March 20, 2014

to thine own self be true, but thou shan't be a douche

Sometimes you find an article and it really makes you think. Sometimes you want to share that article with your readers, even if your readership is only currently dwindling to maybe 10 active people max. Who cares right, at least I get my message out to 10 people. And they'll tell 10 more people, and those 10 people will tell more people, and so on, and so on.  Where was I?

Today in my Bloglovin' list was an article from my new favorite blogging website Coffee and Sweatpants. I'm  totally in love with all the articles they post, especially the Supernatural Recaps (yes I'm that girl). It's almost like a female geek domain and I adore it. Don't pigeon hole them into just that though there's lots of great uplifting stories.

via Coffee and Sweatpants  •  I AM A TOTAL JOSS WHEDON FANGIRL!
I read this article today Why Accepting Yourself Doesn't Give You License To Be A Douche Bag. It's so true and so on point. Why do people think that just because they let their freak flag fly, they're better than anyone else. Furthermore, where did all this sense of entitlement come from? It's horrible.
"Being yourself doesn’t mean walking around without a filter or disregarding the feelings or boundaries of others. That’s not being yourself; that’s being a toddler." via
Take time if you like and check out the article. It really resinated with me so I thought I'd pass it on to all of you!

In other news... Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!! Hope you're as excited as I am. If you're in the North East I'm no longer jealous of your snow, and I'm sorry it's still cold there. And I'm sorry that I'm just over here enjoying the 60 degree temps and my windows down in the Jeep, yo!

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this gif always makes my day - so happy!!!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Oh my gosh. I have to read that article because seriously? Yes. So much. Why do people think "being themselves" gives them license to be jerks?

Christina said...

AMEN! Unfortunately my brother-in-law is the biggest douchebag ever. He's a hipster and so completely more awesome than anyone who ever lived so everyone else just constantly annoys him and he isn't afraid to tell you that. The best part is, he's an unemployed loser and a bad parent. His confidence is waaaay too high and feels entitled to everything. His wife is starting to take on these traits. I don't like spending that much time with them because they are annoying and I don't want my kids around them, mostly because of the whole bad parenting thing. My sister-in-law offered to babysit for them last weekend and his wife wrote, "Thanks Jenn for babysitting, you win the best SIL award! Christina should feel free to step up anytime!" on Facebook. Eff you. That makes me never want to help them, ever. Sometimes I really hate that you have to like family.

Another example is someone I've known for about ten years who "just tells it like it is because she's opinionated and isn't afraid to say it." That doesn't give you the right to purposefully hurt people's feelings. Saying you're a loud mouth and then being rude just makes you a bitch, not honest.

Ugh, sorry for the novel. I'm so irritated by people these days.

Devon said...

I love that you labeled this "no douche bags allowed". Nice. I had this neighbor that used to be my friend. We surfed together and watched surf movies. He was cool, but then he started getting so cocky. He said that he was just being comfortable with himself; that you need that kind of confidence in life. Barf. One time he full on shouted at me because he had a different opinion about this scene in a surf movie. Scott had to ask him to leave and we don't hang out any more. I'm happy to hear that someone is writing about this subject. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness and being yourself and being an a-hole. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks Kelly :)

tara said...


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