July 18, 2012

Celebrating Southern: Game Day Fashion

Before I even get into todays topic I had to add a list of things that I forgot from yesterday's post about Southern food. How on earth did I forget Fried Okra, Fried Squash/Zucchini, Sweet Potato Casserole or the big one, GRITS!!! How did I forget all of those? Let's just say moving to the South has broadened my taste buds AND my waistband.

Today I'm linking up with Leslie again over at A Blonde Ambition!
It's time to continue the Celebrating Southern Week!

Game Day Fashion and Essentials

Enough of that let's get down to business today's topic is GAME DAY FASHION! NFL's preseason is less than a month way and the college circuit isn't far behind!!! Again, from a Northern girls point of view. Where I was born and raised it's a bit difficult to think of getting totally dolled up for a football game, or any sporting event for that matter. I mean ladies, think about it, up North football games can get SERIOUSLY cold. You wouldn't find a Northern Lass bearing her legs in a cute dress during a Steelers game. [Yes, I'm a Steelers fan from Maryland, deal with it.] Southern football, totally different. It stays warm here much longer into the season. Today I want to talk to you about what I'd totally rock at an SEC game! [Let's face it, I'm not dressing up for an NFL game, I'm just not. My gear for that is a jersey and jeans. You can take a girl out of the North but you can't take the North out of the girl]. I want to also discuss Tailgating essentials. The stuff you want/need to have a great time at your next tailgate, even if you're just partying in your own backyard before the big game, which in my opinion can be JUST as fun!

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My Loyalty
Let's get this out in the open - I'm a Steelers fan and an Alabama Crimson Tide Fan. I converted my husband into a Steelers fan, years ago, and he in turn blessed me with the new love of Alabama football. Truth be told when you move here you have to choose sides. It's Auburn or Alabama. I choose wisely for my new family, most members roll with the tide. Funny story, I chose my 'Bama loyalty before I moved here. My reason for picking 'bama was due to Forrest Gump. I still want to get myself a #44 jersey in his honor. Yes, I'm a dork.

So you're in the South, and like me you might be new to game day rituals. Let me give you a little inside track to how things go for me, in my neck of the woods.

You best wear your colors to work. I don't care if it's a red dress, or a houndstooth skirt, you rock it. If you're lucky like me you work in a casual environment and you can rock one of your many team t-shirts. I always sport an Alabama t-shirt the Friday before game day.

If you aren't fortunate enough to get to go to the game for your team, no fear you can still dress up, but I would save your dressy duds for the game. I wake up in the morning on a Saturday, shower, and face my day in my lucky Bama shirt on. Yes, I have a lucky shirt. I've been wearing it for years and I must say it seems to be doing the trick. (2 National Championships since I started rooting for Alabama, say whatttt?).

If you are in fact heading to the game for tailgating well then sister you better get yourself done up right! I've been to one Bama game so far and I will be honest I felt completely underdressed. I wore a cute ruffled tank top, had a signature houndstooth scarf for flair and jeans. Yep, I said it, I wore jeans. Before all of the true Southern Belles judge me or gasp, please realize this is all new to me. Upon arriving in Tusacaloosa I realized the error of my ways. I'm looking forward to my next game and you best believe I will do it up right. I may not wear a dress but I will certainly accessorize the heck out of my outfit.
Opening Day • Paul W. Bryant Museum • Myself, Mike, His brother and brother's girlfriend - ROLL TIDE!
Tell me my brother-in-law's girl doesn't look adorable for game day, I dare you! She's a pro at game day dressing. She went to Alabama for most of her college career and she knows what works for game day, for sure.

One last image for fun - the Sea of Crimson!

Lastly... SUNDAY
If you aren't into NFL and your team wins on Saturday then I say round out the weekend with your teams shirt. Show your support. However, if you are like me and live for Sunday football as much as Saturday football then you need to wake up and put on your teams colors. I sport my favorite Steelers tshirts until game time and then switch into my favorite jersey. It's all about comfort when you're on the couch watching the game. If by some strange twist of fate I made it to a Steelers game I would dress accordingly. I might luck out and see them at the Tennessee Titans stadium and not have to worry about freezing. My jeans, jersey and flip flops would do the trick. However if I ventured north to see them, I would bargain on bundling up - for sure!

