September 22, 2011

1 month.

I am a day late and a buck short on this Wedding Wednesday thing, I know. My mother always said I'd be late to my own funeral, and she's probably right. My friends like to say I'm just on "Kelly Time." I used to not be very prompt but after meeting Mike I've been really good about going places and getting there well before "right on time." Howeverrrr when it comes to my blog I guess I'm the boss and I tend to slack, right?

It's hard to believe today marks just 1 month from the day I will say "I do!" to Mike. Wasn't it just April??? Didn't we just say "OMG we're going to get married?". I swear it was only yesterday we had no idea what the date would be when asked "Have you set a date?" And here we are... 30 days from our wedding. INSANE!

We did a ton of ground work which was so helpful in the beginning but after our vacation in July there was a lull. We didn't do much, we didn't schedule anything and we certainly didn't purchase items. Fast forward to this week, I've been purchasing and scheduling meetings like a mad woman. We have final meetings with the baker, the florist, and hair appointments, I'm left and then I'm right and up and down. It's a great feeling to get so much crossed off our To Do List!

Friday morning I have my first dress fitting. I went in this past weekend while my father was in town and  tried on the dress for the first time. It fit like a glove, which I was happy about and a bit disappointed. I've been busying my ass working out to get in shape for the wedding, and really hoped the dress would be a bit loose. But, I will roll with the punches. Fitting like a glove is better than being too small right? Since I had my first fitting I knew I'd have to find shoes. I've been putting it off for lack of not seeing anything in store or on line that spoke to me.  Monday Mike and I tied up loose ends with our gift registries at Target and then went to the mall for shoe shopping and I found absolutely NOTHING! Not even one maybe. It's homecoming season here I can't believe the lack of choices these young girls have. Then I realized that most of them probably shop at specialty bridal stores in the area and get their shoes there. Most of the shoes in those places were $100+ and while this is my special day, shoes that expensive were not in my budget. After feeling a big defeated and upset since I really wanted to be able to try on shoes to get a feel for comfort... I went home and did what any rational bride would do. I logged on to the internet and searched, and searched, and searched and then finally purchased 3 pairs of shoes to have sent her, rush for my fitting.

The shoes came in today and I adore all three! They are similar in color, but have a style that is each their own. I'm so excited that they all fit but now it's a matter of height, comfort and practicality. I'm happy my father came to visit this past weekend. I wasn't aware that in heels he'd be quite a bit shorter than me so I had to rethink my height of heel. Originally I was ok with 4" or higher. Now I knew it needed to be no higher than 4".  I thought about showing you all the heels I chose but in the end I know it will only make me more indecisive. I've been a mess. Remember me freaking about my dress... well now I am trying to trust my gut with accessories. And when I mention them to people their comments make me worry, I know in the end I will trust my gut and make the choices according to that.

Bottom line I love all three pairs of shoes, one is a bit more of a risk than the other two and I sort of like that, but my jewelry choice is also a risk so I might want to take it one at a time not get too crazy with my choices. In the end I want to look back in 10 years and not wonder what on earth I was thinking but know that I had fun with my bridal look.

Shoes, check.
Jewelry, check. [unless I change my mind]
Something old, check.
Something new, check.
Something borrowed, NEED!
Something blue, check.

Mike's sister asked me last night if I needed something blue, and I did. She found something realllly cute she said but wouldn't tell me what it is. So I'm excited. It's hard to ask for a borrowed and she has offered up her veil if I can't decided on one or find one.

I had no idea shopping in a small town would be so difficult for a wedding. We have the basics, but if you want to be different it causes challenges. Thank goodness for Etsy and the internet. They have been my saving grace!

Mike is all ready with his suit and his shoes and he even special ordered some really great cuff links to complete his look on the special day. They are made with small wood branch ends and have our initials burned into one "K+M" and our wedding date 10-22-11 in the other. I love that he thought of that! He also purchased some great ties from Etsy for the guys that are just too awesome!  Add to this that Etsy is where I found his wedding band that will be made of wood [he is allergic to metal, all metal] as well as a few other wedding items I will say I'd be lost without the site.

Mike has also purchased my wedding band and I wish the images online did it justice but they really don't. It's delicate and perfect and if I can get a nice shot of it with my point and shoot camera I will. It wasn't what I thought I wanted but much like my engagement ring once it was in my hand I knew it was just the right piece for me. He did amazing!

We are trying to finalize plans with our videographer and have to rent some chairs or chair slips, we aren't sure yet but other than final plans and small bits n' pieces we are ready to rock and roll. I'm so excited for the big day to come together.

When you were down to 1 month what was your biggest worry?
For me... being too over done on the big day and finding the right garter!

Tonight Mike and I will celebrate our 1 month away with a bottle of wine, new NBC shows and stuffing our invitations - yes, we're late but they look amazing. Did I mention I'd be late to my own funeral? It's expected.

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Carolyn said...

EEK! :) One month!!

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