May 21, 2010

fixation friday: nautical stripes

It's Fixation Friday again. I realized that last week I didn't do a Fixation Friday - talk about being off my game. Anywhoopsie let's get down to business. One of my current obsessions is that of patterns. When I was younger I was obsessed with polka dots, thankfully that phase ended. I still have a few things in my home that have dots on them but they are far from the bright colored, Debbie Gibson inspired shirts and skirts I had in middle school. Right now all the rage is Nautical Stripes. What I love about this pattern is that it's a classic. I tend to buy clothing items based on how long I will have them in my closet. Classics are always a win/win in my book. When the spring air hits everyone thinks of spring colors but some of my favorites are navy and brown. It's a bit more preppy than my actual style tends to be but at the same time I find myself swooning over outfits and home interior items that reflect this sailor inspired style.

"Yes I am a pirate, 200 years too late."

Not being a rail thin chica I tend to shy away from clothing that has stripes. Horizontal stripes have been known to not be flattering on a torso such as mine. Besides making my boobs look a lot bigger than they actually are {trust me if I had my way I'd rock Kate Hudson's BEFORE chest if I could - boobs are only considered fun bags if you're a man}, stripes also do the same thing to my mid section and I don't need help in that department at all. That being said I don't like vertical stripes at all unless it's on bedding, windows or items other than clothing. They make me think of clown pants and honestly the last thing I want to look like is a clown on my way to the big top for a day of work or play. Then again with my fun bags I might be a great act for the third ring. Hmmm.

So what do you think ladies and gents, are Nautical Stripes a hit in your opinion or what?

Perfect for July 4th • via punkypins

Adorable Wee People Hoodie • via organics for kids

I need a serious case of the skinnies so I can wear this
via • axparis

I really love this classic sweater - great for an evening after being on the beach in the sun all day long. via • google

this so darn adorable I can't stand it • via google

I was so against "summer scarves" for the longest time but I've given in and now I love them. This one is just too cute.  via • liberty

"I'm on a boat!" • via voomonline
This wouldn't have the same umph for me when I ride a canoe, not a yacht.

I wish I knew how to make sailor inspired knots. Oh yeah and had the body to pull this off too that would be a bonus. via • topshop

I think I want to make love to these • Michael Kors Seaport T-Strap Sandals

There is just something about blue and natural tones and being at the beach that make me feel completely at peace.  via • nskwood

Classic style by the always fashionable Audrey Hepburn • via bing

These last two images are Nautical Meets Chevron 

TOTES ADORBS!!!! - via • swell
I have pretty much decided that regardless of how in shape I get THIS summer, I'm totally purchasing this adorable dress above from Swell as motivation {No I don't surf but I've always had a crush on surfers and surf style since I hit puberty. Sure, I might be a poser, or a 'Betty' but I can live with that - Monique don't tell your hubby I'm a poser, deal?}. I literally gasped at the sight of this dress when I got the catalog in the mail last week. And I can't stop thinking about it. Fitting into it and looking like a little hottie, or even this model might take me until next summer but if needed it will be worth the effort and wait to do so. It's bananas how much I love this dress. "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!"

Last but not least this image is mixing two of my current favorite patterns Nautical Stripes in an amazing orange tone with Chevron patterned drapes. Literally this image makes my heart sing and I would love to live in this home. I don't think I would ever have the balls (pardon me having a lack of a better word) to do this in my home and it makes me that much more head over heels for it. I love the mix of bright and natural hues and the gold lamp on the wall. LURVE IT!

via • blount design

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Shana said...

Love the dress with the bow - so cute. Picturing my fat ass in it is not so cute though! Stripes are a no-no for me, but so cute on others. I really like that bed cover. I have to go out and buy a stripey duvet...or at least some kind of new bedding. My dark brown ensemble suddenly looks too wintery to me.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Shana get some pillows with stripes and a throw to toss at the foot of the bed that's striped then you won't go broke! :)

Trust me girl... I want to do a mega overhaul on my bedroom and I don't have the $$$ it's so hard to say NO NO NO to myself! :)

Holli said...

Oh my god! I am in love with that dress! AND that room! Stripes are definitely the hotness this year and I'm jumping on the stipe-lovin' bandwagon too! Great post!!!

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

The chevron dress is to DIE for. And the summer scarf??!! Yes please! So cute!


Hutch said...

I'm definitely a fan of the stripes though I go for thinner on the clothes and thicker on the decorating. I think I always wanted to be the preppy sailor type with a house on the cape or that place in Wedding Crashers...sadsly I rock the no prep went into this look look of the NorCalers...jeans, t-shirt and flip flops.

Amanda said...

I like nautical stripes, but I don't like it when I wear them and everybody and their brother says to me, "hey you look like you're getting ready to go sailing!" really? Really now. Very unique thing to say to me, I haven't heard it before.

My thing is nautical stripes on top and white pants on the bottom -- just love it!

SurferWife said...

I don't pull of the nautical look very well. I've tried.

meredith said...

i didn't become a huge fan of stripes until the past year or so.. and now i love it!! i got this brown and white striped swimsuit from VS and it's one of my favorites! i'm recently loving striped tees and cardis!!

golddust3681 said...

OMG. I loooove those shoes. And I dig the skirt. You're totally right about the sweater; simple and classic and fabu. I don't know that I could pull of the nautical/chevron dress, but I'm always willing to try new stuff, so I might see if I can make just a mock one out of some similar patterned cheap fabric and if it's not horrendous try the real deal. But seriously...the shoes.

Tara said...

oh yes, i am LOVING nautical stripes! so cute!

Scientific Housewife said...

I <3 nautical stripes :) I think they are classy and cute and it makes me feel like I'm at the Hamptons, haha

Lora said...

I LOVE nautical stripes, always have always will.

My big old boobs don't love them, and from the front my midsection looks okay, but from the back not so much.

I love that red white and blue dress. It reminds me of these bedsheets my mom and dad had when I was little and I stole them when I went to college. My mom never used them after she split from my dad, so they were in great shape 10 years after the divorce when I went to college!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love that anchor t-shirt. So adorable!!

micah @ the yellow front door said...

I love me some stripes, but I could do without the anchors. I'll take that cardigan sweater, please!

Taylor Sterling said...

girl I am with you on the stripe trend! I always love looking nautical and these are some great choices!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I love them (not on me of course...I mean with having a J-Lo body and all* giggle*).
I am in love with those shoes!

Anonymous said...

The first tank dress is so cute.

I don't care if they are fun bags. I want some.

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