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I am an East Coast Girl, living in the land of Southern Belles and sweet tea. What makes me most happy is spending time with Mike, our 2 awesome pets and with good friends and family. I moved to Alabama about seven years ago, but I'm still a Maryland girl at heart, no matter what. I am a self-proclaimed square and often the voice of reason in sticky situations. A social butterfly, who can be rather talkative, this trait only increases with trust, or the consumption of alcohol. I enjoy helping others and find that giving advice, is a natural born gift. I am crafty, artistic and creative, it's my job as well as my passion. Deep down I'm your average girl next door, a beer and chicken wings type personality that tries her best to get in touch with her girlie side, when needed. I'd rather be one of the guys, watching STEELERS & ALABAMA football, burping loudly, playing outdoors and swearing like a sailor, than having afternoon 'tea'. That being said I'll never pass up a good spa day, shopping spree or happy hour with my girls. I live for that! I'd be nothing with out my closest friends, they are the family I've chosen for myself.

 M and K 2005
Mike and I met in 2004. What used to sound like such a crazy love story, now seems to more of the norm. We met via myspace.com. Both of us were in relationships at the time and neither of us were looking to change that. Mike caught my eye while I was browsing through profiles one night. He had a great looking picture that drew me in initially and at the time his screen handle was AC/DC. You all know how I love me some AC/DC, so I clicked his profile to read more. He seemed like a really cool guy so I figured what the hell, I'll send him a message. The rest was history. We started to chat via messages back and forth and left each other comments on our pages. Soon after we started chatting on the phone, helping each other with our relationship issues. I started to realize that I was spending more and more time going to bed at night thinking about Mike and not thinking about my actual boyfriend. My ex and I had a strained relationship that's the best way to put it. We were both great people but not great for each other. Mike's situation was a little less serious than mine. He had 6 months invested, I had almost 6 years in mine. Eventually things didn't work out with our relationships. After a few months of being single and letting the dust settle on my old relationship, my best friend T and I decided to make a trip to Alabama to surprise Mike. Armed with only my hopes, and a lot of help from his two best friends we made it happen. In June of 2005 Mike and I met face to face in a crowded karaoke bar. He was floored when everyone in the group parted to "introduce me" to him. Literally the loud bar felt quiet and still and the butterflies in my stomach were about to explode. "What if he hates me?" I thought. "What if he's pissed I did this?" all my fears were quickly squashed when he hugged me and I asked "Are you mad?" and he quietly said in shock, "No, I'm just shocked!" With in 20 minutes it was like we had been friends for years and it was the perfect way to break the ice.

Less than an hour after we first met.
Mike's best friend G, myself and Mike 2005

The rest is history. It took us about 6 months to decide where we wanted to go with this relationship, we had our reservations about long distance. After a trip to Costa Rica that I took with my friends, Mike realized in not talking to me for a week that he couldn't handle it and we started dating officially. This was November 2005, by September 2006 I had packed up my life and moved to Alabama to be with him and I haven't regretted it a single bit. We are meant to be together. He really does complete me. And I'll have you know I hate that line, but it's true.

The day before we made it official November 2005

In April 2011 we got engaged and by October of the same year we were married! I couldn't be happier the day was ones I will cherish forever and I strive to be sure that my marriage was as amazing as our wedding day.

The Babies!
Angus the Rock Kitty

Named after Angus young, lead guitarist of AC/DC Angus is one of the coolest cats I've ever had. I can remember the day I found him at the pet store like it was yesterday. Mike and I had wanted to get a pet, we had a large apartment in our downtown area (balcony picture above) and we figured a cat was the best bet. I shared with Mike that I wanted a black cat. I had one when I was younger but he died at a young age and ever since Autumn's passing I always wanted another black cat. Angus was the only cat in the store that day and my heart melted immediately. I was sad to find out he was a male, I wanted a female cat. I had never had a male cat and feared he might spray things or just be more unruly. Angus had other plans, as soon as I walked up he started to show off, meowing and purring and lovingly looking at me. I told Mike I wanted him. We walked to find a person to let us hold him, and Angus went nuts. Meowing at the top of his little lungs almost as if to say "PLEASE, don't leave me. I want to come home with you!" This happened the whole time we were in the store away from the cage. We paid for Angus and had to run to Wally World to get his supplies and come back - again he freaked out. I assured him we'd be back and the rest was history. He chose us, I'm fully certain of that. He's full of personality and very picky about who he lets near him. You can't bribe this boy with treats he just doesn't fall for it. Behind closed doors he's extremely sweet and lovable. Doodle Bear as he's often called by me (as well as a ton of other nicknames... DB, Doodle, Doobs, The Bear, B, Handsome Pants etc) loves to play catch, chase his sister, June and attack us in the hallway. His favorite eats include tuna, turkey and chicken. He also has a huge soft spot for ice cream and belly rubs - but only when he wants them, try to test him and he will claw you, I have the battles scars to prove it.

June the Wonder Mutt aka Little Miss aka Juner Bug

Originally Mike and I wanted a male dog. After having Angus for almost two years and moving out of our amazing downtown apartment into a bigger home with a yard we decided it was time for add a dog to the family. We found a listing for June in the paper. FREE PUPPIES! She was the last of the liter left. Skeptical we drove to the local grocery store to meet the woman who had her. We really wanted a male dog, not sure why but I guess Mike thought a male dog might be more playful. When we pulled up to the car and saw her sweet little black eyes and face we fell head over heels for her. We wanted a black dog, no questions asked she was exactly what we were looking for. We named her June, after June Carter Cash. As you can see June loves the water, she's not really into the whole swimming thing - she'd rather just hang out, lay in the creek and keep her chest cool, enjoying a drink here and there while she sunbathes.  While she enjoys playing fetch and running around the yard at full speed she also knows how to dive for rocks. If you toss a rock into the creek she will go after it and completely submerge her face into the water to get the rock that you tossed (or at least one that looks the same). She's an extremely smart dog, and sweet as the day is long. Many people ask us, "What kind of dog is she?" to which we always have to say "We aren't sure, but we think she's a mix of border collie and lab with something else thrown in". She is her daddy's best friend and follows Mike wherever he goes. While June and I do get girl time together she's usually with him. She's loyal, sweet and other than jumping up from time to time a pure joy to be around. She enjoys road trips, truck stops, treats, carrots and getting her make-up done. It's hard to explain but she will watch me do my make-up in the AM and waits for blush to be put on her pup cheeks (faux of course) and then prances to show her Daddy how cute she looks. I can't imagine life without June or Angus and I don't want to they are my little fur babies!
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