Dreamy Game Day Looks

I thought I would share some of my favorite DREAM looks for game day. Now I know I'm only showing Alabama approved  (and maybe Arkansas since we share the same colors) gear but you know there are MILLIONS of ways to dress up and prep for your big game day! Have fun with it. Sport what you like and what you feel comfortable in ladies. If you have to walk all over campus, DON'T wear huge heels, unless you love pain. If you're hanging around your own tailgate party, then vamp it up girl! I've been to tailgates in Tuscaloosa and the town does it up right. If you have to wear heels make friends with a family that owns a golf cart, it will give your piggies a break as you socialize with everyone and their mother.  My husband went to Ole Miss for a Tide game and was shocked how under dressed he felt. He can't wait to take me back there next year when we meet Ole Miss in their house again. Don't worry ladies, I will be finding the perfect outfit, treating it like Prom and such. I don't want to be the Bama girl that looks unfit to be partying there.

Tailgating in the Cooler Months

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I think this outfit is perfect for an Alabama (or other team that uses red) fall game. The boots are adorable and can be switched out as needed and the fun dots are festive.

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A Bama fan can't go wrong in sporting Houndstooth for the big day. Paying tribute to the Late Great Coach Bryant always puts a smile on any Crimson Tide fans face.

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BE STILL MY ACCESSORY LOVIN' HEART! Having a trademark bubble necklace in your teams colors is a sure fire way, to me, to Southern Belle up any game day outfit. Even a tshirt, although I wouldn't recommend simply rocking a ratty tshirt with such a lovely piece of jewelry. I have a few bits of jewelry I wear regularly for game day that include a huge elephant necklace and some houndstooth elephant earrings. Not at the same time mind you, I'm not MR. T!

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While you won't catch me purchasing these shoes, or wearing them I do think they are a really fun and adorable way to show your team spirit. If I'm rocking cowboy boots they will be classic ones, NOT Alabama-centric.

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Again, in rockin' the houndstooth one can do no wrong in Alabama. For the colder months or even Basketball season there are tons of great coats and jackets to show your team spirit. Paired with a cute little red rose or ribbon button I think this would be PERFECT for game day!

Game Day Essentials

You can't have a great tailgate without a few essentials!
Good food • Good Drinks • Great Company! {and close bathrooms are always a plus!}
And it's a must to learn all the words to your teams fight song! A must!
** At our house we even have lucky glasses we drink out of on game day. True story!

So pitch a tent, get some grub, show your team spirit and as always be kind to your neighbors at the tailgate even if they are sporting the wrong colors. Being in the South is about hospitality, not hostility!


Ladies, drink responsibly, no one wants to hold you up, or hold your hair before the big game even starts. Or at half time either! Take it easy, you'll be there all day!

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A great game to keep you busy prior to the game, and possibly a great thing to help you burn off some time after the game rather than sitting in traffic.

I'm not from the South but I know that SEC Football is probably the best group on the entire College Conference system - there I said it!

And I wouldn't be a tide fan without posting this so here you go! 
{Trent, we will miss you dearly, good luck in the NFL buddy!}
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Allyson said...

Oooooohhhhh yes. Although what I learned at UK was that you dress for football games, you get comfy (and paint your face) for basketball. I'm not sure what the difference is. Although, when the girls went with me to a football game last year, we wore jeans and tshirts. Because we're old. And we don't care...we just want to be comfortable. But definitely pearls to a basketball game. And some sort of fabulous blue cardigan. Save the hats for the horseraces. I've been known to wear flip flops until I actually got up into the stands, though, because beer + heels + stadium steps = no joke. I'm totally digging this southern theme. It's going to make me miss it even more when we hoof it north. :(

Lauren said...

Do you have the details on that first outfit you posted for tailgating? I'm in love with it!! And that houndstooth jacket. it's fabulous!! I am jealous of AL houndstooth. :)

Anonymous said...

I love those booties!

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