorming freak out... Friday afternoon at work I devised a plan to pull together a costume on Saturday morning for the Saturday night party. After google searching for what seemed like forever and racking my brain I came up with this....

via google • "Time to nut up or shut up!"

Yes! That is Emma Stone, aka Wichita from Zombieland. I love this movie and figured she would be just the right bit of tough and sexy for me without being inappropriate! Shopping was simple. I already had the boots and the skinny jeans, all I needed was the slouchy white tshirt, leather jacket and a shot gun. Easy right? Actually it was so simple I was shocked. Thankfully everything I purchased was bought in person and was right there on hand for me.

via target

Truth be told I really just needed and excuse to purchase a new jacket. And I love this one the faux leather is so soft and animal cruelty free. Win/Win! I was also able to find a soft, barely there white t-shirt to sport for under $9.99 which rocked!

(extra points if you tell me what that's from)
SmokN'Barrel Toy Shot Gun • via amazon

Sometimes Wally World comes through for me - and in this case they did in a big way. Did you know that Target doesn't sell toy guns unless they are Nerf or don't look anything like a real gun. I can respect that but come halloween time you sort of need that type of thing. One stop shopping would have been awesome but I scored this toy gun [read: one very similar covered in hot orange colors] for $10.00! The awesome part was it makes shooting noises and if you are willing to fill it with batteries it also blows smoke AND empties out shot gun shells when you open it. Did I feel like doing this? NO, and you'll see why.
via google

Here's where the costume got more crafty and less store bought. I wasn't about to walk around with a hot hunter orange and cream colored gun. Nothing says ZOMBIE KILLER like a Creamcicle colored fire arm! I went ahead and purchased some Flat Black spray paint and spent my afternoon huffing creating my zombie slaying masterpiece. 

bottom quad is what I used • via cover girl

Finishing touches... a compact of dark eye shadow and a cheap eyeliner pencil in midnight black and I pretty much had Wichita nailed. (I've mentioned this before I am HORRIBLE and so challenged when it comes to make-up application - in the end I was happy but it was a far cry from what I wanted it to look like, seriously an 11 year old could do better!)

via hot topic • I didn't use THIS kit but these kits ROCK!
No mess and super easy to remove.

Add to that a few "zombie bite" and "blood drip" temporary tattoos and I was ready to rock the evening. {I know that Wichita was never actually BIT but I thought it would be a fun touch and at the least people might know I'm a Zombie Hunter}. 

Thankfully accessories were not an issue, she doesn't wear any - I sported some modest hoops in my ears just because I feel naked without earrings but otherwise I was simple and hoped rocking the Zombieland look to a T. The only extra thing I considered adding but didn't was chopping off my bangs. I seriously thought about it but couldn't find my hair shears. In the end I'm glad I didn't - Mike shaved off his beard for his costume and was immediately regretting the choice the next morning.

I guess you're wondering where the EPIC FAIL came in aren't you? Well first off NO ONE at the party had any clue who I was...For real??? Secondly... I totally forgot to take pictures!!! Let's just say some Hunch Punch was served at the party and our host with the most "MR. Paula Deen" had me in stitches and I sort of forgot about photographic evidence. So my Wichita costume and Mike's Frank the Tank get up may have to just live in our memories instead of film or digital images, and for that I am sorry.

If I do decided to revisit Wichita weekend I promise to take pictures... but after leaving the party we went to the bar and it was WAY too warm in there with my jacket on. I dealt with it due to "bloat" but if I'm feeling less um... menstral by this weekend it might not be an issue.

Have you all been to any great parties yet?!?!? Did people know who you were dressed as?
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Shana said...

I was all "yay, pictures" and then I was all "boo too much alcohol and not enough gingko". So disappointed that you forgot the pictures.

Also...please get some new friends immediately...ones with better taste in movies. At least tell me that people knew who Mike was...

I watched Zombieland in your honor on Sunday night ;-)

Anonymous said...

You came up with a great idea :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

YAY Shana - I LOVE YOU! Yes, they knew who he was and they even changed "FRANK THE TANK, FRANK THE TANK" I think most of the dudes just through I was some strange emo girl with a gun.

Thank you katie!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think you had a great costume idea!

jessalyn said...

gah. i too was hoping for pics!! i have no halloweeny events planned this year. i suck.

also, in my sucktasticness, i have never seen zombieland. sorry. i will rectify that immediately.

L said...

Zombieland! We saw that awhile ago, BF liked it alot, I thought the begginning was a little gory but it was good! I would have for sure recognized ya! Good idea! Isnt it fun to have an accessory with your costume? I was a devil one year and I seriously had too much fun with my pitchfork lol!

Mike said...

No one knows what "boomstick" is from?
I do.

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